How To Create A Blog On Wix

How To Create A Blog On Wix

I love Wix! You guys, it’s such a
beautiful platform. Very easy to use and today, I’m going to show you right here
on the Six Figure Mastermind channel how to use it to get your blog up and
running. So stay tuned. Let’s talk blogs. I’ve had a blog
since, gosh! I was in like sixth grade and there’s so many different interfaces for
them now. There’s so many different ways to do it and you’ve probably heard about
Wix on YouTube. Other YouTube channels I know, that James V chooses Wix. I know
that Good Mythical Morning uses Wix. It’s a great platform. I use Wix myself. Let’s
dive in and see how to get started. So the first thing you’re going to want to go
to is go to and feel free to open up another browser window and check
this out with me. You can kind of walk through it. Now, I already have a Wix
account so I can just go ahead and click sign-in. If you don’t already have a Wix
account, you can create one. No big deal and you can create that using an
existing Facebook account, you can create that using an existing Google account. I
really love that they’re talking each other they’re very, very well now. So, you
can go ahead and log in if you’ve already got one or you can create one if
you don’t have one yet. Okay, cool there looks like there’s some cool stuff
going on right now. Now, I have a blog on this Wix site called “Light Travels” blog.
So that’s already an existing blog. So I’m just going to show you, kind of the
end picture of what we’re going for here. This blog that I put together, took a
total of about an hour to put together. You know all I needed to do
was put my pictures in there and I forgot my own site that is and I’ve got my logo up here, I’ve got my imagery up here, I’ve
got all of my blog posts coming in here. Lots of fun things going on in this blog
and it’s very, very, easy to manage and it’s very, very easy to build and it
looks great! I mean just check out this website you know. I’ve got all these
different kinds of things set up in here. So, let’s say for instance that we wanted
to start a brand new blog and you’re doing it from your computer. It’s always
a great idea to start a brand new blog from your computer instead of on your
phone, Wix likes that. So, you know and once you’ve got your blog up and running
it’s really super easy to post from your phone later on.
So, let’s go over here and go to the main menu and go to my site. What we’re going to
do, is create a new site, okay? This is going to walk you through what kind of
website do you want to create, okay? So let’s say we want to create a
photography website for example and you can do this with any business. What Wix
is going to give you, is a beautiful template spread where you can pick the
templates that you want to do, you can pick the templates that you feel like
fit your style, fit your theme, really really well. So you can browse through
here and you know just just click on what you like. Now for for me, I’m
thinking you know maybe this one would be a good fit.
You’ve got different prices in here. Most of these are going to be free. Which is
super super cool. Very, very well done. So it’s actually going to give you a
mobile preview of that too, okay? So make sure that’s looking good on mobile. Now,
that I look at this one on mobile I’m not a big fan of that. So I’m going to go
over here to this and see, not sure if I like that one, not for sure if I like
that one. I really like this one. So I’m going to click edit on that and that’s
going to take me into this Wix editor. Super easy, super useful, interfaces with
a lot of point-of-sale systems. Interfaces with a lot of existing
merchant accounts, one thing I love about this site. Now, check this out, okay? We’ve
got so many different features, so many different capabilities. I’m just going to go
walk you through a brief overview of exactly what each one of these options
and features are. Now, you’ve got these dotted lines here, right? These are
essentially your safety zones. These are suggestions. They’re not going to show up
on your web site. Again, if you look on my website right here, you don’t see any of
those dotted lines. But you do see them on this template. That’s one way you know
that you’re editing and it’ll give you some idea of where your headers going to
show up. You know where your sidebars are going to show up and you can move those and
things. But it’s just a formatting tool for you. Okay, menus and pages. This
is going to be where you’re going to build your menus. So if you want a site menu
that says, “portfolio” maybe you would change this if you’re doing a photography
site to weddings, you would change this to seniors, you would change this to
children, maybe you would change this to landscapes. This is going to be the menu
that shows up. So right now, I’ve got a menu that says portfolio, bio, store. So this on the left, left side, it’s got portfolio, bio, store. Just like
you see right up in this horizontal menu right here. Now, if I were to click on
portfolio, you can see that this portfolio tab would open up and show
desert, high sierra, beach and forest wilderness, okay? That’s the way these
structures work. So, you can change your menu and do all those things. You can
also add a page. So a page is if I click on the bio, it’s going to take me to a new
page, okay? So if I add a page, I could say, “I want this new page to be about me.” So
I’m going to change this name right here and make it say about me or you can make
it say contact info or whatever it is that you wanted to do. And say okay I
want this to be here. Do I want it under the home tab? You know
what? I actually made that in a font that doesn’t match the other fonts so I
need to make that all caps and you can see that because it shows you a little
preview of it right over here. And I can move this about me. I can put
this under my bio. If I want that way, it won’t show up on the main page. It’ll
show up under the bio or I can put it separately from that. So you see? No
matter where I click and drag it, it’s going to go where I want it to go. Alright,
so that is the menu and page. Again, you can post links. You could link
anchors to your menu. So if you click on home, it takes you back to the home page.
You can also create a drop-down menu with some pages under an unclickable
tab. Different options for you there. Okay, So, I’m going to exit out of this. Go down to
this box. This is your background. And Wix is so great. They have backgrounds that
you can pick from. Like some stock footage. It’s really beautiful and really
cool. If you’re doing a photography website, I recommend that you use your
own image as your background. Just saying. If you’re a photographer that’s
what you probably should be doing. But you can also choose to use blank colors.
If you’re doing a culinary website, they’ve got some stock footage there
that’s really super beautiful. They also have some just random
things depending on whatever your business, whatever blog post you want to
be doing, whatever it is that you want to do. Looks like this one’s actually a loop.
So that’s kind of cool you can have a moving background if you want.
Okay, different ideas there. This is all your background image work. So, if I
wanted to, I could just use color, I could use a video or I can use an image. Now, if
I click image, I can use one of the images that I’ve already uploaded. I can
upload a brand new image. I can use free from Wix. These are really cool images
that Wix has, alright? Let’s say vintage film. I could do that one that’d be okay.
Or I can go to Shutterstock images. These are images that you will buy, right?
Shutterstock is a great image provider. But they do cost money, okay? So I’m going to
click that. I’m going to change my background right there. Boom! Awesome,
great transparencies right there. Okay, next tab down. This is your text.
This is where you’re going to add all of your features. This is where you’re going to
add your shapes. This is where you’re going to add your headers and your banners
and all of the things that go on your website. Add your social buttons,
okay? Whether you want… let’s say I want a social button bar to look like this. I’m
just going to add by dragging and dropping. I’m going to attach it to… let’s say let’s
attach it to the header right there. Okay, now my headers a little bit wonky. So I’m
going to stretch this down just a little so I have room for that attachment there,
okay? And I’m going to… I can right click and
change header design. I can right click and change settings. There’s my
overlapping items. So if I wanted to move that social bar, I can click on
overlapping items and just move that social bar up just a little bit. So move
it where it right where you want it. Got it. Perfect! Okay, so this add button this
is probably where you’re going to do a lot of your work in building your page
before it launches. Okay, so I’ve got contact me, I’ve got social, I’ve got a
menu I can add, I can add a list of things, I can add a store – that’s online
store that talks to your PayPal account. I can add a box, if I need a box or a
banner. I can add a shape, I can add art, I can add anything. If I want to add a
gallery, I can do that. This is a great one to explore based on the needs of
your site. Alright, let’s go over here. Now, this is the apps market. What do you
want to add to your site? Okay, this one you can add an Instagram feed. Very cool.
You can add a slide show, you can infuse testimonials, this
is worth exploring for your site. There’s so many free and paid apps that
you can use for your blog that are incredible marketing tools, design tools,
video, music, all different kinds of things. Again, worth exploring. But you
don’t need it essentially to set up just the beginning. Okay, then there’s a file
for all of your uploads. All the music videos, graphics, that you’ve uploaded. You
can do bookings, you can add that in if you want especially if you’re doing a
photography website that’s totally cool. Or you can write a blog post. So if you
want to start blogging, you can click right there and create a blog. You would
add that in to your site. So essentially, creating a blog on Wix is super easy.
Essentially, you know if I wanted to go through I could create a banner right
here. Let’s just go ahead and add a shape right here. Just for fun.
We’ll do this real quick and I’m going to say… Okay, we’re going to do a
rectangle and I’m going to change this to be different size. Again, it’ll give
you your pixels and kind of tell you where things are going to be. And if
I wanted to add this shape, I could just click and drag that.
And then I could even edit this and I could change the shape of it. Let’s say
if I wanted to create a bullet or whatever I wanted to do, I can change
make it an action, I can change make it arrows. I can do
whatever I want with it. I can go I also edit the shape and edit the design of it.
So, if I want to make it a little, “oh… I like that better” And change the opacity
of it, I can turn on and off a boarder, I can change… Again, change this basic shape
of it. I can go over to the settings from this little cog here. I can resize it
here so I can change… Look they can turn off the proportions. So if I don’t want
it to be this huge, long, rectangle, I can just go in and make it a
skinny rectangle. Maybe I would put a logo or something else over this, if I
wanted to maybe change the shape of it to reflect the entire width of your
picture and maybe we can just put a… Let’s just add a picture on top of this.
And image right there. You can use image upload, I can use free Wix images. I’ll
just go in here and say, “okay, this one looks great.” Again, if I’m a photographer
I’m going to do my own images here. But if I wanted to do something there, I could add
that in boom! or I could change it and resize it to make it fit within that
border that I made. So Wix is great because you have the ability to design
your own image and you also have the ability to change things and use things
as for their free templates. So it’s right in the middle between done for you
and do it yourself. You have all the design, tech that you want. You have all
the capability of getting rid of things if you want. If I wanted to just get rid
of that. I could do that. You know it’s very, very free easy to use. There’s also
paid versions of it. But it’s super easy to build your blog and once you’ve got
it rolling, all you need to do is post your content on a regular basis. Enjoy
your time on Wix. Hey, thanks for watching today. I hope to see your blog up on Wix
really soon. Hit the subscribe button I’ll see you

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  1. Hey. First of all, great job on the video. Very informative 🙂

    I'm actually having an issue where if I want to add a blog post, I need to add both to the home page and to one of my pages.

    Is there a way where I can just add the one post to the homepage and it will automatically upload it to one of the pages and vice versa?

  2. This is terrible. No actual information on adding a blog. I already have a website. 13 minutes wasted 🙁
    Maybe change the name of the video.

  3. You started the video really professionally and I was expecting a great video on BLOGs ONLY… but nothing was shown at all on how to build the blog element by element – wasted time and really disappointing. Did you get confused somewhere and lose focus on your topic "How to Create a Blog on Wix"???

  4. I have just started out blogging using WIX, do you think you could take a look at to see what you think? Any help would be much apprieciated, thanks 'Six Figure Mastermind'

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