How to Create a Sides-Up Slide-Up Hairstyle | Easy Pullback Hairstyles

icing on the cake. You are the smile
I can’t replace. -Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles. And I have Bailey here today. -Hi, guys. -And we are going to show
you how to do you the sides up, slide up braid. So it’s a great one for
giving it on yourself or even if you want somebody
to do it for you. And really it works really
great for pretty much any length of hair. So you’re going
to love this one. So Bailey has gone ahead and
parted her hair in the middle and simply added
some nice curls, so it’s going to give a little
volume to this hairstyle. And we’re going to start by
going just above her eyebrow, taking our finger and
making kind of a part, and then going down
behind her ear like this. Can you hold that? You can clip that
out of the way too if you’re doing it on yourself. And then we’re going
to use the section to create a three-strand
braid– just a basic braid. Nothing too complicated. And you don’t want it to be
too tight or else you won’t be able to slide the
hair up the strand when you’re finished
with the braid. So just do like a medium
tightness on this braid. Try to get all those
hairs out of the way. And when you get most of
the way down the hair, you’re going to hold
the middle strand and push these up pretty
dang tight to loop those. And just loosen a little. But we want it to
look really like textured and detail-oriented. We want it to look like
not a regular braid. And then we’re going to go
ahead and then just spin-cert an elastic right
here on the end. Try not to let
that braid loosen. One more time. So now we have this really
cool looking braid right here. We’re going to let
her let her hair down. Let your hair down. And we want the
braid to lay over at the top of this
front part of her hair. Now we’re going to bobby pin it. Just right over the ends go
ahead and run a bobby pin. I like to cross mine. It holds nice and tight. And then just go back
in with your finger, take that next little
section of hair over, and just flip it up and
over those bobby pins, and that’s just going
to help hide them. So you have just
this nice effect of a braid that looks fancier
than a braid right here. And now you’re going to
repeat it on the other side. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. And so we have the
finished product. Let’s give you a spin so you
can see how pretty it is. [DA DA DA] Bailey’s going to wear
this to her choir concert tonight because they have to
have it out of their face. And I think she’s going to
get a lot of compliments. So don’t forget to like,
favorite, and comment below if you like this video. And we will see
you guys next week. Bye, guys. -Bye. -And put it right there in
the backside of my bun just to draw a little attention
to my braid and also the bow. And you are finished. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Who’s destroyed all of that
that was put on the shelves this morning? [BABY CHUCKLE] [RATTLE] [CHUCKLE] [RATTLE] [CHUCKLE] [LAUGH] [CHUCKLE]

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