How to Find Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

How to Find Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

A peer-reviewed or scholarly article is one
that is checked over by a group of experts before publication. Most scholarly articles
are written in a formal or technical writing style, are accompanied by references, and
are published by a university or association. Many of the Libraries’ databases allow you
to limit a search to peer-reviewed articles. We’ll be using the Academic Search Premier
database, a general-purpose resource which you can access from the University Libraries
website. From the University Libraries website, select
“Databases.” Select “A” from the alphabetical list. Then, select “Academic Search Premier.” If
you’re off campus, you may be asked to enter your myBama username and password. In Academic Search Premier, enter your search
terms. Select “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals,”
then “Search.” The results will include only those articles
from scholarly or peer-reviewed journals. There are many other electronic databases
you can use to find scholarly articles; they can be found on the Libraries’ Databases Page.
When searching, keep an eye out for limiters or check boxes that say “scholarly,” “academic,”
“peer-reviewed,” or “refereed.” If you’re unsure whether or not a journal
is peer-reviewed, you can use a database like Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory
to check. From the University Libraries website, select
“Databases.” Select “U” from the alphabetical list, then
select “Ulrich’s.” In Ulrich’s, select “Title” from the dropdown
menu (choose “exact” if you are sure of the journal title, “keyword” if you’re not). Enter
the title of the journal,
then search. Peer-reviewed journals are sometimes called
“refereed.” Find your journal in the results list. If the “referee” symbol appears next
to the title, the journal is peer-reviewed. You can also select the journal title to access
additional information about the publication. You can also refer to an issue of the journal
itself or the publisher’s website to help determine if it is peer-reviewed. When searching
online, be sure to carefully evaluate the results. If you need help with finding articles or
using library resources, please ask a librarian.

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