How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion

How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion

29 thoughts on “How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion

  1. Feel free to leave any questions below
    As mentioned this is the basic Bullet Journal set-up, but we'll dive into how you could use it further in another video!

    Grab a notepad for this one/or your Notion page aha, and take some notes!

  2. I think so you should presentation about “linked database” in Notion +Keep Productive . That is really great function!
    Otherwise like your videos, very useful! 🙂

  3. Great video, Francesco. How do you see Notion as enabling more productivity over using the analogue alternative? Or do you see it as the same method, and it's just a preference thing?
    Personally, while I'm an IT guy and am very familiar with a range of tools, I'm enjoying the "freedom" of a paper notebook.

  4. Hi, Great Video, I´m wondering if it´s possible to use Notion as a task logbook, I´ve been trying to find an app that would fit well for it but can´t seem to find it. the feature needed would be tags and be able to filter easaly by tags.

  5. It's great that you posted this, because I was seriously considering starting my BuJo journey next month. Still debating on whether I want to do it on Notion or on my reMarkable tablet though

  6. What about 🔘Todoist as a task manager? This bullet journal reemplace todoists? Can you do a video 🔘Todoist vs notion? Tks men. Very good content

  7. I did some similar templates! but I like your monthly view more than mine. Just because, like you, I'm obsessed with Notion, but I still do my bullet journaling on an actual notebook. However, if I were to do it like this, I'd use the to-do boxes for the tasks. And I also set up an inline calendar as an archive for my dailies. Do you use the calendar at all? There's something about it that makes me not want to use it as a calendar.

  8. Hi, Francesco! Thank you for such good videos. I have a question: do you know if paying with US dollars is the only way to update in Notion? I'm from Spain and we have the app available here and all that, but the prizes appear in US dollars. Thanks in advance!

  9. Great Video and I will adopt this for sure. Curious though on the Calendar view in Notion. Is it possible for a 12-month view (ie. a Year look ahead at major projects)?

  10. Can you show how you could make it clear in your day view that a task is completed? That would be very helpful thanks

  11. It must just be me, but this implementation seems a little clunky… I think I'm not completely clear on the work flow with the @Today pages… If you are creating a new @Today page each day, what do you do with the old ones? You mentioned you could archive them, but then seemed to indicate that it wasn't a good idea? How does this consolidate into a view that can give you an overview of your tasks? How do you get different scopes of views (ie, consolidate daily entries into weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, views etc.)

  12. When I will add date to task it is possible to list all tasks with today, this week, this month dates on one page using some kind of filter or tags?

  13. Hi I tried to download the template and it said I did not have access. I am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried to watch as many videos as I can to get started. I would really love to have a month of you that I can put events in. I am not sure if you go out for a truly beginner from step-by-step video. But if you do I would love for you to link it thank you

  14. I follwed your tutorial except some features didnt work on mine (adroid version) the #configure button to add month and today; or the link to page drag and drop notes is it different also cannot use the commands, nor the property type (right click selection) thanks you for sharing

  15. How would I add a cross-through effect so I can check things/mark tasks off of my calendar/task list/to-do list when I have finished them?

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