How to build your filmmakers website

How to build your filmmakers website

For filmmakers that are looking for
clients and paid jobs there are usually two ways that work. The first one is
through referral which you can’t really influence and the second one is through
your website. We generate about 50% of our revenue through our website and
that’s why it’s important for us to have a great website and today I will show
you how to create a website by using First go to, WIX.COM and
then click on sign in then register your account. Once you are locked in click on
create new site then choose your category. You can then have the software
create your site automatically or you can use the editor which gives you a lot
of options. I’m going to choose the editor I will then choose my filmmakers
template under the creative section. While scrolling through the templates
you can preview them and choose the one that you like the most. Once you decided for which template you
want to go just click on edit. Now the website is ready to be edited.
Important for us is the left area that gives you all the editing options. The
first point is the menu and pages where you can arrange the pages for your menu.
Click and rename the section. Those points are anchor points who let the
visitor smoothly scroll through your website. The next point is for the
background options where you can either choose pictures, videos or plain color. It’s pretty cool that waiks provides a
lot of pictures and videos to use that normally you would have to purchase
somewhere or even shoot for yourself. To change the background video here you can either use one of the provided videos or add your own video. You can either upload your
video directly use your videos from YouTube. Also use the right mouse button on any
section to see additional options for faster designing. Next up is the add
button which is pretty cool because it has a huge amount of elements that you
can choose from. Not only can you add text, pictures and
videos which you would expect but you can also insert interactive elements or
even online-shop elements. The next section is to add apps which is
really nice for example it lets me at a chat window to people visiting my
website. These apps basically give you unlimited
opportunities to really build a strong website that grows your business. The
next section is for media elements where you can not only choose pictures and
videos but also use the integrated photo and video editor to customize or change
the pictures and videos. The next button helps you to add a blog
into your website which means you can write articles on different topics and
you can pretty much just create a normal blog. The lowest button lets you add an online
appointment booking tool that allows customers to book an appointment
directly with you through your website. So let’s build our side now! First I will change the video in the
upper section and select our companies showreel. Now I will edit some text elements and
present our company. It’s very comfortable by drag-and-drop
to position the text elements and also to increase the size and shape of it. In the next section I will tell
potential clients a little bit more about what we do and what we offer. After that I’m going to exchange these
videos right here and embed one of our YouTube videos. Last but not least I’m going to create a
contact section because it’s very important that clients can get in touch
with you. When setting up a website for your business it is essential that it
looks great, showcases your work and also lets the
visitor know that he is right here, that you can help with his requirements.
I think WIX is giving me a really great opportunity to build my own
website and the amount of design choices and functions are huge. I think the
website I created here looks pretty awesome and I can definitely recommend
using Wix to build a website you can try it by using the link in the description
box below!

3 thoughts on “How to build your filmmakers website

  1. I visited your website and honestly It looks a bit out of a tin can to me.
    Your text blocks aside of the images have to narrow margin.
    That doesn't look like it should. The content is very interesting though.
    Use more white space around your content. A lot more !!! Remember, less is more!
    It will sure look more professional.
    Just a tip from a website builder 🙂 Good luck.

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