How to Create Bullet Journal Printables on the iPad using Pages

How to Create Bullet Journal Printables on the iPad using Pages

Hello, There! On this video I’m going to show you how to create bullet journal printables using your iPad in the application pages. Alright let’s get started! So the first thing you’re going to do is choose a pattern paper or wallpaper that you want for your bullet journal. This is the one that I’m going to use in this video or in this tutorial. I prefer dots than any other type of paper. i’m going to save it and I prefer saving it in Dropbox. Now that we have it save let’s go with our iPad to work on pages and these are some of the printables that I was working on, but now we’re going to start with a brand new one. We’re going to create a new document>blank page Ok, now we’re going to change the background. We’re going to click the three dots>scroll down a little>document setup. I’m going to just stretch it a little bit to have some room. This is how we’re going to add our background: You’re going to click in the “+” or the little cross the top right>Insert from>then you’re going to look for the folder where you saved your printable. I saved mine in dropbox. I’m going to choose this one and now you can see the paper. What we’re going to do is just stretch it a little bit, just to the guide lines of were ruler/guide lines end. We’re going to add a border: select the background>now that is selected we’re going to click>style>border. You can choose any type of border you want. They have a lot to choose from, but i’m just going to use this one, the plain and simple one. I’m going to make sure it’s right on the page and looks neat. Once you’re happy with the way it looks>click done. That’s how the background looks You can see that nothing from the background moves. It stays in place. Now we’re going to add our title>click the screen and then we’re going to type something. let’s see, let’s create a weekly layout Select the title>>click paint brush and then we’re going to play with the font. choose one that you like. I like this one and then I like put it in the center. I’m going to make it a little bit big. I like the way it looks! Alright I like making lines or fill in the blanks to write the name of my classes. It’s easier for me Here, I’m using an external keyboard, but if you click here (keypad, see video image) It is a little bit too big, so we’re going to reduce the size of the font. Ok, now i’m going to add bullets. I’m going to click the little>paintbrush>bullets and choose the big bullet. If you want to add more bullets the only thing that you have to do: put a period after the bullet and click enter. When you’re happy with how many bullets you have then just delete the periods. I think it’s too to the side, so I’m going to move it using the “tab” bar on my external keyboard. I’m going to add another column in the center/middle and another one to the right. This is what i’m going to do: I’m going to copy this whole thing (column)>click the plus sign>we’re going to add a new text right here. See how, if I place it around it moves my layout. This is how we’re going to fix it: you’re going to select the text box>click paintbrush>arrange>click none. now you can move it around and it won’t disturb your layout. Now, we’re going to click on the center of the text box>paste>fix the box layout. I’m just going to make sure is in line with the other one. I’m going to copy this one (the one we pasted) and paste it on side. What I like about pages is that it gives you the guide lines to make sure your are putting everything in the right place (symmetrical). This is how it looks. I’m going to add notes at the bottom. To delete the bullet>click the paintbrush>bullets>none. Ok, now i’m going to put the word “notes” make it a little bit bigger. You just have to play a little bit If you like a simple layout, that’s cool but I like it when it has drawings or images on the background. So what I’m going to do is: go to the folder where I have all my digital stickers>choose the ones that I want. I’m going to choose Christmas and these are all the ones that I have we’re going to save them as images. if you wonder where I got all these digital stickers, I’m going to link it in the description box. You have to wait for some of them to load. Ok, now we are going back to pages. click the “+”>images>all photos I’m going to choose this boot>resize it. See how our boot is also messing up with our layout? We’re going to the same thing as before>click paintbrush arrange>none. Now you can just put it anywhere! Ok, this is how it looks I just put a bunch of digital stickers around to show you how to accomplish that. Here’s a cool trick if you want If you don’t want just the plain simple bullets, you can install an application called SciKey. You can customize the keyboard to any type you want. I have this one for my science classes and in another row I have all my bullet journals things heart, squares, dashes… anything you want. instead of having iN your notes boring bullet points, you can add the cool ones from the keyboard app. Now, we’re going to export it as PDF>>click the 3 dots at the top rights>send a copy>PDF. I love saving everything in dropbox. Now you can use it with any of your favorite iPad applications. my favorite to write in the iPad is Notability. This is my digital bullet journal These are some of the examples I have I’m going to export the PDF we created This is how it looks you can see how high quality the stickers look, the background, the note. I love how it looks very neat and very elegant. Let’s write on it… I like to color code my classes. I’m going to put genetics in purple and my medical botany in green

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  1. I have a question. Is it legal to sel the printabels that you make via this way to sel on Etsy? Love your video its verry clear and helpfull

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