How to Install / Setup a Custom Template in Blogger

How to Install / Setup a Custom Template in Blogger

hey guys I’m here the fairly useful tutorial for you guys the what you bloggers and they want to
customize the teams there or does show some awesome themes on their blog so I will be
helping you guys are the I knew you people will be having fun
am just stick with me and I will be showing
you how you can set up a custom team for your Blogger blog sore Dec scored easy you you have food on
order template and after that you just have to list all they’re completely a
blog and there’d be is your people will be having okay the beautiful custom team
player block so I will open the absurd named as the be templates go to college board some
the complaints as well as payment completed so I have selected a
few templates as you can see the I have this liquor
dis first-term template and the do this and
they’re complete they have selected for which is Orange Line you
can see but I like the question blogger compared
because it is very useful it has them the it has
a nice Ben the it has a nice the earlier the I the laggard so I will be learning this
template in after their I will be showing you how you can do this job
they’re completely a blogger blog so a have for dollar dared template in my
PC but I will be showing you how you doing dollar just click on the dollar but and as you
can see ahead is a regular take on click on their and after their to you
people who get other dollar box a.m. to you little you will
have dollar dared after that you will see up the then the type take on you can see it
will be a their file is you have to extract those players in on a PC is click on there click on
them their filing up-to-date click on extract
files after that click on okay and you people will see a new the Florida menu will open the four day
you will see there will be a for the named as this
chin in bed for them bilby and example file as you can see a
have placed the cursor ordered that file the did i do as a month was as you you can
see one is with the words a letter to the
end and I’ll other is but slater’s so you will you can select anything the both these players them the you can
select any for you or but I will go with her slater files so I
will go with this file I will just they’re doing their file or delay XO
up-to-date I will be showing you how you can the start date a complete fail on
you blogger blog so I will openly blogger
the cord as you can see I have opened my blog
record a dissident the main dish bored out my
blog couldn’t the school as you can see the Kim lead which is it going to be a startling
blogger is a simple template which is powered by Blogger you can see this is a a full other impaired vision well this is a mobile version I was sure
you the my complete this is a a smart from the
later the views aside I have just created this blog for
the the artists the purpose of this material this is quite simple the a compared you care you can see there it
is Lord up to the molecule people will be liking ever be willing to select a custom template for there’d so I’ll however be showing you how you
can start there completely a blog so the as you can see there is a backup the
store Overton there is a backup this over to you just
have to click on that button and the first thing I ever tell you that
you just have to build order a complete which is currently startle
you the blog blog the you have to keep a
backup love their complete because in any case for something happens the while installing the a new template you
gain the me the lose you lose your a complete Flyers oh you can lose your data a while
the uploading and you can defer to you have
to keep a backup update them they’re fine a.m. governing their time deferred as
you can see a half dollar data compared filing date with a bitch
the in my backup forwarders so after there’d able the choose their cum lead ever to click
on the Tools fight a I will select the template exemplify
the day have been heard from I’ll the absurd they have the placed their dump their final exam and
final engle or collect XO so I was slick their days a month well
as you can see I with legal open and after their David legal applaud and
it will start uploading and other take this a few seconds and
you will see a new of attempted in starting a blog a
blog saw it will be the early helpful for you
guys the I will be showing you the Leo to the
blog as you can see it has stored this is a.m. full version of the
blog and this is a more but lesion on the blog so I will click on View both after that he will be the see their the
whole new template is the start and the
tradition see you people the real the be able to close job new templates on you the bloggers so as you can see this is a very beautiful
very early game template and you can customize just compared using
different techniques I will be showing you in the next for
you you can the up customize a menu acorns a menus you can customize a slow the images the the featured cartels you can customize these villagers a you can the us to customize for the and made things you can the a possibly customization and everything on
this blog so I think their disbelief be it very helpful cuckoo for you as our if
you like this go to the %uh the please click on
the subscribe button as you can see this is a subscriber to
you the will be able to or watch for the
reviewers I will be clear things up with the
reduces ’em and you people will be having fun and the watching these videos so please
click on the subscribe button %uh to click on the like button in the
menu so there’d we people did be the taking some awesome deals for you
guys or this so I think it’s time to leave so
take it would buy it at her

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