How To Create a WordPress Blog 2019 – Make Any Kind of Blog!

How To Create a WordPress Blog 2019 – Make Any Kind of Blog!

Hey everyone it’s Greg and if you’re looking to make a blog
about what you love doing your favorite stuff your business your travels your music your fashion or anything like that. Then you’re in the right place. So here’s the blog we’re going to
make together today from start to finish. And I wanted to fast forward here and show it to you guys completed because I’m so excited and because I think it’s absolutely beautiful. We’ve made a lot of blogs to date too many for this old brain to remember in fact but this blog takes the cake. It is the most beautiful one we have ever made. You can of course set all this up with that. Any computer knowledge required. You don’t need to know code or anything about technology and it doesn’t matter how much
previous experience you’ve had because we’re going to complete everything together easily in this tutorial. And like I said from the car you can
make a blog about any subject you can think of. I’m just going to make a travel blog because that’s what I felt like
making. And that’s what I’ve been up to
lately. So I just wanted to walk you through
some of the basics behind the blog to give you a little more
context in the tutorial and to explain why we’re going to make this exact blog and why I think it can be amazing for your own blogging. After talking with hundreds and maybe even thousands of you guys
on YouTube and other social media
networks about the blogs we like making. I learned that the number one most
important thing we need to keep in mind is
that simple is key. Everything we make from the logo in the header to navigation menu to our social icons to the way our image slider looks and ultimately the way our blog post entries are displayed on the homepage must be simple people see a lot of clutter on the
web today. And if we want to get our blog posts across to them and keep people coming back for more of your blog posts its important to maintain a simple
design and we’re going to do exactly that. For example every blog post has a simple featured image a simple set of categories which you can create from scratch a simple title you give it and then a simple little excerpt and you can write whatever you want
right here. And then a simple button and some simple features like a date social icon so people can share it right away from your homepage and then the list of comments which is actually one of my favorite
features. If we click through in the read more button we can just see the whole blog post looks very simple and makes great use of this whitespace stuff. Let’s go back to the home page by
clicking on the logo. And check out another
post. We can check out the cold winter sleigh ride and see that this post is equally simple but has a little more styling with an image gallery inside the post. So I think you’re going to
like that. It’s also incredibly easy to edit your blog and I’m going to show you how to log in right now. So here I am walking in through the
log in screen you’ll use and I’m just going to show you how
to make a simple change. We’re going to make all of our edits
through a perience customize in wordpress because this new way of editing WordPress. Let’s see it changes right as we make them. So let’s say we wanted to edit this text here in the sidebar that says hey there Nice to meet you. We could just find the text in widgets sidebar and there it is. And now we just need to write
whatever it is we want and the text will change right there in real time. Next you just need to save and publish and the changes will be live. The second thing you guys told me on
social media was that you wanted to make
sure that you would make a blog the right way. Well for starters we’re using
WordPress org which is the same software used by more than 26 percent of the top 10 million most popular Web sites on the Internet. You know those blogs we saw in the
intro weren’t just random. I got inspiration from everyone on these blogs and used it to make the blog that we’re going to do in this
tutorial here on tech crunch. We’re going to make a newsletter
subscription just like they have in their sidebar and you can see we have a newsletter subscription right here like Tech Crunch in our Sidebar. And then on the Forbes blog we’re going to make a Google ad just
like they do. It’s not very clear though in the
sidebar so let’s refresh and there is a better Google Ad. So I’m going to show you how to
insert a Google ad or two in your side bar and Google will pay you when people
click on those ads. Anywhere from about one to $20 depending on what your blog is
about. And then we can see Marzia blog which is really cool. And I got the idea to include the date atop each post from Marzia. So big thanks for that Marzia and that people can see how much
you’re writing or what your blogging schedule is and you know just stay up to date with all your content. And then we have Zola another insanely popular blog and we all use is this really cool
overlay overlapped feature with the titles of your blog posts and this white rectangle and we can see we have that same
little overlay overlap a white rectangle on our blog which is Zool. loves using then on the skirt 16 blog I realized they made good use of the Instagram widget. So we brought that back to our blog and we’re going to use that
Instagram widget and the list really goes on and on. We can see on pinch of Yum. One of the coolest food blogs on the
net. You should definitely check out. They do a lot of great things. We have the circle images and on our blog we’re going to
showcase some circle images too if we click on the About page. You can see I’m going to show you
how to make this awesome circular image which looks like you’re looking through a
window. So I hope you can check out all
those blogs too when you need a nice dose of
inspiration and get inspired just like I did. So the third thing that you guys
told me when I asked on social media is that you want to make sure your blog
can go somewhere. That’s why I’m going to show you how
to set up Google analytics software with your blog so you can check out how many page views you’re
getting every morning when you drink your coffee or you can click on behavior for example and then click site content click
all pages and see which blog post or page is doing the best out of all your content. And we’re going to make sure we have
an email list set up from the start so you
can click e-mail subscribers and grow your email marketing. An ad set up from the start. So you can make sure to earn a living on your blog. There’s no reason over time and with a lot of hard work that you
can’t earn anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars a month on your blog. If you do this all the right way I kid you not use those comments
below for any blog questions you have. Whether it’s something small like
what your next blog post should be about or better like your whole blog
Broke. If you post a comment you’ll learn
from other people involved in blogging. I really wish I had that research
when I started blogging long ago. It might seem really hard at first or impossible or scary but that’s why I’m here. But that’s not all. The blog you’re going to get also
comes with a complete online store e-commerce. I just like calling it a shop where you can sell any products you want like your own arts and crafts or in this case the food and customers can complete real
transactions with their credit card with their debit card with their paypal. And you received the money. All very effortlessly. You can even sell downloadable goods like e-books or music and files and it’s just nice to be able to
provide that online store experience with blogs so you can write about your products and then link to them in the store where you sell your products. Also the blogger are going to make
today is going to be 100 percent mobile friendly responsive so that when I pull the screen inwards we can see how the entirely out response to the size of our device that we’re simulating. So we’re like on a tablet here. Tablet sized device. Pretty cool at home page in the featured boxes and the blog posts. Everything looks good. And then as you go even smaller you
can see the layout on like a Blackberry or Android Nokia or the you know the iPhone would be right about this size. So you can publish a blog post and share it on Facebook and then go out and live your life
while your audience consumes it from their phones and their iPads and their devices and the whole process looks good for everyone. All right. So now we’re going to
jump back in time to before this ball was ever made. I’m coming home from vacation with Michelle and we’re really excited to make this blog. All right. So let’s do it so that we can make this entire
blog together. Last year we were making blog from
Fremont if you’re with us for that. If not no worries. This video is going to cover
everything. Can’t wait to get started and show you how to create an
amazing blog. Racing back to the city right now and to start building. All right so stick with us and. Check it out. Let’s do it. When do we start to create a blog
about any topic. There are a million distractions
that can pop up. It’s hard to actually start
building even if you know you should because
you have so many ideas and it oftentimes ends up just
looking like this. I’m here to help you complete a real
blog because I want you to enjoy all the benefits
of blogging right now. So you guys what we’re going to call
a blogging scorecard and it’s right here on my desktop
right now. Let me open it up for you guys. And here it is. So this is a totally brand new
feature for our video tutorials and it’s really simple but I think could also be really
powerful because if you use it you’ll always know what step comes next. On your way to making an amazing blog for example we’ve already done the Web site tour and we can click that box and check it off. We’ve already seen inspirational
blogs we can check that off too. And now we just need to download and print the score card to do that. Just open up the part of the video that says show
them we’re right beneath it. And there’ll be a link that says
download the blogging scorecard here. So click that link. And then you’re going to get this
page here. And you can either click the arrow
in the upper right and then click save. Or you can click File Save page as and you’ll get the exact
same score card. So when we click save. The scorecard will now download to
your computer and I need to do is go to where your
downloads are located. In my case it’s the downloads folder and just open up the copyright here. So once you open it you’ll be able
to use the score card. There are about 30 steps on our blogging scorecard which you need to
complete in order to create a blog today. But my target goal for you right now is just step number six which is install WordPress right here. I know from my analytics only about 7 percent of people complete my entire tutorials. But if you can at least get to
install WordPress and get that done then you’ll have the exact same obl. tools and software used but all the blogs we saw like Star Wars and Marzia and Zola and so on and so forth in the
inspiration blog section and you’ll have all those tools to
do whatever you want online. I had to specify that it’s WordPress
dot org worst on installing here because we can’t actually use WordPress dot
com or press dot com doesn’t let us post advertisements which we want to do
to earn some income. They don’t let us have our own
domain name and they don’t let us own the whole blog. So when you use a WordPress dot com blog you don’t own it but when you use the word breast or suffer like we’re going to do you
own it 100 percent. It’s a really great accomplished
feeling when you install your own copy of
Wordpress org. And I want everyone to have that
feeling because it’s the best software on
the internet so we can check off this third SERP
now which is done and by the way you can
also click the links to each step and they’ll open up the video at that exact moment in the video. You can also convert the PDA to a Word document and write in your own
notes or print it off manually and just scribble down with a pencil or a pen. It’s all yours. You can do whatever you want with it. And we’re almost ready to begin. I just want to explain you quickly
how the hosting and domain name section and the install WordPress section are going to work because they’re
actually all done in the same place. Fortunately we can do those all at a Web site called home skater dot com. So I’m going to show you that right
now. And just give you an introduction to them. It’s h o s t g a t o r dot com. And then just hit enter. So Hozier is my favorite Web site host. And I’ve used them all the way since I moved from blogger to WordPress. And I think this is back in about 2011. So six years ago. Yep I would would’ve been just 23 at
that point in San Francisco and host Ghita helped me through all of that. It was like a big headache. Moving from blogger. And you know if you’re just making a
blog from scratch you will have a much
easier time. But the point is that they will walk you through any sort of scenario to make sure you get the best blog possible. And that’s one of the reasons I
really like host Geter it’s just their support and the fact that they’re always with you if you ever need any help just scroll all the way to the top
on their Web site and click support. And then you’re going to get a bunch
of support articles. But what you want to do is click
Start a live chat and you can just punch in your
details and one them like real support people will come and sit down with you as long as it takes in this
chat window and you’ll know their name and you can talk to them you can ask
whenever you want. So I still use that all the time. Another reason I like host gaters is
that their prices are downright competitive. Some web hosts will charge you a lot and not give you a ton but later they charge you a little bit and they give you a
ton. All these features but why do we even need a web host
in the first place. You know why can’t we do all
this for free. And that’s because every WordPress blog needs the hosting and the domain name so that people
can find them on the web and you can have an entire audience all around the world. The hosting part of it is like some
space. It’s like a plot of land that you
would build your house on. You know so if you’re going to go
out and build a house you obviously
aren’t going to choose just any old field even if it might look kind of
attractive to you. You’re going to choose a good field in a good neighborhood you know somewhere where you
actually want to be a lot of the time. So the hosting is the space. It’s like a plot of land and if you build a house your house is also going to need an address
which is your domain name your domain name
is the address. And it’s an address in the sense
that people will open up their web
browsers and they’ll type in your address to go and visit your blog just like they would type in Google dot com to visit Google. You know they’ll type in your dot
com to visit your site or you type in Twitter to come to visit you know Twitter. One of my blog is called Dear
blogger and I got the domain MDO blogger dot org. And you can tap that into visit my
blog. So it doesn’t matter if you get a
dot com or dot org dot net or anything like that just so long as it matches your brand and just long as your website name is equal to your domain name. So if you get a site called like Jim’s plumbing you should get Jim’s plumbing dotcom or Jim’s plumbing or or Jim’s plumbing dot net you want. The web site name that
people call your Web site as Tibe the same as your domain name and so the dot com is the most valuable and most recognizable. So if you ever want to sell your
domain name people are going to pay the most for
it dot com. So try to get that dotcom Once you have the hosting and the domain name we can install
WordPress onto them. And I’m just going to call it
WordPress from now on we install WordPress with a simple process called the one click installer. So in the olden days you had to know
like database stuff and code to install WordPress. But nowadays with host creator all you do is just click one button and they put WordPress your own copy of WordPress onto your
domain name and hosting for you and then you just log in through
that screen we saw earlier in the video and you just run your blog you know just from the comfort of
home. You dont need to do any coding or technology stuff. Its really just the set up part which were going to go through right
now which is considered the quote
unquote techie stuff. And its not technical at all its really easy. So of course you’re wondering what
all this costs how much moolah greenback’s cash money doe do we have to shell out to
make an amazing blog. Well a domain name will cost us $15 a year. Thats an annual cost and web hosting or hosting or self-hosting or whatever you want to call it. There are all the same thing will
cost us $10 a month thats a monthly cost. However I’m going to show us how to
use a coupon to get both of these two things down to under $10 a month which I think is a great deal to run a blog with global audience on the best software on the planet where by the way you can blog for a living by means of Google advertising private advertising paid posts affiliate marketing or anything else. I’ve tried doing which by the way I’m more than happy to
show you how to do too. Once you have these two things you
can install WordPress. And despite what you might have
heard WordPress is entirely free to install and use the domain name and hosting are the only two things you need to pay for to run a complete blog I’m also going to show you how to install and set up a premium theme down here in Create your blog which means that you’ll be using a
theme and a look it’s perhaps more professional than other blogs from the start because I want your blog Tilak amazing for the very first reader and wow people. The premium theme. I’ll show you how to use is called
Laurell. It’s one of my favorites. It’s incredibly new and hard to find. It’s known for being elegant crisp modern and having an 100 percent responsive mobile friendly design and little cost $49 which is $10 less than the standard the AM on theme forest Laurel is made by Sol opined
designs. I hope you love it. Also show you how to recommend world to your audience with your own customer referral link so that you can earn some of the
money back and then some that you spend buying
this theme. If you choose to do so. So like I said before not everyone completes this whole tutorial. On average it’s usually about 7 percent and people but I hope that includes you. With that said it’s time to go ahead and start the process of getting our
domain name hosting and installing
WordPress. So let’s open up our Internet
browsers together and visit. Host gator dot com where we are already. If you want to use a different host and host gator that’s totally fine. The step should be roughly the same. Just keep in mind there’s a lot of
hosts out there that tell you they’ll give you
one thing and then give you something totally
different. I’ve tried at least a few hosts for
other projects with private clients where they look great up front and then when I start using them
they make it really difficult to make a blog or a Web site or do things I would
imagine would be easy. So once you here and host Cure’s
homepage just come up and click where it says
Web hosting. You don’t want to click
cloud hosting WordPress hosting reseller VPN
dedicated or anything else. We just want to click on the simple
web hosting option and that’s also what you’ll get if you click get started
now. Those will take you to the same
place. So just click on web hosting and when you click that button it
it’ll take us to host gaters powerful web hosting page where we can see the exact same options. I looked at when I signed up so many years ago and what we want to focus
on are just the hatchling plan and the baby plan. These two options we don’t need the business plan because that’s
just too many features for us right now and we’re trying to do this at the
end of the day on a budget. So when I first signed up I picked
hatchling plan because I only wanted to work with one domain and host one domain and I could have gotten baby plan
though because that’s what I use now and I host unlimited domains like my blog my moms blog. A few clients blogs the blog we’re going to make today all sorts
of stuff like that. So if you know or envision yourself hosting a lot of Web sites or becoming like a massive web
developer with your own empire in the future the baby plans a good option. But for now we just want to set up
one domain so we’re going to choose the cheapest option which is the
hatchling plan. This really is the cheapest option out of all the options here and it works perfectly it works
great and I still run hatching plans
myself. So most people would just choose a
plan now and click sign up now and go on with their lives. But what we’re going to try instead is seeing if we can get a better
discount by visiting my custom landing page my private landing page at home skater. So it’s just hosier dot com slash Gragg and where you see these discounts
that host caterer’s is offering because
they’re nice people like 42 percent or 40 percent off 60 percent off. Even though we’re not doing the
business plan where you see these discounts we’re
going to try to increase that number and get a better discount. So if you want follow me right now to host your
slide Greg. And we’ll see if we can get this
blue number blue bar number up and might not be a blue bar. I’m not sure if their design will
change because they’re always updating it based on the season. But if you come to the top end where it says web hosting just delete that part and write in G R E G and hit enter. And you’ll be taken to my landing
page and voila there’s a nice new discount here which is 57 percent on the hatchling plan
we’re going to go with or 50 percent off on your baby
plans. So that’s really cool. So we’ve got an increased discount and because it discounts working or we’re going to move forward
quickly and we’re going to sign up right now and get the discount. All right. So these are the exact
same hatchling and baby plans you get from host
gator at the exact same web hosting
product. Only difference is we get a better discount now. So let’s go ahead and click Buy now. Now. All right. So in step one choose a domain either register a new domain or click. I already own the domain and write in your domain name from
Go Daddy or someone else and then proceed and complete your hosting order after which I’ll show you how to
connect the hosting to the domain name. All right. That’s what you do if you
already own a domain name you want to use. But in our case I want to register a
new domain name and because I couldn’t really think
of something clever like Google or Facebook or Twitter and then I’m just going to go with my name dot com nine dot com. And when I was searching on host
Guter earlier I realized that that was actually
available and it wasn’t when I checked about a
month ago. So I got kind of lucky it’s a good time to do this and I obviously want to get through this process quickly so that no one
else can steal my name. I remember what I said about the key words if you can’t get your name or the word you want just write in one additional keyword after it and you’ll likely be able to find that as available. All right. And go for the dot com. Once you have your domain name
entered perfectly we’re just going to choose one of
them and come down and uncheck domain privacy protection. I don’t think we need that right now but we can add it later if you want. In Step Two it’s time to choose a hosting plan so we know that we want hatchling. That’s great. And then for billing cycle I’m going to change it from 36 months to one month just because I don’t like getting locked in but I know that a lot of people are
choosing 12 months or something like that. So next we want to enter and I use your name all lowercase start with a letter 2 to 12 characters
long. Just go is something that you like
using and this will be what you use to log in to host caterer’s. So make it something you like. Then when you add a security pin 4
to 8 characters long with only numbers. So why not something simple because we’ll need this if we ever for whatever reason get locked out of
our Hosain account which won’t happen but just right those two things down
somewhere safe in step 3. Enter your billing info. I’m going to do this all really
quickly now so we can get on with it and that no one can steal my credit card info. It and you could also pay with pay pal if that’s more
convenient. But we’re going to pay with credit
card and you don’t take offense that I
blanked out that information. One time I just went through the
tutorial with all the credit card information
out there and then I. Woke up till like 50 e-mails from YouTube saying that they saw my credit card info and not using that card anymore. But you guys are all really nice people. I appreciate it. And step forward is going on check additional services. You want more info. Feel free to ask in the comments you know or about anything but I just don’t think we need to spend money on all this. Now it doesn’t really fit our budget but you could later on if you want. And step five enter coupon code. All right. So this part’s important. Make sure you already have big bonus entered right here and click validate. All right. And we could see it
already validated. But of course clicking again doesn’t
hurt this just make sure that you get the
largest possible discount at home later and save the most money. It’s really important that you save
money so you can use it on other aspects of making your website launching your business making your blog
promotion. If you use this coupon as was my custom one page link to sign up to host Keeter I earn a small credit for referring you to their services which doesn’t comment any additional cost
to you. And it’s really cool because that helps me keep making
these videos for everyone and keep helping you out for FREE on YouTube and everywhere else on the web where
we use WordPress. All right with all that said it’s
time to come down and review order details in step six. We get the 24/7 365 phone live chat e-mail support for
free instant account activation which
will happen once we click. Check out now is free money back guarantee for 45 days. Domain registration for one year. We got it down from $15 to 599. As we said hatchling plan of one month get it down from $10 295 to 5:47 which is great. And then these two green numbers
here where mass is combined to make this read amount to total the green discount is the difference between these two numbers. And these two numbers and the black subtotal is just the 15 plus to 25. So it’s a little confusing that the
discount is green but just keep your eyes on the 11:46 here on my screen if it says that on your screen you’re good to go. And if it’s a few cents lower or higher then you’re good to go as
well. Let me know any questions. All right and then come on down. And once you’re feeling good to go I know I’m feeling good
to go check this box it says you read
their terms of service and so on. And now it’s time to click. Check out. Now finally Congratulations and welcome to the host gator
family. So host Guter is setting up your
account for you and I just clicked on the
hosting tab at the top which you can do to do that. So I’m so excited to get going. But if you don’t see this screen
which has all the options to proceed and install WordPress then just wait up to two more minutes and you can also try clicking my account. So host gaters is building
everything for you. If it’s not ready yet. But it should be ready in a maximum
of five minutes. And on my account you can see like what plan you got. And when your next payment is due and pay packages like more information about your
Hatton plan. Which could come in handy later. So you know where it is. But we want to click on posting’s hosting right now. And it’s going to show your domain
name that you registered right here at the top. So it’s pretty cool. In my older tutorials from last year
we used to use two emails to proceed and install WordPress. So you want to keep this window here open this host gator customer portal but we can also check out our email and we get two e-mails. So the one from billing right here will help you get back to the host
gator customer portal. If you close this window by
accident you can just come into this email and click on the portal link and then log in with this email and password and it’ll get you back
to the area right here and you can click
hosting and proceed. And then the other e-mail from no reply says your account info. This one gets you into your C panel at host cator which you may want to use in the future. You may not see panel is the older way of installing
Wordpress and it is still really easy. Just a couple clicks. This is how we did it and the older
videos we were just click the control panel link and the Mauleon with. Your username and password that host gives you right here. So definitely keep these two emails for future reference. And definitely try to keep this
window open. But if you close it you can
get to this place through the. Billing email right here. OK so now that we’re in hosting we can proceed and do this all the most updated way
of course. Your screen should look exactly like
this except for a different domain name
right here where it says hosting an account. So your domain name is sort of the
name tag of your account. Host creator understands what to do and what all these services should do for you based on what domain name you have here. So as you grow your web site you
might need more domains and you can just
choose different ones here to do different sorts of activities. Speaking of a new domain name if we try to visit it right now to see if
it’s working you’re going to see this screen that
says you’re almost done and something like please
configure your name servers if you’re going to
see the name servers screen. So what that means you need to do is go back to that host get a customer portal and then click on domains. All right. And I just need to do
that little fly and screen for that name separate
page because I don’t see it anymore because I’ve used the domain name
for another previous YouTube tutorial. But the first time I checked it out
I did see the names every screen. Anyways when you’re here you need to click on the gear right by a
domain name over here and then where it says name servers
you want to click change. And that’s because you need to make
sure these two name servers one and two are exactly the same as the name servers in your host gator emails and you can find those by going to the no reply postcard your account info. Open that up and you’ll see first name server and second name server. So all you need to do is just copy the first one comeback to host gator. Click change and then paste that in where it says
Name Server 1. All right. So you can see I’ve
already done that. We can do it again anyways. Just paste it over and we can do the same thing for
name server too. All right. Just come back to your
host or e-mail. Copy the second name cer makes you don’t get any spaces. And bring it back to your host
Keiter customer portal and right click. Paste are perfect. So your numbers will look a little
bit different depending on the slice of the large hosting world where your blog is living. But as long as you do it like I just did you’ll be fine. Make sure you get the name sort of
wanna name server too just like that your account info email where it says first name server and second name server. And if you want to write them in my
hand that’s fine too. All right so then when we say name
servers. It’ll show up green because we did
it right and now want it done. Your domain name will be perfectly
connected to your hosting. And it’s called pointing your domain name at your hosting tip. Either way things should be working
perfectly or you can close this gear section and then when you go and check out your domain name and hit refresh. You should see this new screen that
says host gator. Getting started and that means it’s time to proceed and reach our goal of
installing WordPress. So great job. All right get back to hosting. And we open up our scorecard and cross off. Choose a domain name and get hosting. Those are two of the most massive steps in making a blog so can get some being
done with those. And we’re now ready to reach our goal and install
WordPress. All right. So to install WordPress just come to the hosting tab. Come on down and where it says
launch a quick install. Just click on that button. Want quick install. Are Very good. You’re in the same place where
millions of people have installed WordPress before and want to click on this black and blue word press tab right here. All right and now we’re in
wordpress. So you want to do is select our
domain name. Just click the dropdown and select your domain name. Leave the directory box blank. Don’t write anything right here and just click next. All right. Now it’s time to enter in some details about our blog to you know have it ready when we log in. So we want to write a blog title and I’m going to make my blog title
the same as my domain name just Gardner and so blog title web site name domain name that should all be the
same thing. And you don’t need to put the dot
com here. And then for admin user try to pick
something serious. This will be what you use to log in to WordPress every time. So I’ve used like joke names before and it just gets
annoying seeing that old joke I made so keep that one professional. You cannot change it later although you can change this other
stuff like first name last name blog
title. You cannot change admin user. So make it good in the first name of course the last
name. And admin email where WordPress will send our logon information. So once you screen looks just like
mine except for with your info. Come on down and check this box. The install Now button will light up and are now going to use the famous one click WordPress installer or you might have heard of or I might have told you too much
about it. It’s pretty cool that we all get
to be a part of this amazing piece of technology. All right. So if you’re ready I’m
ready. Let’s click Install now and install WordPress. All right so it is quick. And host gator just did all the
techie stuff for us so it was really easy just like we said it would be. If you see the green check
installation complete it means that WordPress is installed perfectly. Leave this window open. Don’t touch anything. If you see a red X then post a comment for me to help out. If you see a yellow circle then what the heck computer are you
using. So at the moment the most important
thing to do is to copy down our instillation details. I don’t click this link right here because it’s going to take you away
from this page. I want this page a little bit longer
just like this. You know to celebrate the
installation complete. All right. So we’re going to copy this installation details I’m just clicking and dragging with my mouse. Do that if you can. And then right click copy. And then you can open up like a
textedit file. But maybe you have like a file or a word doc whatever you like using and just right click paste it in there. So you always have your
installation details. If you lose this page. All right next. So we’re done celebrating now we’re
gonna get down to business. I want us to. Open up our scorecard and check off our goal because that always feels good to mark off a
goal right away. We’ve installed WordPress org successfully. Great job. Done and done. Now it’s time to change our password and the easiest way to do that is I’ve found in my installs. So if you just click my installs in the upper right click that then you’ll see the domain name you chose and it should just show up once mine
shows up three times because I’ve done this tutorial 3 times to get
this step perfect for you guys so just picture that it says it one time and now we’re going to come down to your domain name and click reset password. So just click that and I’m going to
do the bottom one. And then select your user and there you go. And then just write in a new
password that you’re going to want to use to log in to WordPress. An update password. Passer you get. You can click that button twice if
you want. And now where it says admin log in just click that link click it me and logon. All right so your WordPress is
working. If you get this log in screen and we’re excited to get started but let’s make sure to. Check off our. Change password step. We’re done with that. Very good. And now we can logon to WordPress. Using that password that you just
set up in that quick install when you set change password. I like clicking your memory and I also like bookmarking this
page in the upper right depending on
every browser you’re using. Use the bookmark feature so that you can find this link in
the future and you won’t have to type it in. If you do have to type in the logon link to get to the screen it’s just your domain name dot com. For example Ragnor dot com forward slash W.P. dash admin. That’s how you would get to that
page manually. All right so your domain name
whatever it is dot net or whatever you chose forward slash. W.P. dash admin and then you can click enter and it would take you to the screen
here. That’s how to do it. But bookmark makes it a little bit
easier. I want to save you as many steps and make this as headache free as
possible. So what’s click log in. Drum roll. And welcome to WordPress for the very first time. If that’s the case of Arty’s WordPress a bunch times but for you welcome and I’m going to take you on a
little WordPress tour now so that this all doesn’t look now confusing and in actual acts a
little bit familiar. So we’re going to click. I don’t need help because you have
me at the top. And now we’re just going to close
some of the notifications. All right. So you don’t want. Opt in Monsour there. This is just the standard. Welcome to WordPress message page
here with some nextstep links and more actions. And we’re going to do all of these
steps eventually but we’ve picked an order that is the most user friendly. So there’s no need to just click
around. Next what we want to do is where it
says your site is currently displaying. Coming soon
page once you’re at a launch click here. We want to get rid of that coming
soon page and I’ll show you what it looks
like. It looks just like this to anyone who’s not logged into your site and want to remove it because it
just doesn’t match our branding. So it’s not going to be
bright green and black. It doesn’t fit the overall theme of
our site. And also if you tell someone oh hey Tim can you come and check out my site from your
computer. I want you to see if the logo looks
good or the with looks good or something you know hey Mary can you make sure that everything is looking right for launch. They’re just going to see this if
they’re not all dead and they’re going to be like what
are you talking about. So we’re going to remove this page
right now. Cause that window and we’re just going to click here
to remove the coming soon page which I think is really helpful. And if you’re worried about you know
not having your site ready then just go ahead and complete the tutorial and you’ll you’ll definitely have a
blog that’s ready. Good job. Congratulations your say
is now live. We can click here to view
it. And when you do that will just show
the home page of your new site or new blog. We should call it. All right. So this is running the 2016 theme. What does that mean. What is the
theme. Well to figure that out we can click on our name or site name in the upper left which will take us back to the
dashboard where we added our site so no one sees this. Only you do. Or we could click the name again to
take us to the home page which everyone
sees including you. This is your blog front page
homepage. You can click that again. And so that’s just how it works
that’s how you get to the editing area in wordpress you click in the upper left. I’m going to close some tabs here so it’s nice and simple and to decide what theme our site is using we can come down and click appearance. And we see that the active theme is 2016. If we click that. It’ll tell us about the 2016 theme by the WordPress team which is just a default layout or template. Those words are all the same thing that decides how our site looks and how our site looks is of course. Displayed right here when we click
to the home page. All right. So let’s get back. So I’m going to show you how to
change the theme in a second but we’re going to complete our tour
now. I want to take you now to pose. If you click post you’ll see have
one sample post by WordPress. And if you click the link you can edit it and you can publish and this is what it will look like
when you’re writing a new post. All right. So if you wanted to write
a totally new one you can just click add and you. Are at the top. And that way you could just start
blogging right away if you really had a post that needed
to get out there to the world and you can try the different
settings and play around. It doesn’t matter
if you make any mistakes. You can always just delete a post and start over or added in wordpress saves all your edits right here. You can also go to pages which is where you make what they’re what
are called static pages for your site. So those go in your navigation
manual about contact you know work with those services. If you click add new screen for pages is a lot like posts. They just show up in different
places around your site. And as you blog more you’ll get used to where everything shows up. We can also click media. This is where all your images will
be stored. All right or if you upload a PDA or something like that it will be
stored here or your photos will go here. You click comments. That’s where all your new comments
will come in. And WordPress has this really cute
like introductory comment so it’s
awesome. You should definitely get a Gravatar
by the way. That’s easy set up too it’s
just like a profile picture. So this little like squirrel peek at you guy is a Gravatar and you should make one of those for
yourself at Gravatar dot com. All right. So now we’re actually
going to go to plug ins. Plug ins just to help you do more with wordpress. And we’re going to edit them and clean them up in a second like WordPress for example doesn’t know out of the box that you would want
to have Facebook like buttons or Twitter buttons or create image sliders. And so we use plugins to do things like that. All I usually do is use Google like plug in for blank in wordpress. And if someone’s made it it’ll come
up. You can use it. It’s FREE. That’s amazing. That’s one of the
biggest benefits of the WordPress community. If you click users that’s where you
live and that’s where other authors or writers will live and you can add more people to create a multi-year Author Blog. All using users and then if you click Settings This
is the final Like really important area in this section and you can change
your site title. So let’s open up our site in a new
tab by right clicking on the upper left. Open link in new tab and we can see that this is our
homepage and if we wanted to make a really
basic change your first change ever you could just change the site title
to like. You know. Your name like that. And then maybe you want to say like
just another. Amazing. WordPress site. So it’s pretty cool. I want to say
awesome thing I like that word more. And then you can come down. Come down and save the changes. I wouldn’t change too many other
settings until your control of what you’re doing. Or you can definitely ask us in the comments because we’ve all done that
already. And then come to your blog and refresh to see or change this refresh button and we can see we made our first at
it. So it really works. You can really change the web and you can really you know update a blog. You’re doing it congratulations like it’s actually happening. You just change the site title and the tag line. Some pretty professional you know
household features that every blog has. All right. So I said that settings were the last important part of our
tour but actually with in settings there
is one more place I want you to go right
now. All right. You go to writing
reading. Those are all really important too. But I want to go to Permalink. And when you’re in permalink this decides how your blog posts links look. So if you’re on your homepage and if you click the hello world. It’s going to take you to our blog
post and there’s one problem which stands
out to me. Having made a lot of blogs and that’s that in the link to the post we have indexed up DHP and the date and we don’t want any of that. We just want words up here because Google analyzes these links and it decides how they rank in Google. And if you have complicated stuff it makes it difficult to rank them. And we want your posts to rank
really well on Google with just keywords like this not with random information like this. Right. What you want to do to change that is in Permalink. Just checked the post name option and click save. That’s a really important stat that
a lot of people forget and a lot of tutorials forget right
away. And so you do that and you click Save changes and then when you come back to your
site you can click on the post. And it’ll look nice and simple in Google’s eyes with just those those words which
are the title of the post. And that’s just how we want it. If the post doesn’t show up try
clicking your name to go back to your home page and clicking the post again it will work. So great job. You just made our third change to the site and as a bonus your site is now a SEO friendly for Google. So let’s open up our scorecard and see how we’re doing now. And in just a little bit of time we’ve logged in we’ve done the
dashboard tour and we’ve changed our permalink
which is really cool. You’re making great progress. Great job. Now to learn about themes and install our theme. So back to the dashboard right here and let’s click on appearance. So here we are in appearance themes we don’t want Abdin monster to get
out of here. All right. So as we saw before the 2016 theme is active but what does that mean. You know what. What is a theme. What does that even mean. Well if we view our site the theme is everything about the site. It’s the black borders
around the edges it’s the white background. It’s the. Way that the site titles in the
upper left and the post is here and the sidebar has these black little separating lines. It’s the fonts. It decides our entire site looks so it’s really important. You can install any number of themes for free and then you can try
different ones or activate new ones to install a theme and activate it by the way you’d
have to be back in the dashboard and back in appearance themes and if you click appearance once it’ll just take you there. It’s the same as clicking on the
themes button here. Same place. So to install and I do it a new one and in other words get a new theme you would just go to. This button on the right which says add new theme. Click the big plus. And now you can search from like
hundreds maybe even thousands of free themes
in wordpress. I see one you like. You can just click it. For example I know that pinnacle is
a pretty good theme and you click the blue install
button right there. So you are installing. Just an example you don’t have to
install this one and then you could click activate it activate it like that. Right. And then now when we look at
our site. Everything looks totally different
right away. And because I’m like familiar with themes I know that we
can go back. And go to themes again. And then we can just click on the
theme we previously had which is 2016. Opening up and then just activate
this one to. Go back to normal how we started. Then when we click to our site everything was normal. All right. So let’s go back. And that was just an example. The problem is as you saw when you looked at that theme it
didn’t look very good. A lot of themes don’t look very
good. When you can sell them and they’re just not so great. It takes a lot of work and like a lot of effort to get them looking good. So we picked out a theme already that’s going to look a lot better and we can see when we install the
theme we have right here you can open it up and you can click the read delete button to get rid of it and it’s all free so you can like
install a theme again and delete it and so on and so forth. Or you could have like 20 different
themes sitting right here. It’s not very good though to try out a lot of themes because your
audience can get confused when they see too
many looks. And like I said before a lot of the free themes and stuff they just aren’t that good to install and activate the theme we want to use for our tutorial today. You can once again click that show more button below the video. On it. So there you go. And then you can click where it says
get the theme here. All right. And that link is going to
take us to the bottom market place. So that is a referral link. Some people like knowing that and I have to say that. So if you get Loral through my link then invita sends me a little credit just for referring you to their theme right here. It’s a good way of getting to the
channel at no additional cost. And I’m going to show you how to set up your own custom link like that too that you can put on
your blog and recommend people to the thing you’re using. It took me about a year of tinkering around with wordpress free themes
before I found the in Vado marketplace also just called in on market or theme forest. It’s also called and now it’s the first place I look
at when I want to make a new Web site
for anyone because the themes are super tested by a lot of designers and they’re like way above the other themes that I’ve seen. So if you can afford it I’d say definitely do it. It’s worth it to make people just say wow when they see your site for the first time and also the price here is not that big of a deal. It can be a tax write off for you. You can also refer people to your theme if they like your look and the Porus will pay you a little bit of money
if people end up buying the theme. I’ll show you how to do that too. So once you’re here and you want to read the designs and the reviews if you want you can
also look at other items by this author. There’s like a lot of pretty theme. So it was tough to choose Laurel but ended up going with it because it has the most
stuff that we want then once you’re here
you can click Add to Cart. All right and then just click go to check out. And now is doing to create a account I already have one but I’ll walk you
through it oh. And then you just click next. And it’s going to ask you a username and password click. I’m not a robot and then create account and continue. All right. And then after that
you’re going to do billing details and Slyke payment method and you’ll be all ready to buy the theme. All right so here we are at
the checkout screen and we’re ready to buy the
world theme. So once you’re ready to buy
the world theme just right in your credit card right here. And I’m so sorry. There’s a $2 to be added to it. I’m going to have to yell at invita
for that. I don’t know why that’s even there. But our total is going to be $51. So looks like I’m really going to
have to show you how to recommend it to others so you can earn your money back. All right. So now it’s time to click make payment once you’re ready. Once you complete your purchase
you’ll be taken to a confirmation page. Sort of like this one where I have all my stuff and you can also get to this thing
by hovering on your name the upper
right and clicking downloads. And what you want to do is click on
the download button and then click installable WordPress file only. All right so there’s some
information on like what to do with the theme but we just want to get the
installable file only so we can put it up on our
blog. So click that. And then don’t change the title you
don’t need to just format zip archive where probably your downloads and click save the. Are. Now that we’ve downloaded our
copy of Laurell we can come back to the themes in our dashboard and we can just click upload. All right and now we can click
upload theme. So it’s going to tempt us with all these other free themes but we’re not going to fall for that
because we already have one click upload them and now click Choose file. And now we can go to the downloads folder. Or wherever you have you download and find the theme for us file and you can either double click it or you can click open. So what it and click open. And some people told me this doesn’t
work but just make sure you don’t change
the title of the file. And that it’s the dad zip
file. And that should work perfectly
right. So click install now. And we’ll see if it works. It theme itself successfully. Great. Now make sure to click back to it. And once we’ve done that Laurel is
active click it and read all about it. It occurred to you to check out more
on sopan design as well. You know I enjoyed everything I’ve
learned about them and we can click to the home page now and see what we made. So it looks like we have this
beautiful template now for adding in our content. And that’s the case we do. All right. So next step is. Well whatever our blogging scorecard
tells us. But we can open it up and say that we’re now done learning
what is a theme and installing that theme. Great job. All right so next up what are
plugins and how do we install plug ins. Well we already talked about how
plug ins extend the functionality of WordPress. They help you do more in your site. And it’s good that we just installed
our theme because now we get this this theme
recommends the following plugins a little
notification which is actually a good
notification. All right so once you go back to
your dashboard and you see this then click began installing plug ins. All right. And it’s going to say we
need three plug ins right here and we need a total of six plug ins for our site to run just like we want. You know maybe more later
as you build and grow and wordpress. But for now just six and here’s three of them. So you want to do is check this box next to a plug in to select them
all. From bulk actions. Choose install and click apply. Right. And were press is running the installer and it works Sylhet. Click return to reply appalling and Soller. And now you just click activate activate and activate and they’re going to disappear from
the screen. All right. So we’re going to we’re
going to find them now in plugins. Let’s click on your plug ins tab. And it might look like kind of a
mess because there some of the default plug ins where a
press came with. But we’re going to clean it
up. Not to worry. We’re going to do it
right now. All right. So what are we looking at
here. Why don’t we just go down the list as it is WordPress is spam protector and it’s highly recommended and used by millions of people. So that means we want to use it to make sure you don’t get spam
comments on your blog. So let’s click activity. All right. And the goal is to have
all the poems we want in blue with this blue bar running all the way up and down. All right. And then we’re going to
come down and we see Hello Dolly. This is just a simple quote that comes in the. Upper right corner of our screen
which the founder of WordPress made so
it’s kind of cute cute and cool. So let’s activate it. And now we just see this cool little
quote here. So if random quotes are your thing then we can keep it. I just want to show you what it
does. All right moving down jetpack by
WordPress dot com. Don’t need it. So de-activate. Boom and delete. There is no harm in deleting a plug in. It won’t negatively affect your
site and you can always reactivate it for free. You have to click add new and then get it and install it
again. But for now we are sure we want to
do the jetpack. So click OK. All right. And the only reason a
plugin would negatively affect your site if
you deleted it is if you were using it in a lot of different places on
your site. But we’re not using Jap hack at all so we can delete it. Now. And mojo marketplace again. Here’s one we’re not using. We don’t want to deactivate. And delete. Great job and OK. Opt-In Monsour we’re not using it we
don’t need it. De-activate. Feels kind of good cleaning up the
site doesn’t it. Delete and OK. Great job and we need one more plug in that. The theme didn’t come with so I’ll show you how to add a new plugin to your blog. At the top click. Bad new. And now move your mouse to the right over here and just type in WP insert code with me and we’re going to get this plug in. I really like using because it
lets us connect code from Google Analytics and from Facebook really easily we don’t have to know any code you
just like paste it in here. So install this one. And use one later. But will get it now. And. Activate. Right now are polling section is
looking great. We have six points in the blue bar spans all the way up and down. If you ever have a update
notification for a plug in it’ll show up in red or orange you want to do that right away so that your site stays secure and runs as fast as possible. We’re all good to go with our six plugins installed and activated. Great work. And let’s check it off. Now it’s time to write your first
blog post. And this should be really fun. I said Chevron hydrous. So I hope you don’t mess it up. But then again blogging is totally trial and error. So it’s OK if you
mess up. So follow me back to our dashboard and we can click on posts in the upper left. And if you want to just quickly add
a new post. You can hover on new and click post if you want but we’re going to do it the old
fashioned way. So once we’re in posts we’re going to click trash on Hello world. Sorry about that. All right there goes her cute little sample post if you want to bring
that back though. It’ll be in trash and you can just click restore orderly permanently. All right. Now we’re going to click and you get started writing. All right. And your first post could
be about anything you want. It’s a good idea to write. Welcome to the blog post like hey guys this is what I’m doing this
is what I’m doing differently. This is why I’m starting a blog. Sometimes we forget to answer the
why question and that can really help readers
relate to you and like you from the start. So I recommend that. But in my case I’m going to start with another thing I like a lot
which is brunch. This post is just about one of the
first things we did on our trip to Lake Placid we had brunch at the breakfast club etc.. All right so you put the title right
here. This is what the post is called and then the permalink fills in and this permalink is also known as
a urinal or a link. It’s the link to your post. So if you want to put it
in an email this is the link right here and it will go up top once the post is live. All right. Now we need to write the article
itself and you can either write your
article in the visual tab which I recommend or the text tab which is just like plain text right here. I recommend visual because you get all the Microsoft Word ask. Editing tools like paragraph bold italics a list numbers quotes alignment and so on and so forth which you’ve
seen before. To get this second line here which
has like text color all sorts of other stuff you need to click the
toggle to a bar. If that’s not shown so keep that open and not just get some text to work
with. That’s a big mouse. So I like going to a site called Pan ipsum. When I’m building a site and it’s just like nonsense. Pin ipsum is dummy text about
anything like Arnold Schwarzenegger or basketball terms or like minerals or vegetables anything like beetles Spongebob coffee. So I’m going to go with like a mixture of coffee and cooking and baking because I’m hungry at the
moment and click generate Epsom. And you get a whole bunch of just
not just gobble gobble. So we can copy a paragraph and this is really good for
developers too because we like just showing off text. We don’t like thinking about what we
write. We just like doing so he can paste it in cool. And then you can also change up the way it looks by hitting enter if you want to do a short space. Like not a full space just hold
shift and hit enter like that. Or you can hit enter to do a full
space. And then to start playing with the text. You can make some more spaces highlight it. If you want to create like larger
text click paragraph. And click something like heading for a little bit bigger or heading to would be even bigger. So in wordpress they’re called
headings and it’s important to use headings. I usually do heading to for big points and heading for for little points because Google reads the headings to know what your post is about. So try to put descriptive terms in
those headings. Right. And then we get like have
another one. That’s pretty cool and we can even paste that text in
again. All right. So I’m just showing you
how to use like the nuts and bolts of a post editor here
you don’t actually have to write and being a stripper a lot of
Mazzard going. To make a list you can open up some content. And then just like. Kind of. You know dissect it a little and then you can highlight
everything and click for a list or number list. There you go. And you can also move around the
alignment if you want. So that’s pretty cool. So I think you can figure out the
rest of that stuff. I’m going to move on now to showing
you how to make a category because categories go on the
homepage and they’re going to go on our
menus. So what you want to do is click add
new category on the right. And when you do that just makes me
really general like food. And not category. So categories are more general and they’re like food and tags are more specific in
wordpress and they’re like brownies cookies pizza chicken if you catch my drift. Like pretty hungry. All right. So we’re going to make
this format a standard post. We’re going to make a gallery post
later on with like a lot of images. But speaking of which let’s see how to add an image to this post. So you would just put your mouse
where you want that image like let’s say I want the
image. Right here right by the word half pop and I was there and we click Add media. And now we click select files. And we’re going to. Navigate to a desktop where I have
some pre-made images and open up the blog folder. And you can choose Hopefully the one that’s called brunch. If not I’m going to have to click
spacebar to preview it ever again. Image 1787. You can see the double click click
Open. Open and wordpress will upload your image
very quickly. It’s very quick now. Used to be slower. All right. And then you can get your
attachment details on the right. So in this section you can choose
whether the image floated to write left or center. You can choose whether it’s linked
to something if you want people to be able to
click your image. But if not just like none and you can choose the size. So I really like like a medium size for a blog post and I like a left alignment for
starters and we can just click insert into
post. And there we have it. There’s an
image. Right. So that’s pretty cool. I’m not sure how this numbered part
is going to work on any published but we’ll see. And at the same. And we can move on from that. And of course you can add like 20 or 30 images if you want to your
post just might take a little bit longer. So now we can go down and we’re going to add one of the
necessary features which is called a featured image. It’s so useful I’m going to drag
this box by clicking and holding. And you should do it too. Up towards the top. So let’s do it. You said a featured image by
clicking this link. And you could just choose any image which represents the post of course and click site featured in it. And then this is going to go in a
huge location above the post and it’s also going to be the
thumbnail on the home page that’s your featured
image is the thumbnail on the homepage. Cool. Now we can go down to post settings and we’re going to choose how the
post looks. So I think the default is going to
look good but if you want to change the layout
you can try these other ones and move the content and the sidebar around. So that’s pretty cool. All right. So let’s go up and I think we’ve done enough work
on this post. Let’s click the blue publish button to make it go live. And you can also use these buttons like you can click it on publish and you can schedule it for a later
day which is kind of fun if you have
like a ton of posts and content. But we just want to publish could
publish. Cool. And now we’re going to click View
Post. And we have our first blog post. Eric so very nice very good stuff. All right. We just need to sort of
move that little list right there because it gets in the way that
image. If we go to the home page. We’re going to see the post right
here in front and center our location. All right see a little bit about the
post like the title the category and the content. And you can click read more. So everything is working and we’re very happy. But I don’t like how this looks. In a minute at it post right now to change that. All right let’s edit that and now I’m just going to click the
image. And I’m going to. Remove it by hitting the X so that
it’s gone. And we’re actually going to put that
at the top. Let’s see if it looks better. So if we put it by a mountain we can add media again. To. It. The settings are the same just
inserting the post. Maybe that will get better. At the same time I want to make sure that the wording for the post on the home page is just a little
bit of word and not like a random segment with dot dot dot. So I’m going to choose just a few
words right now from the start of the post which
would represent the post like mountain
plunger pumpkin spice perfect. Copy that text. And now we’re going to click screen
options in the upper right. And we’re going to check excerpt. So once you do that you’re going to
get a new window closed screen options. Come on down. And here’s excerpt. So let’s put them out here and let’s paste in. That text that we want and make it a perfect setting. So that’s a good sentence right. Mountain punch or pumpkins. All right. And now when we. Update The Post we’ll see two things. So I’m going to click our name right here to get to the home page
instead. And the first thing we’ll see is the
exact text we want it right here in
excerpt. So that’s really cool you can say
whatever you want there. And we’re also going to see when we click that image to get to the post. That image looks a lot better. All right. So now we have a nice
working blog post. Great job. And we can open up our scorecard because we’re now done with writing your first blog post. All right. So we’re going to change
it up in a second and upload images and get back to post. But of course let me know any
questions you have immediately on how to write a blog post in wordpress and hopefully we can get your posts looking perfectly. Now we’re just going to upload a
bunch of images to the blog to save us some time. I want to play around with images in a little bit. And so that we don’t have to just
look at this photo of my brunch and I’m going to show you three best
ways to add images to your blog. The first one is to take some photos with your smartphone and then just plug your phone into your computer. I don’t know if you heard that I
just plug my phone in and because I use a Mac everything
pops up right away. But if you use an Android or a different kind of smartphone
than just use whatever photo app is is the default one should work fine. So you plug it in and you can go to. The import section and I’ll read your photos and then you can find a photo like this. One of the horses is good. And then you just click it or you can like drag and select more photos or you can take command a and do all the photos. It’ll just take longer. So I’m just going to select one
photo and click Import one selected. And it will come in right away. And then the next best thing to do
is really old fashioned just click it and hold it. And I’m going to drag to the desktop. And then once it’s on the desktop and you do that a few times you’ll
have a whole folder like I made right here so you can always just right click
new folder blog photos and then put your photos in that folder. All right. And then you can make a
whole section for your block so you don’t have to do this just like making a folder for every blog because as you make more blogs then you know where all the right images are. We’re going to upload all these
photos to our WordPress of course but you don’t have these photos of course so I
want to show you the second way to get photos and that’s going to be to use a tool called pick monkey. All right. So let’s say you have a photo like the one we just took in
blog photos of this nice horse carriage. But you wanted to look different
like you want the colors to pop out more or the carriage till it brighter or the horses look prettier even though they’re beautiful right
now. So you can use the go to tool I use for all my website and blog. It’s called pick monkey. Get your copy of Pink monkey. Just click the show. More box. The video again and then click on the link where it
says get free trial pick monkey here. And that is another referral link. So if you’re worried about all the referral links then just know that when you start a blog you’ll totally see that it pays to insert referral links wherever you can. I like helping you out for FREE of
course but if we don’t insert a furling then we’re sort of doing
all of this totally for free. And time is money. So you know it just makes sense as part of the blogging
business to at least try putting in there for all links. And thanks so much. If you use this or any other ones or if not then no worries. I’m still here to help out as well. So we’re going to start the free
trial of pink monkey. Click that button in
the middle. Then you can either sign up with Facebook or use the e-mail password option. I’m not a robot. Check that verify and then just click the can me box right there. It’s really hard to make images for
a new blog that stand out. If you have to use Photoshop or wait for a designer it can take
forever but with pick monkey you can do all this in a super easy Ed.. And a lot of the images you see on blogs like Huffington Post BuzzFeed so all star wars Forbes New Yorker all of those. I bet a lot of those were made with Pig Monkey. All right. So I’m logged in now. And the first step I always do is just click edit a pic right here. And next we click open. So this is just like a default image
you could play around with. And then I click my computer and then I’m going to go desktop blog photos and grab the image that we took from my smartphone right there and just click Open all ready then and now on the left. We have our toolbar so we have a lot of cool things we
can do but I just like starting in colors sharp and resize exposure in this like basic window right here which is on the top button. See the whole area. So for starters how about exposure. We can just click auto adjust and the image should get a little bit sharper. All right. We can cook apply and that’s done. We can also do colors auto just so you can see the colors get a little bit sharper. So cancel if you want but I like how the colors took that
like sort of orange light away from it. Apply and then sharpen and we can work on the sharpness as
well. We make it way Sharper’s to the little details
on the horse about. Usually going somewhere in like the
75 percent range. And same for clarity. So no it’s too much. Clarity. I like going for more like
a 25 percent improvement. All right. And apply. And now we can go back to colors and I want to show you how to mess with the saturation. We can just like make the saturation higher and you’ll get more reds and more blues or lower and you’ll get a black and white
photo. So for this one we’re going to go a
little higher on that red to pop and the Blue Mountains still look
like the Rockies even though they’re just in New York. And then temperature you can turn up
the temperature maybe it’s the sun in your day if you want to go for colder weather
it would be blue. In this case it was definitely a
cold day. I think the blue makes a lot more sense there. Again we’re going for images that
pop and make an impact on our readers. So whatever suits your fancy we’re
going to go with a negative 40 on temperature. Make it look colder and apply for exposure. That can also be changed. This is sort of like the mother
board of controls brightness. That one’s obvious highlights shadows and contrast but I think her image looks good
without those she’s going to cancel those effects. I also love the crop tool if you
need your image to fit a certain part of your blog or maybe you’re making a
thumbnail for a different site. Just click crop and you can set up the size right
here like 12 80 and 720 for a youtube thumbnail. And then you just need to choose the
best part of that image. That’s great. Then of course you can click apply. We can also click on the T to add
text on top of her image. It’s super easy to do to select your font and click add text. And now here we are just typing. There you go. And you can click and drag. That’s very easy and change the
color click and drag on the right. And you can drag to resize as well. So this is all just a lot of fun. And the last feature I just
discovered was when you click on the butterfly they
have symbols that can go on top of our picture such as something I always need for my tutorials. Arabs can click arrows and then grab one of these cool
hand-drawn looking arrows pulled over to the image and then we can click that top little circle and drag rotate and of course. There you have a horse. So we’re going to undo a couple of those and then we’re just going to save and take our image to the blog. Once your is ready click save file name is important so you can find it later or secured at it. I was shoes p n g which is the
highest quality. And then keep the same dimensions. They’ll be no problem for WordPress
to handle and save to my computer. And save. If that’s not enough. The third way to get great images
for your blog is to use picks at bay. Just type in ex-aide be a wide dot com and hit enter pixel. It offers free high quality images and I love searching for really
simple pictures like mountain then once you find one you like you can click the mountain and you can also click on the
categories to get even more specific Alpine images from pixel Bay are 100 percent free. You just click them and then click free download choose the size. Click download and then save them and you do need to go through like a capture I think. Unless you sign in. So if you sign up for a free account
then everything is free. So now that we’ve covered all that
let’s actually upload the images to our
blogs are here we are back on the homepage and our new post is looking a little bit weird. Now know we’ve
had to stare at that food for even longer. So let’s go to the dashboard. Vehicle and then we can click on the media. And then we can just click Add new and I’m going to show you how to
bulk upload images if you have like 3 4 10 20 images that are ready. Click select files. Now we’re going to go to our desks up. And get create a blog 20:17 images that I picked up for the
tutorial. All right you could just choose one but to a bird. I’m going to command a to highlight all or control. If you’re on a PC and click open. All right. And what we’re press is
doing the bulk upload we can also do other things. For example you can open your blog up in another window and you could start writing a new
post. So let’s get our scorecard out and see what comes next. All right. We’re done uploading
images because those are just going to take
care of themselves. And next is add more blog posts. Perfect. So let’s come back to NEW POST. Click on post for a quick way to add a new blog post and I’m going to walk you through
how to add another blog post just so we’re all on the same page literally and metaphorically in terms of how to use the Post’s
editor features in case you missed it before. It’s good to keep our images open in
another tab because they’re still working. And then we can add new posts in a separate tab. So this post is going to be called
Driving from NYC. For anyone who wants to go our same
route after the title I like starting with the image because that image on the post or the featured image that people see first was sort of set the mood and helped me know what I want to
say when I read the post. So our image is ready. This one right here that we took just a little dorky selfie and we’re set featured image. For Body Text. I have some pin ipsum on coffee because we needed a lot of
coffee to get through the drive and we can see how the text looks
different if it’s in the visual and the text tab. Keep that in mind. If you’re ever pasting in code that you get from another web site
onto your blog make sure to paste it into the text tab. But visual is the best for editing. We’re not going to solve this post
very much because it’s going to be a
video post and we can focus on that now. So come over to a format and let’s click video. So to create a video blog post I need to do is use that video option and then you’re going to get video
post format options. It’s really simple. All we need to do is find a YouTube video we want to use. We are getting a YouTube video with any YouTube video I am going to use my videos. Although the go pro is really really
cool and inspiring. Check out those for sure. And we can just get my like my. Press obsessed with Go Daddy. You just need to copy the URL to the video and come back pay said in over video you are out and that video will show up on CNN a second. Let’s just choose a
category for this post. We need to click Add new and I’m going to call this one
trail. So now we have food and trail. And click and new category. Good job. And lastly we need an excerpt for your home page blurb. All right. And with just that much with your title with the featured image your body content with a format for the post and the video link that goes with it. And now that you’ve chosen a
category and insert an excerpt we have a blog post. We’re ready to click publish
although you of course want to spend a little
more time making the writing part of it compelling and working on the writing. All right let’s publish and now. Check out the homepage. So when you click the homepage we
have our new video post and video shows up right there. All right. And then it comes right on top of
our first post so the older posts will go down and the new post will come up top. We can play the video in the
homepage. So just another tutorial I made and then we can click through to the
bloggers and you see the video sits perfectly
at the top and then we have our content fairness. That’s me trying to look
professional in my home office. All right. So let’s add another blog
post now that we got the hang of it. Let’s go to new again and click post. All right. And this post is going to
be a gallery. That means we want a lot of one type of images because a gallery should
be like lots of certain things like
lots of flowers lots of mountains lots of lakes. So let’s set featured image and let’s see what we have. A lot of well judging from this. We have a lot of vacation photos but we also have a lot of horse photos so let’s make like a
horseback riding gallery. So because we’re setting the
featured image we’re choosing the main image for the blog
post. And we should definitely use the
image we worked so hard on and pick monkey. All right. And set featured image don’t even move down and actually set up the image
gallery. There’s no need to write the title
first or the body content first. You can write blog posts in
wordpress. How ever works best for you. So when we click gallery we’re going to get a new set of
options right here in the world theme and we can just click Add media this
button right here. Super easy. Now it’s time to actually select
multiple posts for the photo gallery. So that’s dogsledding. We just want horses horses and I’m going to hit command control on a PC and hold it down so the checkmark comes on more than one image and we can select a lot of images. Right now the horse image. Of the horse image and two more from riding looks like. Okeydoke. Now once you have your
gallery images like did just click select. And they’ll come in. So we’re going to move to categories
just because it’s right here and we’re going to say tractions click Add new and also a trail. So time for a title and your title here. How about cold winters sleigh ride and you might think more about your titles than I do. Don’t go too crazy about titles. But if you’re making articles that
want to rank in Google then you just want to insert one to three key words in the title so they’ll also
go in the permalink and Google will know a little bit more about what those posts are
about. In this case it’s just a travel
blog. And with these posts I’m not trying
to rank them in Google but believe me I’m happy to help you
rank posts in google if you want. Because when I’m not doing these
posts that’s what I’m doing all right and somebody’s content Panabaj them again our favorite tool. Are in carriages and chariots. Why not generate ipsum and we’re good to go like this one. I was wanting to visit Berlin. Copy and paste. And we should have ourselves a new
blog post. Let’s double check it. We just need her excerpt so maybe something that would make
people want to read the post. Perfect and now publish. All right we are publishing our
third post. We can click back to the home page and there is. Our new post did not come in why did
that come in. There we go. I was just thinking and the gallery was loading. So if you want specific image to
show up first on the gallery. You can edit the post and we can put a certain image in this first story here so we can
actually get rid of the. Color version because we don’t need
to that photo. Add media analysts choose the image from pick
monkey that works so hard on select. And you can just drag it to the
front so that way when we update the post. Then it will show up on the first
spot and it’ll be what people will see
right away. Are there you go. Great job if you’re wondering how to launch a
blog than three blog posts is a really good number to launch your
blog with. And my previous readers and viewers and I have actually pioneered the
three blog post rule where you have one blog post which is a
welcome to the blog post and you have a second blog post
which is something controversial to shake up your niche and show your readers that you’re
going to do things a little bit differently and a third blog post which is a
really long exhaustive list to show that you’re an expert on your
topic. If you have just those three posts that’s enough to get people reading and get them interested in the new blog you just built. It might sound super simple but believe me it works. Simple works. So with that said I might add a few more blog posts later. But we now have three and we can move on on our scorecard. That’s our scorecard. That’s our scorecard. That’s Microsoft Word and we can check off add more bloggers. And now we can move onto create our
image gallery cyder. So in the last step we learned how
to create an image gallery slider for our blog posts which is really cool but a lot of the blogs Gulotta in
the intro had some sort of image gallery cyder or hero image which would just be
one image or banner image or something that was really big and attractive on the homepage. So let’s learn how to make that as well because bigger is better. We can click the logo to go back to
the home page and we just want to put a huge image at the top of the blog. So how do we do that. Well it’s actually easier than you
might think. Just click customize. Now click feature areas settings and just check enable featured area and voila you now have a massive image gallery cyder at the top of
the blog and it’s working great the reason this is so easy is because we already added featured images to our blog posts and the slider is using those
featured images. It’s also easy because we travel
around the country and took good images and they’re high quality. And we edited them to look nice. So that’s just how it works. In that case it’s really easy to do this part of the blog. You can also select featured
category and only show some images based on a
category or change the amount of slides save and publish and we’re done with this step great
job accept. All right. So the next step is going to be to create a logo. And there’s like a million ways to
make a logo but unfortunately a lot of those ways are wrong. You can make an image that’s too
complicated too confusing too many colors too
much going on and we all see a lot of logos
everyday that look bad. So what I want you to do is just
Google logo and then click images and whatever you see on your screen
should be a lot like mine here. I just want you to use these ideas
to create a logo that’s simple and yet beautiful. Nothing too complicated. We’re already seeing some good ones
here. And we’re all smart enough to know
that Logos actually do take a lot of time and research. And you know brain power and even money to make like this Wikipedia one you have the peace sign but you also have a
person that looks like they’re reading or at least holding their arms
together with a book and perhaps some other different themes going on there as well. So I’m no expert at making logos but I do know that I’m bad at making them and that’s why I like that I have
picked monkey. All right. So what are you going to do is just
go to Pig Monkey. And we’re just going to make a super
simple logo that’s only text. There’s nothing wrong with the text
logo especially if it’s your first logo and I’ll show you why. So I’m pig monkey. We can click design now because we want a blank canvas to
design on. And we also want a transparent
canvas in case you change your blog
background color. So check that. And now we just need that for text apply canvas color. Yes. So right away we have the nice
recent fonts I used good dog because it’s the go daddy font for my go
daddy website tutorial and then we have some other ones I
like. Ariel is always good to play around and make the most of
your 7 day free trial at Pig Monkey. All right. But I’m settling on this far right here. I really like the way it looks. And I think it looks like
handwriting which I especially like so click add text once you have your font. And then let’s say about our name and we’re going to go with Greg
Arayan no spaces because that’s also the website name. Remember my address from earlier. So wherever these letters are here should be what it says in your logo. It might seem like a no brainer but I see a ton of people mess this
up so let’s just drag our title or text logo whatever we really want to call it and I size it and we’re going to make it a little
bit bigger than it should be. All you need to do is eyeball the
space where your logo will go. So it’s roughly this area where we
see lauryl right now. We’re going to want the logo to be
maybe twice that big. So we’re Will size it down and that will maintain the quality. If you make WordPress size and image up into a space then it becomes blurry which we
don’t want. So this is honestly perfect. I’m going to keep the black text
color and click to the Three Bars at the
top and then click crop. Now let’s drag in the crop region to make it the perfect size. Give yourself about a quarter of a
centimeter on the top right left and bottom and that will be perfect. That looks good. Now you can click apply if your logo is still too big like
this. Come back to the site and right click where it says
lauryl. And that use the inspect or inspect element option. So I’m going to show you a check to
see the exact size of the logo that the developers of the theme chose. And it popped up for a second but to get it back we can just come
down where my mouse is and hover on where it says I am g s r c. And C that that Laurell logo as it shows when it pops up right there is a 156 by 30 pixels. It’s very small. That gives us a good estimation for
ours though. So if if our logo is about 200 by 60 it’ll be just fine. Back in pick monkey we can click
resize and then we can choose to change the
size to 200 by about 60 pixels and click apply. If you don’t like it hit command or control Z and make it bigger then hit resize again and maybe it will go something even
a little bit bigger like 300 by a 6 and that should be good. Click Apply. Now let’s click save. Give R-TX a title and say it to my computer and save and replace. To add the logo to your blog. Just come back to the blog. Get this little wind up and click customize. Now click header and logo settings. Click select image upload select files. And you’ll see your logo. Hopefully at the top. Or you can find it by the name and click open. Click choose image in the lower
right and word press will insert your
logo. The final step to make sure it fits
perfectly is just sizing down the max with a little bit from 100. We can try 90 from 90 maybe we want 75. This gives us a little more
whitespace around the image to make it look perfect. And we can save and Polish accent or see it made and we have a pretty darn good
looking first logo. Not perfect but it’ll definitely do for a start. As you can see how to make a logo
for your blog is kind of a touch and feel process. Try different sorts of images icons fonts and see if you can get the best logo for your site. If you need icons and text next to each other just click back to the butterfly and pick monkey. And feel free to explore to your heart’s content. But there isn’t a simple text logo
is great for your first logo because you can always add to it and people will appreciate how
you’re developing your logo. Before we finish the logo step let’s add a browser icon. Also called a fav icon which goes where my mouse is appear in the
browser tab to identify our site. We can see YouTube has one and Google has won and all those blogs we looked at in
the intro have won so we should have gone to again let’s keep it simple let’s go
back to pick monkey click on the T added are taxed and just click to highlight and double click to bring up your cursor for our icon. I just want our initials so let’s make it g n or whatever your initials are. All right. We can click away and then we can click again and drag to Senate and now of course we need to do one
more crop. All right. So let’s come back to the
Three Bars click Cup. And drag in the perfect copter
region with about a quarter centimeter
around each side. All right we’re almost done just
click Apply Now click Save G is great but let’s just call this sort of Untitled site icon because that’s where press calls it. And say it to my computer and say I’ve now come back to your blog click
customize again. And now click site identity. And now you can fill in the site
icon. Just click select image upload files select files and we can double click our site
icon. Click select. We will skip the copying in the
lower right. And lets hope it works save and publish what we made. And voila there we go. You now have a beautiful simple site icon. So now the logo step is done. Now we’re going to create pages for
your blog and then after that we’re going to
create menus to put those pages into. So to create pages it’s a lot like making posts with a few subtle differences to get started. We can come up to new. Page. We like using this quick menu. All right and then a really good
first page is just about us and I’m going to show you how to add
some pretty content to the pages too. So we first need some text right. And I’m just going to lay out our
text so we have some space to work with. All right there we go. So you might have some headers like you know first Hetter. I like using those heading for for
some reason I just like using that even
number just because someone told me they ranked better
in Google once. But I think they were just messing
around with me. And maybe you have a quote or two. So that’s also a great addition for your about page quote easy to set up. There we go. So the cool thing I want to show you
about a page like about us is something to do with an image so let’s insert an image after this third paragraph. Click Add media. All right. So we have some beautiful images we could choose from NPR. Tough choice in fact but just for the sake of being artsy we choose our frozen fence like that one a lot. Next we’re not going to insert this
image into the page. We’re actually going to
come up to the upper right and click Edit image. So do that. Now we could actually do a lot with this image. But I just wanted
it to be a perfect circle that sits in the middle of the page and to do that we need to first make
an aspect ratio on the right of one to one. Eye and just leave that in there. Next hold them the shift key. See I’m holding Shift right now I
just press it and drag a square on top of the image and then drag it even larger so you
get as much as possible and then just let go shift and move it to the best possible part of the image. Cool. Now we can click the button right here and you’ve just created a perfect
square image. We need to click save. So if you want that image to be
larger or smaller you could also click Edit now and you could change these
numbers on the upper right which are the
dimensions. Let’s click back. Now in attachment display settings
will see a new option for size full size which is perfect. It’s a full square. So choose that and then click insert
into page. Right. So that’s looking pretty cool to make this image into a perfect
circle. Now we can come to the text tab and we see that where the image
looks like big and awesome like an image in the visual tab. In the text tab. It just looks like
this one line because WordPress has turned the image into a little piece of code. That’s what things look like in the
text tab when they’re an image. So all we need to do is added this
one line so that it looks how we want. The first thing I want to show you
is the width and the height. Let’s make those five hundred instead of twelve hundred and click visual. The changes will be made. Now let’s go back to text and let’s add in one simple line of what’s called CSSA and I probably shouldn’t show you
this now because technically we’re still beginners but I want you to just know what’s possible with word pass if you apply a little bit of knowledge of H T M L and C S S and tempt you guys with the possibilities. So just follow to me and I’ll bring it in nice and close so you can see. So just try it with me style. Igor’s quotation mark. That’s how I was like starting off border. Just the word border radius colon 50 percent and then semi-colon close quote and one space. So this is just one of the first
ways I learned how to write C-s as on an image. You started it with the style and then with the quotation marks
you can write anything else you want. Like border color or size and so on and so forth. And you can do that with a piece of text too. You can write in that style and then give it like a font or a color as well. But let’s just stick to this for now
because there’s a little more to it. So come on back to visual and see what we made with that style equals border radius
50 percent. And we see we’ve created a perfect
circle. So excellent job. If your circle doesn’t look like
mine then let me know in the comments. All right. So we’re almost ready to
publish the page. Let’s see what else we might need
for our About page. We can click template maybe you want a different template. But let’s see what default looks
like and let’s publish. And click View page we can see we have very nice about
us page. And that could totally work. I want us to put an image at the top
of the page. So let’s click edit page. And let’s say its featured image. And that way we can give two images
to our About page. So I really like this one also of the family reunion at it which was a photo I got from pics of bay and then edited in pig
monkey and now it’s on wordpress. Pretty standard way of it. We’re going to set a featured image and now we’re going to update. And how you pitch. Art that’s pretty cool. So it’s coming to life. If we wanted the image to go across
the whole page just one more thing we could do at
that page and then in template you can choose the. Page with full width image. So you also have the full width page and the full width page. But this option page with full with image gives us the content the full width image and the sidebar so it’s up to it page and we should be good to go. Let’s add one more page and let’s do it the old fashioned
way. First we’re going to delete the tabs. All right. So let’s go back to our
dashboard. We can also add a page by clicking
pages and then add anew. And you can see the pages you’ve
already made. Sorry a sample page go to the trash. All right. So at and. And the next page you might want to
add is a Contact Us page. And because I said I’d show you how
to do some cool things in each of the pages and this one we’re going to create a
contact us form. People can use your blog. So let’s click the publish first. All right. And now we have to put in
that contact form now that it’s published we can
just leave it here and it won’t go
anywhere. So let’s go to the Paulines and because we’ve installed a
contact form 07:30 we can click it’s settings and now you can just copy the
shortcut by clicking once right here and just copying. This is why people have contact form
7 so much because you get the default contact form out of the box once you copy it come back pages. Click Contact Us and you can just paste that short code that we copied in in the
text tab. Remember you want to be on a
text tab when you’re pasting in code of any
sort. So right click paste. All right. And that could be all we
need to do. But we want to make it look perfect with a featured image set featured image. All right. And I have this nice
pixel image of someone potentially contacting us you know to get people in the mood to write us a nice note to choose that one. Or you can find a similar one on
pics of I am sure set featured image. And now for template lets go with about page template as well. So that was just page with for with image and update page and we have a nice working contact us page or so most contact us pages look a lot like this. On any other blog they might have some text at the top
so you and your team work out the best little blurb there to be personable and talk to your audience. It blogging the scorecard says create pages are done and now that there are some pages we
can create menus. All right. So how do you make a menu on wordpress. What we have what looks like a menu. But really this is just WordPress
guessing where our pages should go to make a real menu. Go back to the dashboard. And hover on appearance and click menus. So it’s hard to find one but once you know how to do this
it’s going to become really easy next time. For starters we can just give menu
one a name so I like the main menu and then we can just click the blue
create menu button. You actually have to
create it by clicking that button. And now it’s real. All right so now that it’s real we
can drag in like links or move them around. And what I want to do because we actually already have the about
us and the contact us. But if you didn’t like if they were not here or if you deleted them by opening
them up and removing them then you can just
select it from the left like that and click to menu to change the title of one of your
menu tabs. You can just open it up by clicking the arrow up and then change the wording like
that and then just close it. And now to add more items to the
menu what I want to do is click
categories select all and click add to menu to give our readers the option of choosing anything that our blog post covers. And you can drag them anywhere you
want. I just think they look good towards that start towards the home button. This top menu item is on the far left of our menu. And let’s see what that looks like. All right. So once you drag your
items to a good arrangement and display location make sure to check primary menu and click save money. And if you don’t check primary menu
then it won’t show up. At. So now we can click back to the site and we see we have a real menu. Very cool. And when you click trail you get all the posts about trail. So it’s just two posts now but hopefully I’ll have more posts and more content. And food is working. And about us and contact us also work great. So we’re starting to really make a real blog. And one cool thing is that the category links look a little bit
different. So they have the word category in
them so that your users and Google knows that your blog now has a lot of different categories. All right. So that was super easy. OK. And the next step is going to be easy as well. So it’s time for a fun step. We’re going to add social media icons to your blog. And if you didn’t have a premium
theme you might find yourself copy pasting different icons around your blog and having them show up all funny in different places. But with our premium theme here it’s really easy to create social media icons and build a blog with more social media icons than any blog you might have ever seen. So let’s do it. So we’re going to click customize and the social media section is practically built in for us. We just have to click social media settings and now you just write in your Facebook name. We don’t even need to write out the
link. So do your blogger and Ragnor I and in. All of the social profiles that
you’re proud of that you spent tons of time
building. So I unfortunately don’t have all of
these. But you can just write in a placeholder if you want and it’ll show up. And that way we can you know test it out. We can see what the icon looks like. So Google Plus is an interesting
one. Think it’s just the number kind of weird. Yeah. So we can basically do all of them. I’m just going to write in the word itself I don’t have it. You should follow me on soundcloud but of good work. Music don’t have Yumiko. And then linked in. It’s hard for me to not hate on linked in because of how they make you add all your contacts by
mistake when you sign up for them. But let’s just say that they’re not my favorite although I know that can be very useful. I’ve heard that people make good
connections on snapchat. I hope you use that Snap’s big these
days right. All right. So save and publish. And that’s all you need
to do. X out. And now we can refresh and test our social media buttons so
you get Facebook. That’s awesome. So this is where we
share free blog tips and stories and just small little videos that might make your day a little
bit better. No big deal. And it looks like the social media
icons are a little bit too crazy up there. So I think we proved our point that we have more social icons than
like any other blog ever. And we’re going to remove a couple
of them. All right. So it looks good. It’s all about social media settings and let’s remove. Our glove and drivel Tom work. We use WordPress Vimeo because we use YouTube and. Fun. That’s great. Or keep all this from. OK. So we’re done with the social media and. So next order of business is to add the search box and we’re going to progress to our
Sidebar right now. So I think it’s going to be fun. People spend a lot of time making
the perfect sidebar and it’s just a place to you know help your readers navigate your site a little better. And please call the actions e-mail subscribe forms. Stuff like that it complements your content. That’s the idea with the sidebar
it’s supposed to go along with your content. All right. So we got to go to the dashboard and then we have to go to
appearance. Widgets What’s a widget a widget is like a gadget in more press. It just accomplishes
like one certain thing so it can be small or it can be bigger. But like I have a gadget in my
living room that turns on lights and I have a gadget that cleans the
floor. So if you have a gadget in your sidebar it’s going to do
something for you. And if it doesn’t work then you can remove it. You can take it
up. You can drag it down to inactive widgets or you can just open it up and delete it like that. And this is your sidebar so anything
in here any widget over here will then live on your blog sidebar so we don’t want recent comments. We don’t have any yet and we don’t really need recent aren’t we. We can keep reading post but the point is that you shouldn’t have anything in your sidebar that’s
empty. And that’s a mistake a lot of us
make. We want to like fill it in. So it looks busy and our blog popular but really less is more. You shouldn’t have anything in your
sidebar that doesn’t have a purpose. So we only have a few categories. And at this point I think it’s
either categories or post that we should include and we have our categories in our
menu so readily categories we’re very strategic about it. The first item in our Sidebar though is the search box. So that’s done. We just need to give it a title to say search the blog click save. And now if we open our site in a new tab then we can see that the search of the log box
is there and we can try to search like winter to get the winter post right here. But what if we search something we
know we don’t have like chicken and then it’s just going to come up empty. So that’s OK. But as you write MORE MORE blog post
hopefully people will be able to search for
them. I mean if people search for. All posts they know about leg you read a really good post on
chicken that everyone wants to read them
they’ll probably find that Thomas search box. All right. So now it’s time to put
some social buttons in our Sidebar. So how do we do that. All we keep the widgets window open and we’re going to keep the blog window open. I’m just going to click the logo and go back to the home page and keep our sidebar in in. Plain Sight so we can work on it. Now we’re going to get a widget and we’re going to come down and we’re going to see what we got. So Laurel Combs with some special widgets are going
to make use of most of them if not all of
them are going to click social icons and then just click add to add
widget. And now you can choose your favorite widgets. So because it’s a sidebar it’s a
little bit less space. I recommend three to five of them that should do it click save. All right. And now you can you just
click it and close it close that search and we’ll also close the subscribing follow. And we can also retitle it to say
something different. Close it and refresh. All right so now your audience has
two ways to follow you they can either click
this Facebook or Twitter this Instagram and so on and so forth and those links are related to these links appear. So you don’t need to write them in
twice down here. All right. So now are Cruzan or social buttons. Let’s make our About box that’s going to go in the sidebar right
below those social buttons. So this is a great place to say hi
to the reader. People tend to bring their eyes over to the cyber as they’re
reading. And if you can just say a few words
about yourself and relate to them then
you’re in good shape. So back to widgets and we’re going to grab the special Boral about me widget. This is the only theme I’ve ever
seen that comes with this specific about me
widget. It just shows that authors care about your blog and they’ve thought through things
you might need. So let’s click add widget and make sure you’ve chosen sidebar and not Instagram. We’re going to make that later. All right. And then I’m going to
call this one. Hey there exclamation. Nice to meet you. And it’s going to go all caps
lowercase. It’s fun. So now we need some you or else. How do we get to you or else. Well we can go to our media and we can right click and open it in a new tab so that we can keep working on widgets. So what I want to do is just open up an image which includes Michelle and I because it’s our blog and it’s all of our blog but we’re the authors and they are all that the widget
wants is just this you are out. So when you click on an image it’s like the you are all right here in the upper right corner. We can just copy it and then we can come back to widgets and we can paste it right there. And then you can make the link go
somewhere. So we actually do have a place for
it to go. If you go to your site and you right click on the about tab you can copy the link to that page or you can just click through it and copy the link up top right here. Either way. But we want to give that widget somewhere to go to. OK so now it’s time for some text and you just want to say a few words about you which might relate to the reader so I’m going to say we’re Greg and Michelle were pretty bad and let them jump on
the counter and try out all sorts of foods. Or at least smell them. So yeah that’s a pretty good intro and we’re and we shall. And it looks good. So Audograph it means you out. Now that is my fault we were
supposed to make that Pig Monkey. So first thing of the night is going to
be to go back to pick them. And we can do this pretty quickly
because we did it before. We can just. And you’re still using your seven
week free trial so we can go to design. And then once you’re in design you can just do transparent and then text. And now we want the font from before so we have the same design or on our blog. So it’s consistent to this one. Now we’re going to click add text and write out a signature which is just Greg Plus Michelle. Amet again up there. Bad Boy let’s click three bars at the top and drop. Put it in. So as long always you do a pretty
precise job you don’t have to be perfect but that looks good. And then sort of applies to a lot of
things at the blog doesn’t have to be perfect just focus on the content. And we’re going to click apply. All right. So it’s really big. Now click resize and make it like. 200 in this case right now it looks save. And Title it. It’s also funny if you PNB then it gives you the. James Bond options and Sean is the best one. Clearly. Sean Connery probably we’re going to call it autograph
now. Autograph an inch. And save to computer and if. All right. So now you need to go
back to your media and upload it and then get the link and click Add new and media select. Double click Audograph image there it is now just clicked open highlight the URL and copy it right click copy. And now just pop that bad boy in the autograph. I mean you’re a all right and we can save this
widget and see how it looks refreshed the site and now we have this beautiful about us widget. Great job. So score card we’re done with that and now it’s time to make that Instagram widget just like
Scout 16. One of my favorite urban fashion
blogs out there. And we’re going to go back to which it’s. Close up the previous one and we’re going to open slash use the Instagram. Widget. There it is just Instagram. So most blogs don’t have this. We’re using a great premium theme. Laurel has it. All right. So if you’re not using
this theme don’t expect to see an
Instagram widget. That’s all set. But it’s a really good idea to use
this theme as we can see right here. So we’re going to add we’re just in
the sidebar and then username is just whatever you call yourself
on Instagram. And I like nine photos and I also like the. Small option that’s pretty cool. So that should do it for me. Maybe not for me it’s a little
aggressive. How about insta gram. Noura I get. Caught. Save it. Close it up. And let’s take it to a cyber. Refresh. And we just created our own custom Instagram widget there and it is so that part is done and we can move on to the second column over here or create your blog section. We’re getting there guys now going to say we’re almost done but we are definitely getting there to install a Facebook box so people can like your blog right from the sidebar. It’s really easy to just come back to customize. And by the way we can add just to our sidebar in customize also we can do it by going to widgets at the bottom. And then clicking sidebar. So if this way feels better then this way then it’s whatever you’d like this the
old fashioned way in appearance widgets and customize is the new way. So let’s try the new just to get the
hang of that too. So we would just click to add a
widget button. And now we see the exact same
selection right here as we do on this screen here. So we’re going to grab. The Facebook like box. Click. And it’ll come in because we’re
already in the sidebar. So now we just need to write in your
Facebook you l. I know that by heart Facebook makes Stirling’s really easy. Dear blogger. It and then it’ll pull in right
there. We don’t need to insert any code or anything like that. You can also show stream. On show cover image. And customize your lightbox so that it looks perfect on your blog. And not say join. Our it and we’re done with that save and publish. Next we want to add an email
subscription widget to our blog. So let’s make sure to check our
Facebook box. And now we’re going to do the
subscribe box. This is one of the trickier steps though. It’s always a couple of steps to add a subscription widget to your
blog because you need to create an email list for it so that people can actually subscribe to something. Which I’ll explain in a moment. And then you need to put the form on your side bar or like in a blog post and we can do all of that. I just want to show you the best
order to do that in having collected a lot of subscribers myself in the past. So the first step is to sign up for
MailChimp MailChimp has the best free e-mail newsletter option. And we’re going to make use of it. It’s just MailChimp. And their Web site is MailChimp dot
com email marketing platform. And on the screen click sign up free. So we just need to enter a good
e-mail address. That’s good idea. And then a user name. And then a password and they are a little specific with the passwords. So let’s please MailChimp. And then just click get started. So much is going to help us create an e-mail newsletter for free. We’ve sent a message. All right so now you just go to your
e-mail. Next you’ll get an e-mail like this
saying welcome to MailChimp and maybe you to verify your e-mail address so just go ahead and verify with MailChimp if they
ask you to. And then we can come down and click get started. And we’re going to have to log in here we’re not a robot. OK. We’ll do that one just to verify they like being very secure which is a good thing in the long
run. And help you get that right and logon. So all we need to do really to get
this working is create a list on this end. So once you see the screen just click this at the top. And now we can create a list so a list is just like a blank sheet of paper like if you were signing up people at your community center for an event or for your e-mail newsletter you
would just need like a clipboard and a piece of paper to write things
down. The list is basically the clipboard and the piece of paper. So we just want to create a list
right here. And all it needs is a name so we’ll
call it create a blog. And from an e-mail address that will send to people. So when you write newsletters that
are sent from this one kitty and a name is all just really standard and normal and you’re right people signed up. So maybe we can use like a standard
one. All right. And we’re going to come down
notifications sent to you so we can get some more activity and you’ll get an e-mail as people
subscribe. So that’s really nice when you’re
out and about and someone subscribes. You can be happy for that little
moment and save. All right. Excellent you have a
brand new list. No such garbage yet so let’s put the
form on our blog and people can start
using it to subscribe. OK so here we are back at the blog. And now it’s time to click to our dashboard. And click plug ins and we actually need one more widget
to operate MailChimp to use the MailChimp features. So let’s click Add new and plug ins. And this one free of course. And now come up to the right and do a search for MailChimp for W.P. just like that. And this is the one we want. In the upper left by Abair code so we can install now and then activate and now to set it up we’re going to
get the new settings in MailChimp for
Wordpress So click Settings and it needs an API key to be connected. So we need to go back to MailChimp. Hopefully you cut this window open. If not you may have to log in again. So we just need to go back to
MailChimp and click on your name in the upper
right and then click the profile and you’re going to find your API
key in Extras PBI keys. All right. And then API key is right here. MailChimp will
generate it for you. Just click it to highlight it. Copy the whole thing. It’s really long and weird but let me know if you have any
problems creating an API key and then back and press paste it in and save changes. And now are connected great. So what we want to do is then have our lists. So they come in a second. And if you don’t see your list right
here below then click Renu MailChimp bliss. All right. And done so we’re all done on this
screen and now we can just go to perience over there and click customize and back to widgets sidebar right at widget. Now we’ll have the option for the
MailChimp sign up form perfect so choose that one. And we’re going to go all the way
down to the sidebar where it should appear. And there is newsletter. OK. So we’ve added it. Great. Doesn’t look like much though it
just says newsletter. Maybe we can change that to join our newsletter called action verb arts hold close for now. Just save and publish and we need to do one more step to show the newsletter lets go back by clicking x. Now let’s click on forms on the left in the MailChimp for WordPress
settings. It’s going to ask us what the name
of the form is so just choose any name you like subscribe form and now choose a list that people should subscribe to through
this form. And click add new form. Excellent work. So let’s scroll down now and let’s just save changes without
changing anything on the screen. And let’s see what we have our blog open in this window. Go to the home page and click on. All right so we have an actual
newsletter form that people can use. That’s really cool. You get the choice of at least two
designs now. The first one is this really
simple design with just e-mail address an option for people to put that in and click sign up. So if you think that works for you
then stick with this. Or if you want a larger more robust form then I’m going to show you how to use the
specific form for our Laurell theme. To do that let’s Google. Lauryl theme WordPress documentation and whenever you do this you’ll find
some goodies that the developers love for
us. You just have to work a little bit
to make us work. So where would this be. I think we want the beginner basics getting started with Laurell. It’s click that and so papain has this help site at Texas DOT com. So of course link this to you guys in the video below. Don’t worry about that. We’re just going to want to click
the section that says set up your newsletter widget and hope we’ll find a good down
here. All right. So this is the design
we’re shooting for. And let’s see if we can get it. Check out this article How to set up
world news or just like that. And let’s see if there’s a goodie. I know there you go. Oh here it is. All right. So. You can read through this whole
article if you want. I already have. And then we’re just going to come
down because we’ve already done the first step. The second step we’ve done the third
step. All we need is this little beauty right here which is a little chunk of code just highlight this HVM on. Copy. We don’t need to know what it
means unless you want and I can explain it. And you want to go back to your. Web site and then in this field. We’re just going to highlight it. So what we’re going to do actually
is we’re going to. We’re actually going to highlight
this code and copy it. All right. And come back to our text file from before. We put our WordPress insulation
details way back. And we’re just going to paste this in. So we have this simple layout and now we can use the really nice robustly. All right. So it’s that again. Just copy this little gem comeback. Paste. It over. What it says right here. Just like I did right there and click save changes. All right. So you get to a
subscription form lay out and I think we should be working now or refresh our blog. And excellent. Great job. We can test it out. So let’s use one of my other emails and subscribe to our list so when
someone click Subscribe they’re going to get a confirmation and saying please check your e-mail inbox to confirm. So pretty standard and everything works. If you want any tips on how to build
your email list design your form Gurry newsletter. Give people incentives
to subscribe. That’s what the comments are for
because I’ve definitely gone through all
this. I know how you feel just starting
out. All right. And we can move on now. But like I said that’s what the
comments are for. Happy to help. So we’re down to subscribers. And why don’t we move on and add a Google advertisement. All right. Put a Google ad or several Google ads on your blog is actually really easy. You just copy paste the google code and put it on your blog. The hard part is getting accepted to
Google’s advertising program called ads. And so this is the first tutorial where I’m going to walk you through
three steps you need to do before you apply to ads and to increase your chance of getting accepted. The first step is right. Three blog posts. Make sure you have content you don’t want to have an empty blog
because Google gets a lot of applications
from bad web sites. They don’t want to do anything but post ads and they want to accept good blogs that have at least a few blog posts and also some pages. If you’ve completed upped the
tutorial and the steps you’ve done then
you’ll be fine as far as that goes. The second step is just to submit your website to Google. So if you Google the Submit my site to Google you’ll get it in that exact instructions on how to do that. In fact there is a link that says
Submit your l. Where you can click it and literally all you need to do is
just paste in the link to your blog right here and click. I’m not a robot and that at least will tell Google
that you exist. You’re a real person and not a robot. And if you want to rank in the
search engines and want to start doing good
things the third step is to add Google Analytics to your Web site. All right so that’s up we’re actually going to do right now
together so that you can make sure you do it
right. So I’m already signed up to
analytics but I’ll show you how to sign up in my little Incognito window here which doesn’t recognize my google email. So you just Google Analytics. And then you can click on the first
link that says Google Analytics solutions. All right. And then once you’re on
the homepage for analytics click analytics and beleft. And you’re going to get an option to
sign up for free. So that’s what we wanted to
do. It’s always free for me so I don’t even know why they need
to say that. Just click the sign up for free
button. All right. And it’s going to tell you the steps
you need to start analyzing your sites
traffic and to install Google Analytics. It’s actually been a while since I
set this up so it’s nice to see it brand new again. It’s looking pretty cool with all the graphics. So let’s do it together and click sign up. And you’re going to need to tell analytics about your Web site and your account name so account name could be anything but it’s good to just put your
website name in here whatever you call the
web site and then put in your web name again and then put in your you URL here. So in our case this would be. For example right now at 9 and Jerry Ragnor com that should work. And they are to give us the
TTP portion of that. Next just use an industry category and we are an educational tutorial on how to create a blog. So maybe we are jobs in education although we’re not
really jobs unless you use blogging as a job. So all right that could work. And then we’re going to come down and click get tracking ID. All right. And then click accept. And then Google will give you this
awesome tracking I.D. that they made just
for your blog. This is unique to your blog. So this is the. Now if you google on
this property if you’re using a third party the
voting are best go to a. You’ll need to follow their
instructions to sort of analytics. OK. Got it. So you have me here so I’m your third party instructions and we’re going to. Highlight the code from the script part to the other script
fire. Copy it. All right. And then we’re all good
right here. We don’t need to do anything else in
analytics. Just come back to the blog. So we’re back at the blog and we’re going to click to the
dashboard. To install your Google Analytics
code just hover on settings. And click W.P. insert code. And Paste that code in the header
code box. Perfect just like that. So we can paste a lot of code in
header if other sites want to like verify with us. But for now this is a great
start. And this is all we need to do. We’re going to click save changes. And now Google will be able to read
your site and track the amount of traffic you
get in your analytics dashboard. So give it about 24 hours for analytics to start communicating with your web site and tracking your visitors coming in from all around the world and gather some good rich data and then come back to analytics and click home. And now we to have like all these
analytics accounts but you just want to open
up your eyes for example or open up like. All right fine I’ll show you one
good number. So if you open up the folder and you click to your blog. Then you can see the traffic that’s taking place or wave. And the best area I like to go is to click behavior and click site content all pages. And this shows your best blog post or your pages both pages and post show up here you can
analyze and look at the numbers. All right so we’re going to close
analytics with those three steps done with your three blog posts and a couple of pages live now that
you’ve submitted your content to Google. And now that you’ve installed Google
Analytics You could also add your site to
Google Webmaster Tools. You just get through Google just
Google Webmaster Tools and set that up. If you do all that you’re going have
a much better chance of getting signed up and approved in Google and sense. So now that we’ve done that we can go to Google ads and see it looks like. All right. And here we are going to sign in. You don’t need to read her story. And I’m sure it’s good. There’s always people making a
killing with that sense. And I’m not one of them but they’re out there and you want to learn from them. There’s a million ways to make good
money with ads and do it all the right
way. And they really will pay you
hundreds of thousands of dollars every month or you know just enough to cover the
cost of a domain and hosting. That’s good to. So here’s my dashboard. And what we want to do is click on my ads to get an ad set up here blog. And then you want to click new ad
unit and you can decide how the ad looks the size what sort of texture
visuals appear. It’s really fun. It looks like we already made an ad
for our blog. So let’s just use that to save a little time. So Greg Noorzai and sidebar ad and I’m just going to click get code that little blue link. All right. And now sort of like the
analytics code you just need to copy what Google gives you. Make sure it says azing cronie is
right there so that it loads in a good way in comparison to your other content on the page and it doesn’t take long time to
load. Then click close. And now we’re going to go back to the blog so to insert a Google ad on your set come to your dashboard and you might know where to go. Now we’re going to go to your appearance widgets but we’re going to do it through the
customized window so click customize. And now come on down backward we’re before and click widgets like sidebar. So this should all be looking pretty
familiar right now. Just click add widget. And I didn’t notice it first but you can just put ads into the text widget. That’s the best way to do it. You clicked text because this is really just a little window
where you can write whatever you want like a world or you can also use code. It’s good for both of those. So we’re going to paste our Google
ad like search save and publish and that should be working out on sutee made dashboard. Come then we can see we have our
very first Google ad. That’s awesome. It’s showing up nice and clear and it’s showing me that I should
book the park Hyatt Sydney. All right. And that’s because I’m
trying to plan a trip to Australia right now. If you have any advice I want to
make sure we see everything too. So let me know the best places to go in Australia if you’ve been. If you go to a different page the ad
might look different like on our
attractions page. Google decides what ad to show based on the words around
the ad. So depending on your page content
you might see a different ad chip advisers. Obviously a really great ad good
company looks pretty good on our travel
blog. And you know it will vary depending on what your blog is
about. And that’s one of the coolest things
is that Google does that like work for us. We don’t need to decide what ads and make those beautiful ads will do
it for us. If it’s not showing up it might be because you have an ad blocker
working so turn that off. Mine is turned off. All right. So that’s how to. Get approved to Google Ad Sense and make a Google ad. Next we’re just going to show off
our latest post on the blog because we have a few of them right now that people
can read. So to do that let’s go back to
customize and close up the. Top. Right now we’re going to click
widgets sidebar. Add a widget so you probably do this
on your own by now. And we’re going to click recent
posts. All right. I’m going to say good. Well this is and save and publish. And I believe that’s done now it’s X out. So it looks beautiful and Laurel styles it all nicely with centered and the font and the two lines so no more work needed on our part. All right let’s cross that off we’re really curious now. And so we’re going to put another
Google ad now just because like you never know
which ad people are going to click. Maybe they’ll
click the first one the second one you want to give them choices. If people really need choices and want to click I think that’s the strategy though. There’s a lot of successful sites
that have ads in a few locations to optimize the real estate on your site. So let’s click customize again. And click widgets sidebar and we don’t even need to get new ad
code. You can just open the text widget and copy this code. So I don’t. Copy. And just put that in another text
widget. Add a widget text and paste right in there. And say and publish. All right so. That’s perfect. We now have two ads working for us. It shows you guys how much time I
spend fumbling around chip adviser. So cool. All right. That part’s done. Cross off another Google ad. Next we’re going to set up our promo
boxes which could be about your different
pages or different advertisements you make for anything you want on the web at your blog or on another blog. Really whatever you want. They’re really fun. So the boxes go in the sidebar which means that to create them we have to go back to customize and widgets and sidebar. And once we’re here look at a widget and now of course we’re going to
choose the Boral promo packs. All right. So this widget needs a few things but it doesn’t really need a title. It really just needs a background
image. And some promo text that goes on top of that image and then a link. So when someone clicks the image
they can go somewhere that you want them to go to get our back on image you are l like we saw before we can just open your blog and a new tab. And then go to the dashboard and specifically the media area to get a new image you are all sort of like media and now let’s use our first promo box image. So I believe that one of them was dying from the demo site so you can of course pick any image and your blog can be about
anything. So your promotions might be any sort of subject like fitness fashion finance. The list goes on and on. But in our case because
we’re a travel blog we have nice pictures of hotels. And the first one is this awesome wilderness hot tub that we’re going to use for a promo box. So we just need the you know we can just double click this file you
are el. Copyright and come back to customize and we’ll. Pasted in this little bar. Now for a promo text. Let’s just relax. And for a promo link we actually need to open the blog in
a new window. We want the real link to the
attraction’s page. Copy and. Now our first promo box is created and we can go down the page and see it and it looks really nice pretty with a white background with the text. All right. Now we just need two more
promo boxes we can close our first one. Click Add a widget and now Primum a box and you can add like three or four or five whatever you want. Keep your media window open. That makes it easy or we can grab our image of the
dining room table. Copy the you are el. I just did like a triple click or a double click right there to
highlight it and copy it. And now paste that in and some text dining and a link. And of course this link is going to
go to our food page. We’re going to right click on top of
the food page and come back and paste it in. All right. And we’ve created our
second promo box. So that looks good too is better
than one. Alex you looks really professional. If you have any questions as you
make these promo boxes and you can move on to the third
printing box save and publish. Close it up. Click Add a widget and choose a box one more time. And now we just need a picture of this nice little hotel where someone
could stay. Although I guess that would be
someone that didn’t really want company. In any case it looks beautiful and relaxing. So let’s just copy the you are out all right and come back and we’ll paste it in back as you or I’ll paste promo code. Lodging. And for our link we haven’t created
a page yet for lodging. So what we’re going to do is just
write coming soon about this box so that people know that they can
expect that content coming soon. All right. I think it will show up. But save and publish. And will refresh and we have our promo boxes all set ready to go at the bottom of
the site. Great job. So let’s cross that off. And now we’re going to create an
e-commerce Web site out of our blog but we’re not going to change the
entire web site. We’re actually just going to add a
shop to your blog. So one separate page where you can sell anything you
want from your blog. All right. So how do we do that. Easily on web. So I’ll show you now how to add
e-commerce to a blog. We can go back to the dashboard and we’re going to use the best full service e-commerce plugin for
Wordpress called wude commerce. It’s kind of a funny name that you
chose but after you hear it a few times it sounds a little more normal and it makes sense because it does
so many good things. So we’re going to look ahead new and we’re going to just do a search
for new commerce. All right. And there it is so commerce is what we’re going to
use with 1 million plus active installs. And we’re going to click install on
the anklet activate all right in and follow the steps in
newcomer’s and it will set itself up for us. So let’s go and continue and just choose your state wherever
you’re located or your country around the
world. Or in New York and we’re using pounds inches and dollars so if we ship anything and if we charge any money that’s
what it will be in. But you can change that later on of
course and continue. All right. And so yes we’re going to
enable the shipping option. And if you want to charge tax and check that box to continue. And now we can choose the payment options that our site will allow. So we want to allow people our standard check payment paying transfers and cash on
delivery just to keep everyone happy. But if you want to remove a payment
option later or change how it works you can
always do that in the checkout settings continue. So for one moment I just want to go back and see if it’ll let us do
that. All right. So what we want to make
sure here is that the Pay-Pal. I just checked and unchecked it that
the Pay-Pal email address you have is
your actual paypal email address and not your WordPress email. So in my case that’s a little bit
different. I’m going to change this because when I set up PAME how I used this email instead. So just make sure that your Pay-Pal
email is the correct one. That way when people make purchases and use Paypal to check out on your blog then you’ll actually collect the money and they won’t be like any problems with paypal and now continue again. All right. And now we’re ready. We can create our first product so the products screen is just like
adding a new post or any page. And because it’s so
easy I’m going to walk you through
creating a demo sample product or something you might want to sell
on your blog. So I like starting with a product image which is just like a featured image click product image. We can choose our flowers. Or we can choose something else. I think we had some food here. Where’s the food. Oh there’s the
food Serenity’s the food set product image and we’re going to call this press key snacks. All right. Then you just heard a little
description about the food and you can come down and write another description down
here. Includes she read all right. And then we just need a price you
can set a regular price of course your price can change
whenever you want. You just have to update it and you can make a sale price to see how that works. All right and now we’re going to
choose a category food click add new. So it’s a lot like adding a new post
when you add a new product. And if you want to have multiple
options like a T-shirt would have large
small medium etc or different colors. Then you need to change this option to variable product. And I have a tutorial a different video tutorial on how to do that as well. So I’ll send you that in the comments if you want
to create more options for your product. But for now this is just called a
simple product one price one set of options I won’t publish. All right now let’s view product and we can see we made our very
first product. If you click the image we get this
nice overlay of habit. So it’s pretty cool. And if we go back we can see just
how the product looks. So it has the description NAMBLA. Has reviews people concert reviewing it and buying it and then we also have
the option to change the quantity of this opera Eski snacks item people can add to cart and then right away view car. So it’s kind of like a simplified
version of Amazon. You have a lot of the professional
features just not a million products and a million options at once just
the simplicity of e-commerce and you can give people coupon codes that are also really easy to create and then someone can click proceed
to check and fill in some billing details and additional information and order details and then they can look at their
order decide how they want to pay you and click place order and pretty much everything is set
up. So the only parts of this e-commerce
shop here that aren’t set up are that I
don’t have the boxes and the goods in place to go ahead and ship people these food goods if they order it from our store. That’s basically the only thing we
don’t have in place because we can now
start accepting payments. And we haven’t listed the shop in our navigation many even though commerce went ahead and set up all these pages for us. We should give people the option of navigating the shop and then we’re done. So if you remember to edit our menu of top here we need to go back to dashboard. And we need to hover on appearance and click menus and now we have more pages here
because we come or set them up for us so we can just select shop cart check out my account. Click and the menu. And that’s great. What I’m gonna do is just simplify
it by drawing sharp up. And then indenting my account check checkout and cart right here. So we just indented and I want to make sure everyone
notices that step. So this is not only how to simplify your menu but also how to create a dropdown menu in word pass and I’ll show you how it looks right
now. Let’s just save it. And now we have like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 items in the main menu and three items in the
dropdown. So let’s go and see how it looks
now. We’re just going to actually refresh
the checkout page. So now we added the shop edition and our navigation and the dropdown looks great. All right and everything fits. And you didn’t need to go ahead and create a custom dropdown or look up a tutorial on how to do
that because we created it here right
through WordPress and with all comers. So that’ll help people navigate just
like they navigate on Amazon when they want to like check out right
away or view the cart or just see their account and edit their profile details and their other personal details. Of course within your blog. So we open up our scorecard we can see that we’re actually now
done with two more. Steps. We did the shop and we did drop down menu. So great job. Now we’re going to learn how to set
up your own Instagram filter so that when people are
scrolling down on your blog whatever type of
blog you make They’ll think they’re done with amazing content and then bam you’ll show them a bunch of cool photos of you on Instagram so you can become just like James Franco or Gucci Mane or Solange or Blake Lively or anyone else that’s really famous
on instagram and it’s going to be really tough to
do this. Only catch I’m just kidding. Actually it’s going to be really
easy. And the rest of the tutorial is
actually all downhill. So let’s do it. Get your Instagram photos set up. Just go to customize yet again an hour we’re going to click widgets and Instagram putter and click Add a widget. And so now we just want the Instagram with Instagram. There’s Instagram. To just choose on. And now we can come down and let’s click on the home page so
it’s a little bit more homey. And then now we’re just going to put
in our username. So mine is now I got it even though
I’m like never on Instagram. And you can choose the number of
photos. And I think they said that medium works best original That’s what Laurel recommends. And let’s just choose six photos us. Let’s try that save it and scroll down. All right there we go. Now it’s working now. Looking at so when we accept you’ll now have
set up your very own entry and footer looking great. Actually I kid you not. That looks great. And good job. So that part’s done. All right. Now we’re going to add the copyright
section to our blog. So really important but often overlooked. And once you think of what you want to write you can
just remove the section at the bottom
right here and right in your own text and links. So that’s something great. So we’re just going to go back to
customize and now we’re going to click on the
footer settings and here we can get to work editing
the footer. Copyright. So I already thought of some stuff I
want to say. That’s when I. Copyright 17 and I want to write drag around in and then I’m going to hit the right
arrow to move the cursor over and instead of the periods I want
the vertical bar like that so you’ll have to find that on your
keyboard. In my case it’s in the upper right and then go into the right. Even more designed and developed. So what I’m gonna do here is just
remove designed and developed and write in the standard WordPress theme created by. Right. So that way people know that
we run WordPress and there’s a theme involved and then if they want to get to know
the creators they can click or link right here and check it out. All right. And now is the fun part. So now we’re going to get our first
taste of referral or affiliate marketing and we just need a link for right
here. We need to create a custom referral
link for you to do so. Open up a new tab and head back to theme forest where you bought your copy of the
lauryl theme. And here we are. All right so once you’re here just
click on. All right. That’s next. Oh there she looked interesting. What does that say. Dan something about an affiliate
competition which totally makes sense. All right well we’ll have to talk to
that person later. So OK. So we’re going to click affiliates and now what we need to do is just get those linked to the Laurell
page. So we have our username because
we’re signed in. And if you didn’t sign in make sure
it go ahead and sign in. I’m going to open up another tab and was going to google him for his to log on because all the theme parks themes are in google and I find the theme right away. Just click the first link. There it is. All right. So looking very familiar. And let’s go to the top think hobby
link and now come back to that Phillip
page. Leave your username in there and just paste that link over it
where it says in Boston Market page so this is doing is creating a referral link to any custom invita page we tell it to. When you click away for a link will
create itself. And now that’s all we need to do. We just need to copy the referral
link which is now custom to you because it will say wrath equals whatever your username is right
here. So if you name names like Bober Amy it’ll say rap equals Bob Arapahoes calls Amy. Copy that and now. Easy as pie. Just come back to WordPress and paste that in right over the soap. I’m like we’re going to actually just right
click paste it over that link. All right. And sometimes when we
save and publish it doesn’t actually go
through. So I’m going to actually highlight
everything we just made check on the other highlight and copy it just in case it doesn’t get saved. We don’t want to have to do it
again. And what you have to do it over
again. So copy it. All right. And now save and publish on sialic complete the photo section scroll down you can see it’s
working. And if we accept and go down on our actual home page and you have your own beautiful
custom footer section cover it 20:17 the name of your site. All rights reserved. WordPress theme created by. And then we have the name of the theme creators so upon of
course that when someone clicks it that’ll go right to the theme for us page where someone can buy the theme and you’ll get the referral credit aka a little bit of income for marketing the theme to your
audience. And just to prove to you that that
works we can see that I’ve made like seven hundred dollars now from the referrals to invita. So if we click that and then if we click earnings it’s kind of tough to find. So I wanted to show you. And then if we click from item sales
just referrals then Ill show you how many referrals you’re getting recently and haven’t really been referring to all of them for us lately. I did in 2016 at the start with the Mr. Taylor theme and our e-commerce video but not much lately. So if we took all time then we get a little more activity. All right. So just something to look at. We have like Dade’s. Click through a lot and 2016 and then registred people who want to deposit because then we
earn some or real income. And so on and so forth. So it is real. You can definitely earn your money
back and then some using the affiliate marketing system at
Vado. All right. There’s only one thing I
wanted to change about that FOTR. So it’s that I want willing to open a new tab so someone doesn’t leave
your blog. Let’s go back to customize and I’m going to show you how to
open a link in the new tab. Just click footer navigate to every part and right after the quotation mark not inside of it. Right after it make space and right target equals. Quotation marks underscore blank. Close quote. That’s just shorthand for open link in a new tab that appears like everywhere on the
web. Site and publish. Close. The. Homepage. And network business are. So good job. Ron. Let’s cross off the copyright the image effects section. We actually already did before when we uploaded images and styled our horse curious image in pig monkey. So if you want to learn image
effects then click back to the upload images section. But this is just a free step that
you guys can just cross off and just when you thought you were
almost done by the powers of editing we have to add our big promo boxes. But it’s a quick step and I think this is a cool feature
for whatever kind of blog you want to
create. So let’s do that quickly. We can come to customize. Doesn’t it always seem like when
you’re almost done there’s one more step. And now we’re going to go to. Premeal box settings. So we had our promo boxes in widgets and now we have problem boxes as their main tab right here. And those go on the home page. These are the big promo boxes. All right and now we just need to
get our window like right here right beneath that image gallery slider and click and they’ll prowl boxes and I think a space should appear. There you go. All right. Now to our first big
promo box which can I select image. And we’re going to choose one of the
images that you uploaded. All right. So we’re going to choose
this one choose image and this will be for Instagram. So we’re going to call this one. There you go. And the URL is just going to be the Instagram for Micheles channel. So I got that link. It’s going to paste it in right
here. And if you want to follow Michelle
she definitely Gram’s more than I do. Go ahead and just be nice. Otherwise I’m not going to be happy. So always be nice on social media. That’s our rule. And we of course appreciate any
follow as you give us because as you know now that
you’re creating a blog building any social media following is very
exciting stuff. And we’re going to come to premeal
box to now so we can just. Fill this one in. Where am I going here. We can fill
it in with another image. So let’s click select to image and we’re going to grab the. Picture of the flowers and choose which. All right very good. So this one is just going to go to
our shop page so we can open up the site now. And you can right click on shop and copy link address. And then paste that in. Box number two you are up. And then come on down. The third box select image. And I’m going to go with our artsy little snowflake fence image because I love this one. And so you can choose any images
that will match whatever type of blog you’re
building here. And if you want to you know start a
blog about finance Maybe this says like stocks and this one is inside tips and this one is a newsletter or something you can create any
images and link to any places. And box number three is just called
our story. And the oil is just the about page so we can write like Cabul and get us. And come back and paste it in here. So before we’re done with this section we need a title
for box number two. Which was. Shop. And when your title for actually
we’re all done. All right. So a suit made. And we have our three big promo
boxes looking fantastic. All right. So great job everybody. Save and publish accent and we can see what we mean. Awesome so let’s cross off the big promo boxes next. I’m going to show you how to add
Google fonts to your blog so you can style the blog. And you know let your creativity run wild. So the first step is just to Google Google fonts. All right. And you’re going to get
Fahnestock googled up com click that. And now we have all these awesome
stylish. Interesting. You know. Hopefully emotion evoking fonts that you can use for your stories your posts your reviews you know your advice what I’ve given out and find the perfect font. So I think India flour looks really interesting and something like we might want to
use for a story about the beach or about a road trip and I’m going to show you how to use
this one but it also applies to how to use
any phone on Google. The first thing you need to do is
click the plus button right here and it’ll give you this window that
says family selected or maybe the design will
change. Google is always updating but it should be the same steps. So you just open the window now and even though it looks confusing
it’s really easy. The first thing we need to do is
click where it says Link HGF and you need to highlight the
section just like I did right there. And then copy it. And now we’re going to go back to
our Web page or our blog. The head part it’s all just telling
us code but we just need to go back to our
blog. Dashboard. And we already set up a nice plug in
for inserting Google fonts. If you have run settings you can
click W.P. enter code. And now all we need to do is open up the section for header code a
little bit. Just expand it. Give yourselves one space like that and paste in the code from Google. And make sure there’s a space there. So those codes don’t get in the way just like I did right there. That’s perfect. This section is perfect for
inserting code from third party sites like Google. And now save changes. So now we actually have to write in
the new font on the page where we want it or the post where we want it. So it’s clear to our site and let’s click the About page where
we’re going to use this font. All right and we have our beautiful
finished up page so we can click edit page and we’ll come down. And I’m going to create a new header
for this font. So we actually already have two
forms. I’m just going to make like our own
custom hatter. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to separate some text. We’re going to capitalize the first
word of that sentence. And now what we’re going to do is
make use of the. Google CSSA right here. So it’s really easy to just follow
along with me. We first need to copy everything in the second section that says font
family. Make sure you get all of it
including the like on. All right. And then come back to the
blog. And now just put your cursor at the start of where you want to
include the font. And follow along. We’re going to write an alligator bracket. Pea style equals quotation mark. And now I’m going to hit command
paste or control paste. Just like that. Now close quotation mark close
alligator. And at the end of where you want the
font to be you could put it on a whole
paragraph or just a couple of words whatever
you want write an alligator for P alligator like that. So what we did is we enclosed this specific text right here in New paragraph style which is just called pieced out a
paragraph style and then we decided what style that
would be. So I think it will work. I’m crossing my fingers we’re going
to update now. And now click View page. And when we scroll down we hope we
see a new Google find. And we do it just a little bit
small. So there it is. And Google fonts are
now working on our blog. And you can use a couple of them. I don’t recommend
more than three of them but choose the best one for whatever blog you want to make. I don’t like how it’s so small
though. So let’s click at page and come back. And if you put your mouse after the
summer cone you can write font Desch size. Cone. And then choose a bigger font size
like 36 x for pixels and then so on. So after one command like this is one command you need a
semi-colon. Right here. And then after another command like
font size you need another semi-colon and you can write more right here. Update the page. And now it’s more easy to see that
beautiful Google Fiber. All right guys so great job. You I know how to insert Google
fonts on a WordPress blog. All right. And I’m getting kind of sad. I didn’t really think this
would come about but we’re all done now. And we have a complete blog to go and show the world. I really can’t believe it. I thought we’d be building this blog
like for weeks but we finish it now. I hope it wasn’t weeks for you I
hope it was only a day or two but in any case now you have this
awesome blog and it could be about any subject. I hope I showed you that you can
make any blog. And give you some inspiration to try
out any niche and really you know go and prove the world that you can do
it. And it’s not just another blogger
doing it. It’s you and your blog and all awards the social media the comments the
statistics the income the fame. The speaking events the ability to
quit your job. And of course all the great writing and you know all the beauty is coming back to you. That’s how it is. And I mean you deserve it if anyone else can make a popular blog that
someday becomes like Forbes or Huffington Post or tech crunch Mashable. Time magazine. Any other blogs we’ve heard of then there’s no reason you can’t do it too. Good luck. And me and my small team at dear blogger
dot org and the WordPress experience dot
com are always here to help you. So I’m signing off. I’m really sad but I want to say congratulations on completing this tutorial. I loved making it for you. These are always super fun. This is like the fun part of my work. And you know I can’t wait to hear
from you on what you’re making. We always have a showcase of new
blogs and websites that are coming out
from tutorials. So all you have to do is you know send me an e-mail with that blog and we’ll hopefully get you hooked up and featured in the showcase and that can get you some new
traffic too. So congratulations. And I’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks for watching. I’ll talk to you later.

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  9. Do you use the same CSS for every WordPress site/theme/whatever? I put the CSS code (style="border-radius: 50%;) into my image on my site and it doesn't change it from square to circle. And, when I switch to visual, it's still a square…then switch back to text and the stuff I added (style="border-radius: 50;") has moved to before src – like this: style="border-radius: 50;" src="https://……………. ugh

  10. Hi Greg,

    First, GREAT JOB on the tutorial! It really has helped me my page Anyways, I have two issues, 1. my menu on my page looks nothing like yours, it only gives me the "show menu" option with a drop-down selection (it doesn't give me the vertical listing like yours has). 2 as for the Google AdSense did you have to place the HTML on all of your pages first? Because I keep getting a message to add the link to "all of my pages". Just curious. Lastly, with the "affiliates" tab on ThemeForest, I don't see the tab on my profile. Do you mind making a video addressing my concerns, please? If not, can you send a message?


  11. Hi greg! I just purchased the laurel theme but when I downloaded it, there's a pop up and it is asking me to buy a Winrar license and there is no save option.

  12. The video has been so helpful. I’m a true newbie to all of this. This question may sound weird but I went through hostgator and then downloaded WordPress but where do I go to get to my dashboard? I even downloaded the WordPress app and I can’t get in. Please help! Thanks

  13. hello , i wanna put my social media .but when i go to customize there is no social media setting /can you please help me /how to figure out that problem

  14. Hi Greg, this video is damn goodand i am almost finished my blog by following this.I have a question…while following the steps in affiliate marketing, I couldn't find the affiliate tab in ThemeForest.Do I need to register for that separately?

  15. Hi greg, I dont know if your still helping with this video but Im having so many issues. like creating the gallery, only the featured photo appears on home page. Thanks Rose

  16. Dear Greg. THANK YOU! my website is now up and running but I have a few glitches.
    How do I get the main menu to go across (horizontal) the page instead of as one drop down menu with all the categories?
    Also, I was not able to resize the picture to a circular one in the about section. I was not able to sync the Facebook Laurel. Only the Instagram (both the footer and the one in the big promo box).
    I couldn't seem to get the Google fonts working either and the front gallery image looks so big I don't see how to resize it there,
    Finally, I was not able to add any of the ads on my page. I disabled a pop-up blocker I had.
    my website is could you help again?

  17. Greg i need your help. i messed up somewhere. After i typed in my website /wp-admin to login, it's not bringing me to the wordpress website

  18. Thank you for this video! I feel much more confident and prepared about what steps to take, and I LOVE this theme. I'll be purchasing it through your affiliate link. Question – do you have a current coupon code for Host Gator? It's been a while since this video was posted, and I'm curious if the one you provided here still works. Thanks Greg!

  19. Great tutorial. What happened to your blog tho? doesn't look like it is running anymore…

  20. Hi, I can't seem to add more content to a page. I want to continue adding but it's very difficult for me to find where to add? Help!! I am sure it's simple, but I can't find it, about to pull my hair!

  21. Hi Greg, loving everything so far (I also used your website tutorial which was awesome!) but I just purchased and tried to upload the theme to wordpress and it says 'The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.' what do I do about this? Thanks!

  22. Hi Greg, thank you for the amazing tutorial! May I know how do I add "Post Settings" and "Format" on Post? thanks =)

  23. Hello Greg, your tutorial has been extremely helpful to me. However, my menu item does not display. All I see is the menu bar and I need to click on it before the menu items show up. I need you to help me on it. Thanks

  24. Hi Greg – How do I edit the home page posts. Example every post that I created is now showing on the home page – but I only want to show maybe 1 or 2. Thanks!

  25. Im looking for a way to setup a blog on my webstore.I want it to be able to allow a signin from the store so I can allow someone to publish/write daily blogs without having access to the back end of wordpress.Is this possible?Im using the astra theme with the free elementor plugin.

  26. Hi Greg. Great video. I'm in the installing plugins part. I can't find the exact plugin "WP Insert Code" you recommend. What is the substitute?

  27. Hey Greg, thank for the tutorial! You're helping a lot of people out! I've got a question for you. In your tutorial you say that you cannot place ads on, so I am watching your tutorial in 2018 and I believe that now you can place google ads on or am I not right? Your feedback would be much appreciated))

  28. Not only the most elegant theme but also you explained it really very well and to the point. One question, when I went to theme site, it says it works only on and not compatible with I have a hosting plan on fastcomet and installed wordpress on it. Now how would I know if its compatible with my site before I purchase it?

    I know you have lots of experience, but for person like me, who started web development recently, will take a lots of time to make a website / blog. Is there any way we can make a blog / website but don't publish it till its fully functional and ready to be published (I have currently installed desktop server on my home pc from and making it when I am at home, but I work on a remote site for one week and don't have access to my pc and I want to keep working on my site / blog from there). So can we request hoting company to provide us temporary working place till we finish development and ready to publish. As during development phase we have to press publish button after almost every change, so how should we deal with this situation? Thanks and good job for making a great video and excellent tutorial.

  29. Many of the things you're talking about are not working. No featured image on home page. No excerpts. Nothing on how to resize images. Help!

  30. To all the viewers of this video: Disregard my comments- Greg's video is great and I did learn a lot. I'm just not very savvy with setting up sites in WordPress.

  31. I'm back, how did you get the posts to list in one column? I found the code but it won't allow one column. Thank you.

  32. Okay, check it out. I'd like to get my Blog posts to list in one single column like you did but can't figure it out. In closing, I coulnd't have done this without your video. Merci!

  33. Hey Greg, Just a word of thanks for your very generous free content, without your excellent tutorial, I honestly don't believe I would have been able to do this on my own. I am sure that I will have ongoing questions but for now I have become a blogger. Here is a link to my site. Forever grateful. Lorraine

  34. Hi Greg! Thank you for a great tutorial. Unfortunately, I have some issues and I can't fix them so far.
    The first one – promo box settings – I uploaded images, put links, got boxes published but when I open my site on a different laptop or iPhones – I can't see my promo boxes, do you have any ideas why I am not able to see them?

    The same thing with the copywrite
    I set up my own text for copywrite – but I don't see my changes on different devices even though I see it on my site when I manage it

  35. Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial. I have a quick question. My main menu with pages and categories requires the visitor to click "Show Menu" instead of having everything listed across like on your demo. Any tips about how to fix this? Thanks so much.

  36. Hey! So, I'm one of the '7' to complete your video and apply the steps. I just have some questions about Google Adsense. Help! In any case, your video tutorial was super informative and I couldn't have done it without you. Just in case you wanted to check out my new site (very early in the works) it is . Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks again!

  37. Hi Greg, how did you get the first post to have such a huge featured photo on the home page (1:09:12 mark on video)? I keep getting a small photo. Thank you.

  38. Hi Greg, please am trying to make with this tutorial am writing the blog post but my post doesn't show or come on my homepage. this is url of the blog
    please help me out my email is [email protected], or you contact me on whatapps +2348139388199

  39. Hi! I have a question. I want to create a blog, but since I'm a student, I'm not sure I want to invest in hosting etc. because I don't know if blogging will work for me. I know everyone recommends but would starting out on be a good way to ease my way into blogging? If I find out it works for me, would I be able to transfer my blog to

  40. Hi Greg – Thank you for helping me making my blog with this tutorial. What I can't figure out is how I can create a page – that directly links to another website when you click it in the top menu. I want this because I want to link to my portfolio where I have all my reference work, but I don't want this to be the actual blog. If you get what I'm saying? I'm sure there is a code or something that makes this happen, but I haven't been able to do this on my own or by googling for the answer. Thank you very much for your tutorial's, they are really lifesaving! All the best, Linn

  41. I need some help! I created my first post and posted it but it is NOT showing up on my homepage. It is only coming out on the Recent Posts section in the sidebar. Does anyone know why this is?

  42. Thank you so much for this video I have been following it very closely. I am probably about half way through, although there are some steps I am going to have to come back to. However when I select an image for the featured image on the homepage it only shows part of the image and looks terrible, although when looking at it through mobile the images look great and are positioned correctly. Please could you help suggest what I can do? Should I have had the images set at a specific size? If you want to look at the problem I'm having it's Thanks again for the video and if you could help with this that would be amazing, thank you!

  43. Hey guys I just purchased this theme but when I set up a new page, it shows up under a dropdown called "Menu." Does anyone know how to display each category (new page) as a horizontal list? The way it looks here in the video. I can't seem to figure it out.

  44. Greg I have the same problem as Greg Romero below, the current version of laurel does not display the menu across the top of the screen like yours with home, trail, food, contact, etc spelled out across the top, it only has three lines stacked to the left that you click and get a drop down of home, trail, food, contact etc. Is there any way to change it?

  45. Hi Greg! I hope you find this. What do you think about WordPress Automatic Plugin? Will Ad Sense approve your blog with it?

  46. Hi Greg, I don't know how change my hamburger menu in the Laurel Themes to a horizontal menu on my static page. The hamburger menu is on default some how, please how!

  47. Hey Greg. Is there a way to add a featured image to the home page the way you design this rather than the featured articles? I can't seem to do it through customization and since the page isn't in the directory its not really possible

  48. Hey Greg, I used Blue Host for my hosting and domain name… I think it installed for me.. how can I install

  49. This has been very helpful for me. I'm making a blog to make it easy for my family to stay in touch with me as I move around with the military.

    One quick question, Is there a way to add flickr to the social media settings?

  50. I know there is a good chance you wont respond, but I just found your video and followed your steps.

    Anyways, I am having problems with getting my second blog post to show-up all the time on my homepage. There have been occasional, seemingly random instances when my homepage displays all blog posts starting with the most recent one. But, 99% of the time, my homepage only displays my first blog post, but the second blog post is visible when searching for its categories or tags on my search-the-blog-bar. It displays as present on my homepage when I am viewing it on the administrative/editor end.

    I've cleared my caches several times. Deactivated all my plugins. Given it time. Nothing.

    Additionally, my Instagram Widget doesn't update.

    I've gone through quite a few websites where people seemingly have the same issue. But any solutions proposed have not worked for me.

  51. Hi, I am using HostGator for hosting and did the quick install for WP; however, when I use the link to Gravatar for my profile pic, it says that my WordPress login is incorrect. Can someone please explain this? I never created a WP login- I only used the one given to me from HostGator after the quick install…

  52. Hello Greg! Thank you for the tutorial! I followed all the steps in your video! I have only one problem, i connected the instagram widgets with my ig account but no photos are shown, it says " instagram did not return any images". On my dashboard i see the photos shown on sidebar, but as a regular viewer it doesn't show any photos. What can i do?

  53. Wow! I am so glad I found your channel! I am a total novice, but thanks to one of your videos, I successfully changed the copyright footer on my WordPress-Tonal theme blog! As there are several more tweaks I want to make, is there a proper procedure or place to present my questions?

  54. Hi Greg, great video so far… My installation failed: with the error message "Installation directory is not empty. Please install to an empty location." I do have a website with a store that is on WordPress could this be conflicting with the blog I hope to create? Assistance would be appreciated…

  55. Greg, great tutorial, my blog site is all up and running with just a bit more to do, the only thing I have failed to apply is the circular border code, I copied it all to the letter, but keep getting errors, it all seems a bit different in WordPress 5, is this the issue? Simon

  56. This is an excellent tutorial. Thanks so much, Greg! I've reached the point of installing plugins. One concern: I'm seeing 'Not secure' in the URL. Please help me fix that before going on.

  57. Hiiiii Greg…first thanks a lot for your great effort the tutorial is just amazing and very detailed, but I am using Twenty Sixten Theme…could you recommend a page builder plugin…currently I am using elementor, is it good or you have a better one…thanks in advance

  58. Hi Greg, thanks for the video! I just started following your method to create a blog and stumbled upon just one problem. For the affiliate option in envato market, I can't seem to find the affiliate tab to go to that "generate a referral URL" page like yours. I think the layout is different now, can you please let me know of a way to get into that new affiliate link page in the current layout of envato market? Thank you!

  59. Great video! I'm up and running with my first blog! Great tips all around and made it so much faster than figuring it out on my own. Only thing I'd say, is that by unchecking domain privacy I now am receiving call after call (about every 5 minutes) since the first day of creating the domain. A bit annoying. I went back and paid for the privacy.

  60. Hi Greg, thanks alot.
    Before buying the theme, I have a concern if everything still applicable ? specially for google ads and if wanna add links (Affiliate related to amazon and such websites).
    Am asking this question just because this video was made in 2017.

  61. Thanks for this! So far so good, but I purchased the theme ($62 with 1 yr support) and after trying to install I got the message "The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme installation failed."


  62. It's me again, just trying to install this darn Laurel theme and the WP Instagram widget said "Something went wrong with the plugin API." Sigh… what now?

  63. how do you add css and html to one of your pictures in a post to make a circle as you suggested when you are using page builder plug in and you don't have the text option for code?

  64. I love your site! I made an awesome website with one of your YouTube videos and then came across this blog one! Yikes! Is it worth starting over?

  65. Great video Greg. Thank you!!! Check out my blog if you have a sec – Definitely open to your expert advice.

    More importantly, this is a pretty detailed question, but how can I get rid of Google Plus symbol at the bottom of my posts…. maybe replace it with a LinkedIn symbol? I'm specifically referring to the social media symbols a reader clicks on to share a link of the post to their social media. Thanks!

  66. I made my blog with bluehost before watching your video and when i try to add the wp insert code plugin none of those options are showinig up. is that because I used blue host? please help

  67. Great tutorial, but one question; I bought the theme, and it seems like they've updated it since you published this video. The menu on top is now automatically a dropdown-menu, saying "Show menu", and I really dont like it. How does one change that to a menu similar to the one you're making in the video?

  68. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am working on mine and I will for sure send you after I am done. You deserve more subscribers than you have now. Thank you again

  69. I am hoping you will see this. There is a really weird section on my page just above the Instagram footer that I cannot figure out how to get rid of. It says all kinds of crazy stuff with links that I did not add. the web address is Please help!!

  70. Hey – so I followed the tutorial (Thank you for that, btw!), but my Main menu is displayed as a drop-down menu instead of the beautiful horizontal one, that you have – how do I fix it?

  71. I created a logo in PicMonkey and added it to my site header. It displays in the header add section but not when i preview the site. How can I b sure the title is there and will be displayed?

  72. Thanks so much Greg! Currently watching the section about Instagram widget on side bar & I have already learnt so much. Best tutorial for starting a new travel blog I have seen! I love the theme also!! Excited to finish off the tutorial and learn some more! Totally awesome! Thanks again!!

  73. Hi Greg, the Instagram widget did not load the 9 pictures. "Instagram did not return any images". I've been following you for now over one year. Also, the Facebook widget did not work as well. Thanks for all of your help.

  74. Its great to learn from end to end about starting a blog.I also started my blog few months ago.added google webmaster tool.but still I am not getting a single search engine view.Can you please help me how to overcome that.Thnaks..

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