How to Blog | A Special Tribute to my teachers – Happy Teachers Day

How to Blog | A Special Tribute to my teachers – Happy Teachers Day

Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna,you are watching Intellectual Indies and today is teachers day First of I would like to wish all teachers,happy teachers day..if any one of you is teaacher then happy teachers day before starting I would like to wish my teachers happy teachers day,first is neha mam Thanks a lot ma,you made me logical I read anything in logical way,its just because of you I used to observe things from always,anything we study whats the science behind that why is that even happening I still remember you taught a chapter about space I still remember each and everything of that as we observed everything thanks alot Next sir is anil kumar You taught me computers,I am good in this coding thing is just because of you I am not in touch with you but I still praise you like before You taught me how to go deep into coding,how to understand this coding thing I still remember when every person used to mug up and you told me you are going right,understand it first he was the teacher who changed the difiniton of teacher in my mind You taught us like a afriend there was no inferiority complex in telling you that there is a problem,how to solve thanks alot sir Next is amit thapiyal..thanks alot sir You taught me how to score marks,,there is a story may be u dont taught me indirectly how to score marks Ashutosh was a topper They showed me that see how he writes the paper and look at have to givw it like this I still remember in first 2 semester sir used to check my copy..draw a line here,here make graphs and charts In this way I scored good marks in BTech so thanks lets go to MBA First teacher who made a impact in my life was ritu panna mam Thanks unlocked my hidden potential Today I am able to make this video and all is because of you..I still remember in your class I used to sing songs in stage I used to occupy stage for an hour..the confidence that was building up was just because of your class Your way of teaching was different,never seen it before I still remember where we made presentation on how to relate management topics with mahabharat you praised our topic too..if you have seen any of my video..the technique I am using is learnt from you So is gunjan rana mam You also taught me many even dont know about it See my neck doesnt move when I speak You put up many things in my mind subconsciously like not to do this and this

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  1. I am fallowing the same process for making a blog as you said. Yes I did make a feature image now I will take care. Happy teacher day. Awesome video ๐Ÿ˜Š.

  2. bro puri serise dekh li…You are doing great job..aapka growth rate avi slow h but in future u will become like technical guruji

  3. U are motivating me alot ty…. I'm doing mba in marketing pls help what skill are required to get good placement in college…Or what I do tell me

  4. I am writing my blog on Economic and Financial Updates.. I think it is the combination of both Evergreen and Trending both.. I need your view about it.

  5. Hi sir,is it necessary to do digital marketing course from an institute for getting job in this field or learning online is enough?
    I have done engineering so how should be my resume for digital marketing executive position?

  6. Sahil bhaiiii ap kafi help krna chahte ho logo ki that's fan bro ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š views Kam he kyoki logo ko faltu ki videos dekhne me kafi maza aata he nevamind keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. hi first of all happy teacher day, here i would like to tell you i am enjoying your videos so far and learnt lots from your free courses which help us to grow in life withouts facing finacial barriers….. i am willing to start my blog on fitness and nutrition and i think this is evergreen topic now i am collecting information and knowledge of this topics .sir you pls keep posting topic on digit thing i am praise your work and thank you so much for emerge new hopes in me to understand what actually blogging and digital mrktng before watching your chanel i was very confused as people just gives half knowleged or ask for money and there is no surety of worth information……thnks for youre wonderful support us and as you gives us support i have told my all friends who are willing to learn digital mrktng to follow your chngl like suscribe etc.

  8. hi sir i am sukhdeep singh from amritsar punjab.mene apki ye video dekhi h. so m bhi digital marketer banna chahta hu ,jiske liye start blog krna muje abhi thode din hue hai digital marketing ki classes lete,so m bhi acha blogger banna chahta hu ,so jese apne bola h is video me mai vese hi apko blog bnake duga abhi muje itna nhi ata fr bhi try kruga .ho ske so pls reply kr dena or contact bhi my nm is 7009215328 .ho ska to m apko daily mail kruga apni course related prblm k baare.thanku sir

  9. Bhai I have started blogs.. After 4-5 now i want to share it on my fb page to create proper awareness.. But fb is not allowing to post my site link.. Pls help me..
    Site link..

    If any of followers can help it will be great support..
    Thanks in advance

  10. Sir I'm student and I want to write a blog but I don't know which subject related I write sir can you help me which subject related I write?

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