– Right now one of my
favorite content platforms is Instagram. A lot of you know me from YouTube or maybe even from Twitter
but even though Instagram isn’t my largest platform, I have to say it’s definitely one of my favorites. And Instagram blogging is a
big part of the reason why and it’s a very powerful content strategy if you’re trying to grow your
personal brand on Instagram. So, let’s get into some tips to help you get started with blogging on Instagram. Hey, everybody, this is Roberto Blake, helping you create
something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. For the new people here,
first of all, welcome, my name’s Roberto Blake,
I’m a creative entrepreneur, public speaker, and
today I wanna talk to you about Instagram marketing
and how you can use blogging in Instagram to help you
build a deeper connection with your audience,
get massive engagement, and build your brand. Believe it or not, I
haven’t pulled directly from my YouTube audience to
grow my Instagram following. In fact, I purposefully,
for the last 12 months, set out to do that natively, to get myself to 10,000 followers on Instagram. I’m almost at 15,000 as
of making this video. And there were several reasons
why I didn’t wanna siphon from YouTube, even though I’m sure some of you followed me over there. You know, I didn’t
wanna siphon for YouTube for a couple of reasons. One, I wanted to really
study the Instagram algorithm and two, I wanted to do
something completely different on my Instagram than my YouTube channel. In my YouTube channel,
I do a lot of marketing, mindset, motivation
content that specifically is to help you market
yourself in social media, grow your online business, and leverage online video
marketing specifically. But in Instagram, I wanted
emotional connection with my strongest
supporters, my 1,000 plus, in this case 15,000 plus true fans. I really wanted to have
an emotional connection with my audience and I found that by doing motivational and encouragement and that type of content
almost exclusively in Instagram, that it was a lot better. And then it was therapeutic for me to do Instagram blogging
because I actually started my online background with doing webdesign and starting a blog, my website, we have a blog over on the website as well at this point. But, I started blogging
about my experience in the creative services industry. I did a lot of interviews
and I even went on to be a free lance writer
for different publications. I wrote for How Design,
and Print Magazine, and Creative Pro. I’m even working on some new relationships with paid writing today
as a paid contributor to some publications. And I’ve always loved
communicating and expressing myself with the written word. Now, a lot of you will
say, “Well, blogging “is dead in 2019.” I disagree with that. I’m gonna do a whole
dedicated video about that but here’s where I really felt
like blogging could shine. Instagram is known as a visual
platform, and that’s true. This is a very powerful visual direct access mobile platform. It’s mobile first, for many
people it’s mobile only right? But, one of the things you can hack in the Instagram algorithm
is time spent on a post and a page and a long form post is going to usually trigger and activate
your audience a lot more, get more calls to action and this has been very successful for me,
not only on comments and engagement, but it’s
also helped convert people for my business, for
discounts, product sales, coaching, merchandise. So many other things. And I’m gonna do a whole video about Instagram story strategy but here’s where I think Instagram blogging and doing long form post is very powerful. I think that if you communicate well and you tell stories very well, or if you share some more personal details about yourself through the written word, that you can activate a
very powerful relationship between you and your audience in Instagram and get them to open
up and to share things with you as well. And then you can support each other. And so I love the
communication strategy here that deployed through writing. A lot about what the real experience is of being an online content creator, writing the real experiences that I’ve had as somebody that’s an introvert or somebody that’s been bullied and just being able to tell
and share that part of myself in a completely different
platform from YouTube and a completely different
way with my audience. And then, also, I’ve
gotten so many great DMs and gone deeper with people and engage and it’s created stronger relationship, stronger bonds between me and the audience than I think I ever had even
here on YouTube in many cases. So, it’s a reason that I’m a
fan of Instagram and Twitter because I feel there’s stronger
communication platforms instead of just broadcast
and distribution platforms the way that I feel like YouTube is more of a broadcast platform. The slogan for YouTube used
to be broadcast yourself. But, with Instagram, with
the ability to do DMs, with the ability to have a
more intimate relationship and community there. With the ability to do group DMs, with the ability to do voice memo DMs, I think that that’s extraordinary and I think that it’s
something that separates the platform from YouTube completely and from other platforms,
even from Twitter. And even from Facebook, really. Facebook has similar
features but it’s not nearly as, I would say, intimate
and personal as Instagram. And a lot of people are leaving Facebook but you’ll pry Instagram
from our cold dead hands. It ain’t happening, right? So, I just really feel
that if you approach this Instagram blogging strategy, if you have a story to
tell, if you do very well with communicating in your writing, I think it could be very powerful
for your content strategy. My audience has flat out told me that more than the great, you know, coffee table like pictures in my Instagram and the fact that they
love seeing me so happy in the selfies that what
they really come for is the personalization, the stories, the motivation, and the fact that with Instagram, even
though I get so many replies on YouTube and I try very hard to reply to as many of
you as I possibly can, it is much easier for me to reply or even to DM and voice
memo people in Instagram. And so, for an audience
that might be looking for a deeper relationship
with a content creator and it will not be the
majority of your audience. I would encourage you to really look at Instagram if what you’re looking at is relationship building, if you don’t wanna feel alone in your journey, if you want to share experiences and you want true community, I think that Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms for that and I think that when
you write and people sit there and they read it and
they’re engrossed in it. I think that that is still very powerful. Video is an asset. I love video, it plays
very much to my strengths, but I will tell you flat out,
I have missed writing so much and just being able to conveniently do it at any time on the go and
know that there are people who are gonna read it, absorb it, and it’s gonna mean
something to them is amazing. Like I said earlier, it’s not just about, you know, sharing these
things and going deep, it’s about the simple fact that this is something that triggers more engagement in the Instagram algorithm because the more time you get people to interact with your profile, like
chronological time. We don’t have a tracker for this the way we have watch time in YouTube but it has been published,
it has been something that has been talked
about over and over again that it really matters and that’s why they say make engaging content. But engaging comment isn’t limited to your slideshows,
your videos, your memes, your selfies, your beautiful,
gorgeous photography, it’s not limited to that. The captions do matter as well and through contextualizing a story, you get the ability to use hashtags in clever and creative ways. I seed hashtags throughout
the story that I write in the captions in addition
to putting it at the bottom, in addition to doing it in the comments, so there’s an opportunity
there strategically too and then when I combine
this with my automations for if this then that,, if this then that, it’s an automation that for me sends out a truncated version, you know, 240 characters
or so with the link for my Instagram post to Twitter, and if I’m smart enough to
put a hashtag early enough in the caption, I also get
that benefit in Twitter of reaching people for that
hashtag and siphon from Twitter for Instagram which can be
a very powerful strategy for a lot of you. So, now I think you have
a better understanding of where I’m going with this
Instagram blogging strategy and why I’m an Instagram blogger. Now, Roberto, why wouldn’t you just post a blog on your regular
website, why wouldn’t you do that and siphon the traffic there? Well, the reality is that as we’ve said, having your own website is important and it does mean you
aren’t beholden as much, say to an algorithm, but
the facts are the facts. If you haven’t built a name, a reputation, if you don’t have a bunch
of SEO content that ranks then you’re not gonna get a lot of traffic to your own website and to your blog. If you want someone to read your words, posting it in a social media platform that has almost two billion users is a really good way to do that. So, since there are literally over a billion active daily users in Instagram and I can pull a good fraction of that and get engagement and
real meaning from it that I want to do that. I mean, that’s why I’m doing it. I don’t think in terms
of legitimate comments, I don’t think on any blog post I’ve had, even ones that got 30,000 traffic visits, I don’t think that I got 100
comments that weren’t spam. So, on Instagram getting 100 people to actually comment and communicate and I’m gonna give you
guys my engagement strategy because there are people who
get like 6,000, 10,000 likes and they never get 100 comments. I can get 100 comments
even with 400, 300 likes on an Instagram post. I can get a massive ratio on the comments and I’m gonna show you exactly
how I’ve been doing that. There’s multiple tactics that I think you guys will really enjoy, so like and subscribe for that video. Hit the notification bell. But, I think that it’s very practical to put content where there are eyeballs. Do I think you should siphon some of that for your own website traffic? Yes, that’s why in my Instagram bio I drive people to where they can buy something from me. Way too many of you are
trying to use Instagram to siphon for YouTube and I get it and you wanna grow your YouTube and you monetize that or whatever. I’m telling you, take it to your website, take it to your email
list, take it somewhere where you can convert a direct sale or have access to your audience instead of making everything
revolve around YouTube and social media. That’s a whole nother video I can do. I really want you guys
to stop using Instagram to siphon for your YouTube channel and use it if you’re going to pull people off of Instagram, drive them to somewhere that puts money directly in your pocket or gives you direct
access to your audience. Take them to your Patreon page. If you don’t have Patreon,
sign up, link’s down below. Also if you wanna get onto mine, I’m doing some exclusive content there that doesn’t fit in my
other content platforms. Would love for you to be
one of the 1,000 true fans. But yeah, send people to your Patreon, send people to your merchandise, send people to a sponsored link, send people to your own thing, get them on your email
list and then you could maybe convert them down the road. Do something wildly practical here. Do not put all of your
eggs in the YouTube basket. I’m trying to tell you. Some final thoughts when it comes to Instagram blogging
and Instagram marketing. I really love the idea of being able to get feedback
from Instagram stories by you sharing your Instagram post into the Instagram story and then getting people
who may have missed it. I think that’s very powerful as a tactic, it’s something I’ve been doing a lot more and I’ve seen that it actually works and can get me more likes,
more comments, more engagement because I can film an
Instagram story before, telling people what I’m talking about and asking them some questions and ask them in the comment. And then the next Instagram story is the post for them to
able to take action on that. So, it’s just another
tactic that you can use. I’m also gonna link down to,
I think it’s called Planoly, it’s one of my favorite
apps for Instagram. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. One of the reasons I
like it is because I can actually see how many characters
I have left in this post before I run out of characters. I can see how many hashtags I’ve used. So, I really like using this app. I’ll link it down below and I’m also going to do a video coming up called I Bought 500 Dollars
Worth of Instagram Apps So You Don’t Have To. And I legitimately have spent over $500 on yearly subscriptions and bought all the best Instagram apps
and I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now so I wanna talk to you about what’s worth it, what I use, why I used it, give you some options, tell you which ones are
great, which ones suck. So, hopefully that will be helpful. Like I said, you wanna hit notifications, hit the subscribe if you
care about that content. That’s it for this guys, I’m going to wrap up the video here
with a question of the day. What is your content
strategy for Instagram? Are you more focused on the captions? Are you doing memes? Are you doing repost? What is your Instagram strategy? I would love to use some
of these as examples in future videos so make
sure you’re dropping that in the comments down below. Also, feel free to check out my Instagram, it’s @robertoblake. Also, you can check out
my new Instagram brand for people who care about
gear, if you’re a gear head, check out @creatorgearguide,
I’m gonna link both of those in the description for you. Probably will also be maybe the
pinned comment or something. Like this video if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff on the channel. In fact here on the info card, I’ve got a lot of my other Instagram videos and a playlist for you. As always, you guys,
thanks so much for watching and don’t forget, go out there and create something awesome today. Take care.


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