How to collage images with white borders on blogstomp + tips for blogging your wedding photos

How to collage images with white borders on blogstomp + tips for blogging your wedding photos

hi guys! welcome back to my channel. Joy Michelle here. and today we are diving into how I go ahead and collage images, select images, and prepare them for a blog post! if you have a blog and you’re looking for some guidance as to how to collage is images how to present them resize them everything to do with blogging images this video’s for you! this platform that I want to introduce you to is blog stomp. let me walk you guys through this a little bit so this is kind of your panel up top that has your options in your settings when you first start blog stomping you’ll have your general settings your style so this is how your stuff will appear you can do borders of any color you can do different image width so here I have it set to a thousand (px wide) for my blog and the border with it at four. I like a classic white edge. output this is a huge huge overlooks area for SEO for search engine optimization I go ahead and i rename the file something useful I just had this in here I have to let Joy Michelle photography Maryland wedding photographer that’s what I’m going to use today normally i would put somewhere in there my business name along with the venue i was shooting at or maybe a city or region that i want to shoot in more so here’s your bank of images that you’ve dragged and dropped into the side this is where you’ll see everything and these are just your options so from here you’ll be able to go ahead and select more than one image to go in collage so to do that I’m just hitting command and adding images so you can just keep adding and then you’ll keep seeing your options over here on the right-hand side see so i can go ahead i can use this one I mean there’s a million different options and then this button down here in the lower right hand corner it says mix it up so I can just keep hitting this until I like the way that it is the way that I blog I’m super boring and I like to do side-by-side images two at a time one at a time maybe three verticals like I would do maybe one two three and I would do that and you know maybe one more but that’s just I try to keep it real minimal and really classic but there’s just so many options you know like your your options are really limitless here so the way that I’m selecting images I’m thinking through the blog post start to finish I’m going to start with some details maybe she’s getting ready and I go ahead and I hit stomp when I’m ready and I like it I had stomped so then it goes to your stomps folder on your desktop so I’ll show you that in a minute but what you need to know now is how you go ahead and collage these images so I say that I want this image on this side I just hit mix it up and I love it pit stops next we have like a reveal so all the girls were hiding their eyes and then they revealed and they saw her so if you wanted to show this kind of in a chronological order you could do this top to bottom and it shows your reveal you could also collage it like this to keep those images together to kind of control how the viewer sees them also i really liked all images for when i’m pinning to Pinterest Pinterest loves vertical images so that’s just kind of a fun little tidbit alright so moving on I would maybe do her getting ready and looking in the mirror in the same shot maybe I’d like that because i like how her face is aiming in it kind of guides your eye to the right and then this one’s also guiding it to the left so nothing kind of drops off the frame I love that we stop that we have some bridal party images in here just gorgeous love these shots I like that just as it is it’s awesome let’s see if we wanted to collage together to some interesting little alterations you’re just different options I just think it’s just so fun and different so I love these images these are great once you stop and you’re completely done you can go ahead and find these images on your desktop in a folder called stomp all right so this is the stomp folder and this is what’s on our desktop so if you open these images up together you’ll be able to see what they look like they have a border they’re completely renamed as you’ll see right here and they’re just ready to go they’re just they’re ready to be thrown into the blog post or not huge and full size I can actually show you what size these images are look at that nothing crazy guys this is this is what you want to be uploaded to your blog you don’t want to slow down your website time you don’t want to just bog everything down with these huge images but at the same time it gives you just enough that like I mean it’s probably only going to be able to be viewed like this I mean plenty big enough for social media sharing so anyway that’s blog style I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and if it shows you a little bit of how I prepare my images to be blogged for weddings and for portraits if you liked this video you learned anything please and give it a thumbs up share it with somebody who might also get something out of it and be sure to subscribe i’ll see you guys next time bye guys

10 thoughts on “How to collage images with white borders on blogstomp + tips for blogging your wedding photos

  1. Super helpful! Thanks Joy! This platform seems like it makes it so easy. I'm anxious to get on and try it out! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  2. I've been eating up all your video's Michelle! You're amazingly helpful! I believe I saw somewhere you design your albums using Fundy.  Fundy also has a blog collage feature.. but would you say that Blog stomp is better?  A big reason I chose Fundy over Smart albums was because I liked how Fundy included blog collage but after playing a little with it today I find the process kind of confusing and am wondering if I should see if I can return Fundy (bought it Cyber Monday!) and buy smart albums and Blog stomp?

    Second question: Once you've finished your collages do you then just go to the website and strategically upload full images and mix in the collaged images in with? I realize how collages are made in these programs such as Blogstomp, but then would the next step be to combine them with other photos and upload to your website blog, treating the collages like photos?

    Sorry for the multitude of questions!! I can't tell you how much I've appreciated all these videos!!

  3. Yay! I love this video. So glad it’s here. I just purchased & this helped me get started!! Thanks ❤️??.

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