How to Get What You Want Faster in 2020

How to Get What You Want Faster in 2020

What is it that you want? What do you
want for yourself? Or for your life? Is it a goal that you want to accomplish? Is it something that you want to achieve? Is it something you want to have in your
life? Is it some way you want to be feeling? Some way you want to
be thinking? How you want to be showing up in your everyday life? What is it? I
want you to take a minute. I want you to really think about. I want you to let
yourself think about it without all that resistance without all that all that fear
and all that self-doubt that’s gonna come up around it. Just let yourself want
it – you know you do. Let yourself want it and today I’m gonna walk you through a
really powerful exercise that’s going to help you get to it. This one’s a game
changer. You’re gonna love it If you’re new here, welcome to our
incredible little corner on the internet. We are so glad you’re here do not forget
to subscribe and introduce yourself in the comments section below so that we
can say hello to you and welcome you here. If you’re back again I am always so
glad to have you back and I can’t wait to teach you this exercise today. It is
such a good one either way my name is Julia Kristina and I’m a registered
clinical therapist a researcher a master coach and the creator of the
Breakthrough Coaching Program. I have a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and I work to help heart centered go-getter men and women break through
the crap that is holding them back so they can like themselves and their lives
more every darn day. And the exercise I’m going to teach you this
process that I’m gonna move you through is going to help you get through
whatever crap is holding you back in big ways. But before we get into the
actual exercise I need to talk to you about something that’s called “Massive
Action” and how this one little tool I’m actually going to be teaching you two
tools today I’m going to be taking you through a process but first I want to
teach you about this little tool that’s actually a huge tool and a life-changing
tool that’s called massive action. And what massive action means is when there is something that you want, something that you want in your life whether or whether it’s a new job whether you want to start a business you want to find the love of
your life — you want to deal with whatever emotional struggles that you’re facing —
you want to have better relationships Whatever that is, you’re going to use
massive action to get it and what this means is that you do whatever it takes
for as long as it takes or do the thing as often as it takes to get you what you
want. You commit and you decide you can either call it you can call it massive
action you can call it committed action but what it means is when you decide
that there’s something that you want, you keep going until you get it. If it’s
about finding the love of your life you don’t just go on three or four dates and
say oh those didn’t work out so I guess I’m destined to be alone and no one’s
gonna love me and my life is just gonna be like this forever and there’s nothing
I can do. No, you go on 50 dates, you go on a hundred dates, you go on five hundred
dates. It’s massive action. You keep going till you get what you want. If it’s about
starting a side hustle or pursuing a passion or starting a business or going
for another job — going for a job that you want to be doing more — you keep going — you do the things — you take the action — you try — you fail — you get back up — you go to
the interviews — you apply to the jobs — you keep applying — you keep showing up — you
keep going, not one or two or three times, 20, 30, 40 times if you need to. Whatever
that is, you take massive action and what this does when we commit to doing
something and say I’m just gonna keep going until I get it, it takes all of the
mental drama out of it. So we’re not sitting around being like “oh, it didn’t
work out this time I guess I’m not cut out for it. I guess I can’t do it. I guess
I’m not good enough for this. I guess it’s just too hard. And we take all of
that mental drama out of it. All of those those messages and voices and and
thoughts in our brain that are trying to throw us off and keep us stuck and small
and hidden and unhappy and dissatisfied because we’re not getting out and
creating the life that we want and going for the things that we want in our lives.
So massive action means you just keep going. You just keep getting back up. You
keep trying. And how you know that it’s time to stop the only time
that it’s time to stop is when you have achieved the goal. That’s it. Not when it
gets hard — not when it gets uncomfortable not when you’re having a little pity
party and feeling sorry for yourself because it’s not working out the way
that you wanted it to after the third or fourth try. Whatever that is… 30, 40, 50
tries if you need to four hundred tries. if you need to… taking massive action.
That is gonna take so much of the mental drama out of it. It’s gonna take so much
of that resistance out of it when the resistance shows up when those excuses
and the self-doubt and the fear and all the stuff that our brain likes to do
whenever we step out and step into something that’s new and unknown and
uncomfortable and our brain freaks out there’s like this is unknown this is
uncomfortable I don’t know what’s gonna happen I’m uncertain so I’m gonna freak
out and try to get you back to safety that reptilian part of our brain you’ve
heard me talk about it before yeah that it’s just protesting because it wants to
keep you in the safe and known even if the safe and known is dull and boring
and not the life that you want and not actually how you want to be feeling in
your life. So noticing that resistance and the massive action just comes in and
says, “Hey resistance, I see you but we haven’t gotten there yet. We haven’t
achieved that yet. We haven’t reached the goal yet, so we are gonna keep going.” And
now watch your brains tendency to try and talk you out of taking massive
action by saying oh this is just for people who are naturally motivated who
are naturally driven who have always kind of been like that and I’m gonna
call BS on that because this tool is for exactly those of us who do not have that
innate drive… who do not have that internal and a sense of motivation that
keeps us going. It wasn’t until I was 24 years old that I started to take
responsibility for my life. Up until then I was kind of coasting. I wasn’t all
that motivated… I kind of did what I needed to do and sometimes not even that.
I almost failed University because I was more interested in
playing cards in the cafeteria with my friends than actually going to class. I
almost failed University and then my first job outside of university I was
making slightly above minimum wage with a university degree and was kind of just
thinking that this was gonna be my life I was just gonna coast maybe I’d maybe
work my way up a little bit in some organizations somewhere I had no
direction. I had no clarity. I didn’t know what I wanted — didn’t know where I was
going. And it was at one pivotal moment when I was 24 years old where I had this
I guess it was an ah ha or awakening or I don’t know what it was where all of
a sudden realized that what I want in my life is up to me. The results that I want…
the outcome that I want… the life that I want is up to me. And it’s only gonna
come if I’m willing to do what it takes whatever it takes to keep going no
matter what. And it was when I was 24 years old that I decided that I wanted
to become a therapist and that I was like I’m just gonna do what it takes and
I’m kind of glad that at the time I didn’t know how intense and how long and
how grueling that journey was gonna be because maybe I wouldn’t have done it.
But I just told myself whatever it takes and it was six years from the time I
decided I wanted to become a therapist to the time I actually graduated from
grad school and that came after failing entrance exams and getting rejected
three times from grad school and this was not an easy road and it didn’t come
I didn’t have the path to sort of clearly laid out for me. It was hard and
it was intense and there were times where I wanted to give up but I was like
no this is what I want and I am not stopping until I get there… until I
realized that the only way to get what we want is to keep getting up and keep
going until we get it. That’s massive action. And now I’m gonna walk you
through an exercise that’s going to help you apply this concept of massive action —
that is going to help you know where to start and what to do and how to keep
going when things get complicated… when it gets hard… when it doesn’t go exactly
the way that you want it to… how you are going to keep moving
forward. And it’s actually a guided visualization exercise. So wherever you
are right now I want to invite you to turn off any distractions and close your
eyes if you’re comfortable with that but bare minimum just not be doing anything
else to give yourself this couple minutes to focus on this exercise — that
is going to how that’s how it’s going to have the biggest impact. If you really
let yourself be with this and go through this process. So now that you are
comfortable there’s no distractions I want you to take a minute and I want you
to think about that thing that you want — that thing that you have been avoiding —
that you have been sitting on — that you have been letting fear or self-doubt or
excuses or a lack of motivation or the idea that it’s going to be too hard —
whatever it is whatever it’s been stopping you. But I want you to think
about that thing that you have been wanting but you have been stopping
yourself from. Or maybe you’ve been trying to get trying to get — go for — but
then it gets hard and you’ve been stopping and you have been giving up or
you’ve been getting yourself sidetracked or distracted. What is that thing that
you want and I want you to let yourself want it no matter what it is. And now I
want to invite you to think ahead to a year from now. This video is coming out
in January so if you’re watching it in January I want you to think ahead to
next December… December 31st of this year. Now I want you to fast forward to that point in time so whenever you’re watching this a year from now ,and I want you to
imagine that you accomplished that thing that it is happening… it is well on its
way… it is going. You achieved it. You accomplished it. You got it. Whatever it
is I want you to imagine yourself about a year from now sitting and
reflecting and being with and feeling all the gratitude and all of the
feelings of satisfaction and pride and happiness and joy that comes from the
fact that you did it. And I want you to take a minute and I want to let you I
want to ask you to let that soak in. What is it that you took massive action on
that you accomplished that you did what did you finally figure out? What did you
leave your excuses behind for? What did you overcome? What did you make happen
even though it was hard… even though it was scary even though it was uncertain…
even though there was times when you didn’t know if it was gonna work out it… if it
was going to happen… if you were going to be able to get it done to accomplish it
to overcome it. What is that thing? And how does it feel a year from today? As
you reflect on the fact that you did it And now I want you to put in the
comments section below what is it that you did. Imagine yourself
one year from today. What is it that you did? Did you start the side hustle? Did
you start the business? Did you go back to school? Did you go for the promotion
and get the promotion? Did you go after your dream? Did you get yourself in good
health? Did you find someone to share your life with? Did you get yourself good
and happy and confident and calm? Did you overcome your struggle with anxiety with
worry with fear with self-doubt? Did you get to a place where you are happy being
single? Did you get to a place where you are feeling happy with who you were and
where you were and what you were? What is it that you did? Put that in the
comment section below. So it’s just a couple years ago I was going through a
really hard time and at the time I didn’t really know why all I knew is
that I was feeling really stressed really anxious really overwhelmed really
stressed out. I was going through most days with that knot in my stomach that
tightness in my chest that kind of hot tension in my head where I was not able
to be really present where I was feeling distracted and just feeling kind of
cloudy in my head as well. And it wasn’t like this was going on 24/7 every single
day but more often than not I wasn’t feeling like myself and I knew that
something was wrong but as like I said I didn’t know exactly what it was. But
because I didn’t know exactly what it was there was part of my brain that was
trying to tell me well this is just it. This is just your new normal. This is
just given your circumstances in life and given what you’re doing with your
life this is just how you’re gonna feel along the way. So you may as well just
accept it and resign yourself to it and know that this is just part of the
package. But then there’s this other part of me that was like absolutely not… no I
want to be feeling better I want to be feeling happy.
I want to be feeling good and I want to figure out how to get there. And that is
the massive action. I am not stopping until I do. And I’m gonna keep trying
things I’m doing things I’m gonna keep working out I’m gonna keep looking at it
and figuring it out until I get there. And then one day after trying a whole
bunch of things and not being all that successful and things not working the
way that I wanted them to and things not really getting better I decided to sit
down I started to do this visualization exercise. And I started to imagine myself
a year from that date looking back on myself in this struggle in the thick of
it… in the turmoil of it… trying to figure it out and feeling frustrated and
confused. And then I imagined myself getting through it…
figuring it out… taking the step that I needed to take… having the mindset shift
that I needed to have. And that exercise in and of itself helped me get so much
clarity on what I needed to do. And all along that answer was right in
front of me but I couldn’t see it because I was so in the
thick of it and so I actually had to pull myself out of the thick of it. I
needed to imagine myself outside of it looking back on myself in order to give
myself that guidance and that wisdom on what I need to do and what needs to
change. And then it was almost like that where I made those changes and I showed
of doing those things it was a couple lifestyle choices and a couple mindset
choices that I needed to make and I did them and then things started to get
better. And I got through it… and I dealt with it and I overcame that. So that’s
why we do this future self exercise where we imagine ourselves because we can get
that clarity when we are outside of it we can look back on ourselves and we can
ask ourselves, “What is the first step that I took? What is it that I did to
kick off this achieving this goal accomplish this thing… getting to this
place making this happen? What is the first thing that I did?” And I want you to
imagine yourself looking back a year from now on you today and I want you to
ask yourself your future self ask yourself today… What was the first thing
that I did? How did I get the ball rolling? What was the first paving stone
that I put down as I created my path to where I wanted to be going and what I
wanted to be doing and what I wanted to be accomplishing or achieving? What was
the first paving stone that I did? Ask yourself that right now and then you
know it’s coming… I want you to get out and I want you to do it! And I want you
to take that first step. It is always the hardest one but is the most important
one and and it’s not gonna stop there don’t think that as soon as you put the
first paving stone down at all that the path is just gonna reveal itself… it’s just
gonna create itself… it’s gonna build itself. No… you have to then put down the
next paving stone and do the next thing and you need to keep going until
you get there until you do it… until you get what you want. You take the massive
action by laying a paving stone down every single day. And that’s gonna get
you there. I also have something for you — it’s a
free download that you can get the link it’s going to be in the description
below it’s the “Committed-Self Journal.” And this
journal is going to walk you through this process and give you a few more
tools in there to use as you make this thing happen. This massive action… committing to yourself to make it happen and how
you’re gonna make sure that you stay on track and don’t give in to the fear or
the self-doubt or the excuses when that comes up. Because it absolutely will come
up because your brain likes to be comfortable. Your brain’s like, “I don’t
want to do anything that’s not comfortable… I’d rather sit in my
perpetual sort of state of base-level discomfort instead of stepping out and
stepping into something that could be difficult,” but knowing that it is worth
it to get to the other side… it is absolutely worth it you do not need to
resign yourself to this being your normal. You do not need to accept that
this is the way that things just are for you because they absolutely aren’t. That
is just your brain trying to keep you stuck because your brain doesn’t want
you to put yourself out there because your brain like I said likes the status
quo it knows the status quo even if the status quo sucks it still finds that
safety in that so it’s going to stop you from doing anything. So make sure that
you grab that Committed-Self Journal. It is a powerful journal that you’re gonna
use that is gonna guide you through keeping you going. I also have other
courses and deep dive programs on my website. I’m gonna put the link to that
below if you want to go deeper with any of this stuff that we’ve been talking
about over any of my videos if you want to go deeper learn more tools take more
action learn more processes and step by steps and get things clearly laid out
for you to take your this work… your emotional work and your life to the next
level then check out my website the courses are on there. I will put the link
in the description below. Come and join my Facebook group like the
video share it out if you think this is an exercise that other people are going
to find useful that’s going to that are going to be helpful for them. And let me
know if you do share it so that I thank you because that means the world
to me. Come and join my Facebook group. Did I say that? if I didn’t then come and join us! If I said it then come and join us! Until next time
take good care!

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    Until next time take good care

  34. “What I did was “ I followed my dreams of becoming a licensed nail technician and owning a nail salon in very upscale community. I visioned my self standing at the receptionist desk at my nail salon looking around observing the operation of all my hired nail technicians and their clients getting their manicures and pedicures . I also vision me counting lots of money . I even had a vision outside of the salon and my salon was located right across from a luxury store possible Chanel or Louis Vuitton. 🥰🥰🥰

  35. I loved your personal story. I wonder if the struggle you experienced becoming a therapist isn't exactly what prepared you to do the work. 🙂

  36. I am on a true new journey to feel better and take of me 1st and to have a healthy savings in the bank, on a new budget

  37. I became an artist who turned his drawings into a business. I became a person who didn’t listen to his anxieties. I became a man who was willing to take what he wanted.

  38. Thank you for sharing the story from your college days about how you weren't always that motivated to be a therapist. It made me feel more comfortable.

  39. I am usually not open to watching one more person telling me how to achieve my goals, but because it was you (and because your videos have already taught me so much), I decided to watch. And initially I felt a bit pushed and resistant (somebody else telling me what to do). But the more I listened, the more I realised that was exactly what I was looking for, because it wasn't simply about goals, but about feelings and a state of Being. It was a complete 180 in my head – looking at all of the things I wanted in my life from this new state of being – the fullest expression of my authentic self. Beautiful. I have now gone through the workbook and am about to record my own "visualisation" from it, to play as part of my morning routine to get me in the zone – out of Toxic Shame and into the life and love I deserve. No more explaining, no more feeling of having to defend myself. Thank you so much, Julia. I will be sure to bring new people your way in the future as my business comes into form.

  40. I overcame my fear of driving and finally found my independence at age 40! I found the perfect job to fit my financial needs, my childrens' schedules and one that I'd find satisfaction. I worked on my marriage and feel happy and on a deeper level of love and care that I've never known.

  41. I want your peace of mind got it thank you you are so beautiful you help us tremendously iced tea functional suicidal occasionally hilarious human bags you keep us going big smiles huge smiles from Silas we're holding fast

  42. It's developing that meaning and purpose is what foundates and brings your intentions together in everything that you feel, think, behave and do.

  43. What I want is to perform a famous ballet duet -on a huge stage abroad. And later receive a big bunch of red roses!
    For a moment, I was filled with gratitude, love and plain happiness!

  44. For a majority of my life I've been trying to take it to the next level as an entertainer. This massive action talk was never lost on me. In fact I had a bright idea that came to me last year. I wanted to put on a stage show up there in Vancouver and involve you. "A show that's good for me." Remember that Julia?

  45. In 2019, I finally understood what was wrong with me. I was an empathy, people pleaser with a lack of self esteem and self love.
    Always putting everyone else first and enduring hate, disrespect and failure.
    At the end of this year, I will regain my self love and self respect coz in that power lies true achievement and success.
    Thanks for the video

  46. Hello from the beautiful island of Barbados! I am new to your content and I love your teaching and can I can apply to help me get into my next best chapter! Thanks so much

  47. I got myself in good health ..and maintained it..and began my motivational speaking to groups..passionately encouraging my audiences to start to live their own next best chapter in life !

  48. "I took 5 courses this semeste for the first and ACED them All with an A by managing my time, not comparing myself to others, not procrastinating and overcoming my self doubt."

    Which in the long term taught me how to manage my time when I sign up for 5 subjects next year and helped me believe more in my abilities. It also saved lots of arguments with my parents (since they only wanted me to do 4) and allowed them to see that I was capable of making my own decisions.

  49. i got myself out of my parents house, into a positive space in a city im thriving in, a job that i love and the ability to support myself while im creating art.

  50. I want to live with my girlfriend. That is well on it's way. I want to get rid of all the junk mental and physical from my negative past experiences. And then I want a job.

  51. I took all the necessary actions over three years to reach a point where the woman I loved is now my girlfriend, and I showed her that living with me can work, so from those things I know I am able to also establish living with her, to get rid of the mental and physical junk from my negative experiences, and then get a job. My first step is to make a plan to get through the junk while taking top notch care of myself so I don't have a nervous breakdown.

  52. You can try your heart out on any goal but not at the expense of your mental or physical or financial health . You better be very real about what goal you are striving for.

  53. Julia, I love this and find it so motivational. I'd love to know your thoughts on LOA. Is it wo wo BS or is there any validity in it? Is it worth watching Esther Hicks? My gut says NO but i'd love if it worked.

  54. I sent two emails to you and you didn't get back to me. I sincerely hope you do. I would be sad to be disappointed.

  55. You are so right about taking responsibility for ourselves. And yet, your intro still talks about "break through the crap that is holding you back…"

    Don't you think we are what's getting in our own way? If the external crap was really what was holding us back, "massive action" wouldn't work.

    We learn how to manage ourselves better, and then our lives go better.

    Btw, you have grown so much since I first started following you. You are lit up!! Empowered!!

    Way to go, girl. Super proud of you. 👍👍🤗

  56. I am sure you know a lot… However, it is really hard to follow what you are trying say sometime. It would be great if you can add bit more information and knowledge. For example.. some information from research field or book. I hope you don't mind. I liked some of your videos a lot.

  57. I want to make more independent work AND I need to get back to working out, both since I'm chronically ill and need those changes.

  58. Came across your channel during a self development day! Your content and presentation is golden. Thank you for your information and experience.

  59. I moved to a new city, got a beautiful apartment and landed my dream job at a historic hotel downtown <3 I rejoiced, and shared my success and happiness with my loved one

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