hello everyone my name is Angela and I have never told you guys what I am doing I just pop up somewhere on YouTube so I am a travel blogger and to be honest there are so many people out there ask me what I am doing oh what a travel blogger it is because actually no one has ever understood this except for our community travel bloggers so I want to tell you what a trial blogger is so basically as you know a block means a certain website that you could write up your stories and share with other people online and for us we do exactly the same we’re traveling and we write our experiences while traveling write up an article and share with you guys on our website but there’s so many people thought that we are the people just only enjoy traveling just write some articles and just travel the world but trust me it isn’t like that first of all when we travel it is not much likely to a vacation we travel and sometimes it could get really really tough and very very difficult we got stress we got tightness we got some money issues and so on and unlikely to vacation you just enjoy a certain location and enjoy your trip right but for traveling it’s different you might have heard that summer travel bloggers earn money through travel vlogging and that is true that is really true however you have to know that actually we have to work very very hard to actually earn that money it’s not like you run article and you got money coming in right away but it’s about collaboration about affiliation and how hard you work you need to create content and to the point you’re recognized and people start to contact you to work with you so it’s isn’t easy to be a travel blogger and sometimes you know it when you travel because you have to update your book to your readers and you have to be consistent and it doesn’t mean that you’re just gonna travel you also have to sit down and write articles every now and then some people try to do it like three times a week or like I do two times but sometimes I do her I don’t monetize my blog so I don’t really have a consistency on travel blog post however I Steve got so many opportunities they given out from different agencies and some other companies and actually get me the huge opportunity to do so many things in my life and that’s why I’m here telling you that being a travel blogger isn’t easy at all su thing if not really as dreamy as you thought it is a dream job but you have to work hard to be in that level where you can actually support yourself and fund your travel with travel blogging actually travel blogging is just a very very tiny lane of pot that actually helped us while traveling it’s more likely to writing up something that you want to remember so that’s the reason why we want to ride we want to keep it or the memories into blog post and that’s we care for ourselves and we have the opportunity to share with all of you that’s amazing too but to fund our travel it’s not just travel walking because it is not much at all but we sometimes have to do it something on the side like me I do bartending sometimes babysitting when I stain a city for a long time or I don’t know because I own my own freelance photography so sometimes I offer my work during my travels and I just approach people directly so I get my clients but for some other people they even write books they write guides and also that they work online now today we have a lot a lot of platforms for you guys to go online and you just show your talents so for example writer editor content creator or for some people can do it like making websites or I don’t know so many name it but but actually their main income for us working online and that comes to another term called digital Namit and I should we feel like I am a digital nomad right now because I work online and my job is online base another question has been asked for so many times as well that is hard to become a travel blogger easy enough you just need to have a website either with your name on it or something catchy to hear just start creating content just write different articles about maybe your home time or maybe song date trip that you take with your friends or maybe a loan or something special about where you are like you post three days a week or maybe more it’s up to you it depends how much time you have and please be patient it’s not like you just create a blog and maybe a few days later you’re gonna be recognized seriously there’s so many travel bloggers out there and actually they also have had to work so hard to actually get to the place where they are right now I am just a very little time travel blogger but I am proud to say that I am a travel blogger and I love what I do it’s just my hobby I just like to show people my photos and my stories and I don’t know I just to show people the world where they cannot travel to or to encourage them you know to inspire them where they should go next that is something that I love doing inspiring and if you are the one who also would like to be in this journey and to be a part of the community so do it now and you never know maybe after 3 months you’re gonna start travel the world and enjoy your trip your dream trip sorry the black bye

3 thoughts on “HOW TO BECOME A TRAVEL BLOGGER? (Viet sub)

  1. Thanks for your sharing. I have a plan to become travel blogger, too. And after I watched your video, I had more motivate to do it.
    I'm a Vietnamese. Hope we can meet each other when you come back to Vietnam! 😀

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