How To Create a Blog and a Page in Thrive Themes

How To Create a Blog and a Page in Thrive Themes

Hi, One and All, It’s Sue here. I thought
I’d put a little video together of Thrive Themes, as I was saying how I like
the program and I was going to demonstrate it for you on the call today.
Here we go – this is the thrive themes landing page. They’re all mobile friendly – they’re all responsive and
mobile-friendly sites. We go to the login page, log in in the usual way. One of
the attractions is when you want to build a new blog page, which I’ll come
to in a moment, you have to do nothing other than type it out, just as you would
in a word doc. Everything is click and drag and it’s WYSIWYG, so you don’t have
to keep looking, as in the classical back-end of a website. When you’re
creating a new post, you know how you put your text in and you
have to click the update. Then you have to Preview and it doesn’t look
right, so you go back and you complete this cycle, which is a huge time waster.
You don’t have to do any of this with Thrive Themes. If you can see, you’ve got
a Members page, you’ve got an account and licence key with APIs and all that
kind of stuff. The API is linked with pretty much anything. You have a lot of
product tutorials. They’re really great – very easy, very clear. I like the
two guys, who’ve set up this program and certainly Shane Melaugh has a really
wicked sense of humour. There’s a big knowledge base and Thrive
comes with several Thrive Themes. There’s some demos of each of the theme
and of course they’re all completely customizable. Before you choose your
theme, you can see what it looks like on any of the different platforms that you
might put it on, so again there’s no question of whether it is going to
look correct on mobile, – is this going to be okay – because it’s instantly there.There are different themes – this is the Focus Blog. You can tell here from the
from the top – it says Focus Llog and you can look at all the different ways you
can set up each one of the pages. It tells you the short codes you can use,
the features, the landing pages and it’s everything is templated.
If you want your blog to be in Focus Blog, use the Focus Blog theme and use a Sales
Page template. You would just click here and immediately, you’ve got the whole
template for your Sales Page. You can embed your video here and I’ll show you
how to do this in a moment. Everything is templated and very, very
simple. If you want to purchase it – I can’t remember how much it is -maybe
a couple hundred bucks for each theme. This is the Luxe Theme and it’s
completely different. It’s set up differently. This is the Ignition Theme
and again different but all customizable. The templates are
very attractive Minus is kind of a minimalistic black
and white theme, Squared and I won’t go through all of them. We get the idea. I
build mine on Rise. This is the Rise Theme and it’s kind of nice
because you can put a video or photo here and you’ve got the opt-in box already in
place and everything is editable. I liked it, because I can put all my blog’s
at the bottom here. I just run video blogs at the bottom scaling down like
this. In fact, I’ve got it set up that I will do four – I think it’s six on a page
at the bottom of the page, before it it rolls over and puts the latest ones
all the time. Before I go back to Thrive Themes itself, it’s got
different kinds of templates for different blogs. if you want to do an
image post, a video post, an audio post of quotes, a default blog post, they’re already
there templated. If you want to do Landing Pages again, you’ve got lead
generation pages, download pages and sales pages.
Everything is templated, within each theme, which is great.
You just copy and paste your text or whatever you want to do. They offer
free consultations all the time, as well. That’s pretty much it ,so let’s go
back to Thrive Themes itself. I’ve also added here, the
end of my website itself, WisdomTo plus the usual WP/admin. Let me look here, at how I would create a new post.
Suppose I wanted to do a new blog post. I’ll do the usual – Add New – but once I get
the page, I would name it first. I’ll call it Demo and immediately publish it.
If I wanted to, at this stage, I could do all the SEO, because I’ve got Yoast in
here, but in fact, what I’m going to do now, I’ll go to edit with
Thrive Content Builder. Now I have my my page, that is my my page to start with.
I’ve got these templated already “About Me” and all this kind of stuff and
comments at the end and also all my previous blogs here. Let me go and
find some text and I will show you how I would add it and set up a new blog. We
may as well have the text of the Gettysburg Address – why not?
If I copy and paste the text of the Gettysburg Address and put it in Demo –
I need a new paragraph and text element. Here we have all of the options
on the left hand side. You can put it on the right too, if you wish. I’ve copied
and pasted the Gettysburg Address. I need to put it into my page, so let’s bring a
text element down here. I’ll enter my text here. Now we have the
Gettysburg Address, which is going to be my next blog post. Maybe I should make a
video of it! On the side here ,where all the elements are are listed, obviously
you can just click and drag all of this paragraph text, a WordPress content image…
You can put any button in there, that will link to anywhere. You’ve got a whole
series of icons, credit card items, you can put custom HTML and if you want
custom CSS. This is content containers, where you can build those kind of three
blocks or whatever you want. You can put star ratings. You’ve got content
templates, different kinds of templates, different kinds of testimonials. You
could do different column layouts, half third, fifths – what ever you want. You can do –
You can have a symbol box and put in an icon box or a number box. You’ve got
social share buttons. You can add a particular kind
of testimonials, call to actions, all the way down. If I want to add a video, I come
over to this little box at the side, find responsive video – here we are.
I click responsive video and I’ll bring it over and I will add a video here.
Again, it’s simple. I go to YouTube and I’ve got the video here, I made that
lovely day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I copy the full URL at the top.For
some reason, this confused me for a while, ThriveThemes doesn’t have you use
either of these, either the regular URL or the embed URL. You click the one at
the top and I think I already clicked it. Here we go – again come over to my
page. I click “add video”. I add the video url. then I have all the usual
instructions. I can hide related videos. I can hide the title bar etc etc, but we’ll
save these changes. Now I have a video in my page. Here, that is perfectly
fine, but suppose I don’t want to have it a full size, then I come down to and find
“column layout” and I think I’ll have it 2/3 on the side. I come up here.
I’ll add a “column layout” and I’ll click and drag my video into here. Now I
have a 2/3 size video and I can either get rid of these columns at the top, if I
want to. I don’t think I want one on this side, so I’ll get rid of the column
on that side. I can say Monterey Bay and save that. Now I have a video
which is 2/3 1/3. If I want to make half and half – et cetera – you get the
idea. I can put content down on this side, if i wish to as well. If I wanted to
add a photo as well, I get an image. I click and drag and put an image in, so
now it’s “add media”. I come into my Media Library. I’ll
add the cat video picture in there. Once again the nice thing about this is
I can resize it so easily. I can resize my picture and customize a whole
lot of things like borders and everything else. Again that’s done.
Suppose we decided we didn’t want to have our cat picture here, of course
everything is easily editable. I come up and I get rid of the cat picture, but then we
say “Oops no, we really needed the pussycat there, so we reverse. I
really love the Undo system that it has. I “Save Changes” and now we can preview
our page and everything is there. The video plays and I am done, I reckon in
about 20% of the time that it took me to do a blog post before. Let’s go now and
look at how you build a page. It’s much the same, but there’s a couple of nice
added options, which I’m going to show you. What I like about the new pages is
you get a huge range of options, so again we’ll publish it and we will edit it
with thrive content builder. Now as your option here, you get Thrive Landing
Page options.You can choose a Landing Page and this is where it’s like
Clickfunnels or Leadpages or Optimized Press, you have a range of
different pages that you can choose from and customize. You can build
membership sites. You can run a webinar from here. You’ve got a confirmation page that
is a template. You’ve got a video, that is a template. You’ve got webinar – a whole
series of webinar pages, where you’ve got the pre and post and webinar itself. You
can do a whole load of personal branding. You can create your own pages, easily from from
scratch, but it’s very nice to have all of these Default Pages ready to use. They
actually are building a template in the cloud. It’s just a
really well thought out system.

5 thoughts on “How To Create a Blog and a Page in Thrive Themes

  1. Sue! You have just cut my Thrive Themes learning curve big time. There were some things that I was having trouble with & you addressed them in your video. Brilliant.

  2. Hi Sue. Thanks for this video. I'm a new Thrive Theme user and agree with you that its a great tool. I am modifying pages in Thrive Architect from the Rise theme. In watching your video, looks like the page you are writing the blog on has a custom header with links, just like the other pages on your site. Could you clue me in as to how you did this? WordPress says that you can't modify a blog page. Thanks for any clues.

  3. Thanks for this great video! However, I can't seem to find any information out there on how to customize the actual blog page. I just changed my website to the thrive theme RISE, and the main BLOG page is simply a huge plain page. I would like a right column where I can put things & a header opt-in. Can you point me in the direction where I can learn how. I can only find options for customizing the actual posts pages. Thanks again!

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