68 thoughts on “How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

  1. Also keep in mind that you may have other code in the htaccess file too. So don't just replace everything in there unless this is the only way your site is fixed. Some security plugins and caching plugins may add code there for example. There should be a comment before the code that indicates what it does or which plugin added it.

  2. I followed the instructions and I got stuck at the part where Im supposed to download the file from the host server, there isnt an .htaccess file, any idea how to get that?

  3. I can't believe how one little button fixed EVERYTHING! Thank you so much! I was reading forum after forum and you easily solved my issue.

  4. error temporary solved but …. after 1-2 hours again repeated this issue solution are available….?
    i hv cleared all caches too

  5. This tip has helped me many times. Running a site(s) is cool but can drive you crazy sometimes. Thank you WPBeginner.

  6. This video was very helpful but I can't even access my dashboard.  I get 404 error when I try to go in dashboard.  Please help me

  7. Hi I am a Beginner and this seems difficult you tell us to go in and save a copy. Where do we go in and save a copy? Then how we get to the other page and past. It needs to be a bit more simple. My problem is it is only my Blog page that is showing the error. So the first step did not work. Thanks for your time

  8. Thank you for this. Often when updating a plugin it wipes out my blog page. Really disconcerting…

  9. Did not work. The blog works fine if you go to the main page. But clicking any link brings up the 404 error. I did everything the video said to do. HELP?

  10. At 1:19 you copy information but you don't say how to access that window you are copying the info from??? Help!

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