How to Install Disqus on Blogger

How to Install Disqus on Blogger

In this video, I’m going to show you how
to install Disqus on Blogger. Here is my Blogger site. I’m going to be replacing the default Blogger
comments with Disqus. Before we continue, please note that if you’re
using the Dynamic Views theme, Disqus is not currently supported as a widget. We recommend switching to a different theme. To get started, you’ll need to first create
a Disqus account and register your site at On the sign up page, create your account. Select “I want to install Disqus on my site” Create your site and select a category. Next up, select the plan that’s best for
you. Here’s a list of publishing platforms where
you can install Disqus. When you click the Blogger logo at the top,
you will find step-by-step instructions on adding Disqus to your Blogger site. We can add Disqus directly to our Blogger
site’s theme by clicking the link in step one. This creates a new Disqus widget. Make sure you have the correct blog selected and give it a name for easier reference later. You won’t need to edit the content tag or
template code. We’re now on the Layout settings page. Let’s move the Disqus widget we created
to the main section of our layout, right beneath the blog post. Then, click “save.” Okay, let’s jump back to our Blogger site
now. Looks like everything is set up correctly. Go ahead and post a comment if you like. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “How to Install Disqus on Blogger

  1. Hi, thanks for your video. Please, may you help me? Are the comments made through this Disqus plugin updated automatically, in real time, or to see the new comments we need to give F5 (refresh) on the page?

    thanks again

  2. I have a question i installed disqus on my blogger just like you said, but I dislike the way it's put on the page when i go to my page and scroll to the bottom disqus is hidden give it a few seconds and it will begin loading the widget i would like to make it where its always visible without it having to go through the loading process I've seen other websites with it like that but i don't know how to make it this way on my blogger site can you please help me out?

  3. Hey! I've installed it and activated it on both the Disqus site and my WordPress but the Comments section is not appearing anywhere on my site… I've enabled what I'm pretty sure are all the necessary sections to otherwise have everything appear. Do I need a code to throw into my main home page or my posts, particularly?

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