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Getting started writing scripts for your video
blog can feel like a big hill to climb. But I’ve got a great system that is going to
get you to the top of that mountain faster than you think. Hi, Adam here in the vlog pod and I’m going
to share with you my system for putting together great video blog scripts. So Ben’s previously
talked about what the ideal structure for your killer video blog script and even that
can seem like a lot to get started, but that’s where having a good system comes in, so here
goes… Step 1: Remember less is more. When you’re
getting started, you’re better having more shorter videos that you link in a playlist,
than one or two longer videos. So for each video, you want to stick to one big sharp
point. What I find is a great idea is to have some way you record in your phone ideas as
they come to mind. You might not use them all – but it takes the pressure off when you
actually sit down to focus on writing a script. Step 2: Refine the Big Sharp Point. Next,
take the ideas and turn them into one sentence that is the core message that you want to
get across. Make sure that there is a clear benefit or value in the message for your audience.
If not, then use a different idea. Step 3: Build towards your Big Idea. Write
down a couple of concepts that you need to share with people in order to “get” your
big idea. Don’t worry about good sentences, just get the ideas down. Step 4: Get a paragraph written. This might
sound a little obvious, but just write out your paragraph. Don’t think too much about
it at this stage. Just use use your concepts to move people towards your one big sharp
point. Step 5: Now that you’ve got your one big
sharp point and a paragraph about it, start thinking about some good hooks to get people
interested in the post. Think in terms of key questions, interesting facts, surprising
statistics and the like, you can even consider humour here. Write down any and all that come
to you because at this point you’re just brainstorming it. Do the same with possible
call to action ideas – these will come at the end of your script. Step 6: Edit your Script. In this step you
want to focus primarily on editing your script for being heard. The best way to do this is
to read it out loud because as you hear it, it will sound funny to you if it’s not right.
Or even better – read aloud to someone else… or your cat 🙂 Step 7: Tie Everything Together. Finally go
over your hooks and call to action and decide which ones fit best with your paragraph. Do
any final editing. Cut out anything that just doesn’t need to be there. The end result
will be your script for vlogging. Give this system a go when you sit down to
write your scripts and be sure to leave a comment to let me know how you went. See you
next time.

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