How To Generate Income From Review Blogging

How To Generate Income From Review Blogging

Tyrone: Hi everyone, itís Tyrone from
and welcome to the dedicated channel where I share with you outsourcing and automation
tips. Today Iíve got a special guest on the call and sheís somebody who Iíve admired
and also followed for quite some time and also too at the same time, Iíve interviewed
her previously going back a few — probably a few years ago now actually and the reason
why Iíve got her on the call today because sheís got a very interesting story to share.
And not only that, sheís also got some really good information and some really cool content
to be able to share with you about blogging because thatís something thatís where I
eventually started. And, also too how I met this person, her nameís
Krizia was through Blog Mastermind which is through Yaro Starakís program so weíve all
connected somewhere through another and I have to thank to a lot of all these people
who all supported me in the years of my blogging career that theyíve been really, really helpful
and also in sharing a lot of great tips. So without further adieu, I want to introduce
you to Krizia. So welcome to the call Krizia! Krizia: Thank you so much Tyrone. Tyrone: Well, first things first. For people who donít
know you and it has been a few years since youíve come onto the blog as a guest interview,
tell us a little bit more about your story firstly and how you get involved in blogging? Krizia: Well I started blogging in 2007 and I really
started because I actually was working with Declan Dunn, they call him the godfather of
affiliate marketing. Declan was basically on affiliate marketing before anybody knew
how to spell internet marketing and his life partner Jody Colvart and they had a blogging
and podcasting program and I got involved in 2007 and I started blogging and my first
blog was beauty review site basically. Tyrone: Thatís really interesting. Krizia: Thatís really how I got started, yeah. Tyrone: Oh okay. So with that beauty site there, what
was really the goal behind doing that one? What was your intentions to do and whatís
happened to it as well? Krizia: Well initially the business model was really
sort of focused on advertisement. So I thought that I was going to do reviews for big companies
such as Chanel or Christian Dior and their makeup and perfume. Any new launches they
have and that would bring me basically traffic. And that traffic eventually would be interesting
enough for these big companies to consider sponsoring the blog or taking advertisements
on the blog. Now, from the beginning I was working with
a beauty company which means that they basically place ads on my blog but when I started, you
know it took a year or so of really doing a lot of research and going to a lot of events
and writing and tweaking and correcting and what not. The dollars were very small and
— it was big companies that had quite a number of beauty bloggers to choose from so they
didnít necessarily have to feel that they had to dedicate thousands of dollars on one
specific blogger. So I basically realized that my business model wasnít sort of quite
as I thought it would be and — I basically one day decided that I have to find a way
to make this work. Tyrone: Wow, okay. Thatís really interesting. What
Iím curious about, letís take some step back as well too, was before you did start
doing the — the beauty type of blog, what inspired you to go online to setup a blog
as well like youíve been through a few courses as well, very much similar courses that Iíve
been through, what was the inspiration behind and the motivation behind all this? Krizia: Well when I started the course with Jody Colvart
and Declan Dunn, I think that the big aha moment was the fact they were really promoting
blogs as a way or platform that give you a lot of control. Before that I had different
websites that I was working with webmasters who had the entire control and everytime I
needed to change any sentence, I needed to send it over, wait for them to change it,
they charge me, etc, etc. Or, I also purchased a package through a company
where they basically gave you an almost done-it-for-you type of site but I believe if I donít — if
I remember correctly, I think it was $500 a year just to be able to be on that network. Tyrone: Wow. Krizia: So when — ah yeah. Thatís quite, that adds
up. So when Jody and Declan started really talking about how easy it was to set yourself
up on a — a WordPress blog and how easy it was for you to create a show if youíre on
podcasting, thatís for me, thatís for me was the aha moment. And that really was sorted
motivated me into learning more about blogging. Tyrone: And also too, a lot of people who jump onto
blogging obviously itís not a get rich type of income there and when you first started
out, you go okay Iím really going about it. Iíd spend the first few months writing a
lot of great content, second month you know youíre hoping that you get traffic to it,
third month youíre hoping to make income but doesnít work out that way. So during that time, how did you sustain that
and when did you get to see that income starting to come from your blog as well? Because it
obviously just doesnít happen in those three parts. Krizia: It really didnít. I mean I tried everything.
At first Iíve tried Adsense, I put the Adsense on. People criticize the Adsense, I removed
the Adsense. Then I tried banners then I got some feedback, all right remove the banners.
I just kept trying and trying and trying things and I believed what happened was that I became
involved with Immediate Edge program with Ed Dale? Tyrone: Oh yes. Krizia: With his business partner Dan Raine and during
one of those lessons, they started talking about affiliate marketing and specifically
at that time, it was really reviewing products that were free. So you had manufacturers who
were looking for people to try and test products or what not and I thought okay, you know whatever.
And I basically thought Iím going to register in one of those companies which I did and
Iím just going to write up everything. And I remember, I want to review when I thought
Iíll just forget about it. And I thought three days later Iím very, very curious and
I thought let me see if anything happens. I opened my account and it will take three
days, I have earned enough income to cover my monthly from the Immediate Edge. Tyrone: Wow. Krizia: And — oh yeah. I was so excited that I went
to the forum and I said to people oh my God, listen up guys you know. This happened it
was amazing. I couldnít believe. I mean I know it was only $100 but for me it was a
huge deal that I could actually turn that around which is one quick review within three
days when before that, a whole year and a half before that, I had worked and worked
and met with experts, interviewed experts, you name it and nothing was happening. Tyrone: Itís interesting because I vaguely do remember
this on a forum when you did a post on that and we also congratulated to you on that forum
as well. Was that at the same forum at Yaroís? Krizia: No but the time I was posting at Yaroís forum,
I was like really making money but when I first started when I posted on the Immediate
Edge forum, it was just a $100 here, $100 there and I thought wow, this is amazing! Tyrone: Yeah because I do remember that post about
what you did on Yaroís forum, thatís the reason why I saw Yaro interviewing you about
that particular one. So that was a really big turning point for you and obviously things
start rolling. Did you still go down the advertising route alongside with review blogging or did
you say look, Iím going to change this. Iím going to just focus on reviewing products. Krizia: I have both. Tyrone: Yeah. Krizia: Yeah I have both and since then Iíve actually
gone out and I found another advertisement network. Itís actually more interesting because
what they do is sometimes theyíll have advertisers coming in and theyíll buy on all of the bloggers
inside their network and theyíll buy up our sites so basically our site will be like itís
skinned and when we have those type of promotions, I mean it really can be interesting. Just
one promotion like that could literally mean $400 for letís say 24, 48 hour period. So thatís become — thatís totally passive.
When you want to talk about passive income, that is as passive as possible. The only thing
that I get is an email. Sometimes I had to put something on the blog that they send pre-done,
pre-written and what not. So — I do still do both. I do advertisement, and I also do
reviews. Tyrone: Wow, okay. Thatís really interesting. I think
a lot of people, even in my years I go okay Iím interesting in this myself too and how
youíve done it because doing a simple product review isnít actually that hard. Anyone can
type it up on their blog and hope onto a video camera and hold the product even and say this
is great, blah, blah, blah. Talk about the advantages, the pros, the cons, etc. And a
lot of people go okay, if itís that easy then why are not everyone doing it? So thereís obviously going to be something
that youíve got to start off with and also the process thatís involved. So how did you
firstly started off with it and how did you get people to look at that review once youíve
written in it? Or firstly letís start it with how you started at first. Krizia: Well I think itís very similar with Rob Sutton
as you mentioned earlier in our conversation, I started with a niche. I already had a blog,
the blog was in a very focused niche. It was beauty, I was targeting women, I was speaking
to women. And when it came to use the Immediate Edge method, I basically thought okay what
products are out there within those different affiliate networks that would fit with my
audience? So I started looking inside your database
since then I found a few products and at first the products were doing very, very well for
me for products giveaways like Revlon and Maybelline, and I mean you name it. All of
the things that we were giving, nail polish is away and blush, and mascarra and eyeshadow.
I mean thatís heaven for most women. Tyrone: And that was free. Was it? Krizia: Yeah. Tyrone: Ah so the freebies are the ones that get attracted
to it too? Krizia: The freebies did very, very well yeah. The
freebies did very well. Tyrone: Because what I — yeahÖ Krizia: Products that are not freebies then they are
products that we actually do review and to answer your question how do you get people
to come, I guess itís all about internet marketing and blogging 101, itís all about
the title. I always make sure that the title had the name of the brand because I know women
if youíre going to vote for a brand, youíre going to type a specific brand. If youíre
looking for Christian Dior makeup, but not Mac makeup. Tyrone: Of course. Krizia: So that was, that was one thing. And if it
was a freebie, then I would also have that in the title. If it was in the free trial,
I would have that in the title. But if it was something else, I used some controversial
titles. Last summer I was promoting, reviewing quite a number of cellulite products and so
I had a title is ___ product a scam? And these type of titles not only earn being good for
the search engine but it also entice people to click. So thatís how I got people to the
site. Tyrone: Ah got ya. Did you do sort of any paid advertising
like PPC or was it all through like natural, organic type of search engine optimization
that you did? Krizia: Absolutely no paid traffic at all — for the
activities that I had done on that blog. It was all natural traffic. I did have a number
of VAs who were doing a lot of social bookmarking, on Twitter and Facebook, we did a lot of that
and a few times when I actually start doing and started going to feel a little sophisticated,
I started doing a few videos on Youtube as well. But itís all natural so I really didnít
have to pay for anything at all. Thatís whatís so exciting when the money started coming
in. Tyrone: Thatís the good thing because once you get
that organic traffic coming through, itís always going to be there and it will continually
come through. Whereas with advertising, you keep having to throw dollars into it and you
donít know. I mean you do know if you test it right and if you do setup the amounts and
you dig on return but youíre always going to be paying for that traffic. But itís nicer
to have organic traffic which youíve got found in search engines. Krizia: Absolutely. Tyrone: Hmm actually coming back to it, youíre talking
about the Immediate Edge, when you say the Immediate Edge a lot of people might not even
know what this is. What is that strategy that youíre talking about exactly? Krizia: Oh, Immediate Edge does sort of a coaching
program that Ed Dale and Dan Raine have and Iím sure that most people have heard of the
30-day Challenge. So the 30-day Challenge is the free platform that they have all over
the internet but if you want to actually in track with them at a different level, you
have to pay so thatís Immediate Edge, their coaching program, their paid coaching program. Tyrone: Ah okay got ya. So basically you did take
— you did have the strategies that they taught because Iíve gone through the 30-day Challenge
as well and itís an awesome program. All of the tools, all of the tips, all the backlink
strategies, all the monetization strategies all work. You know Iíve tested it and Iíve
implemented that to a few of my niche sites so obviously with that extra support, you
can take your step more further and start creating and generating more money much quicker
too because obviously you have access to Ed and to Dan as well, too. Krizia: And also all the other members so they were
quite advanced. So if I remember, I would spend sometimes hours just reading results
that other members were getting but also tips. Tyrone: Hmm, okay. Well thatís really interesting.
So now that youíve got your blog and you started to put reviews on it and started to
make some income. How long did it take you to make that first say $100 and then from
that — how long did it take you to start making a residual income from that blog? Krizia: Well, the first $100 happened within 3 days
so it was very, very quick. Tyrone: Okay, very quick. Krizia: Very quick. In terms of growing it, it took
me a little longer because I was — I do have contracts, I do have clients so I was really
focusing on the clients then I thought oh well this is really nice. Iím getting all
these cheques and Iím not doing that much work. And then in late 2008, I thought to
myself, if Iím able to do this for this amount of work, what if I put in more time more effort
and see whatís going to happen. So I started achieving my focus, Iíd say
maybe November of 2008 and by February and March 2009, I was that completely different
income bracket. I mean I really — I was spending and I actually started booking time in my
calendar to write reviews and find out what the new products were targeting. I was sending
out weekly leads to my virtual assistants for them to post or to bookmark so I was really
aggressive. So Iíd have to say that as of the late 2008,
I became really aggressive and all 2009 and 2010 and so forth, really strategically working
those reviews. Tyrone: Wow, okay. So how much time did you put into
those things as well? Krizia: Well I think I was booking 2 at a time a couple
of days for 4 hours. Now things are changed because actually now I have a virtual assistant
who Iíve trained to write the reviews. So she knows how to write, she knows what are
different components she needs to have and I — I should say that thatís one of the
reasons why I do have virtual assistants was because of your course. The first virtual assistants that I had with
the bookmarking, I had worked with them for a while. But in terms of like making that
lead and finding a virtual assistant who could write, I mean these ladies are fantastic but
they were not able to write review. The virtual assistant that I have right now from the Philippines,
she is absolutely amazing. Sheís just brilliant and sheís the one writing the reviews for
us so — I would have to say maybe 4 to 6 hours a week. Tyrone: Wow, thatís not much. Krizia: No and I write quickly and at the end, it
was a formula. At the end I knew I have to have a title, I have to have the name brand
a couple times in a post, I had to talk about the benefits, I had to talk about if they
were — you know any things that werenít — things that Iím not too sure. I do a little
bit of research on the internet, I find some testimonials and then the affiliate networks
often provided me HTML codes so I can create banners on my site then if I didnít have
that then I basically would go out on the platform on Flickr and I would find photos
that were basically in-line with the post. Tyrone: Ah, okay. Thatís excellent. So with say 4
to 6 hours a week now youíve dedicated and plus now youíve got your VA, what kind of
income would you be expecting from that blog right now? Krizia: From that blog, anywhere between — it depends
on a month if Iím working hard at it or not, ah that particularly blog weíre looking at
$500 to $2500 a month. I would say the 500 was at the beginning. I would say that right
now, oh sorry not 2500, 5000. Yeah I see right now it would be seeing at maybe a minimum
of maybe 1500 if weíre not working at it at all and anywhere up. Yeah. Sometimes time cheques did arrive and it was
like oh, okay. Tyrone: Thatís actually not that much time when youíve
got the systems setup and youíve got the processes and even now youíve outsourced
it, itís actually not much time in investment. So at most probably 16 to 20 hours a month
and if youíre paying your virtual assistant say maybe $2 or $3 an hour itís actually
not very good — itís a very, very high return on your investment. Krizia: Sheís at $2 an hour. Sheís as I said before
sheís excellent. She writes very well, she understands the process very well. I mean
weíre shouldering actually itís more advanced now. Because before I was linking and I was
always I didnít know about linking on the keywords and she even knew some things that
I didnít know so I really was lucky. I mean I went through a number of virtual assistants
before finding her but yeah, she does a lot of the work and also we integrated article
marketing. I wasnít doing a lot of article marketing
when I first started because I thought itís too much work oh my gosh but now with a virtual
assistant, itís much easier. So in some cases, she knows sheís going to write the review,
sheís going to have the article on Ezinearticles and a number of other platforms and all of
those links are pointing back to that specific review. So now we have a system in place and
it makes a big difference. Tyrone: Oh, definitely. It sounds like the systems
work really, really well. What Iím curious as well, too in addition to this, are you
working on any other projects, say for example to build up additional product review income
as well from other sites or is this the only one that youíre focusing right now? Krizia: Well that was like that was the biggest one
and actually I should actually mention that a few months ago, a super affiliate weíre
talking about somebody who generates — you know those people you here about that generate
$50,000 in one day, heís one of those guys and when he looked at the blog and saw the
niche I was in, he actually offered — he said are you selling the blog, Iím going
to pay for the blog. Thatís when I knew that I realized that I
actually created something that was really solid because super affiliate, I mean they
know their job, they know their business inside out. For me to get that offer, I was really
floored. I do have another blog which also Iíve been working and now weíre actually
getting to a different business model where Iím creating blogs, a lot of blogs around
freebies as well and these blogs were maybe short-lived where I basically build them,
get the income coming in for only fast and furiously and then I flip them. Tyrone: Oh thatís great well thatís an interesting
strategy. I know that strategy works for a lot of people as well, too because youíre
really building up an asset which is the business and eventually selling it and you can either
hold onto it to keep that passive income or sell it out and cash up nice and big. Krizia: Yeah so Iím going to see — I mean depending
I mean you know obviously if in three months, I have three sites now that I built and are
ready to go within the next few weeks, Iíve seen three months each site is generating
$500, $600 pretty much on passive income, I may wait a bit for selling them but definitely
itís a new model and of course itís all based on keyword and based on what people
are looking for in the internet. Tyrone: Wow, thatís excellent. Well youíve got a
sound strategy there and Iím admiring all these things particularly the product reviews.
It doesnít sound that hard to do actually at all because as you said you can get a virtual
assistant, train them up to do that, put affiliate links and start selling them and make money
from that. I know also too for a fact that youíve got
a really good program out there thatís Blog Income For Women. I wanted to ask you a little
bit more about that and share with the audience what that exactly entails and how thatís
obviously come about from your successes? Krizia: Well it really came about the — Iíve seen
a lot of these big affiliates right now in the internet were men and a lot of times when
you see these new product launches and these guys are flashing million dollar cheques and
generated $100,000 over a night and what night. And I think itís a different language that
appeals to a different audience. I think a lot of women, they find the internet overwhelming,
a lot of stuff itís technically you know difficult in some cases and I donít think
a lot of women understand that affiliate marketing might be the easiest way to get started on
the internet. You donít need technical skills, there are
a lot of platforms that are free and I like to say if you can cut, copy, drag then you
can use these platforms because itís that easy. And basically that was the reason behind
Blog Income For Women. Now the other reason was basically because that I have originally
is a blog that really was into women. It was about beauty, it was about aging and a lot
of the reviews that I did say on that blog were female focused. So the whole jist behind the Blog Income For
Women is A., itís targeting women and showing them that the internet can actually be your
friend and B., if you decide to target other women, there are products out there that speak
to women and there are marketers trying to get the attention of women. Tyrone: Hmm, thatís the good thing because I think
there are so many blogging products out there saying make money quickly overnight kind of
thing and what I like about your story is that itís more realistic. I canít see myself
earning million dollars in one year for a blog. It just doesnít seem real. Krizia: Yeah, unrealistic. Tyrone: I mean itís beyond reality to be honest.
I mean if youíre naturally already earning million dollars from your business and you
go okay yep, I can see that happening. But for a lot of people out there that are just
the moms and dads or the people who just started online for internet-based business and wanted
to get into something that can generate just a bit of income. $200 to $300, to $1000 a
month sounds – Krizia: But thatís — honestly, for most people if
they were able to generate an extra $2,000 a month working 6, 7, 8 hours I think a lot
of people would say thatís way better than taking a part time job you say at Dunkin Donut
or what not. Tyrone: Yep. Krizia: So absolutely. The one thing I just want to
talk about those guys who do make a million dollars in a day, some of them do were in
a year whenever it is that they say but the one thing that they donít tell you is that
they are expecting hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid traffic. And getting into
paid traffic is something that you actually have to study and learn or else you will lose
your shirt itís not for everybody. Tyrone: Yes. Krizia: So when they say yeah, you know what I — look
at my $50,000 a day yeah it is a $50,000 a day but that person may have spent $20,000
to generate that $50,000 and I think for a lot of people thatís a lot of scary and a
lot of people donít want to spend $20,000. Tyrone: No. It is so true and thatís the thing about
I found from internet marketing is that they wonít reveal to you all the expenses that
go into it. All they reveal to you is their income which is glamorizing and itís all
great and everything but reality is, is that just like you and me, we share exactly what
we have and what we do itís more realistic. Itís — I mean you know people are not dumb.
People understand how all these things work and if youíll just donít show exactly what
happens behind the scenes that itís not get rich quick schemes, it does take hard work,
it does take time to build but you know, once you put that effort it, you can create passive
income and thatís what youíve done exactly there. Krizia: Absolutely and I do reveal it in the program
and I do say to people, there is work involved. Itís not going to happen if youíll just
look at your screen and stare at your screen. There is work involved but the program offers
a system on — or the chapter module number 7, I like to call it the Goose That Laid The
Golden Egg because I basically write down every single day activities that you need
to take in order to build traffic to your review blog. I tell you where to get photos,
I tell you how to write the articles, I tell you how to write the posts, what you need
to put in there. I also have a whole section on outsourcing and I talk about all the lessons
Iíve learned from you and other people that been quite influential in teaching me how
to outsource. So — and it is not a process thatís going
to happen overnight. I mean Iím not going to lie. It would be false to pretend that
it happens overnight. These guys who make $50,000 that didnít happen overnight. Tyrone: Yeah, thatís right. Itís taken them many
years to build up. Now Iím pretty sure that thereís going to be a question out there
that people are going to be asking this. I even asked you this before prior this interview,
was what is the biggest difference between say Blog Income For Women besides specifically
for women but what is it different to other blogging courses out there because thereís
tons of them out there and people were saying you can make money from blogging, just take
my course and do it. And even the other free ones out there as well, too. What makes your course different to theirs? Krizia: Well I should say that we do have a few men
as well. We got an email the other day from a guy by name of Tom asking questions and
I thought okay interesting. But, whatís different there are a couple of things. The tone is
different. The tone is very much geared towards people who want to take it a little slower,
they donít want that hype, thereís no hype. Whatís different as well is that everything
is broken down. I have bought a number of those other blog courses and some of them
are selling on Clickbank for $37 and I will tell you that Iíve set through them in about
an hour. So what these guys do is they tell you what they do but they donít necessarily
tell you how itís done. Now, in Blog Income For Women Blueprint is
basically how itís done. The course is different from letís say Yaroís work because Yaro
teaches you how to become an authority blogger and thatís basically you want to put your
voice out there and you want to be seen as the expert. Thatís not Blog Income For Women
Blueprint. The Blog Income For Women is really about showing you how to write reviews and
how to monetize those reviews. It is also very much geared like a lot of
the other courses based on a niche because you know on the internet, itís all based
on a niche because you basically have to get what it is that theyíre looking for. Tyrone: Otherwise, you could be just jumping around
in circles because thereís just so much out there on the internet and you need to really,
really focus. Krizia: There is. Yeah. Tyrone: Thatís really, really interesting. Well I
mean from what Iíve gathered and also what Iíve seen from what — your videos and even
the free stuff that youíve got there, itís amazing. I mean even doing this interview.
Sorry? Krizia: Iíve had a style. We call it — I added this
weekend we call it quickstart program because some women were saying well, I donít know
technology. I would go and say okay I am going to remove the stumbling block so I have a
series of videos showing you how to get a Gmail account. I actually recommend that people
work on Gmail so I walk step by step on how to do that; Iíve showed you how to get a
Blogger account, how to post your first review on blogger which literally took me a few seconds
on how easy it is. And so basically the three stuff that we were adding and then also thereís
tons of information that we give you throughout the course to keep you on track and to keep
you motivated. The goal is really to get people to do the
work and show them itís not too complicated if you have a blueprint. Tyrone: Yeah, absolutely. I think thatís a struggling
point is that I find that a lot of people read the information and then just sit there
and just go I donít know what to do. I need someone to really hold my hands. Krizia: They donít know where to start. Tyrone: Yeah, exactly it sounds like youíve provided
that structure that blueprint exactly where to start, how to do it and just hold them
by their hands to do it. And thatís the thing. I took a look at your course and it was very
interesting because there are so many different aspects that I didnít even pick up myself
as well that Iíve forgotten. I mean we — because weíre focusing on building
authority because thatís what I mostly get for my blog, we overlook something simple
like product reviews where we can generate additional income from our blog and you know
thatís something I picked up from you and I have to thank you for that as well, too. Krizia: Thank you very much. I mean another thing
that Iíve started is not part of the Blog Income For Women Blueprint, itís part of
one of the bonuses that I offer because I saw people how else I generate income. But
in the last year, believe it or not Iíve been getting monthly cheques from Amazon! Tyrone: Thatís great. Krizia: Itís — you know the lowest paying program
I think on the planet. So again, itís all about having systems at work and as you said
during the conversation that weíve been having, itís also about managing expectations. Those
videos out there, for some of those bloggers showing you beautiful $7,000 cars, $7M mansions,
those are beautiful and thatís a beautiful dream especially when youíre 23 and you can
achieve that. But what theyíre not telling you was that
theyíre coders, theyíre PHP experts, they basically been sitting for 18 hours a day
in front of their screens working at this stuff so yeah, you know. We have a level of
understanding of the internet that most of us donít. I am not a techie and the information behind
Blog Income For Women Blueprint is really based on somebody learn the internet step
by step without any technical background. Iím not a coder, Iím not a programmer, not
even have webmasters creating my WordPress blog, just to tell you. Tyrone: Thatís right, we outsource it. I donít even
do the coding myself. Iíve got my full time programmer doing these kind of things. Well,
itís a really, really amazing and really interesting there Krizia. Iím actually interested
in finding out how much like this would cost if I want to join up? Krizia: Well, the entire Blog Income For Women Blueprint
which contains 8 modules and 4 bonuses and we have bonuses showing you how to write articles,
how to outsource, we show you how to get over a 100 different platforms where you can actually
get more traffic to your blog and the last one is basically the other methods that I
use to generate passive income on the blog plus as I said lately weíve just added the
quickstart which basically shows you how to setup your Gmail account, how to setup a Blogger
account, how to post your first review on your Blogger account and also actually how
to open an account with these affiliate networks. The entire package we are promoting it, weíre
selling it $97 instead of $297. Tyrone: Oh wow, thatís really good value. I should
probably hop on myself and get it too. Thatís a lot of good content there for that price.
Wow. Krizia: And — and you know what yeah, I mean I bought
a lot of programs I was I think both of us would agree that Yaro provides a lot of amazing
content. Ah — Iíve learned a lot lately because Iím part of Brendon Burchard program
and Brandon is another one of these guys he always says if Iím going to price a program
at $2,000 Iím always going to give $4,000 or $6,000 worth of value and he over delivers
and I basically adopted the same model but for my audience. So it is $97 of course itís not worth $97
but it really — could be sold yeah. Tyrone: It definitely could be worth a lot more than
that. Krizia: But the idea was to price it at affordable
entry point so that people can get in and donít feel that oh my gosh itís like killing
me to pay that but also once they get it, theyíll see that thereís a lot of information
and it walks them by the hand. And also once they get that first $100, theyíll be wow
this is great. I spent $100, I made $100, this is fantastic and I think itís a little
bit of the feeling that Iíve got with the Immediate Edge when I realized that woohoo!
Thanks a lot — my cheapest way with the money I earned from their strategies. Tyrone: So is that a $97 one-off fee? Krizia: Yeah, one-time fee. One-time for all information. Tyrone: Well thatís excellent. Well I guess Iíll
definitely let people know about that as well at the end of this call you can check it out
as well. Iíll put a link at the bottom but what Iím also curious before we do wrap up
this interview, I mean the whole idea behind this interview is just to find out more about
how youíve done it so that I could share with everyone and provide as much content
and value, before I usually wrap up, I want to ask you one question that I want to leave
away with the viewers is if youíre to start again okay with your blog or start again with
review blogging, whatever you decide, what would be the number one tip you could give
to people to do first? Krizia: The number one tip that I would give people
is the domain name. Tyrone: Okay, thatís interesting. Krizia: Yeah, thatís the lesson that I learned. On
the internet, one thing that weíre talking about natural traffic and itís amazing if
youíre targeting an audience or a niche, you make sure that you have those essential
keywords in your domain name. It makes a big difference. I remember somebody in Yaroís program, he
has a blog on Jamaican slang or something – Tyrone: Oh yes, I remember. Krizia: And I remember reading that just because his
URL was the JamaicanSlang dot whatever, he was getting 20,000 visitors per month to his
blog most of it was natural traffic. I was floored. One thing Iíve learned is Iíve
seen the domain and the other thing as well that I learned by working on my beauty blog
is that I could have with that beauty blog I could almost have 10 different sub blogs
on 10 different sub niches. So it could be one on makeup specifically,
one on anti-aging specifically, one on cellulites specifically, one on stretch marks specifically.
So those I would say are two things to about working — and theyíve been very essential.
And thatís sort of on a business angle, on a mindset angle or personal development angle,
I have to say that perseverance because it doesnít happen overnight. It doesnít matter
how many videos or product launches that you see with people claiming it. It doesnít happen overnight and perseverance
is important. Itís hard, itís work and some days youíre going to feel like Iím not going
anywhere but the idea is to put that thought behind you and just keep at it and before
you know it, you actually have built yourself a nice little blog business part time. Tyrone: Thatís awesome. Thatís consistency and persistence,
I totally agree on that. Actually as you mentioned, before I forget to ask you is what is the
blog name for your health or beauty review blog? Krizia: Itís Tyrone:, well check it out guys
to have a look at it. Well, to wrap it up Krizia how can people get in contact with
you and if they have other questions about Blog Income For Women? Krizia: Well they can definitely check out the link
that youíre going to provide people so that definitely takes them to a page where my email
address is sort of available but if they want to connect with me on Facebook, Iím at Krizia
MissK. Thatís Krizia Miss K, so Krizia my first name so obviously most people wonít
be able to spell my first name but Tyrone will have it right here so itís my first
name Miss K as in Miss — M-I-S-S Sam-Sam-K as in Kenya and you can find me on Facebook. Tyrone: Awesome. Well what Iíll do Iíll definitely
put those links below this video if you do want to come out and youíre watching this
on Youtube and anywhere else on the internet, just come to my blog at and
youíll be able to get those links and also get in contact with Krizia. Well Krizia, thank you so much for coming
onto the call today. Itís been an awesome interview, Iíve learned a lot. Iíve picked
up a lot of great things. Iím really ready to take action and get my VA to start implementing
some of these product review ideas again and yeah, itís fantastic to be able to speak
to you again. So great, weíll definitely have to catch
up after this and thank you so much for coming onto the call. Krizia: Oh thank you so much Tyrone it was a great
interview. And once again without you and your amazing knowledge about outsourcing,
I wouldnít be able to talk about having a VA doing a lot of the work. Iíd be the one
doing the work I think you remember that from the first — I was doing everything so yeah. Tyrone: Well, youíre welcome. Thanks again and weíll
see you soon. Bye for now. Krizia: Weíll see soon. Bye. Tyrone: Now, if you like more resources like this
one, you can find them inside Mass Outsource Mastermind along with video tutorials and
step by step instructions showing exactly how I use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial
membership to Mass Outsource Mastermind, simply visit Until next time, I
wish you success in your quest for outsourcing.

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