How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel

How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel

For the bright side of branding, business
and being your own boss. Hey, Boss, it’s Sunny Lenarduzzi and welcome
to the Sunny Show for the bright side of branding business and being your own boss. I can’t believe I haven’t made this video
yet. You guys have asked a lot and I’m finally
answering, how to create a successful YouTube Channel and get started on the right note. Make sure to check out special bonus below! I have created a checklist that will actually
walk you through every single detail and step that you need to do to set up your YouTube
Channel for success The first thing I’m going to talk about is
what you do not need, and that is fancy expensive equipment and gear. Despite what anyone might tell you, I got
started with the webcam and a window as my lighting. You do not need to break the bank on your
equipment when you get started on YouTube. Get started with what you have to film your
videos with, i.e., your phone is a great resource and natural light always looks amazing. That’s how I got started and that’s how you
can get started. All right, now let’s actually dive into tip
number one or step number one to starting a successful YouTube Channel, and that’s your
branding. Before you even worry about creating video
content, if someone finds your video on YouTube they want to know who you are, what you do,
and why they should be listening to you. A big key to building your expertise in your
authority is having a solid brand that explains those things. A big part of this is your header on your
channel – it should tell people what your expertise is and how consistently you’ll be
posting videos because that will keep people coming back and wanting to subscribe. Another key to your branding on your channel
is your channel trailer. In the checklist that I’m going to give you
guys at the end of this video, I’ll give you the exact script that you need to use and
an example of a good channel trailer so you can basically just take that and create your
own. Step number two is your content. Obviously, you have to have good quality content
in order to get views and subscribers and build your channel quickly. Now, I have two videos that I want you to
check out on this subject. “How to make YouTube videos for beginners”
that’s in the description below this video and also “How to grow your YouTube Channel
fast”, so check out both these videos. For right now, you want to know that when
you’re starting your channel the best way to start is with educational content and to
be as niche as possible. I will say that again, be as niche as possible,
because the more niche you go the better chance you have of showing up high in the search
results. The higher you show up in the search results,
the more people will find you on YouTube and the faster you will build up your channel
and have a better chance of success with your channel. For example, I have a video called, “How to
make a video with your phone” this is one of the first videos that I ever made. It has almost a million views at this point
and that is way more subscribers than I have. That is proof to you that that video is showing
up at the top of Google and YouTube and I’m getting views every single day, thousands
of views every single week, which is building a brand awareness for my business and for
my brand and for what I do. All through this one video and not having
to pay for any marketing or any advertising, and that is the beauty of YouTube. When you think about your content, think about
it this way. You want to think about what your customers
or what your potential fans are looking for from you, and what they would be searching
for because they may not even know who the heck you are right now but they can find you
on YouTube. Think about searchable content because YouTube
is the second largest search engine in the world, so that’s why things like how-to’s
and tutorials and reviews work so well on YouTube because that’s what people are looking
for. When you’re starting to make your content,
think about going as niche as possible for your target audience and starting with educational
content. A bonus boss tip, don’t worry about having
a bunch of content on your YouTube Channel when you’re getting started, it is more important
that you focus on the quality of your content. Now, again, I don’t mean going out and spending
money on fancy equipment to make really high quality content, I mean the quality of what
you’re saying and sharing in your videos because the higher the quality of your content, the
more people are going to like it and want to share it. You want to focus on your metadata and your
optimization, which I have a whole checklist on how to do that below this video as well
that you want to check out. That’s a really good thing to remember at
the beginning, these I often get asked, how many video should I have my channel before
I start sharing it? You should just have one really good video
every single week at the bare minimum that you’re focused on doing quality content for
and uploading it in the right way with all the right steps. Again, that’s in that checklist that’s below
this video. Step number three is community engagement. You may not have a very big subscriber based
or any subscriber based that all for that matter right now, but there are other channels
out there that have potential subscribers just sitting there waiting for you. One of the best things I did when I started
my YouTube Channel was become an engaged part of my community on YouTube, so I looked at
other social media focus channels, marketing channels, and video marketing channels, and
I would respond in the comments to any questions that were being answered and I would try and
engage in conversations with people that were subscribed these channels. That gave me brand awareness and brought a
lot of those subscribers over to my channel and built up my subscriber based really, really,
really fast. This is a good little tactical trick that
you can start doing today to start growing your YouTube Channel and start building a
successful YouTube Channel. One of the best things that you can do is
check out channels that are in your niche so that you can become an active part of the
community in your niche on YouTube. Obviously, one of my niches is social media
marketing, so I’m going to look up social media marketing, and then I’m going to go
to the filter on the top right and I’m going to click on channel, and this brings up all
of these related channels in your space, in your niche that you can go into. Check out their videos and become an active
part of the community within your niche on YouTube so you can introduce yourself to new
people and build your brand awareness for your new YouTube Channel, which will help
you gain subscribers especially when you’re just starting out. Step number four is get off of YouTube. That might sound weird but this is a key to
starting a successful YouTube Channel. You need to make sure that once you built
your channel and it looks great and you’ve done all the rest of these steps that you
actually share it with people, because a big key when you’re starting YouTube Channel to
hit that right note especially when you’re just getting started, is to actually build
your authority on your channel. The more authority you have the more Google
and YouTube will recognize your channel and rank you higher in search. Little boss bonus tip here is to as soon as
your channel setup and ready to go, send it out to your family, your friends, your business
contacts and ask them to subscribe to your channel and let them know when your new content
will be released. Those are warm leads and warm traffic, and
those are people that already know, like and trust you and want to support you will be
your best asset to your channel at the beginning and helping it grow. They will be the people who engage with your
content and become your biggest ambassadors. Make sure, don’t be shy, when you first start
your channel send your channel to your friends, your family your business context, anyone
that you trust who want to support you and ask them to subscribe to your channel. That will, at least, give your channel a little
kick start to get going. Overall, keep it simple, stay in your niche,
be as consistent as possible and focus on quality over quantity when you’re first getting
started to gain traction to start your successful YouTube Channel. Now, as I mentioned, you’ve got the ideas
and the concepts for how to start your channel but you need to know the tactics. Below this video, I’ve linked to my Boss YouTube
Channel checklist, you definitely want to grab that to know everything, every single
step you need to take to set up your channel for success and then the views while you snooze
ultimate YouTube SEO checklist is also below this video to show you how to optimize your
videos for more views and subscribers. Don’t forget we have launched the Be Your
Own Boss Store where you can get swag like this tee, and you can check that out at the
link below this video as well, and join thousands of other bosses in the Be Your Own Boss Mastermind
Group we’re all helping each other grow and we often share really great tips about how
to grow your YouTube Channel so make sure you join us there. Again, that link is below as well. Thank you guys for watching. If you like this video hit the “like” button
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