How To Build A Blog In 5 Minutes Or Less

How To Build A Blog In 5 Minutes Or Less

hey today we’re gonna talk about how to
easily build and create a blog in four or five minutes and write first blog
posts in doing this I know actually it’s really not important in terms of how
fast to build a blog but how is that doing you know all the different nuances
of building a blog but we’re gonna try to speed it up a little bit and show you
a few things and if you manage to get your blog up and going and of course
write our first blog posts as well which will be something simple but it’ll be
the first blog post so we’ll kind of go through everything is as I see it and
we’ll try to keep it as simple as possible
building the blog is really not that hard there’s only a few steps to go
through a half I’ve listed here buying a domain name and buying a hosting account
I highly recommend that you buy it from the same place even though this example
that I’m going to show I actually purchased a domain name from a different
place then the hosting account I’m just merging them together so there’s a
couple of the steps that I must go through as well like setting up the DNS
name server that could be avoided once you install WordPress or whatever other
CMS that you’re using because there’s a one what’s called a one-click install
that can avoid the can avoid you setting up the DNS name server the add-on domain
I must do it because like I said I’m actually taking a domain from a
different place and putting it on the hosting account that I already own so
they’re all separate so I might go kind of through these five just a little bit
some more than others but check out the example since I’ve already purchased the
domain name and I’m using one of my other hosting accounts for this tutorial
it’s the domain name right there how to block first post dot-com
I’ve decided to show you all the domain name server setup
and add-on setup and that’s the kind of offset purchasing the domain name and
the hosting account but remember when you purchase a hosting account they’re
gonna send you a password and username and all that good stuff so make sure you
put that in a safe place because you’re gonna have to use it in order to go in
into your hosting account and everything so I have a timer right here
I’ll repress it alright the domain name server setup right here so I want to use
this hosting service just for the sake of this tutorial all right just watch me
I’m gonna kind of be quiet a little bit so kind of a slow typer so alright
adding a domain name here it’s kind of slow got a little time left alright alright the next stop I’m going to go to
WordPress so I’m using the WordPress scrip here should find the out a blog where it says
in the directory I always get rid of that I’ll change that I’ll use uh the theme that I’ll use is
how do I go with what they give me I’ll come out here press install I’ll log in here and add end alright we
want to pull some see I had something here and I’ll publish it alright I’m done
so actually finished and under five minutes it’s a little sloppy there’s a
lot more that goes into blog posts in the whatnot let’s see what it looks like there you go
testing pulse first blog post it can be done in under five minutes and there you
have it as you can see building your blog and writing your first post is very
simple it’s not a hard task hey get started today I’ll build your blog today
and write your first post today there’s a link in the description below click on
it and they also subscribe to my channel hey thank you very much for watching
this video

12 thoughts on “How To Build A Blog In 5 Minutes Or Less

  1. Should I purchase my domain through the same place as my hosting or does it make a difference? What would you recommend?

  2. Good video and I'm so excited because I had issues understanding what the heck 'Nameservers' were but you quickly explained enough for me. I was So lost but on track now.

  3. Cool video but quick question: How often do I need to blog or how many times a week is sufficient would you say? Thanks anyways.

  4. I'm not interested in the speed to put my website together but the info provided was more than enough for me to started. Looking forward to more of your videos.

  5. I'm thinking about making a more extensive video on how to make a blog or website. What do you guys and gals think? Is it something that you would be interested in? Please comment below and Thank You!

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