100 thoughts on “How to create an Instagram Business Account (step by step)

  1. Is there a reason why I am not given the option to switch to a business account? My Instagram account is brand new , I have no posts or followers and I set it up on my laptop. Does this affect the options I can see? Thank you

  2. Is it possible to link a business instagram account to a personal facebook account to share insta posts to friends on facebook?

  3. but what about if I don't want to show my name and last name ?, I did it using my personal account and my name is there, also I don't want my friends know about my new business

  4. Do I need Instagram personal account to be able to create business one or I can create business account directly without personal? If yes, which option is better and why. Thanks?

  5. I didn't switch my personal Instagram account to a Business one. I created a second Instagram account as a Business account while maintaining my personal account. Unfortunately the business Instagram account is only giving me the option of claiming a FaceBook Business page that it has automatically created for me. I can not figure out how to link the damn Business Instagram Account to my already existing Business FaceBook. Heeeellllp!!

  6. I am trying to keep my personal page & business page separate…with that being said to do this correctly would I need to : sign up for a business profile (option A) or add an account (option B).??

  7. Thank you for the video. How can I change my business category and sub to something is not available on the given list options.

  8. Nice and helpful video
    I have one question that if I create a page on Instagram using my personal account then what will happen to my personal account ?

  9. This video is about switching an already existing personal instagram account into an instagram business account. But what if you do not have a personal instagram account? Can an instagram business account be created directly?

  10. Great video! What if I don't have that wheel setting icon on my profile? How do I get a biz account? Thanks in advance!

  11. OK. So I have a personal Instagram account. I already have business pages in Facebook. My personal IG account has nothing on it related to the business so I don't want to switch the personal to a busines IG. So, I will create a brand new IG account and convert that one to a business. That makes sense. However, how will I be able to link to my business Facebook pages since the business FB pages are linked to my personal FB account(which is linked to my personal IG account). Hope this makes sense. How do I take this brand new IG business acount and let it have access to my Facebook business pages.

  12. This was not useful. I have a personaI Instagram account but the icons you point out for switching to business do not appear. Also, I do not have a Facebook page and you do not discuss how to proceed without one.

  13. like it! thanks!? We also publish videos about business! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! ?


  14. Hello, can someone help me to solve my problem of Instagram?

    I just created gmail, I wanted to sign it in to Instagram, but Instagram said that "it had been used".

    Then, I tried to try other way using "forgot password".

    When I enter my email, it said "no users found".

    Please kindly help me.

  15. Good video! But do you really need to link your Instagram account to a Facebook page in order to start getting paid by Instagram? Or can you just have a Instagram buisness page and just earn money from there?

  16. So when I do this do I have my personal account and a business account? Or does it just take away my personal account and make it a business account?

  17. This was not helpful at all. It's not starting a new business page it's just linking new posts to my old personal page……while saying I'm on the new business page. THIS absolutely sucks. Thanks.

  18. is it necessary to have a personal account for both instagram and facebook to create a business account? please let me know. Thanks

  19. thanks, sir,
    sir, I am setting on the Instagram website so I can't see that "switch to business" option
    plz, help me how can I go the right way?

  20. I keep getting an error message "you don't have permission to add people" I cannot figure why I keep getting this. Can you help?

  21. I would like to know how do I load my products (clothing) and give my customers an option to purchase??

  22. Can you make a seperate business account with the same email if you want to have a private (normal) one and a business one?

  23. I have a question. So the same content (i.e. Post you had before on your previous personal account) is seen on the business account after you have linked it with Facebook and completed the IG business account registration process.

    Now how do I get completely new business Instagram account that is not linked to my personal account with my personal photos I have posted before? Is this something even possible?

  24. When I try to set up my business account – the facebook page can be found – but afterwards there comes an error "It looks like you're trying to create a new business using shared login details…" suspecting me to have a "grey" account. Any suggestions what I can do?

  25. But for me it says create a business account then says create a new account I donot wanna start over does it make u start over

  26. Mine doesn't have that option. I looked online and it said to look for the account option instead. Mine doesn't have that either. Mine reads: Change Password, Nametag, Authorized Apps, Notifications, Privacy and Security, Log Out, Cancel. That's it!

  27. If I have two sites that are the same province, then how do I put two directions in the same Instagram Business

  28. Hey

    What if I don't want to convert my personal account to business profile and want they people can also search page independently???

    How it can be happen??your answer must appreciated.


  29. Hi great video, just a few questions, do this only work from a mobile phone? I tried, but it didn't work, it doesn't create a separate account, it looks like my old account with just different data. Can I create a separate account for my business not related to my personal Instagram account? Thanks again for the information.

  30. I tried to create my instagram account to a business account, but it didn't happen n popped up with "you are no longer allowed to use facebook products to advertise. You can't run ads, manage advertising assets or create new ad or business accounts. Learn more" what does this mean??? Plz help me!!!!!!!!!!

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