How to buy a food truck Food trucks for sale starting a food truck business

How to buy a food truck Food trucks for sale  starting a food truck business

– Are you looking to start a food truck? This is going to be one of the best videos I’m going to give you, on
how to buy a food truck, and some of the questions
you need to ask yourself before you make that investment. Because it can be pretty steep. We’re going to dive into it right now. (upbeat music) – All right, so let’s hop into it. I’m actually going to go
over a handful of questions that you should really ask yourself. Now, one of the coolest things
about having a food truck is the fact that it’s mobile. And I’m sure you’re thinking well, that’s a no-brainer, Damian. Well, no, the reason why I
say that is in some cases it can be upwards of six figures to have a completely decked out food truck with every piece of
equipment that you need, and you can compare that to
having a restaurant, cafe, or some type of bistro that’s a stationary brick and mortar location, and you really rely on foot traffic. Well the mobility of a food truck is one of its greatest assets,
to be honest with you. And it can be one of its
biggest challenges, okay? So let’s hop into it. I’m actually going to go over
a list, let me grab my notes, and we’re going to take
a look at a handful of things that you really
need to ask yourself. So number one, how much
does a food truck cost? It’s a really open-ended question,
and it’s really difficult to give you a specific answer because there’s a lot of variables. But let me break it down for you. Number one, what is your budget? You could have 200 grand available, maybe you’ve got 30,000 available, okay. Also, it’s going to be dependent upon what type of food you’re going to make. And why do I say that? Because some food trucks that make particular food products can
do it with a lot less equipment than traditional, full blown, 150, 130,000, or even more
food trucks, just depending upon the type of equipment you need to produce the final product. So you want to really
take a look at your menu. What type of food are you
going to prepare, because that’s going to be the core
or the basis or the foundation for what type of equipment
you’ll need to make that type of food product. So how much does a food truck cost, that’s a really open-ended question. Now, if you start with
a brand new truck, okay? And you’re building
something from scratch, well then obviously you can customize that to any way that you want. Now, the only drawback
is that when you begin to start from scratch, and
you have a custom built truck, it’s going to easily be close
to 75,000 to 100 grand easily. I haven’t heard of too many of my friends, and I have some family
that actually does food out on the west coast, the build out for those
types of things are not going to be like a
20 or $30,000 investment when you’re starting from scratch. Not that I’ve ever heard of. Now, if you come across
that I would love to know who’s building that for
you and how does that work. Because it can be a costly endeavor. Now, what are some of
the advantages of buying a new food truck? So, number one, like I just mentioned, they can be customizable, okay? The risk of costly breakdowns
or major repairs is reduced because you’re working
with a brand new engine, obviously brand new equipment, so there’s a lot of variables that can be taken off the table
when you’re dealing with a brand new truck. Now, the other thing that
you won’t have to worry about is the previous owners, how
well did they take care of it? Like, if you’re getting a brand new truck, you don’t have a previous
owner for the truck. So you don’t know how well
everything is working. Yes, everything could be working, but how well is it working? If you have a deep fryer, that you’re working with
fries and you’re working with fried foods, and it
works great for three months and then you have to
replace it, well obviously that was a bad investment. Because obviously you’re having to replace the deep fryer, there’s
a no brainer there. But just because the equipment’s working, just because a truck is running, and it had a previous owner,
doesn’t necessarily guarantee six months from now it’s going to be. So by getting that new truck
you’re kind of eliminating some of that risk. Now, the other thing
that new trucks come with are fantastic warrantees, okay. So you’re going to get a
warranty with that truck, obviously, especially since
you’re customizing it. And it’s built from scratch
to your specifications. And those warrantees are
worth their weight in gold. Specifically because
that is your business. That is a huge investment. You know, if you’re getting
a warranty on a computer or laptop, you know, that’s one thing. But when you’re talking
about a food truck, and you’re talking about
equipment and the build-out and everything that’s been put into it, that’s going to be a huge plus to have guarantees, warrantees, and
all of that behind it, okay? And of course the other thing, from an aesthetic standpoint,
it just looks new. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s good to go. So, you know, that in and of itself, cosmetically speaking from the outside, that’s going to be really cool
to have a brand new truck. And of course you’re
going to have it wrapped, you’re going to have it designed,
and you’re going to have all kinds of graphics, and
it’s going to look great. Now, some of the advantages of getting a used food truck are as follows. Now, this is going to again backtrack to your budget, okay? Used food trucks, of
course, are going to be a lot more inexpensive than
new ones, that’s a benefit. So you can actually, when you also start to
build out the kitchen, most of the time obviously when you go to buy one that’s used, the kitchen itself, you
can see how it’s laid out. To see if it’s really going to be adequate for the type of food that
you’re going to make. And again, what I mean
by that is that again, everything that’s inside
the truck, the layout, even, not only the equipment,
but the way it’s laid out, is going to lend itself to preparing only certain types of foods. If you’re doing something
that’s deep fried foods, you’re doing hot dogs and
hamburgers and real basic stuff, doing a sushi truck, for instance, and you wanted to do a fresh
sushi bar of some kind, even in a truck, which is very odd, but the layout and equipment
is completely different. So by obviously looking at
something that’s already there, it’s on wheels ready to
be driven off the lot, you’re going to be able to see the layout. And that’s super, super important. Now, the other thing about the advantages of buying a used food truck, is there’s a lot less
choices and a lot less things that you have to decide on. A lot less decision making. Because when you’re
building it from scratch, you are going to be
telling the builder exactly where everything needs to be. So you have to have a vision in your mind of how is it going to look? Where is the equipment going to be? How are the cutting boards? How is the refrigeration? Where’s the fryers, etc. So it’s kind of already
taken care of when you’re buying something that’s already existing. Which is kind of an
advantage, because it’s a lot less stressful situation. Now the other great thing, of course, when it comes to buying a used food truck, is that there’s a lot of
decision making as well when it comes to the types
of equipment you need to buy to obviously build out from scratch. Again, as I mentioned, you’re going to see what you’ve already got, so you’re not necessarily
having to go down a list of three-compartment
sinks or a hand wash sink or something like that, and all of these other pieces of equipment that you need to build out, and wonder where in the heck
am I going to put it all when you’re building from scratch. The advantage of buying a
used truck is just that. It’s already there, you see it, it’s done. Okay? All right, so some of the disadvantages. We’re going to go over
some of the negative things about buying a used truck. Now, the thing about
buying the used truck is of course, as we’ve
briefly mentioned before, how well did the owners take
care of all the equipment? Cleaning it out, properly maintaining it, that’s something that’s not going to give you much peace
of mind because, like I said, you could have it run for three months and then on the fourth month, fifth month, you start having things break down. Well, when you bought
it, and the owner had it, everyone was happy go lucky, you paid him 25 or 30 grand,
or whatever it may be, and now your truck is in
need of $10,000 of repairs. That is a huge problem
that you don’t incur when you buy a new truck
or get one built out. But again, it’s really challenging, because you’ve got to deal,
of course, with your budget. When it comes to repairs
and maintenance of a used food truck, they’re
going to be much higher. Obviously, because you’ve
got wear and tear on it. Now keep in mind, the
inside of the food truck, with equipment and all of the
equipment that you’ve got, refrigeration and such, the engine is a whole other ball game. There’s a lot of stress and wear and tear on the suspension, on the engine, so there’s a lot to a food truck than just maintaining equipment. That’s also something
that you may not know from the previous owners. And that’s, again, kind of a drawback. But again, you’re weighing
the pros and the cons based upon your budget. So the biggest factor in doing this is going to be just that. Okay, now this is something
that’s really interesting about one of the downsides
of used food trucks. Is when you find someone, a company that can customize
some work on a food truck, like let’s say you buy a
used one and you need to pull out some of the insides
and get some equipment put in, many companies that do customization are very hesitant to deal with it, because of the way that the system of the inside of the
truck was already set up prior to you getting it. So when you’re trying to build
out a certain portion of it, and you’re removing certain
pieces of equipment, and you want to put new stuff in, there’s a lot of companies
that won’t touch them. Just because it becomes a very higher risk for trying to change out
all the equipment that works with new equipment, and
trying to make those two mesh and kind of work together. So keep that in mind,
it’s going to be difficult for you to come across
somebody who’s willing to build out an existing
truck that’s already there with a whole bunch of new equipment. Now, the other thing about used trucks is what they call the life
expectancy of the used truck. Which, obviously, diminishes and goes down however old the truck may be. Now you’ve also got to keep in mind, food trucks take a lot of
physical wear and tear, more so than if you were to go a car lot and just buy a used truck, something that would be not food related, or even a food truck at all, because food trucks incur
a lot of people inside working on them, there’s
a lot of other issues with the motor itself of
the truck, as I mentioned. Also the suspension,
where you’re taking it, how frequently you drive it, so it takes this constant abuse, if
you will, on the truck. So keep that in mind, too, and that’s one of the downsides
of getting a used truck. Now this is a feature, this
is an option that you may not even know exist, but it actually does. You can actually lease a truck. You don’t have to dive right into it if you’re new to the food industry, you’re new to food trucks, you want to kind of test this out. You don’t want to be dumping your entire life savings into a truck. Or even the idea of
opening type of business and you don’t have a lot of experience, that’s perfectly fine. And I’ll be honest with
you, I would recommend test driving, no pun intended, but test driving the idea
of leasing a food truck. OK? You find one that you
like, you can rent it for a lot lower payments
than actually putting out a huge lump sum up front, or even customizing
something from scratch. So one of the great things about this idea is that you can just kind of,
in a sense, borrow the truck. And get an idea for yourself, and get comfortable with the idea. And maybe even work out a
deal where you lease to own it or rent to own it, and you
can purchase the truck. And then that way you’re
getting your feet wet without diving completely
in, you know what I mean? Now, the only downside if
you’re going to rent a vehicle, right, you’re going to
lease a food truck out, now here is a problem that can occur. You become successful,
which is a good thing. The downside is that your lease obviously has a lease agreement. You have an expiration date,
you have a time frame, right? So let’s say that time frame was a year. Just as a hypothetical. In a year’s time, you
have turned that business into hugely successful,
but the lease is up. And the owner’s not willing
to obviously renew the lease, he’s going to sell the
truck, or he has someone else who’s going to lease it. Then what do you do? You’re kind of stuck, in a sense, because now you need a truck. And you need a truck
that’s fitted, by the way, like I said in the beginning, fitted with the type of
equipment that you were needing for the type of food truck you’re doing. So your lease is up and now
you’re kind of wondering, well what the heck am I going to do now? You know, my business is going great and now I’m going to
have six or seven months, where there’s a lapse of time, and you’re not operating your business because you don’t have the truck. So think about that, too. I would highly recommend that if your business is doing great, and you’re approaching
the end of your lease, you need to talk to the
owner of the vehicle. You need to get that lease up
and running for another year, or renew it, or even share some interest in buying the truck. So keep that in mind, too, as well. Okay, so let’s say you were just willing to buy a food truck, where
do you buy a food truck? Where do you get one? Now, of course, there’s a lot of listings that you can find of Ebay,
craigslist, and of course online. But I would highly recommend
that you would go to Google, and you need to Google out food truck businesses. And check out the companies that actually build them from scratch or resell ones that have been gone
through, they looked at. Not necessarily certified,
or anything to that effect, but companies that
actually do the build outs. Those are the companies that
know what they’re doing, and they’re going to have products that they’re going to resell,
that they’re obviously buying, and they’re reputable, they’re
reputable manufacturers of specifically what they do. A random person that you’re going to find on let’s say Ebay, and
he’s in another state, and he’s just trying to unload a truck, you have no idea what’s
good, bad, or different, or what’s going on with that truck. So trying to find a
reputable food truck website. A business, a company that actually builds them and sells them, that’s going to be your best bet. And of course do a simple Google search and you can find some reputable ones. And a lot of these websites
even have feedback and such, and evaluations on it, too. So I’d pay attention to those websites and those types of builders and companies. Because, you know, John down the street that’s just trying to sell a truck, you could be dumping a lot
of money into something that’s going to cost you even more. Now also here’s a handful of
simple additional features. Some special features
that some trucks have, and to be honest with you
they’ll actually incur an additional expense, but in
the long run it drives sales. Just because you have
these additional features. And I’m going to run
through them really quick, I won’t break them down
too, too, specific, because I don’t want to take
up too much more of your time. But a lot of these food truck
can come with sound systems, speakers and such, sound systems that play music really loud,
or something to the effect that it attracts attention to the truck. Flat panel TVs. You can get some with retractable awnings, which are great to kind of
give a little of a coverage for the customer when
they come up to the window and they want to place an order. You want to get a custom vinyl wrap, that’s also something that’s great. You want to look for misting systems, a lot of these trucks actually
can have cooling systems for the customer, believe it or not, which makes it a great experience for them because if it’s super hot
out, if you’re at a stadium, you’re at a music festival,
art festival, where it may be, it’s another additional feature. But keep in mind, that’s just literally
a couple of features. There are hundreds of ways
you can customize a truck to make your food product more appealing. But just keep in mind, that’s
just more of an investment. The more you invest,
though, in the long run, it’s going to come back. So, like I said in the
beginning opening of this video, check your budget. See where you’re at, be realistic,
see where you want to be, as far as how much you want to invest, and then take little steps. Little by little, but do your research, make sure you educate yourself, and then make the right
decision based upon that. I’ll see you guys in the next
video, I hope that helped.

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