How to Create a Blog in 3 Minutes or Less!

How to Create a Blog in 3 Minutes or Less!

hey this is Joe from create a blog
now dot com That’s me right there case you’re
wondering who’s talking to you in this video I’ll be showing you how easy it is
to create a new blog or web site using Blue Host hosting web sites since 1996
Blue Host is one of the oldest web hosts in the
game as a result of having been around for so long they provide a home to more than two
million web sites worldwide will host has one of the best reputations of any shared hosting provider has been a word press recommended
hosting partner since 2005 and speaking up we’re press what I
really like about Blue Hose is there one click WordPress site
installation they make it so easy to get a web site of the ground on a show you
exactly how to do that in this video okay so let’s get started let’s begin by
going to the Blue Host home page the price you see listed here may vary
depending an actual link that you clicked on to
visit the site for the latest web hosting discount and promotional offers you should visit create a blog now dot
com forward slash save that way you’ll be sure to get the
latest discount you know you’ll be getting the best price when you signed
up okay let’s take a quick look at the Blue
Host say here a few things worth noting the 24/7 support 1-click installs and a money back
guarantee this week a tractor service is risk free
for 30 days and if you’re not pleased you can contact them and they’ll give
you a refund and you also get over two hundred
dollars for the free advertising coupons for Google and Facebook okay so here we are back at the top of
the page and we click on products if you’re on a budget you should start
with a shared hosting plan if you’re wondering what this means I explain in
greater detail at create a blog now dot com forward
slash step 2: and you can see they offer WordPress
hosting this is actually a new managed WordPress
hosting plan that Blue Hose recently came out with this is a great
plan if you’re not on a tight budget but if you are start with the shared
hosting plan you can always upgrade to the managed WordPress hosting plan later okay so
now here we are on the shared hosting plan page as you scroll down you get a quick
overview what the plan includes and for just a few dollars but they do
give you quite a bit including unlimited storage space as well as the ability to
have as many web site on this account as you would like and you also get a free domain name
which is nice because you’re here they also offer the
Pro Plan you get a much
better performance server and a few other features but if you’re
going to be spending more money I recommend that word press manage plan that I mentioned earlier
otherwise just stick with the basic plan for now okay to show you how you create your
account senator site you begin by pressing the Get Started button down
here and then you take into this page here we
have to either search for or specify a domain name for you to say if you don’t have a domain name you
could search for one right here on the left and if you do have one just entered in a
box on the right I’m going to move ahead now assuming
that we don’t already have a domain name and we’re going to search for now a TI was thinking about starting a
website related to Web Hosting so I put this in your web hosting
cheapskate I like that name and then we hit the next button and what
you know I got lucky so the name is available and
it’s going to be tied into this account if you have trouble coming up with the
domain name is it create a blog now dot com forward slash step 3: where I
offer a few helpful tips and ideas for coming up with a great name the next step is to provide your account
information after your first name last name your business name if you have one and keep going putting your address your
phone number email letters all that good stuff is sure to use a valid email address
because that’s where they’ll send you your account information 92 scroll down it’s like the package
that you would like to try keep in mind that your prepaying for the specific period of time either 12-
24- or 36-month that’s the one thing I don’t like public
houses that they’re not very clear about that here when you’re slacking the
account plan keep in mind your price may actually be
lower depending upon the link or coupon code you found at create
a blog now dot com okay over here you see there’s no setup
fee and there’s no charge for the remaining and then we get to a few the optional
add-ons the first one the cost search engine jumpstart which i think is
probably unnecessary but you can select if it seems useful to
you also have an option for our meeting your backups file restoration that something you
might find useful these two bottom ones are related to Web
site and domain name privacy and security you should just read through the details
to see if either the XOR interest you okay now stack dismissed the billing
information I recommend you review their terms of service as well as their other
policies so there are no surprises just me credit card number and
expiration date and the security code right here and then press the next button on the
next page Blues host will present you with a few other upgrade and at on opportunities unless
you see anything you know you want or need I wouldn’t really worry about any
of this stuff right now just for that about a page in it that
green complete but and presto year Blue Host account is now
set up the next thing to do is create your
password click on this blue button here then enter a password and hit Create
button and then you’ll be taken to the login page for your control panel at your domain name and password and
login okay shortly if you log into your
control panel a pop-up box will open up here you have the option to have Blue Host
install WordPress for you for a fee or you can do yourself but it’s so easy
there’s no reason to pay anyone to do it seizure click on the I can do it but not
the left you’ll then be presented with few different options here what you want
is website builders at the very top C one click on map you’ll then be presented with a few more
options and because we are installing a wordpress site here what we’re press that’s on the far left
this will give you access to their one thick WordPress and Stardust click on the use
WordPress but near the bottom and then I’ll do a quick system check on
your server and then on the next page you are
presented with their one-click installer click on the green install bun next you
need to select how you would like to have it installed go down to this: drop down box here and
their specify how you would like to install give a choice have with or without the
WWW I do without I don’t know really matters all that
much you also have the option to install it into a particular directory for example if you would like your blog
to appear in your site dot com slash blog you a type blogging right here what
you’ve done that click on the check domain button after a
few seconds you have the option to select a few advanced options I
recommend that so check this box here were says show
advanced options now this is where you can specify your site name or title as well as your administrator username
and password you can we change the site name and password later but you will feel the change the
username so choose wisely and for security reasons it’s a good
idea to not use the word admin for your username after you provide the
necessary information just click on the green Install Now
button down near the bottom and your WordPress site will
automatically be created for you see I told you it was easy will now be able to log into your
WordPress admin dashboard use the username and password you specified on
the previous screen here we are at the WordPress dashboard
this is where you will find all your options and settings for your new
WordPress site are just going over a few the basics
here you’ll find more in-depth tutorials at create a blog now dot com forward slash
step 3: okay but starr pressed on a theme in the
left admin bar go two appearances and then teams theme is basically a set of files
give your site a cohesive look WordPress comes with 3 default teams are
you could choose from simply hover over the team you’d like to
try click Activate and that your team will be life now stand at a post to your blog in the
left admin panel go up two posts and then add new at this
point to be taken to the added new post page give your poster title here at the top I
say here’s my first post and that come down here to this big box
this is the body text field but if you type in here will make up the
body of your posts are typing the PMI blog is live I think over here to the
right and click on the publish button and they’re finally it’s time to see how
your site looks go appear to the top left an click on visit site and there’s your
homepage along with the post you just created
congratulations you just created a wordpress site and
your first blog post nice job okay just a quick summary here if you’re looking to create a wordpress
blog or website Blue Host offers a ridiculously inexpensive way to get started their
services and plans are ideal for beginners but they can also accommodate you as
your site grows their 1-click installation tool enables you to create
a site literally just seconds and last but not least there no risk
guarantee means you can change your mind anytime within 30 days and still get
your money back that sure sounds good to me for more
information on Bluehost including special money-saving offers please visit create a blog now dot com forward slash
Bluehost thanks for watching

23 thoughts on “How to Create a Blog in 3 Minutes or Less!

  1. I have wanted to create a blog for such a long time.  I always thought it was so complicated.  Just went through your video here and I was able to follow along with ease.  You have opened up a whole new world for me. 

  2. Very helpful!  Liked the tutorial on how to install WordPress myself for free.  Also liked the part on how to get my first blog up and running in an instant.  Planning to use the coupon code to save some $$$.

  3. You really do a good job here in this video showing how to set up a wordpres blog.  Very step by step and easy to follow.

  4. Just wanted to come back to say I followed your step by step to creat a blog for myself.  It was my first time and I have to say…… I did it!  It took me a little longer than you, but it was my first time. BUT I did it and am so happy.

  5. I have hosting with a different company– is that okay or should I switch over to Bluehost?  Seems like Blue Host offers so much more than my other hosting company?

  6. BRAVO!!! I am so appreciative you made this how to create a blog video.  I learned so much I never knew before.

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  8. I have been putting several blogs together in the last few days.  Just came back to say I have it down now and I can do it in just a little over 3 minutes.  Not bad right!

  9. I have a few websites and host them with another company.  I really like what I see here with Bluehost.  I think I will switch them over.

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