How To Become A Full Time Blogger (And How I Made $20k Blogging This Month)

How To Become A Full Time Blogger  (And How I Made $20k Blogging This Month)

Hey guys! I’m Natalie and I blog at Welcome back to my channel. I am so excited you’re here
today. I am going to be sharing with you how to become a full-time blogger. Now I
made the most money I’ve ever made from my blog and from my online business this
month. I need $20,000! It feels surreal three and a half years ago
I knew nothing about blogging at all or business. I was working full time as a
lawyer and then I became a financial planner and I will tell you that last
year I made $45,000 blogging while working full time. This year I have
already made $85,000 in eight months under eight months actually and this
last month I made $20,000. So since it is kind of my highest earned income month I really want to just break it down for you to step by step process for how to
become a full-time blogger. Alright this is what you need to know. The first step
is that you need to brainstorm, set goals, and set a schedule. Now the
first step to becoming a full-time blogger is like laying the foundation. If
you don’t do this and you just jump into starting your website you are basically
screwing yourself. Why? Because you’re not going to know how to treat your blog
you’re not going to know how to turn it into a business you’re not going to know
what it takes. So in the first kind of step you’re going to brainstorm what
you’re going to blog about who you’re gonna serve your blog name you’re going
to set a schedule like you would if you were working a part-time job you’re
going to work on your mindset you’re going to do all of these things that lay
the foundation so that everything else is just like a process. You’re also going
to set blog and income goals during this time. There’s no reason for you to just
start a website and hope and pray and cross your fingers that the money comes
in it should be treated just like a business I love the quote “blogs don’t
make money businesses do” so I will show you exactly how to set up your blog as a
business and I’ll link to a post that does that below. Okay
step two and there are seven steps so step two is setting up your website. This
is like the technical stuff. If you search how to start a blog this is what
you would find. I have a free training I will link to below as well but basically
you’re going to register your domain your host,
you’re going to design your blog, get photos up, set up social media accounts
do everything to get that website up and running, okay. So step one prepare plan
brainstorm get on a schedule set goals step two set up your website. Step three
you are going to create a content strategy. Now your content strategy is
going to be very intentional. You’re going to create blog posts you don’t
have to be a good writer, you just have to be able to provide value and I can
show you how to do that but basically your writing blog posts for your target
audience helping them solve a problem it’s really really amazing. The key to
having a good content strategy is not only that you post consistently and
frequently which are super duper important but that you have a purpose
behind every blog post so as a blogger you shouldn’t just be writing about a
random trip you went on if you don’t have a travel blog you shouldn’t be
writing about your finances if you don’t write about money so you have to focus
in on creating that strategy so that you’re providing results ahead of time
for whoever is watching your videos whoever is reading your blog you have to
make sure that you create content just for them. Step four is that you’re going
to create a traffic strategy and the way that you do this is you do what’s called
like driving traffic to your blog it’s how you get people to actually read your
blog now you can do this through so many different ways that I will tell you for
new bloggers who really want to turn their blog into their full-time job the
way that you do this is through search engines. The best would be Pinterest
YouTube and Google. And there are tons of different strategies again I could link
to some below but just know that in this space you’re focusing on getting all
those people out there to read your blog and the best way to do that even above
social media is through search engines. Step five you’re going to grow your
email list. All pro bloggers know that the money is in the list it’s just like
a saying people say but I’m telling you it’s true and what the money is in the list means is that there’s a direct relationship
between the size and engagement of your email list and how much money you make. So you want to be growing your email list getting email subscribers engaging
with them and that’s where you’re going to be able to make money and the way
that you do this is that you connect with them, you get your
readers to know you like you and trust you. You’re building in a real
relationship and email is just the easiest way to do it. You know email is
only special because you know you have a direct relationship with them whereas
like on Facebook you have to worry about the Facebook algorithm on Twitter or
same thing on Instagram same thing on your email list you don’t. You have
direct access to them. So that’s where your readers are. That’s why it’s the
most important. You have to have to have to focus on creating an email marketing
strategy. Step six of seven is creating a monetization strategy. Now this is so
important I spent so much time in like the first four or five phases without
knowing how to do phase six which is the monetization strategy. You are a business
if you want your blog to be your full-time job if you want to become a
full-time blogger you have to have a monetization strategy. It’s kind of like
opening a business a storefront and not knowing how you’re going to make money. Like it’s really really important as a blogger starting a business that you
want to be like your full-time job that you have a monetization strategy in
place. Now there’s tons of different ways that bloggers make money the most
notable are display advertising putting ads on your site affiliate marketing
where you get a commission for selling other people’s products sponsored posts
where you work directly with brands and then creating and selling your own
digital product and then there’s all their ways like freelance writing VA
work or coaching or subscription-based services things like that those are the
main ways that bloggers make money. I will link to how to monetize your blog
below I will tell you that I’ve kind of gone through all the different phases
and I definitely have um opinions about the best way to do it and I also have a
freebie you know it’s like blog with a full-time job 12 month plan that I will
link to below that you can download it’ll kind of give you an idea of what
to focus on each month for the first year for starting a blog that you want
to monetize. Alright the final step in this process is to implement advanced
strategies. So once you’ve kind of done all of those other steps it could take
you I don’t know a year I’m just guessing it takes everyone different
amounts of time based on how much effort you put into it how much action you take
but let’s just say it you a year after that you might be
making I don’t know two grand a month three grand four grand five grand a
month somewhere in that range where it’s you know over a couple grand a month but you’re not really feeling like it’s a lot of money yet and that’s what you
implement advanced strategies and what this includes is advanced email
marketing advanced traffic strategies advanced monetization strategies
influencer marketing and then paid traffic like using Google ads and
Facebook advertising that sort of thing and that’s kind of like where you focus
on your funnels and your sales you know stuff and that’s kind of the phase I’m in
right now which is super awesome and I’ve always working on all the phases as
I go again and I work through my business but I’m telling you that if you
follow each of these steps you can turn your blog into your full-time job. My
best advice a little tip for you is to choose one person who has the results
that you want in your life choose to learn from them take their courses
invest in yourself put everything you learn into action before you go on to
the next course. I did this when I took Six Figure Blogger when I was ready
after I’d been blogging for a couple years making that you know 2, 3, 4 grand a month and what happened was I spent an entire year learning from the founders
of six-figure bloggers and implementing everything in their courses and I you
know became sick for your blogger from it but I made sure that I had to
constraint in my life where I didn’t learn from anyone else and that paid off
big-time ok so let’s review step one you’re going
to brainstorm plan set a schedule set goals step two you’re going to create
that website get it up and going step a3 you are going to create a content
strategy before you’re going to drive traffic get people to view your blog
step 5 you are going to implement an email marketing strategy step 6 you’re
going to do a monetization strategy and step 7 you are going to implement
advanced blogging business strategies that is it there’s so much you can do it
could literally take you years it took me three and a half years to do all of
that and I’m still doing it and now I have a thriving business that I’ve
turned into my job I’ve turned my six-figure debt into the six-figure
business and I cannot wait to get it to seven
figures that is that I’ll link to all the resources below please subscribe it
would mean so much to me I will see you next week bye bye

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  1. Really happy for your success! You are such a hard worker and a huge inspiration! Keep sharing this amazing content! 🙂

  2. Loving your Youtube videos! I've been blogging for about a year and trying to get some traction! Your posts/videos have been super helpful!

  3. Choose the person that has the results you want in life and listen to them… girl you're that person! I'm a lawyer too and my dream is to become a full time blogger. This video was everything to me!!! Thank you so much!!! ❤ can't wait to learn more from you! Subscribed!?

  4. Hey Natalie, did you immediately start with a blog teaching how to blog? Or did you have another one first?

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