How to follow a blog

How to follow a blog

man: It is easy to follow
a blog on Blogger. Click on the Follow button. Choose the account
you want to use. Then sign in
with your credential. Choose whether to follow
publicly or privately. Then click “Follow this blog.” And you’re done. View your profile
to see this blog listed with the other sites
you’ve joined.

18 thoughts on “How to follow a blog

  1. The point of it is Google is dumb. They actually went to the extreme of making a video telling people how to blog.

  2. The reason for using the followers widget that is now actually running GFC or Google Friend Connect is this definitely adds the RSS feed of the blog you follow to your Google Reader.

    This seems to work at times in regular GFC members gadgets on WordPress blogs and others but it is not always the case.

    I am guessing Google will iron this out as I have always contended that this is an integral part of Google Friend Connect when you join any site that has a RSS feed.

  3. Actually the Followers widget was released first, sometime around August 2008. I caught Google running full GFC implementation in the early Followers widget on September 16th, 2008.

    Then when I blogged about it they set the code back to the HTML Followers gadget. I looked like a fool.

    However I am vindicated, it has suddenly morphed into GFC now. I still look like an idiot. I immediately ran out and bought Camtasia and now I screen capture anything that is breaking news in Google. LOL

  4. The followers gadget does (unlike GFC members gadgets) add the RSS feed of Blogger to Google Reader for you when you follow a Blogger blog. With GFC on domain based blogs it is hit or miss, never dependable.

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