How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

Do you need to create a separate page
for all your blog posts on your site? Well keep watching in this video I’ll
walk you through how to create a separate page for blog posts in
WordPress. By default when you first install WordPress all of your blog posts
are automatically added to your home page but a lot of people want to create
a home page that is a welcoming page. Something static meaning something that
every visitor that comes through their site will see and they want to move all
of their blog posts to something like blog so when you click on blog it has
all your blog posts. So I’ll walk you through how to do that. The first thing
you want to do is let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard. The first thing we
want to do is we want to create a couple of pages so we’ll go to pages, add new
and this first one we’ll call home. There’s a couple of things we want to do,
we’ll want to turn off comments from this page and if you don’t see comments
down here then we need to go up to our screen options, click on that, and we want
to click discussion and that’s good. Now we can go down here and we just wanted
to make sure that both of these are unchecked so that nobody can add a
comment. Now we can publish that page and now we want to create another one so
I’ll go up here and click add new. This is the one that we’ll use for all of our
blog posts so I’m going to name it blog and you also want to make sure that the
allow comments are unchecked for this as well so for that we can click publish.
Now that we’ve created these two pages we need to tell WordPress how to set
this up so let’s go to our settings area under reading and you’ll see this home
page displays and by default you see the latest posts on the homepage. What we
want to do is we want to set up a static homepage and the homepage will be the
one that you select. We’ll choose the home that we created and you’ll want to
add some content on there that everybody sees and then for the posts we want to
click on the blog page that we just set up and here’s another great tip is you
can show how many posts you want to show per page before they have to scroll down
and click next page. Ten posts that’s pretty good some people like five to
make it not as long so you want to play with that for yours
and for each article in the feed you want to show a summary or full text. Full
text makes that page really long so most people do a summary that way people can
click on the title if they want to read more and for search engine visibility
you want to make sure that this is not selected you want search engines to find
your website so make sure that that’s unchecked. Once you’re done with that
let’s click Save Changes and now if I click on my site and click visit site
and when I scroll down this is my home page again you will want to add
information on there so you make it inviting to the user and then if I go to
my blog page then you see all of my posts here and from here I can click on each
one it’ll open it up to that post. Now you may have noticed that I had to type
that in up here because I don’t see it in my menu that’s okay.
I’ll show you really quickly how you can get the blog page up here as well as a
home page let’s go to my site dashboard and go to appearance menus and we want
to add those two pages they’re right here. For my website the main menu is the top
menu and this is the current structure. Yours may look a little different but I
can select my blog and my home go down here to add to menu and by default it’ll
bring it down at the bottom so you can left-click and drag these up and move
them where you want. So I’m going to move that there and I don’t want this one so
I’m actually going to remove that and I’m happy with how that looks so once
you save the menu you can go visit our site, scroll down, and now we see our home
and we see our blog, real easy. So that’s a real quick and easy way to separate
your blog posts on their own page. Did you learn something from today’s video?
If so subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll send more helpful tips to help
you manage your WordPress website and thanks for watching

64 thoughts on “How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

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  2. Is there a way to move certain posts on to certain pages? For example, I want there to be a page for "health" with all my health related posts and another page for "fashion" with all of my fashion posts, etc… (in order to separate the posts into different topics).

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  8. This is not working for me. The posts that I create seem to be going to 2 different pages. It might be the theme I am using. I believe it's bad coding.

  9. This is a great video however when I check the static page and save changes, my front page with slider images disappear. When you land on my WordPress website, the first page is my blog. I do not have Blog listed on the menu because I want visitors to be able to read the blog right away so I had made a new page called gear reviews. I was hoping to add a second blog to my gear review page but every video I have come across tells me to click the static page and I have the same issue. Do you have any advice?

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  13. Thank you for the tutorial and I already have done that. I have set up one static page and my blog page. My question is how do I do it when having a Guest blogger.
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