How To Create a Free Blog On BlogSpot Platform (Step by Step)

How To Create a Free Blog On BlogSpot Platform (Step by Step)

Hey guys, Harsh here and today we will be
talking about how you can create a free blog. so there are many blog platform out there
and BlogSpot is one famous one and you can start creating a blog right away without paying
anything and later on, you can of course do many things like you can add templates, you
can have your own domain name like in my case, I have, you can have anything
you like. By default, the domain name that you will be getting is
So let me show you how you can create your blog in next few minutes, so let’s go ahead.
alright, so the very first thing is, you go to and you have to login
with your google account, so if you don’t have a google account, you can create a free
account and if you are creating it for the first time, you will see a screen like this,
so here are two options that you need to select from. You can use your google+ profile or
you can just simply create your blogger profile, the choice is yours. So since for this google
account, I don’t have a google+ profile, I will use a limited blogger profile. So once
you select that, I have added the link in the bottom, you will be seeing the screen
like this. You can click on new blog and give a title to your blog. So let’s called it
‘ShoutMeLoud Test Blog’. so at the same time, it will also check if the domain name is available
or not. If not, you can just play with some other name. ‘’
and this one is available. At the same time what you can do, you can select the template
from here, the template that you want to use. Well, this optional because you can always
change your template later on, so let me go ahead and click on Create blog.
Yes, your blog is created. You can click on View blog and that’s it. Here is what your
blog looks like. Now there are a few things that we will be doing before we start writing
the blogpost. So I will show you how to write the blogpost also, but before that, let me
show you few settings that you would like to make changes. So you click on this dropdown
and from here you can make changes to your blog. so you click on Overview, so this Overview
will take you to the dashboard of the domain that you just created. Now the very first
thing that we will be doing is that we will be going to settings, we will go to Posts
and comments. Now this is important here. You would like to change this option who can
comment? Anyone can comment. If you want anonymous comments to be enabled on your blog, well
usually I allow registered users because that is a good idea to get genuine comment. Apart
from that, comment moderation should be always, you don’t want that comments on your blogs
should go immoderate, that ways many spam comments go live on your blog. Pretty much
that’s it, once you are done, click on Save settings.
Now you can go to Search preference. This is very important and so this will help you
to get higher ranking in google search. So there are a few things that you will be doing.
You can click on Edit, Enable search description and that’s it. In 150 characters you can
write what your blog is all about. So this is just a random thing that I have written
and you can customize it, make it more appealing and once you are done, just click on save
changes. Pretty much that’s it, so apart from that, the layout part, if you want to
add something like your own logo or something, you go to layout and then here you can click
on Edit, select your logo and that’s it. It will be added instantly. It won’t take
anytime, you can add few gadgets like you can add +1 buttons and there are many more
gadgets that you can use. If you want to use your theme, that you can also do. You can
download a free BlogSpot theme from any other place. You can just simply do a google search.
I have also added a link in the description where I have listed down some of the good
looking tablets that you can use with your blog and once you have done all these things,
I would suggest go to Pages, click on New page and at least create an About page. That
about page should be about your blog, what this page is about, what people can expect
form your blog and at the same time, you can write a few words about you like “Hi, I am
harsh Agrawal and this is what I do”. So that’s a good way to connect with your readers who
are coming to your blog. Now you go to the post and this is where all the magic happens.
You click on New post, here you write the post, this is my… random text and that’s
it. Now you can click on publish and your blogpost is live, you can go here, refresh
the page and see, your blogpost is live. So this is very straightforward. If you have
never blogged before, you can go ahead and start your blogging right now and before you
go, let me tell you something very interesting which might not be aware of. So you can also
make money from your blog. So once you added few good blog post, you have customized a
design and make it look really good, you will see the option where you can sign up for AdSense
and you can start making money from AdSense. I will talk about AdSense and other things
in the other video, for now, if you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments
and if you like this video, don’t forget to give like and subscribe to my channel.

13 thoughts on “How To Create a Free Blog On BlogSpot Platform (Step by Step)

  1. Thanks for this video… I am very much started to blog. I have one issue with the time. As I created the 1st post like a random text to check whether it is going live or not, it is showing me a different time. How can I change the time?

  2. Hi Harsh, Quick query – this is absolutely free of cost right ? I received some notifications when I created the blog… which said 'u need european consent' of something of the sort.
    It is safe in terms of security right ?

  3. i have post 13 post in my blog and my blog is available from last 9 month. my problem is that sir, when i sign up for Google AdSense it will be alert message is appear that your Google account is not a active AdSense account or still pending for approval. i don't have completed the 3 step of sign up. please help me sir.

  4. how many days does a blog over blogger take to get monetized I have a blog with over 4400 views and my blog is currently active for 16 days can you tell me how long would it take to get monetized

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