How to Find Blog Topics

Do you struggle to find blog topics or
just topics to write about for clients that you have for your agency or maybe
you just struggle to create blog topics for your own personal brand well in
today’s video we’re going to talk about the strategies we use to find the blog
topics video topics that we want to create for our clients and for my
channel so stay tuned we’re going to cover it in this video all right welcome back and thank you for
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at my channel every single week now blogging is a really great way to drive
traffic to your site and to get new customers new leads and really just more
engagement with your brand overall online the issue is a lot of people
don’t understand how to actually go about picking topics that are going to
rank and actually get attraction to their business so in today’s video we’re
gonna go through eight easy ways to find blog topics that you can create that are
going to be relevant and help you get ranked if you’re starting one in 2019
you actually want to make money with it then you’re gonna want to make sure you
stay tuned to the end of the video and we’ll give you the step-by-step process
and what you want to know about starting a blog that’s actually gonna generate
revenue for you now really when it comes to picking blog topics there’s a ton of
tools that you need to be made aware of that are gonna help you narrow down what
topics you want to select so we’re gonna hop on over to my screen really quickly
and we’re gonna run through those tools alright so the first tool we’re gonna
talk about really the first method we’re gonna talk about is Google Suggest so
you can see that if I were to type in something like you know buying a home in
and you can see Atlanta in Georgia in 2019 in GA in foreclosure Portugal Ghana
Florida to make another state all of these are suggestions that it’s giving
us about potential topics or ideas that people are searching for the great thing
is Google knows that I live in Georgia so it’s gonna suggest Georgia and
Atlanta first and you can see it would be just the same if I was to do it for a
doctor so you could put doctors in Athens Atlanta Carrollton Conyers
Fayetteville Dawsonville these would all be areas that I’ve had some interaction
with their engagement with online in the past and that’s why that that’s why
Google is actually suggesting these topics this is a great way to find new
topic ideas literally just sit here and you can type in different variations of
the same search and find different topics that you’re going to be able to
type in you know they’re relevant because google
wouldn’t suggest them if they didn’t already have high search volume and
relevancy the next thing is going to be looking for searches related to okay and
so once I select a search let’s say we do doctors in Atlanta we’re just going
to scroll down to the bottom and you can see searches related to doctors in
Atlanta and you can see top-rated primary care doctors in Atlanta primary
care doctors Atlanta african-american internal medicine doctors in Atlanta all
of these are different topics or ideas that I could use to create blog content
about right and start ranking in the local area for creating topics related
to this content right so search is related to is another great way to find
new topics and I believe even if I go to new pages might change them up no it
still keeps them the same it used to actually change them up but those sorts
of what you would need to do is we could do doctors in Atlanta that accept
Medicaid will get more specific right and then we can go down medic Georgia
Medicaid doctors lists Plastic Surgeons that accept Medicaid in Georgia all of
these are topics that people want to know about and that you could create
content about now a big thing that you have to understand about selecting blog
content and coming up with topics is understanding how to find keywords so if
you don’t understand how to find keywords check out this video we put
together for you in the top right hand corner another great way to find topics
is with the people also ask box so if you know that there’s a topic that
people are usually confused about or don’t have a ton of information to help
them out with this box is going to be helpful right here and what this does is
it shows other queries that people have that are related to this specific term
so if I put in a meeting of marketing right you can see people also ask what
is the basic meaning of marketing what is marketing in simple words what is
marketing and an example what does a marketer do what are five marketing
concepts what is the best definition of marketing all of these are literally
topics that you could use and create for your site if you were doing something on
marketing and for your marketing agency site you should actually consider doing
this type of stuff the fourth way we want to talk about is using forums forums
are a great way to get customers who are already talking about a specific product
or even not necessarily customers but people who are just interested in a
product or service this is where they’re talking about
so why quick practic chiropractic discussion forms
all of these are gonna have areas where people are discussing things having a
conversation about specific things going on with this industry that they might
want help with and maybe could come to your business for all right so the fifth
one is gonna be Cora and most of you are familiar with the site already if you’re
not all you do is you type in a topic and once you type in that topic it’s
gonna bring in a ton of threads that people have already started about that
specific topic with those keywords right and it’s ranked on relevancy so this
site is gonna be a great way for you to come up with other topics again you want
to look what people are actually talking about once you find a common thread of
topics then you can start to create content around it so for a question have
you ever used Quora to find topics if you have write yes I’ve used Quora before but
below in the comments if you haven’t what platform have you used for Question
and Answer outside of Quora I would like to know leave that platform below in the
comments so the sixth tool is gonna be Google Keyword planner guys and if
you’re not familiar with this by now then you’re definitely not ready for
blog content yet so make sure you go to Google ads it’s AdWords com or ads
Google com and then when you sign in you’ll see the tools up at the top
you’ll select keyword planner and then you just find new keywords so if I
wanted to find keywords related to let’s do chiropractor in Atlanta I wanted to
find keywords or search terms that are similar to that and I just didn’t know
where to start this is a great way to come in here and not only does it give
you the keywords that are related it also tells you the traffic it tells you
the competition it tells you the expected bid range the high end of the
bid range right so there’s a ton of data that you’ll collect plus the volume the
cost per click right here in competition as you can see right so it’s a really
cool site to be able to do that keyword research and data and build lists of
keywords that are going to be effective for your your content the seventh one is
going to be answer the public and it’s another one of those sites where you
just type in a topic and we’re gonna get a lot of responses and engagement from
the community this is a place where people in a community have already
posted questions I have already done comparisons things like that and you can
see there’s a whole tree right here of topics where it leads from can how will
are why when who what which right and all of these break down into different
subtopics but look at all of this this is
all conversation that people have had that I can go through and I already see
all of the topics broken down for me then I can dive into intense specific
topics and see if I can find content ideas there so the eighth and final tool
is going to be serpstat and this helps you do website analysis keyword
research back backlink analysis that helps you track your keywords that
you’re actually trying to rank for right and so you can see if we were to do
something here it pulls up social media marketing we’re gonna do search and then
you can see it’s gonna pull up a bunch of search data about the keywords social
media marketing so competition cost per click the keyword difficulty which this
is a very important factor to tell you if you’re a brand new channel you
probably won’t rank with this keyword difficulty but if you have a large
audience already you have the chance of ranking with this type with this keyword
difficulty right and then it gives you other keyword searches that are gonna be
relevant guys this tool right here is again one of the big tools that help you
organize your keywords make decisions on whether a keyword is of one that you
should target or not and this is the cheapest one out there if you guys have
heard of things like AH REFS or any platform comparable to that this is the
most affordable one that I found so if you want to go to search stat and check
it out the cool thing is we have a link right below where you’ll actually get a
discount on your plan by signing up through our link
so check out SERP stat that’s in the link or in the description right below
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this has been all about several tools and ways and techniques that you can
start finding blog topics very very quickly
make sure to check all of those other videos out that I suggested about
keywords and really figuring out how to rank blog articles because they’re gonna
help you do better with your content creation now since you stayed till the
end like I said I’m gonna show you guys how to make money with your blog in 2019
check out this video on the top right hand corner we put it together just for
you well that’s it for me guys I’m gonna get out of here and I will see you on
the next video until then Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys
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