How to Get More Traffic by Blogging LESS | 4 (Sneaky) Tips

How to Get More Traffic by Blogging LESS | 4 (Sneaky) Tips

I used to blog seven times per week now I’ll be blog once a week and you know what my traffic has gone up I went from 800,000 visitors a month in January all the way up to 1.6 million visitors a month in less than a year so how do I get this big traffic growth I blog less hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how you can grow your traffic by blogging less here’s the thing that I learned about blogging it’s not about how much content you’re producing yes the more texts you have the more keywords the more pages that can rank in Google but here’s the thing that most people don’t tell you just because you write more content it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna get more traffic more content doesn’t mean that Google’s magically gonna place you at the top of search rankings you gotta promote that content but you know what if you wrote one article every single day how much time would you have to promote your articles I don’t know about you but probably a little to none sure if you have a huge marketing being yeah you can spend a ton of time on promotion but if you yourself are the one blogging and you spend two three four or five hours a day blogging you’re gonna be burned out you’re not gonna market your content you’re just gonna be like all right I wrote it now it’s up let’s see how much traffic coming again so if you look at my analytics traffic you’ll see that there’s huge spikes every Tuesday why is this it’s because I release a blog post on Tuesdays now sometimes I may change it to Mondays sometimes I may do Wednesdays but in general I’m holy blogging once a week and when I’m blogging once a week the reason I’m getting so much more traffic sometimes ninety plus thousand visitors in one single day because I’m spending more time marketing my content that I am writing it so here’s my process on how you can get more traffic by blogging less the first thing I recommend to you is to send out emails so every time I release a blog post I send out emails to my whole list letting them know my blog post has just came out how it can help them this is one of the easiest ways I get more traffic if I send out an email blast seven times a week because if I was blogging daily people are gonna be like whoa Neal you’re spamming us this is overwhelming stop emailing me but now that I blog less not only am I able to email my list but they’re appreciative they’re like thank you for sending the email it really helped me it made my day I get messages like that all the time if you don’t know how to collect emails use a free tool called hello bar comm you can collect emails from your website and then every time you have a blog post you can notify every single one of those email list members hey my new blog post is out and just don’t send a simple email like hey John check this out this is my latest blog post send a customized email put in the subject line the name of your blog post and your email to the people should go over what you discuss in the article how it can help them and where they can check it out the second tip I have for you is to use subscribers comm subscribers is a push notification software it’s free there’s no premium plans it’s just fully free and what it does is when someone’s coming to your website from a browser whether it’s Chrome Safari Firefox it allows them to subscribe to your blog using browser notifications then whenever you release a blog post using subscribers you can send them a message letting them all know their blog post has come out and through their browser they’ll get a notification they can click on it you can go back to your website this little simple hack easy subscribers gets me over 40,000 visitors a month they’re not all unique visitors because I have a lot of subscribers and they keep coming back but that’s still 40,000 plus visitors a month when you write a blog post you’re natural using stats and data to back up your points if you aren’t you should consider using them because it’ll help anchor you as the expert in the industry we’re using all these stats and data and you’re linking to these sites send out an email but when you send them an email saying hey I mentioned you I really love your content thank you for creating it there’s a good chance over a 10 percent chance and you were usually from 10 to 30% you’re gonna get people to share your content on the social web it’s that simple the next strategy I have for you is to use buzzsumo using buzz Summa you can type in keywords relate to your article see what other relevant articles are out there that are similar click the view shares button and you can see all the people that shared similar content you can then email them you have to do some Google searches to find their email and you can Imam saying like hey Curtis I know you shared out X Y & Z article by author a B and C I have a similar article that just came out you can check it out here Cheers Neal it’s another simple approach to get more traffic as you can see a lot of these tactics that I’m talking about take time I’m not saying it’s easy to get more traffic but you can get more traffic if you blog less because you can spend all this time promoting your article the last tip I have for you is to work on your headlight everyone thinks if you write the longest and the best blog plus you get the most traffic and that is true good content helps you get more traffic but here’s an interesting stat for you 8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 people will click through and read the rest your article so if you spend time making amazing headline you’ll get more traffic and when you’re thinking about headlines just on create one headline for your blog post create at least 5 if not 10 headlines then pick the one that’s the most appealing look for headlines that are around five to seven words around 6 is ideal if it’s longer it’s gonna be too long ago get cut off from the Google search listings if it’s too short it’s not descriptive enough for people to know what your article is about in addition to keeping it around that length you want your headlines to evoke curiosity for example if I was writing an article on green tea my headline may be like the seven benefits of green tea number six will shock you I know that headlines a bit long that you get the point I’m trying to make I’m trying to evoke curiosity I’m like wait number six is gonna shock me what is number six and by doing those kind of things more people are gonna click through and want to read the rest of your headline so if you want to get more traffic don’t just spend more time blogging spend more time on the marketing than blogging that doesn’t mean you can write mediocre content that means the content you write has to be really amazing but you should spend even more time than whatever you did writing it promoting the article use the 80/20 rule if you spend an hour writing the article spend four hours promoting it if you have any questions on how to get more traffic by blogging less leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer and help you out thanks for watching make sure you subscribe like comment and share

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  1. Hello Neil, i recently installed the subscriber plugin on my wordpress site which gets on average about 500 visitors daily. However for the past 2 weeks only 1 person subscribed. I have a section on my website with some freebies which requires an email to access and on average 100 persons sign up daily. Therefore subscribers dot com may work for you but it surely ain't working for me.

  2. Hello Neil again outstanding video. I wanna ask you how is wix in case of SEO coz saw some negative reviews. But I feel very tempted due to its easily customisable beautiful templates. I would be grateful to you if you reply

  3. Hi Neil…Does hellobar work only for the index page or does it also work for the inner page? For instance I put the links of the posts directly on social media rather than linking the index page. so was wondering if it can capture that way. I have not been able to test it since I already tested for the home page…

  4. Hey, Mr Neil
    I believe that you are a great person who taught me everything what I know today about blogging.

    Keep up this great work

    I like to share your article everytime you publish a new one.

    You and Mr Brian from backlinko are my hero.

  5. Hi Neil it's nice video loved it and learnt a new website lesson thanks for that . I have a ? Which is the hosting you are using to maintain traffic ?

  6. Sir,
    I started a blog and my first blog post was a welcome blog for my readers….but the people who read my first blog didn't read my second blog….have I done a mistake by writing a welcome readers blog?

  7. Neil can you just use the same name first and last to create more accounts and blogs to manipulate the ranking… Like Dorothy M., D. McQueen Dorothea McQueen, McQueen Dorothy etc.?

  8. These videos are really helpful for someone just starting out in marketing so thank you, Neil! The trouble I'm having is getting enough traffic to read blogs about a super boring topic – IT. Any advice?

  9. Hi Neil, you are the god of marketing, I just hope am able to practice at least 10% of what you teach so that I can benefit from them.

  10. Hey neil ,make an video on spin article
    Spin article is right way in bloging field
    Google algorithm knows that this article is spinned or not
    Tell me about this

  11. When you’re doing outreach, you’re also engaging on a personal level with industry leaders. This can lead to huge clients and partnerships.

  12. Hello How can we invite you as guest speaker for seminar ??? online event and offile event … we need detaild description

  13. I loved this. I have been writing a ton, but let the promotion part fall to the side. I will implement these strategies today.

  14. Neil, the title of your video proves the 5th tip you talked about: Headlines are important. For Instance, 'How to Get More Traffic by Blogging LESS | 4 Tips' won't compel people as much as the simple addition of the word 'Sneaky' would. Furthermore, the Tips are impressive; they can help a lot of people drive traffic to their blog.

  15. I watched your video full and tried to understand the whole video but I did not understand a few points Blog less and more traffic, best information
    so thank you very much Neil Patel

  16. thanks niel for this video….I think for me now I need to write plenty of blogs..

    anyways you can still give me tips because I'm a new blogger

  17. Hello. Debby Downer is here.

    So, how come Google does not teach us all this? … just a thought

    Also, as you have stated in multiple videos – what used to work back then does not work now. In fact, you got banned several times for trying soo hard. Ok, where is the guarantee that what you are offering today won't stop working 1.2.. 3 years from now? There is really no guarantee, isn't?

    Also, Neil, do you think the age of domain matter? If so, then it seems like no matter how hard one tries, their 1 year old website will never be where they want it to be (in terms of traffic and $$). Do you have experience of getting thousands and thousands of visitors to young websites?

    I think it also depends of the topic of the website. If you were blogging about ballerina dancing do you think you would be getting this much traffic? I do not think so.

    You are in the very hot niche that many startups are into. Investors like to pour money into 'promising' startups and your products on the other end seem to cater right into their desperate needs and therefore there is constant flow of customers willing to pay thousands 'to succeed'. Startups fail in 95%+ cases.

    Again, if you were blogging about ballerina dancing and selling ballerina slippers there is no chance in hell your revenue would be the way it is now. NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRIED.

    It is only fair to emphasize the market niches and what is possible and what is not possible for many of us BECAUSE of this.

    Thank you for your fantastic work by the way.

  18. What tool you use for email marketing sir ? What you suggest to beginners for email marketing ? I want to promote my e-commerce for home decor. Please guide me.

  19. Sir your articles are awesome. Please sir give me some tips how to get more traffic by blogging. Because sir i am a student, i have not enough to write a article daily. Thanks sir

  20. But Neil, if I am a beginner, do I still need to blog less? I mean I have just created a website couple of days back.

  21. your posts are really amazing, you are the only person I have found who is actually paying to give, something for free to others.

  22. What would you suggest for someone who is starting out blogging is cool to blog three times a week and promote the other days?

    And when promoting whats the best way to promote?

    I plan to include video with my blogs any suggestions on that?

  23. Dude, I watched (well, listened…I’m in the my car…and no I’m not currently texting and driving!) this video twice, and I’m gonna watch it again when I get home from the gym and take notes!

    I have one site with over 400 blog posts (since 2010) and I only get about 100 visitors per day (used to get way more and not sure what happened).

    My ‘fail’ was that I wrote a lot (clearly!) of content!! But I did not know how to promote. I’m guilty of having that Wayne’s World mentality ‘If you book them, they will come!’

    So I will be implementing these tips, and also focusing on re-writing old content (and getting of many posts that are duplicated content).

    Thank you for your vids…sorry for the book here!!

  24. Hi Neil, first of all I want to say I love your channel. I have been watching it for a coupleof months now and I find your information very helpful. My wife and I own a home based cake/bakery business in our hometown andwould love to have a store front one-day We are having trouble ranking higher on google with our win website. I have tried some of your suggestions the best I can but I am not really good with all this internet stuff. I want my wife to succeed in this business since she got started in this field after we lost our daughter. It was a way to get out of the house, meet people and ease her mind a little. She soon realized that she had a hidden talent and began making cakes for family and friends. The rest is history. We do not have a lot of money but I was wondering if your company has a low cost option that starts with the basics of seo. Something we could build on and eventually move to a higher cost plan as our Reganrank and more sales increase. Please Neil I need some serious help! Thanks Jeff

  25. Neil,
    Should a new blogger serve google ads on his blog because he can't create a digital product like you in the starting stage?
    What's your opinion?

  26. Hi Neil, your videos are fantastic! Thank you so much for providing all your learnings with us little guys 🙂 My question is: at what point do you feel you can call yourself a specialist in SEO? For example, I am a content creator and I'd like to begin to begin to specialise in SEO'ed articles; I'd like to eventually market myself as an expert at it. But at what point have I developed the appropriate expertise to be able to say this and charge for it?

  27. Hey Neil It's me again… My name is George Fitzgerald by the way like I said I'm just getting started into this It's all new to me the online Promoting Everything besides Facebook promoting that is That's what I've done the last few years Has done pretty well but I would like to do even better so my question here is Now that I'm gonna start blogging I thought Of doing maybe DIY Because a lot of the things I do Everybody else can do it is well I'm a handyman by trade But it's exactly like you say I'm here if I write the articles I'm gonna be too tired to do anything else So my question is How do I reblog a blog Without plagiarism? I think that would be my question I'm trying to ask'cause I don't wanna write this stuff and I'm not good at writing And there's plenty of good DIY out Articles that I can use Is that OK to do? Because one thing I have on my computer Or my laptop I should say Is clip note It's very very handy. What about Pinterest is well Isn't that for reblogging blogs kind of ? I've never commented on here before I hope it notifies me when you comment back. i thanks again for these videos

  28. Hey!! Really good tips…I need tips for social media operating from other country and how can I target audience from other countries… me!!

  29. Neil, I love your speaking skills & all also blogging skills. Can you tell me for a blogger who is getting traffic above 5,000 people per month how many words is the minimum should write?

  30. Thanks Neil, your content is wonderful. I have a programming language website. How to get backlink for my website.

  31. Th biggest problem I researched with sending emails to a list of people is that if you do it too many times some will mark it as spam or take themselves off he list. Constantly sending your subscribers emails all the time annoys the subscriber. Another thing, if your not actually writing the email program yourself( including error checking & filters ) and not using a third party program subscribers are 100% yours. But if your not writing your own email subscriber program you run the risk of the third party violating some protocols on your behalf both on the TCP/IP level or OSI. The last thing is when dealing with some third party you have access to your email list when using a third party but depending where that third party server is, the laws are different around the world; that means there are some things you can in the USA that you cant do in India for example. Some third parties are allowed to keep your email list as if it was theirs, in some cases some companies create other companies from the parent company and send emails directly to your subscribers under a different company and depending where you are it's totally legal. There are all types of ways a company who collects your email subscribers can do to increase the value of their platform because the emails you have the more valuable your we site should and also your company. It's best to write from scratch your own email program. So many companies out here main goal is to transfer your hard work into themselves.

  32. Neil! I learned this a few months back while everyone is pushing for more and longer posts (nothing wrong with that) I figured out that promoting that stuff is more important and I wasn't having time to do it. Love your use of the 80/20 rule here – been trying to figure out how to implement that as I'm new to the idea but this makes it very applicable. Also, thx for so many free vids <3

  33. When you choose a title for your blog post, do you use a search term someone would put into Google? Or do you do something else?

  34. Hi Neil, many thanks for this, it's very helpful advice and I appreciate it very much. I've just started a blog and I specialise in wildlife photography but do landscape and architectural photography too. I wanted to just do my blog on wildlife photography, but I'm afraid that won't generate me much traffic. Do you have any advice on this, please? I've started to write three blog posts per week, one for each topic and upload them all on Monday – is this a good idea?
    Many thanks, Thomas

  35. Hi Neil, thanks for core tips. I have a question "How long my article Should be (how many words it should have)?

  36. Thanks Neil,

    I'm a new subscriber. When starting out a new blog, as I did last weekend, should I still be dedicating more time to promoting it than generating posts? I post twice a week on my website, but currently the site doesn't allow for users to comment without logging in to a proprietary app.

    Are there any free blogging websites you'd recommend to gain more traffic? My site is on wix, and I've opened a Tumblr account too, but I'm just trying to gain some traffic and at least get a few consistent blog readers. I plan to duplicate the blog post across the various social media platforms, I'm just struggling trying to identify what my major platform should be. Thanks

  37. This is amazing video Thanks Neil .I usually write blogs and do less marketing and that's the main reason for less traffic .keep posting amazing video .Saad

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