How To Grow A Blog From Zero

How To Grow A Blog From Zero

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from I got this question about blogging. I’ve done quite a few videos, I think, about
blogging and of course I’ve got my free blogging course that you could check out if
you haven’t already. Just sign up here and you’ll get it by email. It’s totally free and it will help you to
create a blog. Anyway, this question is from Josh and he
says, “Hi John, I recently found your blog and your YouTube channel and was impressed
with the amount of content you have written. I really like the site and the idea of helping
other developers/programmers. I have 2 quick questions. One, I’m a junior developer .NET and although
I know there is still a lot for me to learn do you have any tips to progress quicker and
better? I sometimes feel frustrated in what I don’t
know or fully understand. Two, I’m starting out my blogging journey. I have a couple of domains I use but I also
want to start a blog that helps other ‘newbie guitarist’ and help make playing a little
bit easier. Regarding your site, how easy was it to get
readers and people interested in your blog in what you had to say?” I’m really going to skip the first question
and I’m going to talk about how to start a blog from zero and attract an audience because
I think that’s a little bit more of an interesting question here. I’m actually going to do a course on this
because I think this is—I’m going to do a course on going from developer to entrepreneur. You can sign up for the early list here to
get access to the course or to find out about the course. It’s not going to be a cheap course, I’ll
tell you that right now, but enough developers have wanted to know how to build a business
out of their blog. It sounds like that’s what the case here
with Josh is. How do you attract an audience? How do you attract a following? You start a YouTube channel. You start a blog. How do you actually get traction here? I’ve talked about this a few different times
but I want to give some lessons learned and some advice that I think I would have on this
if you’re just starting out because a lot of you are just starting out. Here’s the number one thing. Be prolific. There’s this strategy that I have that always
works, at least I think it always works is that if you were the most prolific person
you will guaranteed have success. Because if you write the most novels, if you
make the most blog posts, if you produce the most videos you might not be the best but
you’re definitely going to have some level of success and you’re going to get really
good by doing a lot of stuff by doing it a lot of times. One, be prolific. Write a lot of blogposts, create a lot of
YouTube videos. It’s going to have a high chance probability
of success. Second, be consistent. You’ve got to be consistent if you want
to get people to be interested in what you’re doing because then they’re going to know
every Monday, every Wednesday, every day this person produces content and I want to consume
that. Television shows, they come out on certain
days, people know what time. I don’t watch television anymore but they
know what time their show is going to come on and it’s consistent. If it were all over the place in random they’d
have a lot less viewers and a lot less subscribers. Be committed long term, long term thinking. Doing this for one year you’re not going
to get shit for results, I’m telling you. I don’t care what you do, you make a new
YouTube channel, you make a new blog, whatever it is. After one year it doesn’t even matter if
you’re consistent or you’re producing a lot, no one is paying attention, but if
you’re doing it for 2 years you start to get some traction. You’re doing it for 3 years now you may
be going somewhere, 4 years, 5 years. It’s really hard to do something for 5 years
and not get traction and get followers and get people that are aligning with you. Those are the 3 keys and then I’ll add one
more here which is polarization, polarize your audience. This is one of the mistakes that I made early
on that prevented me from growing it as fast. Heck, look at my videos that people say that
I’m sexist and talking about guys and relationships and all this stuff. Those are polarizing videos. A lot of people are like, “Man!” and unsubscribe. I’m like, “Okay, well, screw you. Get lost then.” You’ve got to have that attitude because
if you’re trying water your message down all the time. You’re like, “Ah, I don’t ever want
to offend anyone. I want to be politically correct all the time.” You might not piss people off but they’re
really not going to care about you either. What you really want to do is you want to
polarize your audience. Again, I mean if you’re doing a programming
blog or something you might think, oh well, how much can I polarize my audience? Well, you’ve got opinions don’t you? Express those opinions. Don’t just be inflammatory. Don’t just be like out there trying to piss
people off for no reason, but when you have strong opinions then express them and don’t
be afraid. Also bring your personality into it. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. That’s how you’re going to find your voice. When that happens, when you’re aligned,
when you have a consistent voice, when you’re polarizing your audience, when you’re consistent,
when you’re producing a lot of content and when you’re committed for the long term
that’s when you hit success. I just heard this quote today from Les Brown,
I was watching one of his videos. He said that it’s better to have—it’s
better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and
not be prepared for one. That’s what I think about when I’m thinking
about this is it’s like somewhere along the line you’re going to get some kind of
exposure. You’re going to have an article that’s
going to go viral or a video and you’re going to get that, but what’s going to happen
in your 5 minutes of fame? If you’re not prepared for it, if you haven’t
been consistent and committed and prolific along the lines, if you haven’t built up
being ready for that opportunity then the opportunity is not going to matter whereas—because
you could get on television for 15 minutes and if you don’t have a body of work to
support you no one is going to care. Work on those things. That’s how you’re going to build an audience. It’s going to take time and it’s going
to take commitment. Do those 4 things I talked about and you’ll
eventually see success. Anyway, it’s scary. It’s a long road but if you really want—how
bad do you want it? That’s the question you’ve got to ask. If you don’t want it bad enough, if that
seems like too much work for you, well, maybe you should do something else. Anyway, if you like this video, subscribe
to the channel and I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.

33 thoughts on “How To Grow A Blog From Zero

  1. Is writing a to-do list and completing tasks in order of importance a good daily plan? What if I don't complete a task? Do I add the task to tomorrow's list? I've tried scheduling tasks to specific times but it never goes as planned and so it feels unfulfilling.

    I'm heading into the final year of my Bachelor's degree and also moving out for the first time in a few weeks so it's important that I get my time/task management skills/plans sorted.

  2. Great advice on the power of consistency. I remember reading a study a while back on two groups of art students, one was graded on how many clay pots they made, the other on making the one perfect pot at the end of the semester. At the end of the semester the students that created tons of pots had more beautiful, creative work.

  3. to be honest i dont believe you need alot of people to like your blog like for example when i started tech blogging on instagram last year i still didnt have a huge following but remain active posting at least 3 times a week and than lata on i had a follower who is a ceo of a tech company offer me a job because of my post. so like john says in the video being consistent is the way to go.

  4. Good advice. I recently started a mainly Java tech channel and have been producing 2 videos a week. I will revisit this this post in 2 years!

  5. If anyone is thinking of starting a blog, I would recommend using google domains instead of godaddy. Godaddy was sending so much spam and it would have cost money to keep my info secure. Google domains lets you keep info private for no cost and has been a pleasant experience for me.

  6. Hum, I got an idea while watching your video, tell me what you think.

    I am not too sure exactly how it could work but what if you make your blog part of a blog group that point and promote each another. Like a Blog Team.

  7. Nice John. Just hit my 100th video today on youtube. I'm all about consistency and putting out raw content. Keep it up. Hopefully one day I can get even half the followers you have on youtube.

  8. Your arms are polarizing. Jokes aside, it's good to hear reaffirmation about consistency and longevity bc it's easy to give up before the traction is gained. So thanks!

  9. Hi ,I started taking your advice and started working on my own blog.I was wondering if i chose a good name .I call my website "coffeemakethcode".My blogging will be mostly about devops tools and testing automation .

  10. John, this video is great! Thank you for it. I just found your channel, and I like the ideas you have.

  11. But one guy started not even a year ago and already made $1million dollars.

    Clever Programmer 😀

    But I know, I know, most not. Clever Programmer has been doing for few years, and now he started that and managed to succeed, but failed at his other stuff he started, and he gained skill there. So yeah, 1years for an average Joe isn't probably enough, as there is a lot to it.

  12. great video man. i definitely agree with the polarization part. being polarizing makes people either love you or hate you but that's much better than being another normal dude who doesn't offend anyone but doesn't have any strong viewpoints. thanks for the tips

  13. You can try methods like influencer marketing if you'd like. It can be quite effective in driving presence/traffic if that's the number one thing you're having problem with. As long as you're confident you have good content in your blog, the traffic you drive will stay. If you're interested in knowing more about it, look up some especially reliable platforms for it, like phlanx

  14. Hooo boy… do I have some polarizing viewpoints… can't wait to put'em out there!
    But shit, my signature is polarizing enough, and I've been doing that for years!
    – Ziro out.

  15. Hi I want to know how to attract more visitors to my blog wordpress , What softare to use to be able to get more visitors? I will be happy

  16. Hi I want to know how to attract more visitors to my blog wordpress , What softare to use to be able to get more visitors? I will be happy

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