How To Create WordPress Blog RSS Feed Using Feedburner

Hi guys, this is Harsh again and today we
are going to learn something new about blogging. So today I am going to talk about how to set
up feed burner account for your WordPress blog, FeedBurner is a free service by google
which will let you do many things to your feed. basically the default feed which WordPress
offers, it’s not very readable and moreover you can’t use those feed on every feed
FeedBurner is one of those services that I highly recommend you to try . It’s a free
service by google, so you don’t have to pay anything. So I will just quickly show
you an example from my blog. so that’s how my feed looks and you can see, I also monetized
it with google AdSense, so that’s another advantage of using FeedBurner and the major
advantage which you will get with FeedBurner that user can subscribe via email, they can
subscribe via feed services they are using like I am using NetNewsWire here. So similarly
they can use any feed reader, so that’s how it works. So in this example, I am quickly
going to show you how you can setup FeedBurner account for yourself. You just need to go
to and log in via your Google account and go to the bottom and here
you need to enter your website address. Click on ‘Next’. So it will give you options for
the default feed which FeedBurner will find so in most of the cases when you are dealing
with WordPress blog, this will be the feed address and yes, sometimes you might get an
error that no feed has been found. That basically happens when you are creating feed for a new
blog and when there is zero blog post. So make sure that you have a blog and you have
at least one post. Now click on ‘Next’, so it might take few seconds. Now here is something
interesting that you can always edit it later but let me quickly explain you. the very first
thing that you should always mention what your blog is all about in the feed title,
that’s very important so here you can see like I have ‘How to blog Shoutmeloud?’ and
that’s basically helps readers to identify what your feed is all about plus when people
are using feed recommendation channel, they will get more recommendation based on the
you are using and I would recommend you to stick to your brand, brand and brand like
for example, I use Shoutmeloud everywhere whenever I am creating twitter account, my
Facebook fan page, my FeedBurner account, so similarly, the same goes for your FeedBurner
account, click on next and that’s it. Your feed is live here and you can see here. Now
we will be making few more changes, we will be activating few services, so I will quickly
show you how you can do. Here you can also configure advance tracking like if you are
using google and you want to track how many people are clicking your feed items, so this
is something very useful in this case. So I will enable both of these services, click
on Next and now I am on the dashboard of my FeedBurner account. Now I will be doing few
things like I will be going to ‘Optimize’, so this service is active, it’s very important
so I would recommend you should activate this service. again SmartFeed is something which
is very important because it will make your feed compatible to many feed readers and then
I will quickly going to publicize and enable email subscription services, that’s a free
service and its highly recommended that you should have an email subscription box. I use
FeedBurner plus AWeber because AWeber, I get more control but we will talk about that in
some other video. So quickly go ahead and activate the service. Now here you can configure
a few things that is your time zone and then at what time you actually want people to read
your feed. feed should be delivered and its very important for you, so I will select 4-5
pm, that’s an ideal time in my time zone, 3-5 is perfect, click on ‘Save’. Now once
people start subscribing to your feed, you might like to show off the number i.e. the
number of people who have subscribed to your feeds. I will not recommend using it until
you have at least 500 subscribers, so once you have it, go ahead and activate the feed
count service. Again, everything is free and so you don’t need to worry about any charges
or anything and that’s it. Now you can also monetize it via AdSense, you need to login
to AdSense account and enable AdSense for feeds. We will talk about that in upcoming
videos. For now, your feed is ready; this is your feed address (
You can go to ‘Publicize’-‘Email subscription’ and grab a code for the email subscription.
You can use plugin like WP Mash, Social for WordPress which is very easy and which will
help you to quickly integrate email subscription and FeedBurner service on your blog. So pretty
much that’s it for now, if you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
Thank you for watching.

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