How To Create Borders By Using HTML Code On Your Website Or Blogger

How To Create Borders By Using HTML Code On Your Website Or Blogger

Today let’s learn how to create borders
by using a

tag in a HTML coding. It is very easy and simple. So guys, let’s
learn it with a great interest. Hello friends, if you are new to my
channel please consider subscribing. Open a notepad and type any text between the
opening and closing of the

tag. This

stands for the opening of

tag and this

stands for the closing of the

tag. Now let’s save
this notepad. You can type here any file name you want but make sure to add .HTML at the end of your file name. I’m saving this file to Documents Folder. Now open the file with any web browser.
We are going to add a border outside this text. You can type here style=”border:5px solid
(Now we’re going to add a color…… …Copy this code and paste here.)
Then type semicolon and close the quotation mark. Go to file and click Save. Let’s reload this page. We can see here we
have successfully added a border. The size of the border is 5px. You can
keep any border size you want. The type of the border is “solid”. This is the color
code of the border. t Let’s keep the “text alignment” to Center You can reduce the width of the border.
For now, I am reducing the width of the border to 30%. You can also
increase the height of the border but for now, I am leaving the height of the
border as it is. Let’s bring this border to
Center. You can do it by using a
tag. Let’s zoom this page. You can change the
border type from “solid” to “double”, dotted, dashed, groove, ridge, inset and outset. Oh we have forgot to add a border-radius. I
am keeping the border-radius to 15px. If you want to add border in
your blogger, you can go to your blogger and add this code. Click here on “New post” and
then go to HTML. You can delete this. Copy the code that we have created and paste here. Let’s keep the post title as “Test”. Click here on “Publish” and after
that click here on view post. We have successfully
added to the border in a blog post. That’s it guys. Thanks for watching
and goodbye until next time.

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