How To Get Paid For Blogging

How To Get Paid For Blogging

Hey guys Dave Hart here now i’m going to talk to you about how to get paid for blogging now this is a strategy that i use i’ve used
for years prefer that i use for years rather unsuccessfully before i learned
some of these uh… tips tricks if you will best
practices to help you get the most out of your blog and help
you earn money basically there’s a couple ways to do it now some people you latest right build up a blog put up some
adsense as a people click on those then you are in pain and suffering your
own cobblestones you know depending on what your topic is anywhere from a couple sense on up to
you your fifty sixty cents for more more competitive topics per click through that you get there and agood a good bothers optimize very well for
adsense clicks you can sometimes get as much as two three percent click
through eight so uh… every hundred business to with
real quick so savior blogging to make money online
niche and your advertising your monetize in it that way for every hundred
visitors are so if you will have an optimize well you can expect to make you know anywhere
from fifty cents maybe a dollar now his second wave which when i first
our top western amount has the first way and i made the little bit of money but when i switched over i started making exponentially more now the second one is going to be sewn
products what you do with that is on your blog he can put there’s a few
weeks ago you can put banner ads uh… may be on the sidebar up at the
header down at the foot of the blog and when people click on those they’ll
go through your affiliate link to check out this product that you have
a banner on your website uh… and when they purchase that you get a commission most of the good products payouts are council retrained ten n fifty percent commission depending on
you know the the price point what the product is so and that’s a good way to make
significantly more than adsense if you have high quality traffic if you’re writing good content if you
have people enjoyed your blog together trust you you can make good money that way stepped-up even further i started doing
that and then when i started making enough that i could make my
living entirely online was once i switched over and i no longer place advertisements
directly on my website they went to a sales pitch instead i sent them to a squeeze page now with squeeze pages is when they
click on one of those banners they go to a page dick is a little teaser about the
information short paragraph for a couple bullet
points well you know what the information is and then it has a forum on there for
them to enter their email address i’m sure you’ve seen these before now they enter their email address and
then they go on to your mailing list and you can set up so that was the
internet you know i disagree mailing list they go directly to the sales video
after that and they’re on their met your mailing
list anyone a mail to them you want a mail to
them a combination of good content tests things that will help them in
their business updates on your blog and that also though gives you the
ability to market to them repeatedly through
email so you’d make sure you want to do a mix
’cause nobody likes to dissolved into a small use just hammered hammered hammered with by this
by this by this by that beat be called that do both everybody knows what happened to a cd
you want to make some money offer that list but also provide them
with some value as well for free they’ll be much more likely to purchase from you later on because they know you they trust you they like what you do they seen
something of years you know whether it be a video like this
one whether it be a blog post that you wrote
that gives him some advice s anything like that they can see hey this is a real person
he wants to help people you know there’s this product says
that’s good do you know so far this persist really
fairly gave me some decent tips of check it out antigone more likely to
buy from you then if you do you like some people do where
they just kind of shady about it personally i don’t see that as a good long-term business strategy annie i guess you could probably make a
few quickbooks that way but for me this is my long term business strategy i want
to be able to have this business for the long haul continue earning my income
online for many years to come and that’s what i would recommend to you
as well those are really your main options on how to get paid for by you know if
you all other kind of obscure or black at ways but they said those are going to
be more than a quick it make a quick buck type of thing in i’d like to focus
on a long-term sustainable business
strategy and that’s what i would advise anybody watching this video to focus on as well if you are now exactly how i do it you can actually promote the same
products that i promote which one of the cool things it already
has everything set up for you as far as squeeze pages where i was talking about it has six different squeeze page is
already set up for you they can go straight to your email list to uh… what’s called a broader espana people going e-mail list you can have and all respond to set up so that when
they go on your email list there’s a preset number of messages that are set out a
preset times they can be everyday every couple of days for for me i could do every two days if
you like every day is a little much further apart from that you know you
you’d only have to do for their part and then if you do every other day it’s not too much you
provide them content as well people will enjoy reading your stuff every other day than my opinion i know some people who sent emails more than that some people
said that he knows less than that that’s a little bit of a matter of
personal preference but with this you get an entire all
responder sequence it’s got eighty messages preloaded and four-year-olds in six
months worth of messages when somebody op center sorry load for you i guess it has a
squeeze page is already set up for you and has an entire blocking system set up
for you if you don’t have a blog already set up you know that’s this is ready to go
created drive traffic ready dr leads in if that’s not what what was so i got it i’ll take the thing that really sold me
on it is it converts great latest uh… the even
offer the converse well i said most of the top offers convert the couple percent two three percent
this one i i’ve had about five percent conversion so converts significantly better than most of the
offers i mean i i threw in some other was
approved that converts similarly but the big thing is the ones that converted similarly but usually get between units are between ten and fifty percent
commissions on those and the way this is set up you actually when you purchase the
product indeed if you decide to resell it you know how to present the commission’s hundred-percent commissions on it which
is or the big reasons that because it’s just good is why i promote it the i_r_s_ i make significantly more
without the promoting anything else i’ve ever promoted so yeah if you’re interested in that if
that sounds like something you’d like to take a look at you know the auto responder sequence
have you ever to promote something where you can make two to three times as
much money per sale venam right down there the description here’s a link to the goes to my website
ill take it with a squeeze pages like i said so you’d be on my list he actually take a look at some of the
responder messages they’ll come to your gmail akio up into
that and after you click through that you’ll see the video presentation india would take a look at see what you
think and if you do decide that that looks like something good to
promote you’re just joining up and uh… i’ll be
happy to work with you all right well i hope you found this
helpful here’s your success

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