How To Build A Sleeper [Feature Length]

How To Build A Sleeper [Feature Length]

[Marty] Welcome to a special and massive episode of MightyCarMods. [Moog] Now, recently, Subway challenged us to go faster and we accepted the challenge. -But, before you can go faster, you need a mad car.
-So, the first thing we’re going to do is go and get one. [Intro] Alright: so we found a mad Beetle here. Uh, it’s in Seven Hills, so it’s not far away. We’re going to give a call. And, um: see if we can um, [chuckles] see what we can work out. -[whispers] It’s ringing.
-[dialling tone] I love this bit about buying cars. -[Music]
-“We’ve driven to the outer suburbs of Sydney,” “where we’ve found this mad Bug, advertised for $5500.” “But, we’ve negotiated the price down to $3900, which means more money for mods.” And, that’s another $500. -Have you got a pen, Marty? And we’ll
-I do! we’ll do the paperworks, -I can use my pen.
-and then we own a Volkswagen. Awesome. [‘Jimmy Rabbit(feat. Mammals)’ – Moog] “This is a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle.” “Ours is the ‘Luxury’ version and this actual car appeared in an official VW commercial for Japan.” “The Beetle has been manufactured from 1938 through to 2003.” “And is the longest production run of any single car design ever, with over 21 million models produced.” “They were designed by Ferdinand Porsche, for sustained high speeds on the Autobahn.” “But they became so much more than that.” “And in the 1960s, they became a symbol of the hippy movement.” “It’s lightweight, low price and unique look has meant that the humble Bug has stood the test of time.” “But, it’s not all cuteness:” “Bugs have a solid history in motorsport too, particularlly in Rally, Off-Road and Drag Racing.” “In 1999, when determining the most influential car of the 20th Century,” “the Beetle was right up there, near the top. Just behind the Ford Model T and the classic Mini.” “The Bug is powered by a 1.6 Litre, 4 Cylinder, horizontally opposed, air-cooled engine.” “And, depending on conditions, it MIGHT be able to propel you from 0-100km/h in UNDER 25 seconds.” “And it’s quarter-mile time, with a tailwind, is around 22 seconds.” OK Martin, so here it is! This is our 1974 VW Beetle. -A Superbug!
-Well, it’s got an ‘L’ on the badge. Which: which apparently means ‘Luxury:’ I don’t know if someone’s just put an ‘L’ on there. But, it is kind of luxurious. -It’s comfortable.
-But, it is very luxurious Martin. -It’s: it’s: I mean, it’s got seats. [laughs]
-I notice ours has a dashboard. -It: it does.
-Like a padded: padded -dashboard.
-And, a: a toothpick, Martin. That’s been used. That said, there’s not a whole lot of, um, automotive archeology to go on. -Dude, what’s all this stuff?
-There’s not a lot of stuff. [plastic rustles] I dunno. -What’s that?
-Just the stuff that was in the boot. -Is that a new dash pad?
-Well, not the boot. It was in the: What’s that? Dude, that’s not service history! Did we buy a car with a service history? -I don’t know. Did we?
-Really? -Look at that!
-There’s a lot of stuff in Dude, this is 1983! That’s a ser: it is a service history, all the way back to 1983 Martin! How much does a service cost in 1983? -$27, Martin!
-Oh, wow! No, no: full service: $35. -That’s incredible.
-Look at that, Martin. Baaaa! -Baa!
-Stututututu! Now, I have never: not only have I never owned a Beetle, Martin, or driven one. I’ve never even been in one -as a passenger.
-Neither have I. -Ever.
-And you know what? Every single person in my extended family: like, older people have owned one. -Really?
-Yeah! Like: I mention it to my mum and she’s like ‘whooooooo!’ Yeah. Like I said, my parents owned them. -Drive them: still talk about them, like, 40 years later.
-You may have been conceived in one! -[music]
-“So, what are we going to do with it?” “Well, we’re going to make it go faster, of course! Much faster!” “In fact, our goal is to make 10 times the car’s current power. Yes, you heard that right:” “a 1000% increase in power!” “But, externally, we don’t want the car to look any different.” “That’s right: we’re building a sleeper Beetle that’s going to be off it’s face.” “Now, this is going to be a massive job and we’re going to need a lot of help.” “Luckily, our good mate Mike at Custom Bugs and Buses is lending us a hand.” “He’s an expert at all things Volkswagen and his speciality is making them go fast.” “The first thing we’ve got to do is see how much power the little Bug is making after 40 years on the road.” OK, so: obviously, the idea of this video is to make 10 times the factory power. So, to know what 10 times the power is, we need to first work out what the factory power is. So, we’ve got the car on a dyno. And this is the moment of truth! Because, this: in a way: dictates what the rest of our build is going to look like. So, I’m going to throw it out there. I’m going to say optimistically, I reckon the car’s going to make 28kW at the wheels. A massive -28 German KiloWatts.
-Oh. I was going to be even more optimistic. I reckon it’ll be in the 30’s: but only just be in the 30’s. So, like, 31.5kW. -31.5?
-Yep. What about you Mike? I mean, this: you: this is your thing: you’re a specialist. -Have you dyno’d one of these before?
-[Mike] Not in it’s factory state: no. -So, this is an unknown for you too?
-That’s correct. -Alright, so: what do you think it’s going to make?
-I think I’m going to shoot you both down, I reckon I’ll bring youse both down to about 25kW. -25kW?!?!
-25? Alright. Well, let’s start up the dyno and see what happens. One thing I need to check with you though mate is you haven’t strapped it down yet. Is there? -I don’t think we’re gonna need it, to be honest with you.
-[laughs] Don’t even need to -Really?
-tie it on. I think your push-bike could come out quicker than this Volkswagen is going to. [laughs] With a couple of good, sturdy chocks there on a good floor, we’ll be right. -As in: just chocks, no straps?
-Just the chocks. -He: it’s: his race car is in front of it,
-Yeah. His race car -OK, well.
-we wouldn’t be doing it. We’re going to follow your lead then. Um: let’s start the dyno! -See what happens!
-Let’s do it. -[music]
-“Over time, with wear and tear,” “cars can loose power. So, chances are,” “our little Beetle’s lost a few ponies since the day it rolled out of the factory.” [engine accelerates] [engine decelerates] Alright! -We’ve got 23.9kW.
-[music] Which means, we’re now building a Beetle, that’s going to have 239kW at the wheels. This is going to be mad! “So, what’s the first step?” Well, the engine’s got to come out. -Yep.
-So, that’s the first thing I think we’ll need to do. And how do we do that? Well, I guess: [tools clatter] [laughs] -This is for you.
-Right. -Page 12:
-Yep. I’ll see you in about 45 minutes. -You can:
-Let’s do it! -We can do that.
-Alright! [snickers] 45 minutes? Far out! -Page 12.
-Where are you going? Oh, wait on: the engine’s engine’s over this way. Oh. -It’s in the: it’s in the boot, hey?
-Yeah. Where’s the radiator? -Doesn’t have one man: it’s air cooled.
-WHAT?!?! [music] “Apparently, there’s only four bolts holding the engine in. Which is pretty scary.” “So, let’s throw it on the hoist and pull it out.” [‘Collide(feat Erin Renee)’ – Moog] [‘We tried,’] [‘We tried all there is to try,’] [‘I’m not,’] [‘I’m not going to let you fall this time,’] [‘Let me hold you,] [‘I won’t let anybody hurt you,’] [‘So many times,’] [‘We tried to outrun the night,’] She gone! [‘I place my hands on your face,’] [‘Breathe with me,’] [rattle gun] [rattle gun] [‘We need to go,’] [‘A little faster, a little faster,’] [‘We tried’] “He wasn’t lying. With Mike’s help, we’ve got the whole engine and gearbox out in less than 45 minutes.” [‘I’m not,’] -[music]
-“It is another day.” “And with our air-cooled Volkswagen engine gone, now we have to find something to take it’s place.” -[door closes]
-Alright: so, we are down here at ICHIban. Uh, this is where we come down when we need some serious help making some seriously mad stuff. Uh, this is Benny, of course: over here. Hello Benny! Lay it on me! You’re looking pretty happy, dude! You alright? (Benny/Mechanical Stig) You: what are you doing now? Scotty! Uh, you may remember Scotty from our Dr. Nos episode. (Scotty/High Tower) Hey bro! -How are ya?
-How are you, mate? What are you up to now? Alright, we: we need your help, to make some: uh, some fast cars. -Here we go! Yep.
-Um, we need to make an engine that makes HUNDREDS of KiloWatts at the wheels. -What are we starting with?
-We’ve already got the engine! -Ah! Perfect!
-So, um. -This is the engine from my Forester: EJ25.
-Oh, Subaru! -Oh, easy!
-Yeah, Subaru of course. That’s why we’re here. -Easy!
-Uh, we got the whole engine. We just need a bit of help getting it to work. -Uhm:
-Um, -So, that:
-I thought you said you said we had the WHOLE engine. Yeah. That’s one half, that’s the other half. That’s: the block. But that’s why we came here. -To you.
-Right: alright. Bring it on over, -let’s see what we can do.
-So, we’re: we’re building engines, mate! -Yep, well:
-Look at it: it’s complete! -The whole thing.
-[Piston clatters] [laughs] [laughs] -It has been sitting around for a couple of years.
-Bring it on over! And it was full: I mean FULL of redback spiders. Google ’em, if you don’t know what it is. -But they hurt. Or kill you. Or both.
-[claps hands] -Alright
-In that order. So, what power are we chasin’? 250kW is probably a good start. No worries! We’re gonna need to, um: yeah: put some forged pistons, rods crank, we’ll bore and hone. Basically, we’ll just make a bullet-proof package, that should be able to make in excess of 10 times the power. -So.
-Awesome! Let’s get to it! -Sweet!
-Boom! -[‘Transformer’ – Moog]
-Let’s go! “Our standard engine was never designed to make as much power as we’re going to need.” “So, we’re rebuilding it with forged, aftermarket parts. Which are strong and mad.” “And the boys at ICHIban are showing us how it’s done.” [‘This time we are going to get it down,’] [‘It’s time we show that we don’t fight,’] [‘Fair,’] [‘Tonight we’re gonna get on down,’] [‘And we’re gonna show you what it’s like to party every night until it’s dawn,’] [‘Now, look into my eyes and tell me what you see,’] [‘Look into my eyes and tell me that we are free,’] [‘Tell me we are free’] [‘Like we know we are,’] [‘Cause we know we are,’] [‘Looking all around, make a go around,’] This is the really exciting part of the build, because the pistons are going in. Uh, there’s a number of different rings that have got to go in: 5 all up, that have got to go in a very specific orientation and a specific order. But, now that they’re on, we can literally plonk that thing in. And, um: it’s the keystone of the build really. Keystone of the engine, anyway: which is very cool. [‘Like we know we are,’] “So the block is now together and the pistons are moving like they should.” “The heads have been sent away to be machined, but we don’t want to hold up the build,” “so, we’re borrowing a spare engine.” That one is just going to be dummy-fit in there. To make sure everything works. And then: once we know that’s going to be good, that one comes out, and our engine, when that’s finished, is going to go in. And then, we’re going to be doing mad skids. [music] “It is another day and we’ve brought our dummy engine out to Mike, so he can get to work on the fabrication.” “Both of these engines are horizontally opposed.” “The engine on the right is loaded with hippy heritage. And the Subaru engine: rally heritage.” “Today, Porsche and Subaru are the only two manufacturers that use these boxer engines.” (except Toyota for the 86) OK, so this is our 1.6 Litre, 4 Cylinder engine from a Volkswagen, with mad carburetor action! And this is a 2.5 Litre, double overhead cam (DOHC), variable cam timing, completely modern, injected -Subaru engine.
-From an STi. And that: is going to be going where this one was. And that one’s going to be making some mad choo-choo power! How we fit in there, we have no idea. That’s why we’ve got the specialist over here. “The first problem, that Mike has already solved, is how we attach the new engine to the old gearbox.” So, this is one of the most important parts of our conversion. This is called an ‘adaptor plate.’ And what this allows us to do is join the two worlds of VW and Subaru. So, the VW gearbox is gonna go onto this side of it: it’s been cut out. Uh, by Mike on his mill. Uh, to be able to fit the VW gearbox on the back, which we’re going to build the internals of. And, on this side, you’ve got the Subaru engine that, matches the right bolt pattern to go onto that. And then, in-between the two, you’ve also got the flywheel. So, this is also custom made. So, this will attach to the Subaru engine, but then the outside of the flywheel has been adapted, so it will work with the gearbox, with a starter motor and everything else lives. And then, you’ve also got the clutch. Well, everyone knows what a clutch does: it allow: it gets the, uh: power from the engine through the transmission and into the wheels. Uh: but all these have to be custom made and measured up so, it’ll all fit the two together, And, from that: you’ve got a mad VW Bug with a Subaru heart. [music] “And when it comes to this Beetle, it is getting open-heart surgery.” “Mike and the boys are doing some serious fabrication, including moving the firewall,” “to make room for this monstrous engine.” “One of our requirements is that the car still looks stock.” “So, the engine has to fit without half of it hanging out the back.” “We also have to find space for a turbo and an intercooler set-up.” “With our new found space, we can wheel the engine in and bolt it to the gearbox. And then start measuring.” So, it’s another day working on the Beetle. Uh: and I’ve just picked up the heads. And now, I’m on the highway, where I’m MEANT to be doing, uh, 100km/h, -[engine accelerating]
-but we’re only doing 30km/h for some reason. Go ute go! Uh, and now we’re on our way to ICHIban, to fit them all up and today our engine should be finished. Which means then we can take it down to Custom Bugs and Buses. Um, get rid of the dummy engine that we’ve been using to, uh, sort out all the engine mounts and the fitment. Then, put our actual engine in. Which means, then we can get the ECU. Which means then we can dyno it. Which means then we can make some power: make some boost. Which means then, we can take it to the drag strip. So: it’s a pretty exciting day. -[toll pass beeps]
-Uh, it’s been a huge job so far. Uh, and there’s still quite a bit to do. Uh, but it’s very, very, very exciting part of the build that we’re up to now. So, uh: next stop, ICHIban, we’re gonna throw this engine together and it’s gonna be mad. -[music]
-“With the crank, rods and pistons” “already fitted to our block,” “today, we’re fitting our machined heads. Which have been cleaned, had the tolerances checked,” “and made completely flat.” “Which means, they will mate perfectly to our block.” “We’re making great progress with the engine.” “Meanwhile, Marty has gone to put together a custom-made turbo.” “We’re assembling a Garrett GTX 3067. Which is going to help give our 2.5 Litre engine make big power.” “It IS possible just to buy a turbo off eBay, but we’re taking it to the next level. “The shaft, bearings and wheels are bolted together.” “And then the whole assembly is spun up to over 100000RPM and balanced.” “This turbo set-up is being specifically assembled and designed for our project.” “Tolerances are extremely tight on turbos. And if you don’t get it right,” “then it’s easy for things to go ka-blamo.” “We then fit up the exhaust housing and bolt it to the core.” “The compressor housing is then machined to fit our intake and the waste-gate bench-tested.” “And that is how you assemble a turbocharger, from scratch.” “It’s even got our names stamped on it.” “Mad!” -[music]
-“Back at ICHIban,” “the gaskets and heads are going onto the block.” “We’ve also got upgraded head studs, to keep everything well clamped down:” “particularly while under boost pressure.” “We’re also installing a new oil pump and a new water pump.” “And with that done, we’re throwing on a brand-new timing kit.” “And Marty has just arrived with our brand-new turbo. We are so excited: it’s like Christmas time!” “It’s Choo-Choo, the red nosed turbo!” “The last thing to do is attach our sump.” “We’re also salvaging some headers off a wrecked motor.” “And with that in place, we can test-fit our turbo.” “We are back at Custom Bugs and Buses. And there has been heaps of progress.” “Mike has built the new firewall, which means the car is almost ready for our engine.” “But, with 10 times the power, there’s a couple of other things we have to do first.” Now, this engine normally powers that’s all-wheel drive, which means it has lots of grip. This is going to be 2-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. And even though there’s a lot of weight over those rear tyres, it might still struggle for grip. So, what we’re going to try and do is see how fat we can get the wheels and tyres under this thing. So, we’re going to take it off, measure it up and see how big we can go. -[‘Zombie Apocalypse Theme’ – Moog]
-“The skinny factory rims that come on this car” “are never gonna cut it. “So, we’re sending them away to be rebanded and widened, so they’ll fit a bigger, grippier tyre.” “It’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to our dummy engine, because our built engine has arrived.” “It’s going to sit backwards from where it would normally go in a Subaru,” “so it’s going to need some further customisation.” “Our adapter plate is going on.” So, our clutch parts have arrived. We’ve got our clutch plate or disc. It’s got a solid centre. We got this from the States. Uh, it’s still got some cushioning in here, so it’ll be nice to drive on the street. Uh, we’ve got our flywheel: now, this is the part that has been custom machined. So, we’ve set a Subaru centre, into the rest of the unit, which is all VW: so the rim gear, and the actual flywheel itself. And that is spaced out the perfect amount to fit this car. So, we’re going to throw it on and see if it all fits. So, one of the challenges with this conversion is making sure that the engine is cooled properly. Now, most of the time with cars, you got a big radiator along the front. You got your bumper and your front scooping all the air in there. But, in the front of a Beetle, [boot squeaks and thuds] there’s nothing there! So, we’ve had to come up with something ingenious to keep the car nice and cool. And this is what we’re gonna do. Which is something I haven’t seen before. Uh, this is a radiator that we’ve got. Um: it’s, uh: for a Falcon, actually. And it is the biggest radiator that we could find that is going to fit in the BACK of the car: yes, in the back. So, we’re going to be doing a rear mounted radiator that’s going to be fitting up into this space under here And then, we’re gonna have scoops, that are underneath the car, that are scooping air up into the radiator and it’s got some fans as well. So, it is a rear mounted radiator. To keep our WRX engine cool in the back of our Beetle. That’s getting cooled with a Falcon radiator. So, there you go: it’s a blend of the worlds, isn’t it? Um: It’s going to be epic: it’s going to be awesome. [music] “Hiding a radiator in the back may be unconventional, but it does keep the car looking as stealth as possible.” That looks so good! -Things are heating up, man.
-Oh, wow. Look at that! -I’m: I’m a fan. Are you a fan?
-Oh, wow! -Quit man. Please quit.
-Really? -Oh, stop it.
-Yeah. -That’s pretty cool.
-Oh, please stop. -Don’t you think?
-You gotta quit man. -I can feel it in my waters how cool it is
-Oh wow. -Stop it man.
-Oh, you look very radiant. -Yeah.
-Oh. I’m out. -[‘Collide(feat. Erin Renee)’ – Moog]
-“With the terrible puns finally over,” “the engine gets moved into it’s new home.” Good job! Good job boys! “The engine is in and it looks amazing.” “But it’s not going to go choo-choo, until our mate Scott plugs his laptop into it.” “Scott’s a tuning specialist and he’s going to be in charge of running the engine management system,” “that’s going to be controlling the different aspects of our engine’s performance.” It’s another day and Mike has been very busy being a boss! He’s, uh, welded in a new feed onto our fuel tank, so we can run a Bosch 044 uh, fuel pump, which is a proper, like: high-feed, high-flow pump, that’ll work really well for this engine. Then we’ve run braided lines, which has actually got Teflon liner, so they’ll work with E85. We’ve run that all the way down. Inside: they pop out here. There’s a feed and a return. Then, it goes up and into a fuel filter, which is one we can screw in and out. Then, it goes up and feeds into the manifold. Coming back off that, we go through our Flex-Fuel sensor, which means we can run it on 98 or E85. And then that goes back to the front of the tank and returns in the top. So that is a proper, fuel system. -That’s about as mad as it gets.
-That’s as mad as it gets. -Like: that’s
-And, it: -full, legit:
-It’s Flex-Fuel, and it’s got a proper filter on there and the lines are all like: done properly. The lines don’t run inside the car: they run up through here. -Which, is like a little spine that goes under the car.
-[new message tone] And, it’s: it’s getting so close man! It’s getting so close! And, today Marty, we’re gonna, um, put the exhaust on, -we got to start running the ECU wiring on there,
-Yep. -we’re waiting on our intercooler as well.
-Yep. Uh, we got our custom wheels, that you and I have got to paint: that are sitting over there. Um, -It’s an exciting day, man. And we’re very, very close.
-It’s so close. -Lots to do though, so let’s get to it.
-Mad! [music] “Our rims are back and they’ve been widened to 6 inches. And now, it’s time to paint them BLAAAACK.” “Speaking of BLAAAACK, our exhaust is also ready to go.” Now, this here is a very, very exciting component of our build. And, may well be, the shortest turbo-back exhaust I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s literally, the dump-pipe, into a muffler. Like, that is it. Because the engine is in the back of the car, and because the turbo’s right here, that: we’re about to mount, up under here. And, that’s it. -[‘High Speed Run’ – Moog]
-“It’s time to bolt the exhaust onto the back of the turbo.” “And, with such a short pipe, we should be getting some hectic, mad turbo noises.” “Meanwhile, the boys are getting their geek on: running the wiring loom,” “that’s gonna run from the HalTech ELITE, onto the intake manifold.” “Which can then be bolted onto the engine. We can then plumb up the fuel lines as well.” (Yes Scott: that’s a good looking loom) So, what we’re doing now is dividing the wires up: everything that’s on this side of the grommet: the lower side of the grommet: is going to be in the engine bay and getting hot and all toasty. And everything on this side will be in the car. So, this is where we’ve got things like the fuse box, and the plugs that we actually plug the ECU into. [music] “Likely, the battery is already in the back of these Volkswagens” “which is why so many of them used to catch on fire!” “We need to make a new hole for engine wiring loom to run through.” “The signal on the dash is too ’70’s spec, so we also need to add a speed sensor,” “using the driveshafts, so that the ECU knows how fast the car is going.” It’s so awesome to see something as modern as this HalTech loom here, just disappearing into this old, classic, weathered shell. And, Mike and Scott are doing some really cool stuff, when it comes to the ECU programming. And, one of the main things that we’re going to be doing is boost by gear, which is why we needed to put a speed sensor down there, which means that we can have different levels of boost running, depending on what gear we’re in. And that means we can get off the line, without too much wheelspin. Um, and then adjust the boost, once we’re in second, third and fourth gear. “We’re also using sensors to measure fuel-pressure,” “oil pressure,” “air-fuel ratio, as well as Ethanol content, which is all connected via our loom.” “We’re changing the oil filter and the oil, which we’re gonna use to run-in the engine.” “Which will help wash out any contaminants.” “We’ll then change it again before we hit the dyno.” It is another big day. Now, Mike and his boys at Custom Bugs and Buses have been very busy: pulling a couple of late nights, while we’ve been out getting parts. This: is a water-to-air intercooler. So, this is the actual radiator. And he’s done something really cleaver, where the air comes in the front, through a couple of holes that he’s drilled out and he’s made an enclosure behind there, for the air: the only way the air can get out is down through this radiator, which also also has a pusher fan, to keep it cool. Then, he’s run some hoses, through the middle of the car, and they pop out here. So, we’ve got the supply and the return. It goes up into a pump, and then, we’ll show you in the back: what it looks like. This is a completely custom-made, water-to-air intercooler. So, the hot air comes out of the turbo, normally, you’d see it go into a big front-mount, but, for this one, it goes into this core, which is completely covered in a jacket of water. And that’s what’s sent up to the front: to that radiator, to get cooled down. The cold water comes back up here, and then it cools down the air as it goes through. Mike’s done some tricky pipework here to bend it back around and in -[‘Feel It All’ – Moog]
-to the intake. Now, that’s a really, really nicely, packaged up system, that will keep our boost nice and cold. Because cold boost makes more power. So, today is a massively exciting day, because we’re going to be throwing a key into the Beetle, and seeing if it actually work: well, it’s going to work, isn’t it? Dude: look at this flawless engineering! It’s got an engine built by yours truly and the boys at ICHIban and Mike and his boys have done some pretty amazing work making this fit in such a short time-frame. -It’s: it’s going to be mad! It’s just missing a few things.
-Well, there’s only two things left that we need of course. We need a cob of corn. Of course, because we’re going to use E85. So, wheat or corn or sorghum or sugarcane, depending on where you’re from in the world. And then we need to keep the pressure of the corn regulated. Which is why we’re going to need Martin, Oh! A fuel pressure regulator! It’s a rising rate one, so as boost is getting piled into the engine, uh, this prevents the boost pushing the fuel back out again. So it: raises the pressure as the boost goes up. And there’s going to be a lot of boost. There is going to be a lot of boost. And, basically, there’s a diaphragm in there, so it can squash, squash, squirt, squirt, that has to be connected to those two points there, where there is currently nothing connected. Um, and once that is on, we can put a key in, we can turn it, and then, 10 times the power! That’s what we’re going for! Let’s do this! [Smoke and Fire (Whitecitylight Remix) [feat. Erin Renee] – Moog] [‘I could not hold on any longer,’] [‘I tried, but I was not strong enough,’] [‘It wasn’t easy trying to find the words to lie to you,’] We got to get some oil, Martin. Uh, there’s some oil in the car already, but that’s going to be dropped. That’s kind of our run-in oil. Um, but: now we got to go down to SuperCheap and buy the actual oil that’s going to live in the car. Um, which is going in today. Then we’re dynoing, we’re turning keys, we’re making mad power. It’s gonna be: gonna be awesome! [‘Gravity hold me,’] [‘And I need you now,’] “And now, our epic new tyres are ready to be fitted to our custom rims.” [‘Push me harder,’] [‘I think I’m falling,’] On the drag strip, obviously, you need some grip: not just to get off the line, but also to make your way down the quarter mile. So, that’s why we’ve made these custom rims. We’ve gone from a 4 and a half inch rim: that’s got a 165mm tyre on it, -[thuds]
-to these ones, that are 6 inches: this is a Potenza RE003, which is what we use on all of our street cars. And this is a mad street tyre, that’s also great for the track. And that is going to make sure we’ve get some mad grip. So we can blast our way down the quarter mile. [‘not strong enough,’] [‘It wasn’t easy trying to find the words to lie to you,’] [‘So, I run,’] So, we asked Mike what the easiest way of putting these on. And he said, ‘use hammer hand.’ -Which means, put this like this.
-[hubcap clatters] make a hammer with your hand, [hubcap clatters] and then: [bang] [hubcap clatters] [thud] Sort of on. Reasonably. -Nah!
-[laughs] Kick it off the hoist? I got close! [thud] [bang] YES! Yes! -[tense music]
-“Our ECU is fired up.” “The wheels are on and the car is full of fluids.” “It has been months of work and now is the moment of truth.” “We’re going to turn the key for the first time.” [engine turns over and starts] [‘Smoke and Fire (Whitecitylight Remix) [feat. Erin Renee]’ – Moog] [cheering] [engine revs] -[‘Overdrive’ (feat. JS7)’ – Moog]
-[engine idles] Absolute legend! Look at him! “As a gift, Mike has surprised us with this mad oil catch-can, that he’s made out of old hubcaps.” “We’ve had the car running successfully for a while now, so we’re dropping the oil” “that we used to run the engine in. And then replacing it with a fresh dose of 5W-30 and a new filter.” [‘Sometimes,’] [‘Racing at the speed of light,’] [engine turns over and starts] [engine idles] [‘Running into overdrive,’] “With our catch-can all plumbed up, we are done.” “And it’s time to get our Beetle onto the dyno and try and get 10 times the power.” [‘For one more time,’] [clicking] [engine accelerating] Now, not long ago, when we first dyno’d this car, it was hilarious, because we didn’t even need to tie it down. We just had a couple of chocks uh, in front of the front wheels there. Uh, now that we’re going to be pushing some serious power with a new engine, uh, Mike is strapping it down HARD, because, uh, the chocks are not going to be enough. -In fact: we’re hoping they’re not going to be enough.
-Well, definitely. That’s definitely right. We’re hoping that we’re gonna need these straps and all of them. We’re strapping the car down, we’re going to turn the key, Tuning Fork’s jumping in, we’re going to do a tune on the dyno. Then we’re going to go for some max power runs, and bring on 10 times the power! [epic music] Let’s do this! Whoo! [claps hands] “As the sun goes down over the workshop, we are strapped down and ready to go.” [engine accelerates and decelerates] “During our warm-up, we’ve already made triple the original power.” [engine accelerates] [engine decelerates] “As we continue to refine the tune, we crack the 200kW mark.” “And this is only on waste-gate pressure: there is still so much potential.” “Scotty dials in some more magic and we prepare for a power run.” [engine accelerates] -[‘Game On (feat. Jon Elms)’ – Moog]
-That is epic! It sounded amazing! The question is: what power di: OH MY GOD! Yeah, boys! Well done! [indistinguishable talking] [cheers] “We have done it: over 10 times the power.” “From humble beginnings, with a 1.6 Litre engine and 23.9kW,” “we’ve gone to a massive,” “267.4kW at the wheels.” “And while dyno numbers are a great measure of power, the true test of a warrior is in battle.” [‘See You at the End’ – Moog] “It seems we’re not the only ones who made a turbo Beetle.” “Volkswagen have made their own.” “And today, only one will be victorious.” “This is a good, old fashioned drag race.” “We’re not racing the clock, we’re racing each other.” “First person across the finish line at the end of the quarter mile, takes the win.” Alright, so. Here it is: this is the NEW Volkswagen turbo, versus OUR Volkswagen turbo. -It’s gonna be, interesting. I think.
-[handbrake clicks] -[tyres squealing]
-Alright and I’m off the line. -[engine accelerating]
-Oh my gosh! He’s just gone! He’s just gone. There’s no keeping up: it’s all over. [chuckling] That was awesome! That was so good! Man, it’s fast: that is out-of-control fast! -[engine accelerating]
-[tyres squealing] Unbelievable! That was pure choppage! “Volkwagen’s new turbo Beetle has been dominated. But, now: there’s a new challenger.” “This is a 2.0 Litre, turbocharged, Nissan S14 Silvia.” “A staple at track days, drift tracks and the mountains of Japan.” Marty is staged up, I am staged up. Let’s chop some Beetles, everyone! -[engine accelerating]
-[tyres squealing] [censored]! Oh my God: it’s so fast! The Beetle is literally up on it’s back wheels! It looks like a plane taking off! He’s already over the line! -[engines accelerating]
-[tyres squealing] That is [censored]ing unbelievable! “Our Beetle has well and truly proven itself.” “We’ve made 10 times the power and smashed a couple of fast cars.” “But, there’s one more race we feel we HAVE to have. Against a REALLY fast car.” [music] “The Porsche 911 Carrera is renowned as one of the most iconic sports cars in history.” “And was originally designed by the same man who designed our Beetle: Ferdinand Porsche.” “With superior performance and ability, both on the street and the track,” “the Carrera hold numerous records on race tracks, all over the world.” “And today, we’ll be battling it against it’s great, great uncle: Mr. Beetle.” “And while our Beetle may not have the racing pedigree, the lap records, the prestige” “and the performance of the Porsche,” “we’ve got this: a fully built, 2.5 Litre, Forged Internal, Turbocharged engine.” “The boys are dialing some more boost. And I think we’re gonna need it.” “Mike crossed the finish line in his Beetle once at 180km/h.” “On it’s roof!” “So, he says ‘Goodbye’, as we prepare for the final battle.” [tense music] The Beetle has to prove itself against a Porsche 911! There he is, in his 911: creeping forward! That little Beetle is gonna have to pull something out to beat this though. I mean, this car is 30 years newer. Come on, Beetle! Come on, Beetle! Come on, Beetle! It’s a proper fast car: it’s one of the most iconic sports cars in the world. Uh, so it’s going to be really interesting to see, uh: how I go versus the Beetle. Oh, I’m nervous! The Beetle is staged up: this is it! Porsche versus the MightyMods Beetle: let’s do this! -[engine stalls]
-[tyres chirp] Ah, [censored]! [laughs] [engine starts] And everybody’s laughing at me, ‘cos I stalled it off the line! This is really hard! I gotta be so careful! Now I’m good: now I’m good! -[engine revving and accelerating]
-[tyre squealing] Here we go! Sh[censored]! Holy sh[censored]: that’s so fast! Wow! Wow! Oh my God! That is so fast! [exhales] Oh my gosh, it’s fast! Oh my gosh: the thing is up on it’s rear two wheels! This is out of control! Oh my God! It is so fast! That is the most: frightened I’ve ever been on a drag strip! Ever! Oh! That is crazy! My heart: I can’t: Whoa! That is a chop! That is a chop, chop, chop! Good on ya, man! That was crazy! Round 2! Round 2! -I just chopped a 911 in our: in our Beetle!
-[‘Game On(feat. Jon Elms)’ – Moog] -That’s mad!
-[toots horn] [cackles] Whoa! That is ridiculous! Just: two-wheel drive, heaps of boost, in a shape that is never meant to go that fast. -And it just nailed it! Mad car!
-[bangs various bits of trim] [engine revs] This is our last run. Last chance for me to show the Porsche what this car’s got. OK, we are lining up again. -Here we go! Porsche versus Beetle!
-[engines rev] And it’s on: oh my gosh! He took off so fast, but I’m: I’m catching! I’m catching! He’s pulling away! He’s pulling away: oh my gosh! WOW! That is so fast! That is just crazy! Oh my God! Chopped! [laughs] That’s incredible! What a crazy, crazy car! Oh, man! [transmission whine] There was some serious adrenaline pumping from that. Just: the front of the car just lifts up. And it just rockets! And, once you get in gear, let the clutch settle in, let it clamp down, nail the throttle and the front just goes! Oh, man! I’ve never driven anything like that. Just: it’s just rediculous, how fast an old car like this can go, with a Subaru EJ25 with a big turbo in the back of it. What a crazy thing! Oh! Hoo! “With 10 times the power and Porsche munching performance,” “that is a Mad, Mad Beetle.” [‘We’ve got to get our game on,’] Alright, so: there it is. That is our mad Beetle project and it is freaking fast! -It is frighteningly fast!
-Were you scared? I was: -that was legit fear. That was the worst. [laughs]
-[laughs] Man, I think you did a very good job, considering: we’re straight out of the workshop, straight off the dyno, to the drag strip. -Had: that was your first time driving the car, right?
-Yeah. -[laughs]
-Was battling. [laughs] That’s insane! Look: thank you so much to Subway of course, for making this opportunity possible for us. We have been wanting to a project like this for so long: a proper, mad, sleeper Beetle. But, it is months and months of work. And the crazy amount of resources we needed to pull together to do this, so, a massive thanks to Subway, for giving us this ‘Eat Well, Go Faster’ challenge. Now, Martin: I think we should let the people in on a little secret… about the car’s power. Now, we built the engine to handle 300kW. But, on the day, we actually had to tune it down, to 200kW, because of some issues we had with the clutch. It: you’re talking about a car: not a fast car we’ve made faster. This is something with 23kW: you know: at full noise, that’s doing way more than that. And even at 200kW: I mean, we’re in the 12s. We’re running 12s. Yeah: we’re running 12s, at 200kW. So, once we, uh: adjust those minor things with the clutch and put the engine back to what it’s made to do: 300kW, the car’s gonna be running 11s. There’s even been some murmurings of it running 10s! -What?!?!
-From the people who, uh: who, uh: worked on the car with us. So, there it is! That is the mad Beetle. Of course, you can follow us on FaceBalls. That is: Thanks for coming on this amazing journey with us. Thanks to everybody who helped us with the build. Thanks to Subway for making it possible. I am going to do some wheel stands down George Street. -You will be doing wheel stands, man.
-Let’s do this! Try not to get arrested! [‘Collide (feat. Erin Renee)’ – Moog] [‘Let me hold you,’] [‘We need to go, a little faster, a little faster’]

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