How to Create a Tumblr Blog – Step-by-Step

How to Create a Tumblr Blog – Step-by-Step

hi there and welcome everyone to a new
Raqmedia tutorial here with Dino Redwell^^. In today’s tutorial I will be
showing you how to create a free template blog and make the most out of
it we’ll come back so first of all you need
to head on to the template homepage which will find on template com
great so as wellnow template is one of the most popular and famous blog portals
which is almost like blogger and weeks so let’s discover what this portal would
offer you it’s so easy that’s it’s hard to explain so it’s really useful portal
which can drive a lot of traffic to your website and at the same time you can
share your posts and share photos links articles notes videos a lot of stuff all
of this in one place it is also a social media platform in which you can share
most of the things you like and you bookmark the useful things that you find
on the internet so you can see here on this platform we can share text photo
codes links you can chat with friends upload audios and listen to music or
watch videos and share them too so it is really useful especially for webmasters
and bloggers so to get the most out of this platform we need to create an
account which is free to use so to do so we need to click on get started in here
great so as you can see here there is boxes in which you can write your
roommates and your passwords and at last your username so we can type in our
email at the top great next you need to paste in your password which must be a
strong one then you need to combine letters numbers and symbols and make it
a little bit long as you can see it’s a strong one so make sure it is and the
green color in here next you just type in your
username if it is already taken then you will be suggested some other user names
from the right in here just select one of them or and you can change it later
anytime you want next let’s hit sign up and start our experience on this
platform great next we’ll be asked about your age and to confirm that we have
read and agreed on the template Terms of Service let’s type in your age at the
top and click on next almost done so let’s just check that you are not a
robot the CAPTCHA when done great our account has been created successfully as
you can see and here we are on the Templar platform you need to select five
topics to follow select writers pinyons technology education and startups. Visit us: references later so let’s head on to
next when done our dashboard is being built and which you’ll find most of the
posts that we have selected that categories beginning at the top as you
can see we need to verify our email so just check your email and follow the
link and your email will be verified successfully so that’s our account
let’s check as you can see this our account great no post yet you can edit
appearance create your own avatar and select to the photo great is our photo naca media can select your background to
go with your channel background in here great change great we have personalized our account can
also add description at the bottom in here to do it for being save it and
check our new appearance of our account so let’s first verify our account in
order to get the most of Templer to do so just follow the link in your email so
as you can see congratulations you have been confirmed and verified as the user
on dumpler we can get the applications if you have iPhone or an Android mobile
phones or smartphones will skip this to go to the dashboard and you see that the
message has disappeared and we are verified Templer user now now we can
start posting into the platform you can post the text photo codes links can chat
you can upload audio or video or watch them this media okay let’s try a link as
we said will this platform is useful in order to bring traffic into your website
this is an example of posts that we have created great let’s check the options we
have so you can add to queue or and you can also save as a draft post
privately or scheduled for a certain for a specific time in the future we’ll post
a tweet as our first post we can add tags which are useful in here tutorial
great you can also add some description but here the post is already providing
this description so let’s head post well done that’s already done you can see
this into our post can add comment share edit settings or options as I said here
if you have a blog then you can change the title colors had an image and all
that from appearance great done can provide short description in the
background make all the necessary change to make it fit your original website or
blog that’s well done as you can see here we have the URL that you can share
with your friends let’s click on it well done
that’s it now this is the pose next we have likes following people who are
following our blogs are following and our ship what you have posts and past
great and here we have the posts from our website let’s click on it and of
course this will direct us to the original post and not why you have
succeeded in increasing your traffic and decreasing your overall website rank
that’s it so keep tuned it for our next tutorial and which we’ll be showing you
how to increase your rank and get followers and to
Templer blogs and make use of the CEO tips and tricks in order to bring more
traffic into your original website till then peace thank you for watching if you
like this video do consider sharing it click on the like button and go ahead
and leave us a comment below we’d love to hear from you and don’t
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