How To Get Free Unique Articles For Blog | Get Free Content For website

How To Get Free Unique Articles For Blog | Get Free Content For website

welcome to technology Facts technology
facts aims to empower the world through technology so in this video I will show
you how to get free unique content for your blog or website so before starting
this video click on the subscribe button to be the part of our mission so let’s
start so today I am presenting you a very effective trick by using that trick
you can get the unique content for your blog and that is very simple and easy so
kindly follow each of my step to get 100% results so first of all what you
have to do is open the Google and search for the YouTube in the YouTube write the name of the
your blog title for example you are searching or Blogging for the title
about the adventures, about the fashion or any other blog title for example I
am searching for what for example let’s search for the love
what is love and my blog title is also love so here in this section what you
have to notice is click on that with your video that has the closed captions[CC]
option and then click on that link so in this video you can see the closed
caption is given so here what you have to do is just copy the video ID. for
example the video ID is here after the equal sign just copy that ID number and
now go to the link here is the link that is also given in the description below
so a Paste ID in the end of that link click
on paste ID and copy all the links remember that this link is also given in
the description just paste your link
copy the link open your browser and paste that link in the search bar and
now you can see you have XML file now save this file save this file on HTML so
write down dot HTML in the end of the file name and file save the file go to the desktop and open that file
here and now you can see you have all the BLOG it’s free and copy the
paragraph that you are for your block and you can see all that lines is is for
love and consists of this line that you want
so now here what you have to do is copy these lines that you want for the blog
select the lines and before copying this file what you have to do is you
must have Check these paragraph in the plagiarism checker so copy the
selective lines that you want for your block search for any plagiarism checker
so now what you have to do is open the plagiarism checker in order to check
these lines whether it is fine for your block and it will not create any
copyright issue for your block so open anyone plagiarism checker that you
want so i am i have opened so here Paste your copied text here and
click on the find copy it will take for a while so you must have to wait for
this so here you can see your content absolutely unique and this content you
can use for your blog and it will not create any copyright issue for you so if
you enjoy our video so click on the subscribe button and thank you so
much thank you so much

63 thoughts on “How To Get Free Unique Articles For Blog | Get Free Content For website

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  2. Whether it is by using eye-catchy pictures, diagrams, videos, or charts, try to make your blogs visually appealing. It’s because only a bunch of words won’t be enough for you to make your contents outstanding.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

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  3. You lost me at pasting into the Blogging Notepad – you gave no explanation of what that is or where to get it. Onward to find better videos about blogging!

  4. Thank you, sir, great job its working 100% After = paste your video id

  5. ….. link is not working i paste the code but it shows nothing

  6. If it is working the time to reorganized this article will be enough for you to write a really unique article

  7. You can buy some PLR articles or have someone on fiverr write some articles for you .. This is good for get some content or have some general ideas and inspiration… You can get thousands of articles for like 5 bucks on fiverr like this gig 🙂

  8. sir, can we make a video for youtube channel from any copyrighted article or copyright books?
    and add this copyright content on my whiteboard animation video is it copyright way? sir please help

  9. Actually my recommendation is to try the best article spinning tool SpinnerChief to generate unlimited unique and readable articles for your blog. जब आप परम स्पून और पठनीय लेख बनाना चाहते हैं तो मैन्युअल स्पिनिग की आवश्यकता होती है। यदि आप परम स्पून आलेख बनाना चाहते हैं तो आपको पैराग्राफ और वाक्यों को स्पिन करना होगा, यह पैराग्राफ और वाक्य मोड में विशाल लेखों को स्पिन करने के लिए दर्द होता था, नेस्टेड टेक्स्ट ने हमेशा सही वाक्य खोजने के लिए इसे अलग किया।

  10. bhai ap k tags daikh kr lga skty hain waisy daikhty to hain to soch ap ko pta hona chaye k tags ka use krty hain hm

  11. Instead of saving the html file you can directly copy the html code and paste it into your blogger as html and then choose "compose" to view text.

  12. TechnologyFacts; this video is inconclusive; where do you get the link post on NOTE PAD copied to the Browser above? Please update this video for more understanding content. Thank You

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