How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion

How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it is Francesco here. Welcome to the Keep Productive YouTube channel on today’s video We are diving into how to create a bullet journal inside of Notion. This is going to be an exciting video So stay tuned for this full feature So guys as you can imagine, let’s kick things off with a few messages The first of the messages is that we will be having the creator of the Bullet Journal Ryder Carroll here on the YouTube channel this week I’m not sure whether it’s gonna be posted before or after this video But it will be on this channel to discuss his latest book and the methodology behind the bullet journal It’s gonna be quite exciting podcast or YouTube feature. We did a video I think it was about two three weeks ago and it’s going to be available very very soon The second one is to check out Rebecca Ford’s YouTube channel. She has been posting so many great Notion videos and will include it below Because she’s doing such a great job in helping people find and improve the way that they use notion I love her working practice and use of notion She had a great one on task management that also included features of journaling in there, too so Feel free to check that one out in the comments below and the third and final message is to join the notion made simple Facebook group We have over 750 members in the last two weeks and it’d be great to have you there whether you’re a beginner or intermediate You can learn post questions and also learn about what notion is developing for the future. So, I’m really excited So feel free to join that one I’ll be there and loads of other people from this Facebook or YouTube channel will be there too, and it were guys Let’s dive into today’s video today’s video is focusing on to creating a bullet journal experience inside of notion. I’ve done a mock up I did a mock up the last week of it This is what it will look like by the end of it and I based it off the video There Brian account posted I think five five to seven years ago. I can’t really remember It’s been plenty a while ago so you can see here that this is what will aim to create today from scratch So that you know how to do it and apply it to your experience and the great thing about bullet journaling Is this is really a bear bone structure? Obviously, you can add so much to it adapted to your own methodology and Even go further with the book that they recently released. So guys in today’s video. We’re creating all of that So guys we’re gonna create a brand new page. I’m gonna call it my bullet journal to really customize it and I’m gonna give it a lovely icon and the great thing is you can customize the icon whenever you like So I’m gonna put this sort of book here and of course you can add your own cover to it That’s actually quite a fitting cover with the with the actual cover of the book being blue So I’m gonna leave it like now when we get started with a page I tend to add a quote so I’m gonna add a quote and say Francesco’s bullet journal Process and that gives a nice entrance to the page and what I’m going to do is just below that is I’m gonna create a sub header and we’re going to start by creating the index versus the index is almost where you find everything and it’s a good starting point when you’re creating a bullet journal inside of notion So I’m going to put a divider between those just so it’s a bit clearer and I’m also going to go to the bottom will Narrow the bottom and create another sub header called collections. This will make sense a little later into this video We’re going to start with the index. So to start things off I’m going to create this structure of each page and then I’m going to go into the page is an add a bit more detail now the first of the pages is solid future log future log if I just create a new page and then it’s tied to that future log and Gonna add a road. I’m not toilet. I’ve got a toilet recommendation I’m gonna add a road map and click Add cover. So that’s great. All I have to do is go back now I’ve created that structure if I wanted to I could go to rename and add the page number but if in this case, I don’t actually have to that’s one of the benefits of obviously doing it digitally and So you can imagine I’m going to create a month view a month view is essentially Allowing you to see what’s coming up in the month. I’m gonna give it a Calendar view and I’m gonna add a cover as well so if I go out of this I’ve got future long future loggers for your next three plus months you could you view your next couple of months in here So it could be you know, everything all the way to April We’ll be creating our page in a second month view is for pretty much your tasks and your calendar activities for that this month or next month that you want to have in in view and I’m going to create a day view. So I’m going to create page and day View I’m going to go and add a lovely not money a lovely Sun to that one and I’m gonna add cover here so if I go back to my bullet journal I’ve created the real bare bone structure of it the future long for your future mumps ahead and it could be whatever planning in advance And the month view to actually see your tasks and calendar as well as a day view for planning and journaling your day Now down here. I’m actually gonna Add a divider just below this one. I I Think I’ve already done it So I’m gonna add a new page called checklists This is for my notes that are static So I will click checklists and I’m actually going to create it with this one here. I’m also going to create a page for past months and I’ll explain why I did that the end so I’m going to put a Boat there. So if I go out here, I’ve created all the pages. I really need to make now So as you can see here, let’s start with the future log Now the future log should be a place where you coordinator your next couple of months. Now a lot of people would argue let’s just create a calendar a Calendar in line here. But in this case, I’m actually not going to do that I’m gonna go to header and gonna type in the next couple of months for the next six months and have that here So, there we go, I’ve created a few of the months – spelling mistake for February I can never spell it And what I’m gonna do is I’m really simply gonna keep the next three months down this left hand panel I’m gonna move February up here. I’m going to move March up here Against these ones and I’m gonna move April up here now What I’m going to do is I’m just going to space these out so that I have enough information Ready to add there and I’m going to leave this for now But for example, I’m gonna go back to my bullet journal page and in the month view now so the month of you should really include your tasks and your calendar events coming up so I’m gonna add a little tas area with header Tasks and I’m gonna add a real simple few bullets to get you started and Of course We’re going to be creating a template out this so we’re naturally going to keep it really simple and then I’m gonna add a table In line and the reason why I won’t do this is because I want to add the calendar view But I wanted to look like how rider does it in his feature. So I’m gonna put calendar and What I’m gonna do is I’m going to move this tab over to here I’m gonna make this one smaller and I’m going to create this one as the number of the day so that it’s relevant for every Single month that I create it for. So I’ve got number and I’ve got day and I’ve haven’t needed to change that. So here we go So I’m going to put 1 2 3 and list out all of the days for the month So do remember this once you’ve created the template in which we’ll be using in this feature You actually won’t have to keep repeating this. So do not worry now as you can see here I’ve got the day and when you have that month vailable and you know, like the first starts on a Tuesday Then you’ve been out Tuesday there now The final thing you need to do here is turn this one into a text area and just add what’s happening So once I add that I’m just gonna make a little bit more space for it And as you can see, I’ve pretty much got my month view ready now as I was mentioning This is dead simples that we’re not really going to go much further than now so if I go over to Dave view what I’m actually gonna do in Dave view is simply create an area for my tasks and Also an area for any related note to the bottom. So just below here seeing as that we’re creating a Template out of this. What I’m gonna do is I’m going to use the traditional bullet journal notifications almost of what each of the messages means So in this case, I’m going to keep a bullet as a task. So that actually equals a task I’m going to put a checklist. So that’s simply to do on the basic blocks a just delete that previous one as an event and I’m going to add a I believe it’s called a toggle list as a note and finally There’s some include you’ll signify which is an important tasks that you need to complete Normally inside a bullet journal you add a little star next to it but in this case, I’m gonna put a bullet and call it the signifier and Then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to the right. I’m gonna add a yellow color to it So it is an important task Essentially, so that’s nice and clear. So that’s my basic structure done. What I might do is just below these add some dividers So, there we go I’m going to go out to the bullet journal area And as you can see, I’ve pretty much done the structure of all of these guys Which is great now I’m not going to create a template for the future log because I probably will just add to this or change it as I go It’s not really necessarily needed or you could create a template if you wanted to for six months But really not necessary month view, I’m going to create a template for and day view So all I’m gonna do is press the slash and type in template button. Now, I’m going to start with the monthly one So I’m going to call this template add new month And I’m going to just give that a capital So add new month What I want to do is I want to delete the page that’s in there and I’m actually gonna drag the current Monthly view that we’ve got here and I’m going to press and close now What I’m going to do is I’m going to put this one up here So it’s really to the right hand side and then shuffle everything up. So it’s inline and neat and with everything else. So Great I’ve got a monthly button template and I will demonstrate that afterwards. I’m also going to do the same for a daily view so all I have to do is add new day and Do the very same is just drag that daily view up here and press close Now if I drag this one up here, I’ve got a new month view and a new day view So great. I have pretty much got structure of this bullet journal in sign of notion already So I’m going to create a new month for you first. I’m actually gonna start by doing that one And as you can see a new month view has created and it’s actually opened it up for me now I’m gonna take this month you and just pop it below the future log The first thing I’m going to do is rename it and call it November because that’s this month So, there we go I’ve got November done And what I’m also going to do is i’m gonna click add new day i’m gonna get a new day view Obviously it opens up straightaway. If I go here, what i’m going to do is I’m actually going to call it The what’s a day to day? And what you can do is you can actually title it today, but you could do that inside of the this one here So for example, if I needed to just quickly make an edit to the title of it I’m going to put today because essentially it will take today’s date and then when today’s date is gone It will take the previous day. So that’s a neat way of doing it. So here we are I’ve got a minor vembur and I’ve got today. I’m gonna start by starting to populate in November So I’m going to say next month. I have let’s see a few of the things. I’ve got next month to do let’s record a video a day and Let me just populate this one Very simply you can start adding your tasks to this main area here These are maybe your most important goals of the month It could be really simple like that and you can start adding the days as well as what’s happening on those days to your calendar views So it’s really easy to do and as you can imagine something that you can populate fairly quickly Now if I go to my bullet journal you pretty much do the same for today So if I click in you can start adding the tasks for today, but they’re a bit more specific. So let’s add a few So here we go I’ve added a few tasks using the key below So as you can see, I’ve got a few tasks here like planned a week head an email David Pierce And I’ve also got an Advent as well. So I’ve used the check box as the event and I’ve also added a Reminder inside of notion. So for example, it says today at 2:00 p.m. And have reminded myself at the date That is at the time in a date. So it’s a really easy way I’ve also used a toggle to create a note this way. It’s hidden from bulking out to the tasks area But if I wanted to I could quickly create it into a different area So the best way to do that is if I wanted to add it and it came extend extended item What I could do is I could link a page. So if I type in linked page linked to page and I said checklists So, there we go as you can see if I ever wanted to move this out I could easily just drag it into that area and it would go into the linked page that was relevant So if I had a longer note or a couple of notes that I wanted to sort out for later I could easily do that there So the great thing is as well if I wanted to be clear and be like okay planned full week ahead is so important I could yellow back rounded and it would be the clear item as you got used to this You could probably remove the key from the template and that way you get a bit of a cleaner experience Now, of course using notion you can add tons more like tables calendars or even boards if you wanted to coordinate tasks a bit better I know Rebecca uses that in her video and it looks like a great way to organize what’s coming up so if I go back to here you can see I’ve created a really simple process here a way to plan at my future mumps a way to have a view of what’s coming up in my month and also a way to view the today and you’re probably wondering Where do I put all of this when it’s all done now? You could create an archive area Like I’ve done here a really simple archive area Say for example, when November’s done I could pop it in there or you could do that same with today You can actually create a 2-day archive but it’s a good way if you wanted to to actually see past days and any because some people use this as a journal as well as a Methodology to write out something every morning so you could even add that section to your today area Now you’re probably wondering checklist, what are these guys now You could pretty much start any checklist you like like a shopping list, for example And if I type that one in add a lovely icon, I don’t know why that came up. There we go You can start adding a shopping list straight away like broccoli. I Don’t know So you could start adding any checklists you like and of course if it was relevant to the today area You could easily add it in there for reference So for example link page and I go down and I type in shopping list So you can see that appears there and it’s easily linkable there. So guys, this is a really basic Demonstration of how you can create a bullet journal there again. It’s not something that’s gonna go hideously in advance And again, it’s really customizable to what you work with, but it pretty much looks like the one I created the other day So we have done it and we created it from scratch. Although I have adapted a few things as you can see here I put the title in these ones and I wasn’t using the app today But you can see here that it pretty much resembles the same thing. So guys, hopefully that gave a nice overview Please do try the Skillshare class. I am adding five additional features to it if you’re watching on Skillshare. Thank you very much Feel free to join me here on YouTube, too. Anyway guys, thank you so much for stopping by today Make sure to have a great day Q productive and all see you guys very very soon Cheers

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    As mentioned this is the basic Bullet Journal set-up, but we'll dive into how you could use it further in another video!

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