How to: INSTAGRAM | Perfekte Blogger Fotos | Tutorial

How to: INSTAGRAM | Perfekte Blogger Fotos | Tutorial

Hi friends! Today I’m gonna make a different kind of video Many of you wanted to know how I edit my photos on Instagram and other platforms so I made a little tutorial of how I edit my pictures and how I take my pictures I show you how I do that of course there are many different methods to do so let’s dive right into it. Enjoy! First of all I have to take a picture, but that is my boyfriend’s job He can do it better than I do he is my personal photographer He uses the Sony Alpha 7 III it has a 24-70mm 2.8 zoom lense mounted on This is the same camera that we use for videos if you want to learn more about the camera I’ll drop a link down below in the description when I have some pictures that I can edit, I open up Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom Lightroom is my favorite program for that, because it is super simple to use it offers everything that you need to edit photos I prepared 3 sample pictures and I’m gonna show you picture number two which I have edited already on the left you can see the picture right out of the camera the right one is edited already something I don’t like is that I look against the sun the camera shots from the same direction where the sun comes from the disadvantage is that you cannot edit that much because the foreground is pretty bright the background is very dark as you can see here I increased the brightness but the problem is the sun provides lots of color during sunset with its own character so the entire picture looks pretty warm there are many areas that are very bright and many areas that are very dark you can see that on the car, my face has many shadows I tried to get the best out of this picture but I’m not that satisfied with this photo this one is the next photo here you can see it is pretty bright it is almost too bright, because we lighten up the brightness in the camera it is actually good for the foreground, but bad for the background the sky has been burnt out, I cannot get much information out of it I want to show you how to make the sky look dramatic but you can’t see much here and there is not much information left and therefore I take almost the same picture this picture is a way darker there are some clouds as you can see so let’s start to edit this picture the good thing about Lightroom is, that it comes with a cell phone app in case you want to edit some pictures while traveling you have almost all the functionalities that comes with the PC version there is a brush tool that I will show you later which is very important and if you do that with your finger, the results are not very accurate I’m gonna start right now to show you how I edit my pictures for Instagram so the foreground is dark and the background is bright So I’ll increase the shadows and the foreground gets brighter then I decrease the highlights from the background and you can see that there are more details in the clouds I’m gonna add a some brightness to the picture so the whole picture gets lightend up but not too much, that would not look good first thing I do when I take a picture is searching for a nice location Here I stand, no, my boyfriend stands in a way where he took a picture where you can see much from the sky A sunny sky with some clouds is nice. I love that you can really make it look dramatic you can make the clouds look good which provides a nice mood to the picture in this case I waited a while to let the clouds cover the sun if there was the sun only without the clouds, the picture wouldn’t be that good the sun would be just too bright So I choose cloudy days for shootings like this and then I wait until there are clouds that cover the sun Let’s start with the brush tool to edit the sky you can adjust the edge of the brush and the and you also have the option to mask automatically which I’ll show you in a minute I let Lightroom colorize the selection in red so I can see what I’ve selected this is only to see where I brushed and here you can see what auto mask does the very bright parts of the sky are not selected the reason for that Lightroom picks the surrounded colors and auto masks the area Let me click somewhere here that specific color is selected and everything that is slightly different will not be selected the advantage is, when I paint around me I can paint over me, but I don’t get selected you can fine tune it afterwards and deselect auto mask then I deselect the mask view but the selection is still there everything that is selected can be edited right now, without editing anything else for the sky I have a favorite setting called dehaze here you can see what it does you have very nice clouds with an intense blue color you can see how much information is left in such a picture you couldn’t see that due to the high exposure you actually don’t have to use photoshop for clouds just add dehaze and you’ll get pretty good results then you can see how dramatic the photo gets you can also set the warmth of the photo that means: in this case it is pretty blue already but when I want something like a gold hour mood I can add warmth here and as you can see how it looks more like a sunset you can also add more red tones and now it really is almost like a golden hour I really like that! okay, the sky looks pretty dramatic right now we are done with that you can always take a look at the picture before you edited it and as it looks like now and this is a huge difference already next, you can play with the colors a little bit there is lots of green in the picture because of the grass and when I want less green in the picture then I desaturate the greens if you have too many of greenish colors in the picture it may look good, but it also looks good when you desaturate the color looks very dramatic too but I leave it like that in this case you can also play with the brightness of the colors, called luminance I can make the grass looks darker or very bright I like it when the entire picture is bright which looks pretty natural on the Instagram posts because on the Instagram feed you only see a 1:1 scaled picture and when a frequent color is dark on such a picture it looks like a gloomy look and I like it brighter now I will edit the road a bit I decrease saturation and lighten up the road to make the road brighter I prefer to edit the main subject(s) of the picture as the last steps me and the car in this case because it is then easier to decide how I want myself to look like and which settings I want to have in these 2 subjects let’s do the car First I use the brush tool again I always like to use “clarity” on the car and you can see what it does as the name suggests, it adds more clarity the bright and dark parts are more visible it looks a bit like a 3D effect it looks pretty real and it makes the car stand out now I add saturation to make the color pop and I play a bit with highlights and shadows let’s get to the last part. I haven’t edited myself so far… I’m not gonna edit that much here especially the colors many people edit themselves as if they were on a magazin cover retouching flaws and stuff I don’t like that, I prefer a more natural look So I leave myself as I am except the colors of my clothes so that I shine out a little bit I pretty much experiment with brightness and color to see what matches best with the whole photo I don’t like the clarity option on human beings. I only add clarity to a car or if there is something in the background that I want to stand out and except for the clothes where you can also add some clarity if you add that on the skin it really looks grainy you’ll get much information out of your skin that you actually don’t want to see At last you can edit some details which want to change I really like the bridge in the background here therefore I add clarity to the bridge let me show you the before and after looks like that I havent used Photoshop at all the clouds are there and I just added a bit of dehaze so they look dramatic I added warmth to the clouds so that the we get such a golden hour mood I lightened up the road and the grass I added clarity to the car so it really stands out same with me and my dress I added clarity to my dress only and I got turned up the shadows so that I am a bit brighter it was pretty dark before as you can see here you could leave it like that, but I prefer to move it to Photoshop you have so many options in Photoshop But I don’t do much with it I only add a little bit of acuity I try to find a spot where I can determine how much to add of that this is how it looks without and with sharpness This is very important for Instagram, otherwise the pictures will look fuzzy they are just not sharp enough then Something else I like to to in Photoshop is you can find it und render filters you can add lense flare to the image here you can see it in the preview I have 4 different kinds to choose from I always want to make it look natural although it is edited a lot so far as you can see on this picture the sun is actually here it hides behind the clouds but we don’t have a lense flare in the photo you could try to take a picture with a real lense flare but here I’m going to add an artificial lense flare to the point where the sun is like that. I don’t make it too much otherwise it looks too artificial as you can see… you don’t see it that much you only see a bit of a lense flare and this is how I wanted it to be The photo feels much warmer when you look at it with the sun and all that now the photo is ready. You could change the scale for Instagram here you can do that in Photoshop or in Lightroom which is pretty easy I just select 1:1 but the problem is if you do that in third party apps like Instagram, facebook etc. it will mess up the quality of the picture for sure therefore I always do that here in Lightroom on Instagram it is important that your objects are big and easy to see As I already said: you only have a small 1:1 photo in the Instagram feed and you want it to stand out in 16:9 the objects would appear smaller, so we changed that to 1:1 a bit closer okay done! That was my photo editing tutorial I hope you liked it and I hope you can use it see you next time, thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe to my channel (for free) check out my Instagram profile where you find more of my edited pictures see you next time, bye bye!

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  1. Wahnsinn, also das bearbeiten hast du echt nicht drauf. Sorry, aber aus Fotografensicht, so ziemlich alle Regeln missachtet, die man nur missachten kann. ^^


  2. 1:55 wenn man gezielt die Belichtungsmessung (Mittelbetonte Integralmessung, Spotmessung, Selektivmessung, Mehrfeldmessung) einsetzt, kann man es häufig verhindern, hängt aber auch oft von den Gegebenheiten und Umständen ab 🙂 allerdings würde ich den "Hintergrund" ein wenig mehr betonen so das man zumindest noch ein wenig Sättigung/kontrast erkennt zusätzlich eine leichte Vignette rauf legen oder mit den Linear filtern alles ein wenig abdunkeln zur Mitte hin, so das der Spot hauptsächlich auf dir, besser gesagt dem Arsch des R8 liegt 😀

    aber sonst ganz nice !
    beste greets

  3. Dunst Entfernen/Dehaze is echt so ein geiles Tool. Ist auch mein Lieblingstool. Leider kann man ja nicht in der App Maskieren.

  4. Also ich persönlich finde, dass das Bild letztendlich zu künstlich wirkt. Mag es mehr wenn man versucht so gut es geht die Realität nachzubilden und nicht die Farben komplett verändert (wie zb den Himmel) aber das ist Geschmackssache.

  5. Vielleicht sollte ich mich doch mehr mit Lightroom beschäftigen 🙈
    Danke für dieses coole Video 👌

  6. Really interesting video especially for the r8 rws and a question how much money have you spent for all the stuff for editing videos? But as always good video ;-)ps you looks so cute 😉

  7. Halo Sophia! Enchanté 😉 Very good job with this video, it was interesting to see how you modify your pictures. Tschuss.

  8. Krass! Wusste nicht dass man aus lightroom so viel raushohlen kann.. heftig!
    Benutzt du eigentlich auch manchmal photoshop..?

  9. naja das erste bild ist einfach viel zu hell. und fulltimejob bei der uploadfrequent scheint mir auch unrealistisch…
    wenn man sich 'große' auto-ytber wie jp oder daniel abt anschaut, sieht man, was da an aufwand hintersteckt beim schnitt und so, hier hat einfach jemand bisschen mit lightroom gespielt, bis es ihm gefällt. für mich viel zu künstlich

  10. Da ich aus eigener Erfahrung gelernt habe wie umfangreich die beiden Programme sind, muss ich sagen …. Chapeau!!

  11. Echt tolles Video. 👍 Habe auch Lightroom, habe mich nur noch nicht so viel damit beschäftigt. Daher ist es echt informativ und hilfreich wie Du das Programm nutzt. Die Funktionen und damit die Möglichkeiten hast Du sehr schön beschrieben. Vielen Dank dafür Sophia. ☺

  12. Ich benutz lieber 500px, da kann man wenigstens die bilder in voller größe hochladen ;D
    ich versteh bis heut noch nicht was alle an instagram so geil finden 😀 diese Miniaturbilder

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