How to check your Blogger stats

How to check your Blogger stats

Hi, I’m Peggy K. Today I’m going to show you how to check your Blogger blog Stats. To view your Blogger blog Stats, sign in as a blog administrator, then click Stats on the left menu. That will open your Stats Overview which shows pageviews, top posts, and top traffic sources. Select one of the preset date ranges. “Now” will show you data from the past two hours, “Day” will show you data from the past 24 hours, “Week” will show you data from the past seven days, “Month” data from the past month and “All Time” will show you data starting in March 2010 whether your blog existed then or not. To see more detailed reports select one of the options on the left menu. The “Audience” report shows the top countries, browsers and operating systems that generated page views. The Traffic Sources report shows the top referring urls, referring sites and search keywords that generated page views. Websites that generated traffic to your blog are listed by URL. Google+ for example is listed as and also A word of caution. I don’t recommend clicking any of the links in the referring urls or referring sites lists. Some of those entries maybe referrer spam, especially if your blog is new or doesn’t have very many page views. The links can lead to malicious sites or not “safe for work” content. So those are the basics of Blogger blog Stats. If you want more detailed information you can use Google Analytics. You can link Google Analytics to your Blogger blog by going to Settings>Other and then entering the Analytics web property ID into the Google Analytics box. You can get more detailed instructions on how to use analytics with Blogger in the Blogger Help Center.

5 thoughts on “How to check your Blogger stats

  1. HI Peggy!

    how to put ads on blog please tell me.

    my adsense not showing ads on blog.

    just showing black box no ads.

    so please tell me how to show ads on blog.

  2. Hi Peggy K, I have a big difference between pageviews in blogger stats and analytics, it's normal this difference? Big thanks…

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