How To Blog Successfully: The 5 Steps To Follow To Blog Successfully

How To Blog Successfully: The 5 Steps To Follow To Blog Successfully

hey everyone Shalonda Gordon here also known as the online marketing angel and today I want to talk to you pretty much like an intro to a few
videos that are going to come after this in reference to how to blog
successfully now first I want to make sure that you
understand who this video is for this video for the individual who is
looking to market online and use blogging as away to enhance
their internet marketing be it for any business a small small
business owners real estate agents network marketers if you’re network
marketing industry also known as the mlm game, right I’m this is what this video for you who
are interested in how to use blocking to enhance that and why a lot of people are pretty much failing in that. There are five key areas that need to be looked at to be looked at if you’re
looking to truly use blogging as away to truly enhance your internet marketing and
generate leads for your business generate customers, clients,
business builders if you going to use blogging there are a few
key points you need to understand in order to blog successfully basically and I wanna go over those with you now
here in this training right here I’m just going to pretty much tap on each one and then there will be other trainings tht will go specifically in detail into that one particular area
alright some I’m going to go into 5 areas with you
today makes sure you have pen and paper make sure that you are ready to take action when it comes to it okay so I lot my attention there for second I had to look at something that was sitting here right next me I couldn’t help it yeah I was diagnoised with ADHD back many
many years ago, yet I don’t claim that thing yet sometimes it does kind of get me off
guard so lets go ahead and get started
so you have your pen and paper right and you’re ready you’re ready to action, you’re ready to start
blogging today yet you don’t want to waste a lot of time. you want to make sure that you doing it
the right way okay so first let’s start here you need to
make sure you find content okay finding content to write about to blog about and blogging doesn’t have to be writing doing a video, doing audio several ways you can blog idea getting
valuable content out to your market the next thing you wanna make sure you
do correctly is your keyword research keyword research okay you want to make
sure that your doing research so what individuals
actually looking for so let’s say for example that as I look around and I see something okay here we go
I’m going to get this and use this as an example alright let’s say you sell Lanyards right and so you want to make sure that
when someone’s online looking for you that they are looking they find these
lanyards okay that they basically find you there could be
several different companies that sell lanyards right right for any given event, but yours are
special right yours don’t break, yours are sturdy right yours come in different colors right yours have special hooks that hook on
right for persons name and that kind information that goes on there that hooks on yours are all different so when you do your keyword research you wanna look up phrases either one word or phrases that will help an
individual find your lanyard alright to find you when they’re ready to purchase a lanyard okay so this is something to think about here
this is just an idea about keyword keyword research that is something you are going to need to learn, and I will go over in another video right to make sure that your staying
connected with my videos go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel So that you see these videos when they come out. Go to my blog subscribe to my blog just that you see this information coming out for you to help you take things to the next level. so you wanna make sure you’re doing good keyword research, and again I’ll go deeper into that in another video also
you want to make sure you’re syndicating your blog well what is syndication, Shalonda? Sharing the information with many many different people, through many many different avenues via the internet, sharing it through social media sharing it possibly through paid advertising, sharing it many different ways that you getting eyes on the information, on your blog. One of the main mistakes individuals make is that they blog and they don’t share it anywhere so
nobody sees it is just out there by itself right that’s not what you wanna do you
make your sharing the information sharing the information by syndicating it. Again I’ll do a video on that
specific where we will just talk about ways ways to syndicate your blog. Another thing is a 90-day challenge, blogging is a long term way or marketing One of my business partners Cherie King mentioned it as a slow roster is kinda like the crockpot meal
right you put it in there and it cooks overnight not gonna start cooking a crockpot meal at 5 and it be ready at 5 45 it’s just not going down right. You got
prep it put it in that crockpot let it simmer simmer
simmer simmer over the top and then BAM you have one of the best meals you’ve had my daughter kinda complains because she says there is always leftovers because you always make make enough because it’s so good because you want to eat it the next day. I mean leftovers of a crockpot meal are the best right right okay that is how your blog is built overtime you wanna be touching it seasoning it overtime another way of thinking
about, I don’t know if you have ever used stoneware I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant, if you don’t know what Pampered Chef is, Google it, you will be very proud about it, because OMG they have the best cooking stuff ever ever and yes that is a plug, I just love Pampered Chef stuff, I can’t help it I’m not a Pampered Chef rep, so I’m not trying to get you to buy something from me, i’m saying is I used to be and I love their products but they have
stoneware at when you buy a stone brand new many will tell you a brand new stone over a season stone you don’t have to think about you want a seasoned stone, so you have this brand new stone you have to cook on it cook on it cook on it in order to really season it when you really start cooking with the
starts to hold all your juices in and everything like that, same thing with your blog, you want to season it season it so I always recommend 90 day challenge
and I’ll go in that more in another video right where we can actually
go through what you want to do for 90 days to prepare your ninety-day blueprint
okay the next thing is you call to action you
are blogging in order to generate leads blogging in order to generate traffic your
blogging in order to generate customers clients this is the reason why you’re
blogging you need to give a call to action in order to describe to the client or the prospect or the lead exactly what their next step is okay 97
percent of society is waiting for you to tell them what to
do so if you don’t tell them what to do they won’t do it right you might have a
solution right there yet you need to tell how to get that solution click the link below tell them you know
put your name and email here tell them The answer to your problem is right
here click this link here tell them that okay these are some
ways in or to blog successfully now in
order to be a successful blogger I’m gonna go through each of these steps in
their own individual training videos that you can
begin to look at that take notes watch it over and over again if you have to
believe me in order to learn this information I watched it over and over and over again okay your wondering Shalonda, I don’t have a blog right now but I could do this but
I want to when I start I don’t want to take five years to get my blog ranked I understand that as well go ahead
and click the link below this video will take you to where you put your name and email in alright and you’ll begin to see how you can use a blog that’s actually has an authority ranking, it’s all over the internet you blog on it once or twice and within weeks you on the first page of Google really possibly in one week right so you are not having to season as much right plus the fact is that some of you are like Shalonda I just can’t sit at the computer all day blogging I don’t have time for that I totally understand
where you’re coming from as well click the same link, cuz honestly I have a way you can actually be blogging directly from here okay directly from here so while you are out meeting your clients, while you’re out out showing homes while you’re out
showing um the at the pay plan to your customer future business partners you can be
blogging right here from your smartphone or from your iPad
or tablet or any mobile device alright so go ahead click the link below put your name and email address in and we will get you started on that right away also stay tuned for the next videos that
are gonna show you basically exactly how to blog successfully with each of
the five steps I’ve just given you step-by-step exactly what you need to do
next alright make it a great day keep smiling and honestly my belief is that blogging if you’re not blogging you’re really not
using all the benefits you have concerning the internet and how to grow your business blogging is essential blogging works
blogging will have you actually doing the work
today and having it still working for you five six seven eight years from now
still the exact same work you did right now working for you 5678 years from now, I’ll see you on the next video Thank you so much for hanging out with me keep smiling

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  1. Thanks Shalonda.  I am ready to restart from scratch and not get distracted or discouraged so this video was truly a blessing! 

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