How to Create a WordPress Blog in 3 minutes video

How to Create a WordPress Blog in 3 minutes video

hi Freddie Fulton here from local search canada dot com
here to show you how to create a blog in WordPress in about three minutes using bluehost Bluehost has a one button setup for
wordpress, it is cheating a bit but the options is available for you as
well so use it so this video is timed … i cut parts out just so you don’t get bored so start off at the control panel and
click on wordpress in the site builders and you will jump ahead too the smart scripts page then scroll down and click on
wordpress blog and it’ll begin the installation, that was easy to install now it’s going to ask you where you’d
like to install it and if you have a custom domain, this is where you’d select your
domain or if you don’t have one you can purchase a domain
through bluehost, that’s not required i’ve got a test domain set up and I’ll call
this My blog title and down below there are free plugins and
these are valuable actually for small businesses, great actually but I am trying to speed this up Then select complete, and now it’s going to start start loading up all the files behind
the scenes on the server now you would normally have to do this manually but not with bluehost it’s automatic so we’re gonna skip ahead here
you’ll see the time jump because it takes about a minute to
forty five seconds here will sign and copy the password click on and on
to the wordpress admin panel and login and I will then just put in the username and password and at this point two minutes and thirty seconds in
essentially you have created a wordpress blog and it’s fully functional in about
three minutes we’re going to open this up the blog post and put in one to show you how to do
that and then we will take a look at the blog So we type in “new post here” and we’re not gonna make it pretty
anything we’re just gonna put in a title “my first blog post on wordpress” and then a message and there you have it, you have got a blog in three minutes and will submit that and then let’s take a look at at
the blog now now it’s pretty clear we haven’t had any
pictures so we’ve got a pretty plain site, but you’ve got a blog in three minutes and
it’s that easy using bluehost and there it is. and there you have it so uh… if you’re out looking to create a blog in wordpress i would highly recommend bluehost
you can go to local search canada dot com slash bluehost and it’ll take you
directly there it’s really uh… pain-free way to add a wordpress blog
into your repertoire and thanks for watching

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  1. Pretty straightforward instructions. I've also used wordpress to build a few blogs by adding all the files manually. I like the automatic one button setup option to create your blog.

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