How to Generate Leads and Sales From Your Blog

How to Generate Leads and Sales From Your Blog

– Are your blogs generating
jack all for your business? – Here’s exactly how to generate leads and sales with your blogs. – Boom. – In Content Mavericks. – Only on Atomic. – We break down content
into two distinct types. The first is primary content. This is content to draw
people into your business. To make them feel happier or smarter and to turn them into brand advocates. So this is 100% no sales pitch. – The second type of
content you can create is secondary content. And this is content aimed
at educating customers more about what you do and how you do it. And then attempts to convert
them into a lead or a sale. So it’s things like
comparisons, FAQs, sales copy, this is how it works behind the scenes, price guides, demos, et cetera. – A mix of both of these types of content is important in your
content marketing strategy. But, you need to understand how each of these different types of content converts people to leads and sales in completely different ways. Let’s first talk about primary content. So, remember this is to
make people feel happier, or smarter and turn people
into brand advocates. This is great content fodder for things like social media, things like email marketing. It’s great to get found in search. It’s a great way to provide value for potential future customers. Now, remember somebody
that stumbles across a bit of primary content may
not be ready to buy just yet. They may not even know
about your business. They may not even know about your industry and what you actually do at this point. So, how do we turn that person who is ice ice cold, into a future potential customer? – Firstly, your content has to be killer. If they’ve stumbled across you and your content is
absolutely rubbish, it’s dire. – Pants. – You have no chance. Then what we need to do is get them to sign up for future content. For example, this could be sign up to your email newsletter. Subscribe to your podcast,
like your Facebook page, or it could be even subscribe
to our YouTube channel. – Have you got something
in your eye again? You okay? Okay? Farrow and Ball do a great job of this. At the bottom of their blogs you are encouraged to sign up for more interior design inspiration. So people who sign up for that are clearly interested in interior design and therefore clearly are
future potential customers. The idea of primary content is to build that know,
like and trust factor in future potential customers. So when they are ready to buy, you’ll at least be considered. This is why primary
content is super important because if you don’t have any of it, then people will stumble across you and then just forget about you. – Yeah they’ll be put off
by all your salesy content. But what about secondary content? – What about it Pete? – Secondary content is the type of content there to educate current,
potential customers. So people who are watching
or reading your content with the intention of potentially buying. But how do we convert these people? You give them the salesy content that they’re looking for, but then you convert
them with simple, easy, calls to actions. And calls to actions better than just, hey, here’s the contact page. On Atomic. Have you got something in your eye now? – Maybe, think it’s catching. – On Atomic we talk about what
we call hand raisers, okay. And this is basically
our way of figuring out who’s ready and who’s not. They’re raising their hand and saying, “Hey, I’m ready.” – A good hand raiser could be get an estimate, book a walk through, get a call back, or even
one of our best hand raisers is simply download a price guide and how easy is that to create? So work out how you can get blog readers who are interested to buy, to raise their hand to let you know, hey, I’m a potential customer, and then you can follow up
with some more information and then you at least know
which of your blog readers are current hot leads. So, in conclusion, you need to understand the two different types of calls to action for the two different
types of blog content. Whether it’s primary content or secondary content. – So primary content is
there to draw people in and turn then into brand advocates. The secondary content is
there to convert them into leads and sales. – Hope you’ve enjoyed that guys. Last week we were talking about all the ways to promote your blog. So go and check that out
around here somewhere. I’ve been Andrew. I’ve been Pete. – Please subscribe, that
is the call to action. Wink, wink.
– That is a call to action. Of our primary content.
– We need to go and get some eyedrops.
– Subscribe. – And we’ll see you next week. – Bye. – A good hand raiser, I’m so nervous he’s gonna tickle me. (laughter) A good…
(laughter) Don’t. – Alright, come on.
– Okay, I got it, yeah. – Let’s concentrate. – A good hand raiser. (laughter)

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  1. 😂😂 you guys are too funny! I about died with the outtakes at the end. The video content itself was great too!

  2. You totally got me to subscribe. Hilarious hint and very good strategy, Andrew and Pete.

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