HOW TO Create and Add Custom Robots.txt File on Blogger Site – Indexing Your Blog | SEO Blogger – 2

HOW TO Create and Add Custom Robots.txt File on Blogger Site – Indexing Your Blog | SEO Blogger – 2

Welcome to my second video of the blogger
search engine optimization series. In this video, I will be showing you how to
create a custom robots.txt file for your blogger website. The robots.txt file for a blogger
website is different from a regular website. Incorrect use of this feature can result in
your blog being ignored by search engines. We will make sure it is done correctly by
testing it. Custom robots dot text is a way for you to
instruct the search engine, what pages you want to be crawled on your blog, and what
pages you don’t want to be crawled. Crawl means that crawlers, like Googlebot,
go through your content, and index it, so that other people can find it when they search
for it. Lets start by going to Then open up the blog you’re working with. Go to Settings, and click on it. Then click on, Search Preferences. Next to Custom robots.txt, click edit. Then select yes, to enable custom robots.txt
content. Now copy and paste the robots.txt file code.
It is found in my description. Replace the word Example with your blog URL. Now click on, save changes and you’re done. If you want to test to see if it works, go
to your webmasters account and give it a test. Okay great! If you guys have any questions
at all, post them in the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can. This gives other
people in the community a chance to answer you as well. Please Subscribe to my channel,
much Appreciated. I hope to see all of you at my second third
in the series coming this weekend.

32 thoughts on “HOW TO Create and Add Custom Robots.txt File on Blogger Site – Indexing Your Blog | SEO Blogger – 2

  1. How to solve this one : A description for this result is not avaiable because of the site's robot.txt on blogger please help me

  2. I've created a XML sitemap for my blogger website ( how to I can add/upload the XML file in my blog like as the link-

    May I need to make a page and add the XML file there? Or other way?

  3. I have a blog, and I included a book on Scribd & some pictures, blog does not appear in search, when I searched for the title it appeared with the following specifications "Robots.txt" ????

  4. google refuses to index my page…in my webmaster tools control panel it only shows pending..please what should i do?

  5. sir in sear preference setting description google meta tag is appear what is that meaning…
    can i change it… if we change that things what will happen after

  6. Madam I am not getting the content by pressing edit for custom robot blog is "http// check and treat it madam.thanks madam

  7. I was able to copy your sample code, replaced it with my own blog name, tested it with google webmaster tools; it looks great!! And received an okay as well. Thank you so much for a simple, well-explained tutorial!

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