How to Choose a Blog Topic (So You Can Make Money Blogging and Finally Ditch the 9 to 5)

How to Choose a Blog Topic (So You Can Make Money Blogging and Finally Ditch the 9 to 5)

Are you struggling to find just the
right topic to blog about so you can finally quit that nine-to-five and work
from home on a regular basis watch this video for my five most thought-provoking
questions to help you discover exactly what blog topic is right for you and if
you’re new here be sure to stay tuned all the way till the end of the video
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I post a brand new video every Wednesday everybody wants to know how do bloggers make money blogging, but before you make money with your blog you’ve got to pick
a topic to blog about I’m Kate Murray before I started my blog I worked in
corporate and agency marketing for 14 years I’ve helped thousands of people
discover what topic they’re going to blog about and make money with our blog, and now it’s your turn let’s get started feel free to pause the video and setup a
text editor in a little window or if you want to kick it old-school like I do get
out your favorite notebook and a calligraphy pen before I get into the
thought provoking questions let’s talk about one thing you should not do and
that’s pick a blog topic because you think it’s going to be the most
profitable this is the biggest blogging myth on the internet you’ve got to find
a topic that you’re passionate about because readers will instantly be able
to recognize whether or not you feel strongly about the subject that you’re
talking about also a successful blog needs to be
updated and maintained regularly so if you’re not really interested in the
topic you’re not gonna want to maintain your blog question 1 what are your
hobbies write them down it can take a lot of
time to come up with a blog topic because it’s more than likely there’s a
lot of different hobbies that you’re interested in or a lot of special
knowledge that you have question number two what do you spend your free time
doing is it going for a run in the park taking
pictures of your Siamese cats baking cupcakes whatever it is you like to do
in your free time right all those things out in question number two question
number three what is the one thing that you could go on and on about to your
family and friends and you just can’t stop talking about it
question number four what types of classes did you enjoy the most in high
school or college my absolute favorite class in high school was art class
unfortunately I didn’t have any art classes in college it was all business
but what was your favorite class tell me about it in the comments below and
finally question number five if you could do one thing for the rest of your
life and not worry about what the salary is what would you do if you feel like
it’s taking a lot of time to select just the right topic don’t worry because it’s
more than likely you’re interested in and knowledgeable about a lot of
different topics so how do you choose the right one well now that you’ve got
the answers to these five questions create a list of 10 separate blog post
ideas if you can’t come up with 10 then it’s probably not the right niche yet
don’t worry about how many other blogs exist on your preferred topic every
person is unique and just because you’re talking about the same topic as someone
else doesn’t mean the information you’re providing comes across in the same way
your Intel is what makes you different one is I have a little deeper into your
blogging personality if you’re new here click in the link below to take my
blogger personality quiz and I’ll send you an actionable report that’ll help
you get started with your money-making blog right away I would love to know
what topic you are thinking of blogging about tell me about it in the comments
below and if you enjoyed this video be sure to click that like button and
subscribe to the channel because next week I’ll be talking about how to
monetize your blog you

17 thoughts on “How to Choose a Blog Topic (So You Can Make Money Blogging and Finally Ditch the 9 to 5)

  1. My favorite subject is English. I love English. I think it is safe to say that it is the easiest. However, I ended up taking a Science degree. I am now a practicing laboratory scientist for 16 years.

    I hated Math! I used to disappoint my dad because of it as he is an engineer.

  2. I so agree that if you are passionate about something (hobbies, free time, etc) – you will never run out of material!

  3. YASSSS great tips!! I love the tip on not blogging on a topic to make you money. I feel like it's a "duh" moment but so many people do it. Quick fixes don't work!

  4. Being passionate about your subject is so key to being successful and happy. I am really blest because I have my ideal job. Great questions.

  5. I really loved psychology in college. And one of my hobbies is personality tests and assessments. It's no wonder I loved talking about the StrengthsFinder book in my first videos!

  6. My favorite class in high school was Spanish. I went on to get a BA in Spanish and work as a Spanish scheduling reporter, but launching a blog about languages didn't excite me. Instead, I launched Bakes and Blunders ( this past fall to document my personal baking journey! I've been having a blast and learning soooo much. You know you've got the right niche when you're afraid you'll never get to all of the topics and posts that you can think of.

  7. People just know if you're 'real' and passionate about your topic… great info Kate! To answer your question, I loved the extra-curricular more than the actual classes… as I fully planned to be a Rock Star (which I achieved for a while) that academic stuff made no sense to me… but always I was a 'people fan' and observed the absurdity, delight and magic of human nature – so perhaps THAT was my 'class' 😉❤️x

  8. Kate, this is a great video. This is the most common question I get on what do i write about? Love the questions especially about what class did you enjoy the most.

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