How to Build a Website from Scratch

How to Build a Website from Scratch

18 thoughts on “How to Build a Website from Scratch

  1. This is the Best Way for Noobs. Honestly I would like to code and make a website with HTML as I like coding.😃

  2. Great stuff, brother. Even though I came from a Web background over to doing YouTube, I chose to go with WordPress simply for the ability to rapidly get content out there. There are certainly more elegant ways to publish to the web, but for us One Man Shows, it's certainly hard to beat WordPress. It should be noted though that one must always stay up on updating WordPress, because being the most widely used package, it's also the most targeted.

  3. Hi I am a 14 year old boy with a channel wanting a YouTube future lately I channel had a down fall. I don't get the views for the content I create may I know if you are able to review my channel and after any advice?

  4. I always recommend Digital Ocean + Server Pilot + WordPress. In five minutes, with $5/month, you're setup with a great WordPress starter site.

  5. I have a site already. It is now a blog (and I don't like the static page I made) 🙁 I need to update the whole site because my business has evolved over the last few years. I didn't find your link at the top. What video do you recommend?

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