10 thoughts on “How to fold a newspaper

  1. I'm going to do it. Anything to make Sunday faster. Not driving though. I have highways and junk on my route so I'd never do it then.

  2. Bag on the Fly, I have 650 news papers and i do it while I'm driving, not staying still and that with three parts to!

  3. I help my neighbor with her 3 Flint Journal routes. I bag from the back and toss them in front for her to toss. I actually really enjoy wrapping. I'm autistic, the one thing I have found that I love doing is mindless, monotonous work. We have 4-5 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday is our bullshit free paper for those not subscribed so there are over 1200 there. Sunday there isn't room for me so I'm not sure how many there, but for my troubles she pages me extra pocket money.

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