How to Find Your Decor Style | Blogger Q&A

How to Find Your Decor Style | Blogger Q&A

Hey everybody it’s Christina from and today I want to talk about how to find your decor style I am here with some of my favourite bloggers from Western Canada So I have here Colleen from Lemon Thistle I have Lindi from Love Create Celebrate and also Kristi from Making it in the Mountains And we’re having a girls’ weekend in Jasper but also getting a little bit of work done, too And we thought it would be super fun to do a collab video today So each of them are going to have a video on their channel Today we’re talking about a lot of topics that we get questions about We’re just going to chat about them and share some of the answers that we have So make sure to check out the playlist in the description box below and visit all of their channels today to see some other great topics So, Colleen’s talking about making money blogging And Lindi’s talking about achieving work-life balance when you work at home And Kristi’s talking about how to be authentic in the online world And like I said, today I’m talking about how to find your decor style So let’s chat about that because Ithink that’s a questions I get asked a lot by you guys watching and by a lot of blogging friends So the first question I wanted to ask these ladies is What is your decor style, or is it a mix of a few different decor styles? I think my decor style has definitely changed over time Now I lean towards modern, I still have a touch of industrial But a few years ago it maybe didn’t look quite the same. I think my style has changed a ton too and I struggle to put a name to it because I really like modern, I love Scandi and I used to have a lot more rustic and a lot more vintage but that’s pretty much all gone now, so I would say Scandi modern, but kid-friendly because both of those things are not kid-friendly. It’s hard to put a definition I feel like I’m definitely farmhouse but I feel like I’ve got a minimalistic twist to it I don’t like a lot of clutter and I do like to bring in some vintage elements as well some kind of simple farmhouse And I’d say mine is like, it’s definitely evolved over the years but we’ll talk about that next it’s farmhouse meets boho meets french country something like that; it’s eclectic which room are we talking about? So, that leads me to the next question Has this decor style you just talked about always been your decor style? Yes or no? No, no, no, hard no. “ish” no I feel like I’m just honing it a little. So, Kristi, how did your decor style evolve, then? So I’ve liked farmhouse for as long as I’ve been decorating my own house. But I’ve definitely honed it; I’ve tried lots of different things and I’ve figured out what I like and what works for my family What about you, Lindi? When we first bought our home, I can easily say I had no idea. I think really I used our first home a lot for expermimentation. And I did a little bit of rustic in some rooms, and some rooms are a lot more industrial. And I tried different things in that home to find what I really loved. Our first place was an apartment and it had a completely different style. I think I used to be a lot more classic and our walls were really creamy We had patterned wallpaper that I loved and I still love that house for what it was but that’s just not what I wanted; I was excited when we moved to use white paint and start fresh and try something different and now when I’m thinking about our next house I’m excited to move again and to do more bold spaces because I love our house for what it is and how light and airy it is but I’m excited to try something different! I don’t know; I feel like I have the same likes, like live-edge wood – I love that and I love bright, clean with pops of black but it’s going to change; it’s going to be different depending on what house you’re in too. Yeah, I think the house oftentimes indicates what style it should be. It like calls to you and tells you what style it should be. Yeah, my style has definitely evolved too. I’ve always loved like country; I grew up in the country and we have a country home right now, so I like country themed decor which right now Farmhouse is trending, so just naturally my house lends itself to farmhouse style. I just love like country, kitschy kind of feelings. I used to decorate kind of cutesy, and now that’s slowly evolving to be a little bit more put together I think. A little bit more modern and boho chic. So definitely evolving as our family changes and as I change. I feel like I’m growing up with my house too I’m getting family furniture instead of IKEA furniture that’s really not meant for families to jump on Like when I redid my bedroom, I’m like “finally an adult space!” So that actually leads me perfectly to the next question; perfect segue How do you choose furniture now for your decor style? So what kind of process do you go through to pick furniture and accessories? Every once in a while you’ll see something and say “I have to have it; it’s exactly what I need” And other times I’ll save a whole bunch of things – and I like to play in Photoshop now but I never used to know how to do that, so I don’t want to say that’s how you should choose I like to put it all together and see how it works together But I save a lot of images before I decide. If I’m looking for a couch, I’ll save ALL the couches. And I have to narrow it down to 3 before my husband will even have an opinion. He won’t even… he’s like “there’s too many” it’s overwhelming. I feel like practicality for our family plays in too. Like that’s number 1. And it used to be how it looks, but then you have a child. And things get wrecked and you realize practicality needs to come first. And it can sometimes be hard to find pieces that blend the two together. That fit aesthetically into your home, but function the way they need to. So that’s a constant struggle. I find a lot of success by putting together mood boards of my rooms, so nailing down the vision I want. So I’ll go on Pinterest or Houzz and I’ll just Pin and save images that I love and speak to me That jive with my style and I love the colors. And I’ll create a mood board based off of that, just even for myself. But of course I’ll share it on the blog too because that’s what we do. Just to help myself stay on track. Because I’m like a squirrel. So just to keep my focus on like what my color scheme is what my style is and what we actually need for the space. And then I can make myself a list to shop with. And I also think that as my design has evolved I’ve slowly given myself more freedom to be like “just throw this and this and this together” Whereas before I thought everything had to be so cohesive; I thought Ihad to have the entire room perfect before I selected everything Now I’m just like “I love that, that’s going to be functional, that’s an actual comfortable couch” “I’m going to get it.” I do feel like I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Even just like your room has to dictate – measure furniture. I’m looking for a small couch. The couch that we have in our house right now – I love it – but it’s giant. It goes wall to wall. And there’s like a foot, maybe. So I’d definitely say to listen to your house, too. And what you need too. Just because you like something doesn’t mean you have a use for it. Brady and I actually tape out our furniture Every space we’ve done in this house, we pull out the painter’s tape and tape out the furniture. Just to make sure it’s going to fit just the way we want it to. You surprise yourself in what works and what doesn’t work. Thank God I didn’t spend $2000 on that couch for it not to fit in my house! So final question: What is your #1 tip to everybody watching this video to finding your decor style for your home? For me it’s just TRY. If you find a piece that you love there’s always a piece that I love in every room and I gravitate to it and maybe that’s the one I spend a little bit more money on because it’s calling to me or whatever and then experiment with the other pieces around it until you sort of evolve into a style you love. I think I had a little bit of an existential crisis I was looking at my house and I’m like “I don’t love it” when I go on Pinterest I see these rooms that I love, and I think in the last year I’ve been able to bring my house towards something that I really want to be in and that I really love And I had to go and make myself a private board on Pinterest I Pinned everything that I really loved and I looked at the board and asked what do I love about all these things? Those are the things that I want to include in my house. So I love warm wood tones, I love the white, and as much as I love color I none of these really have color, so why am I trying to add color and pattern into my house? Is it just because I think it looks good in other people’s homes? It’s not what I want to live with. So I say put them on a board and try to identify what it is that you like about them; what’s the common thread? I feel like for me it’s all about how it feels. When I walk into a room it needs to feel light and airy and uncluttered. so that I can feel calm and at ease. And when I’m looking at images on Pinterest and I’m trying to put together a look for a space or even a common theme in my house it all comes back to how these pictures make me feel how the pieces I choose make me feel how the space feels when it’s all put together. I’m just like you Colleen where I just Pin images or find images on Houzz that I just love and then try to identify what it is When we were building our house, I did that and (and you don’t even really know when you’re Pinning them what you like about them!) And then you just have to try to objectively look at your whole board after and you’re like “OH” “every single wall in here is white!” “I guess I like white walls!” You don’t really know until you sit back and look at everything. And try to think about what works best for you and your family and try as hard as you can to disregard what’s trending right now disregard what everybody on Instagram is posting right now What do I love; what’s going to work for my kids at this stage of life What does my husband love? And try to base your style on that rather than what everyone else is doing. Can I jump in and talk about budget for a minute? We were on a really strict budget for a long time But for me when I saw I liked this rich camel brown leather colour I loved it and I was like “these couches are so expensive” So for me that meant scoring a couch that was free on Kijiji and making an ottoman out of it So that I could have that in my house without going and spending $3000 on a couch because that wasn’t practical for our family at that time. But I still wanted it; I still wanted to love my home. So, how would you find ideas like that? PINTEREST! So, the whole theme of this video is go to Pinterest. It’s such an important too, though! Just to nail down visuals, it’s so good. You can do that on Instagram now too with the Collections. You can save photos and stuff now too. Yeah, so those are all awesome ideas. So I hope that helped you guys kind of nail down how to find your decor style and I hope we’ve given you some resources here to do that. Thank you ladies so much for joining me here in Jasper and doing this collaboration! Again make sure to check out their channels check out the playlist in the description box below to see our other chats about all of these important questions that we get asked all the time. Thanks again for watching, make sure to also subscribe to their channels Subscribe to my channel if you like DIY and decor ideas on a budget and I’ll see you all in my next video. Bye!

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  1. (I'm upset that I have to re-upload this, but I hope this audio is better – it's the best I can do with this footage.) How would you describe YOUR home decor style? Yes, the sound is bad so please turn it down and put the CC on if you wish. I worked hard to edit the video and closed captions as best I could. Thank you! Make sure to visit all our chatty videos in this playlist here: Western Canadian Blogger Q&A:

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  4. This was fun to watch. Even though it isn't a popular design style right now, I love French Country, and have had a devil of a time trying to fit it into a log house. It has finally evolved into something I am calling Rustic French Country, and I am loving it.

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  6. I loved hearing about how everyone's styles have evolved and changed! SUCH a fun collab, thanks for organizing Christina!!! xo

  7. I feel like Pinterest was my best friend but worst enemy when it came to decorating my house! I would put all the cute things from different styles and the didn't work together well in my home! In the past few years I learned how to take elements from different Decor Styles and put them into my home without clashing

  8. If you ever try this again, please find a private room. There was so much extraneous noise that is was very distracting and sometimes you couldn't even hear you. It was a nice idea but I stopped watching.

  9. Such a sweet group of ladies. Enjoyed all the conversations watching this as I type. My Decor style is definitely a mixture. It’s like, if I’m drawn to it I try to make it work no matter what style it is. Tfs💖

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    Keep up the GREAT job!
    ~Gramma Deenie

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