How To Get More Notes On Tumblr

hey guys Justin Bryant here from
self-made success dot com and I want to touch on a subject today
that really hasn’t been covered much in marketing World from what I’ve seen it
and that’s getting more Tumblr notes for
your posts and notes if you don’t know what that is
they are basically the the total number of shares
and engagements you get on your post selling
the bottom left corner every post on Tumblr where you can find and number right here that basically
tells you how popular your post is and how much people liked it also gives you a
chance to catch think that how many people could be exposed to it denote obviously
498 notes is not the total number people but the total number people that
just shared it to their audiences as well see you get thousands and thousands of people that
will see it of just you know even a few dozen notes says definitely why you want to get more them
because you can definitely a.m. reach a lot more people grow your
audience testing at Tumblr is something I really did in use a whole lot at first because you know like everyone else all I knew
how to do is Facebook Twitter Google+ and things like
that but then I realized that other people
are having more marked success with Tumblr marketing and I said to give it a try
and it turns out it’s actually when the best kept secrets in marketing it gets probably more shares and more
engagement then most the other main social media
sites and as you can see that just all these
posts on here it is raining post are getting so many notes 3,003 and 26 theirs 1100 here there’s 91,000 here 8,000 here and mean to than 17,000 here and you know its its crazy so the way to get this is you gotta keep a few things in
mind when you’re doing post you want to on try and use more pictures more videos and more a things like that without using a lot of weeks refusal links all
the time for instance Facebook for example think about your Facebook page or a
facebook posts you do even just on your profile a when you do that facebook wants you to
stay on Facebook day date give you more a.m. they give you
more as a boost in their algorithm to a stuff that stays on Facebook so
that’s why they want you to upload pictures on facebook instead of share picture from another
site that’s why they want you upload videos to facebook instead of sharing a
YouTube video this it’s a lot like that and tumbling
Tumblr if you use pictures like this dog for
instance it’s got 491 knows just a picture of a random dog I mean just that anything can go viral on here
if you know people like it if it’s something that’s pretty much
either entertaining or inspiring then you’ll get a lot of
notes but your idea right have enough people
as you’re building your following you can out created no a whole separate video
how to build your following that when you’re getting notes and you
don’t have much for following it you need to use hash tags for one thing
past checks don’t seem to work too great on Facebook and you know even Google+ state you know the
kinda work Pinterest account work but the on 10 more I think your hashed actually go
a lot farther and there’s a lot more people searching for hash tags and
tumblr then there are and other once so as far as i’m concerned. you need to use
probably at least three good hash tags that are related and
popular when you start typing at the hash tag
one while actually come up and I am it’ll it’s like a Google search when you start
typing something it wants to finish it for you shows the results of what other what other popular searches you might what to type it’s the same thing and
tumblrs so that okay tell you how popular it is if
alive by the people tend to type that and to use at least
three popular hash tags use less links and use pictures closed center either entertaining and
funny or inspiring where the other depending
on your brand and I also you can use videos videos do really
well to but you need to keep them short keep
them to that point and like a showed you in my tumblr videos a tutorial on YouTube you don’t use
celebrities for your brand if you have a big brand you want to use people that everybody
knows still think you’re trying to sell them something and you want to keep your videos very
short a but as far as a what gets the most notes from what
i’ve understood its less links more quotes more a images call images that are entertainer spare
or inspiring if you just focus on doing stuff like
that and then just post links to your site every three or four posts on tumbler then you grow bigger falling and you yet more people actually saying hey
you know I like this brand I’ll go check out their site cell and nothing obviously you can do is search for
popular brands in your niche so let’s say entrepreneur dot com for instance is a popular brand and one
of my business is Mitch its and I am obviously day they all have is popular other tumbler
account as you might think you can see your post to get detail 5
notes or dog-eared yell to and 37 16 alcott 44 but you can go through it figure out okay this is a big brand that cell similar stuff to what I sell way are they doing networking because
there’s definitely going to be other brands that have been doing is longer
than you and to keep from making a wise same
mistakes Encana cut out that learning curve you
can just see what they do that works cell I one thing you can see from here
is when they don’t use a week in their picture they get about two or
three times more notes okay so you can make a note that and apply it to your step okay so easy but two links most in these
videos and they do okay but you can bet that if you just go through and check out different brands in your niche you know
you might be in a bit different niche Diane then a you’ll definitely find some popular posts that you can model
after you go you might not want to copy them
exactly that you can do something very similar okay so that’s about the best thing you
can do is just focus on hash tags he’s at least three popular ones per-post don’t use a lotta weeks stay away from
them do only do does every couple or every
three posts use a lot of pictures and quotes videos do well to but I would say pictures and quotes an evening gifts do really well because people can look
at it and we’ve really fast they’ll have to watch a long video again do video make it short and focus on inspiring people or
entertaining than NN model after the big brands that have post that are already getting a lot of
notes okay so if you just take those sayings
and apply them every time your branding yourself or trying to get traffic from tumblr do
a lot better you get a lot more notes and you build a big following okay
celsius next video I help you liked it this is Justin Bryant from self-made
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