How to GLOW UP (from the inside out) ✨

How to GLOW UP (from the inside out) ✨

It’s the year 2020, and I’d say – about time for a glow up. We all want to transform into the most beautiful, fabulous, successful version of ourselves, but that kind of change doesn’t happen
with just a few tips and tricks. A true glow up starts from within, so today I’m sharing 9 ways to glow up
from the inside out. This is a lesson in improving ourselves and becoming a better version of ourselves. It’s about progress. So let’s level up in life, and glow up together. The first way to truly glow up is to: Change your self talk and inner dialogue. On average, we think 60- to 80,000 thoughts a day. How many of those thoughts are helping and
how many are hurting us? Consider all the negative thoughts that
cross your mind in a day: about yourself, about life, or about others. Take note of the negative self talk like:
“I look horrible today.” “I’m not as pretty as her.” “I’m so stupid.” “I can’t do this.” For each negative thought, replace it with
a positive affirmation that helps you build a positive mindset about yourself: “I am beautiful as I am.” “I am worthy and valuable as I am.” “I’m smart, and I can figure my way through this.” Self confidence, self worth, and self love
are interconnected with your self talk. Watch what you say about yourself and make
sure that you have your own back. Only choose to believe the thoughts that serve you. If any thoughts don’t serve you, choose to let it go. News flash: You don’t have to believe
everything that you think. Thoughts are just thoughts! They come and go; you don’t have to hold onto them. Thoughts don’t have to mean anything unless
you assign meaning to them. So I’ve created an audiotape of positive affirmations that you can download in the description below, to help you get started on changing your self talk. Another way to glow up fast is to: Get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we fall into autopilot because we’re in the same environment
day in and day out. Our creativity and inspiration in life gets stale because we’re surrounded by the same things, and doing the same things every day. If this sounds like you, get out of your comfort
zone to spark change and inspiration. I usually work from home, so changing it up to work at WeWork helps bring a
fresh perspective to my work. So, I’d like to thank WeWork for sponsoring this video. WeWork is a company that designs and builds offices for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes. They transform buildings into beautiful,
collaborative workspaces – providing office space, services and community to its members around the world. There are so many things I love about working
in a creative space like this. First, the design and aesthetic make me feel
fresh and inspired. Being in the same space as other entrepreneurs,
creatives, and do-ers motivates me to be more productive and focused
during my work day. There’s a certain energy in the air that makes you feel like everyone is driven to work hard and do something important in the world. It makes you want to be like that too. Of course, there’s also places to refresh
and revive, if you need a little break. Working from home, I tend to get caught up
in my own mind and problems. Being in the bustling atmosphere of the city takes me out of my overthinking mind and makes me feel like I’m a part of
something bigger than myself. That smallness is actually very comforting to me, like my problems aren’t that major and I’m just a small piece in this whole fabric of life. So, if your current environment isn’t serving you, get yourself into an environment that makes you
feel productive and empowered. Another way to glow up is to:
Smile at yourself in the mirror. Each time you see yourself in the mirror, smile. Then, give yourself a compliment. Sounds so cheesy and awkward, I know. But this is an effective way to build self acceptance, self confidence, and self love – which are absolutely foundational
to living your best life. Louise Hay calls this “mirror work” and says it is “the most effective method she’s found for learning to love yourself and see the world
as a safe and loving place.” Start with a simple smile. See where your mind goes. Are you judging yourself? Are you uncomfortable? What thoughts do you notice popping up? You’ll find that the mirror reflects back
to you feelings you have about yourself. Later, you can practice reciting positive affirmations,
complimenting yourself, and begin developing a more loving and
supportive relationship with yourself. Mirror work is going to feel weird at first, but this will help you get more comfortable with yourself, so you can build that confidence and self love. The next one is major: Release your fear of judgment. What so many of us struggle with is the desire
to fit in, be accepted, and loved, which in turn cripples us with the fear of
judgment from others. We are so deathly afraid of what others think, that it paralyzes us from being our true selves and pursuing what we truly want. The most freeing mindset shift that happened for me was to let go of caring about what others think, to release this deep fear of judgment. Eventually I realized that if I’m not living authentically because I’m trying to please or impress others, I’m the one who hurts the most. Other people will go on with their lives and worry about their own problems, but I’ll have to deal with my choices
for the rest of my life. It’s infinitely better to live the life that
YOU want for yourself, even if it’s weird or different from the norm, instead of living a mediocre safe life because you’re afraid of being judged. Be your authentic self, unapologetically, regardless of the opinions around you. And in the end, you’ll actually be loved
for who you truly are. To get the conversation started, answer this
question in the comments below: What would you do if you weren’t afraid
of what people thought? The next way to glow up is to: Heal – mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. We all carry some sort of baggage with us. To glow up into your higher self is to learn to let go of that baggage and heal
from any past wounds. Maybe you’ve been carrying a lot of stress
in your mind and body, and it’s built up over the years. Maybe you’re angry at life and
little things make you tick, but that anger is rooted in a deeper trauma
or childhood experience. Ask yourself: Am I still carrying any
resentment from the past? Any guilt? Any negative emotion I may have been suppressing? The key here is to look deeper. Give yourself all the time and space you need to heal. Emotions are meant to be felt. If they’re buried and suppressed, they’ll only manifest in negative ways for
our mind, body, and soul. Take care of your emotions. Learn to express. Learn to forgive. Learn to let go. These are deep lessons that may take
a lifetime to learn. But you can start now. And if you do this, I promise it will be a
major catalyst for your glow up. Next: Do less. What’s a way to simplify your life and
give you more time? Two words: Do less. In an era of “do, do, do” and “more, more, more”, take a step back and consider: Why are you so busy in the first place? Instead of trying to do so much and
overwhelming yourself, start cutting out the excess in your life and only make time for the essential. Focus on higher quality actions and
prioritize what’s most important, so you can be effective on the right things. Less distractions, more quality time. Less stress, more intention. Less doing, more living. This year, I’m working on slowing down and not rushing. I tell myself “I have enough time,” and
“I don’t have to rush”. Life feels more peaceful this way, and I’m grateful I’m not stuck in a frantic
survival mode like I was before. Another way to glow up is to be able to confidently:
Say No. Learn to say no with grace and gratitude. It’s okay to say no. It doesn’t mean people will hate you for it,
or think you’re a horrible person. At this point, everyone understands that
everyone is busy. We can only take on so much before
we spread ourselves too thin. To avoid overwhelm, or finding yourself doing something you don’t really want to do, learn to say no. Only say yes if you feel it with your entire body
that it’s a 100% YES. If you have a “meh” response, just say no. Don’t feel bad. Remember: Saying no means saying yes to yourself, or yes to something better! And also: You don’t even need to find
an excuse to say no. Oftentimes we feel bad and want to find
a valid excuse for our no: We want to say, “Oh, I’m sorry I can’t make this
because [blah, blah, blah].” I’ve learned from one of our podcast guests
that all you need to do is say: “Thank you for the invitation,” or “Thank you for the opportunity. I’m not available.” Grace and gratitude, my friends. Next, you want to: Surround yourself with
people who push you to be better. You might have heard this quote: “You are the average of the five people
you spend the most time with.” It basically means that the people you surround
yourself with shape who you are. If the people in your life are lazy and unmotivated,
chances are, you’ll be too. If the people around you are all driven,
ambitious, and hardworking, it’s going to make you want to work harder too. Either that, or you’ll drift apart from those friends and find yourself around people who are more like you. If you want to glow up, surround yourself with people who are better than you, who will push you to be better. You’ll learn and grow so much more
in that environment. If you can’t really find people in your life for that, there are so many online communities
or Facebook groups to join. I’ll share our Lavendaire community links
below if you want to check them out. Finally, you want to:
Align yourself to your long-term vision. Don’t get caught up in short term thinking. Sometimes it’s tempting to do something
easier for a short term gain, than do something harder for a long term reward. If you want a true glow up, choose to invest in yourself, challenge yourself, and do something that supports your long term,
big picture dream life goal. Make sure each step that you take is aligned
to that dream life vision. It won’t be as easy or straightforward, but you have to take risks, carve your own path,
learn and fail and learn again – in order to make your epic dreams happen. Alright, my loves, good luck for your glow up. I am cheering for you and I’m so grateful
to be on this journey with you. If you liked this video, you can subscribe for more videos on personal growth and creating your dream life. And also, please share this with anyone
who you think might need it! Sending you lots of love. Bye!

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