How to Journal Every Day + 4 Ways to Stick with the Habit

How to Journal Every Day + 4 Ways to Stick with the Habit

– Hi everyone. My name is Matt, and welcome to another Bullet Journal productivity video. In this episode I’m
going to be showing you how to start and stick
to a journaling habit. (funky music) It’s one of my most popular videos, if you want to check it out,
you can do so right here. But today I’m going to be showing you a little bit more detail
four different ways that you can start and stick to your journaling habit in this year. In the past month, it’s
been apparent to me how important journaling is, and I’m not even talking about just bullet journaling, but a daily, almost diary
or series of prompts that help me think about my
day, where I was effective, where I wasn’t, things that
are just coming up to me and how I’m processing them in the moment. It really clarified for
me how much journaling at the end of the day helps relax my mind, and how much journaling in the morning helps me set a tone for the day and focus on the things that matter. If you’re thinking to yourself why does journaling matter
if I’m not going to go back and look at or read, or return to my entries from past days, weeks, months or years. And that is a valid question, but for me, the power and the purpose of journaling lies in what’s happening in the moment, in clarifying my thought process, relaxing me, it’s
actually very therapeutic. And even though I do go back and look at old journal entries from past years, again, for me, it’s more about being present and thoughtful in the moment with where my time and attention is going. The first way to start a journaling habit is with series of prompts, whether that’s daily or weekly, prompts are a really useful
way to get you thinking on a particular subject
or topic really quickly. And so rather than having to create a whole journal entry for the day out of thin air, you’re just thinking up your response or answer
to a particular prompt. The second way to begin
a journaling practice is just by treating your journal more like a daily logbook. Austin Kleon has a great article, or series of articles on this that I’ll link to in the description below. Thinking of your journal more like a chronicle of events instead of thinking of something very inspirational. Even though a journal
should, first and foremost, just be for you and not for anyone else, just thinking of it as a
daily log, moreseo than Dearest Diary, today this
wonderful thing happened and it changed my life. It doesn’t have to be like that. It can just be like,
hey, today I ate tacos and played with my kids at the park. That’s a really good journal entry. You can look back and know
that on February 11th, 2019, I ate tacos and played
with my kids at the park. That’s fine too. Think of it like the first status updates. A third way of beginning
a journaling habit is by compiling your responses to a series of thoughts on questions. So, Derek Sivers is really good at this, and if he doesn’t have a
particular entry for the day, he’ll just return to this List he have of thoughts on whatever topic. So it could be thoughts
on entrepreneurship, thoughts on products,
thoughts on programming, thoughts on nature,
whatever, you get the idea. The fourth and final way
to start a journaling habit and actually stick with it is by just doing a line per day. So you can do this in any journal or your Bullet Journal. Just by writing down just
one particular thing, whether it’s something
that you’re thankful for, something that happened, something that you’re thinking about, just constrain yourself
to one line per day. And if you feel really
nervous about getting into and sticking to a journaling habit, one line per day is a
really good way to start because it is such a low barrier to entry. There are a couple of ways
that I want to help you start and stick to a journaling habit. The first way is that I’ve created a series of 31 daily journal prompts that will help guide you through, starting your journaling habit. It just gives you an easy, quick prompt that you can read in the morning, and then you can write it out in the morning, right after you get it, or later in the day,
whatever works best for you. But it does give you some guidance and just reminders that help you get the ball rolling
mentally and even physically by writing it out. Now if you’ve already gone through that 31 day journal challenge,
and you’re on my email list, that’s another way that
I’m going to help you continue to start
thinking about journaling and different themes for thinkers. So I’ve added, also in the description, a link to a little preview
of the first couple of themes for thinkers that I’ve
sent out to my email list. And again, it’s just a weekly theme to center your thoughts,
focus, and clarify your actions around a particular
topic, just to help you as you journal from day to day. Now of course a lot of you will be asking, what should I use for journaling, what’s a particular notebook
or pen or app, even, that I should use? And my answer to that is, the only thing that you need to do, like
if you want to keep this super simple, just use
any kind of notebook, pen, paper, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re writing it out. Now, I do recommend
that you use a notebook instead of scrap paper,
just because it’s easier to see, day to day, your progress and also to of course collect everything in a particular place. But I wouldn’t get too worked up about, like, what should I do, basically I wouldn’t delay the start of a journal habit just
because you feel like oh, I’ve got to get this
specific, particular notebook. Now, I’ve linked to a few
in the description below, there’s also a link to my Amazon store, where you can see recommended products, and those will give you
a good place to start. But again, I wouldn’t overthink it, just go ahead and get
started so you can get in the practice of journaling. Personally I prefer a
pocket sized notebook for daily journaling. Baron Fig Confidant
pocket size is amazing, it’s the one that I’ve used
for the last year, moleskin. Basically any kind of
pocket sized notebook will work really great. The normal Baron Fig
or moleskin pocket size will last me about six
months of daily entries. But another thing that
I’ve done in the past is use like the Field Notes really slim, softcover notebooks and I can go through about one of those per month. So we’re either talking
about two bigger notebooks for the year, or if you want to do this, and this could be pretty cool, 12 different Field Notes
softcover pocket sized notebooks. I hope this video was a big help to you as you start and stick
to your journaling habit in the new year. It’s something that is
incredibly important for me and I’ve noticed plays a big role in my mental health and my ease of mind in the way that I focus on tasks and what matters to me in my life. So I hope that it’ll have
that same impact for you. If you enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up, and if you’re new here, subscribe, check out the other videos related to journaling,
and bullet journaling. I can’t wait to share more with you. There is a ton planned for this year, and I can’t wait to
share all of it with you to help make this year
your best year ever. Can’t wait to see you in the next video. Have a great day. Bye. (funky music) The best piece of advice
I have for someone trying to succeed in the film industry, or any creative space, is if you’re doing what
everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong. (funky music) ♪ You’re the man ♪

42 thoughts on “How to Journal Every Day + 4 Ways to Stick with the Habit

  1. Daily journaling has been one of the best uses of my time and makes a big impact on my day. What are some of the benefits you see to journaling? What do you find difficult about sticking to the habit?

  2. Excited for another new video! Curious if you have you read "The Journal Writing Superpower Secret" by Michael Forest. Looking for opinions from folks who have read, and this seems right up your alley.

  3. Matt – good stuff. You familiar with Julia Cameron's "Morning Pages?" She has several books and many articles and videos on the topic, but it's an exercise to facilitate a "brain dump" and a streaming flow of thought. Not exactly what you are discussing here, but somewhere along the line, may compliment your efforts. Thanks again.

  4. this helped me so much… I've been journaling for 8 years now but never been able to stick to it daily so this video was very helpful

  5. I love dropping by your channel now and then. You always always have something interesting and inspiring. Today the beard was a shock…I guess I haven't been here for awhile. 🙂

  6. Hi Matt, do you do work meeting notes in another book? As I find 2 and maybe toward 3 is all a journal lasts as maybe 10-20 pages a week of notes and planning between the bullet month pages and week review. (It is my own variation)
    Just wondered how you do that and keep 1 journal so long?

  7. I loved The 31 promts, helped me to journal regular, sometimes I just lack of energy and willpower so I will try this tips. Thanks for your awesome contents.

  8. Really enjoyed this video! I've always been a stream of consciousness kind of journaler but I'm trying the logbook method this year (inspired by your videos) and I'm loving it so far.

  9. Thank you for giving us a glimpse inside your journals! Like yourself, I enjoy/use the logbook method. And yes to pocket size notebooks! Field Notes are a personal favorite, along with softcover Moleskines. Looking forward to more of your journaling videos! It's refreshing hearing a guy's perspective of the benefits of journaling. Love it!

  10. Two great resources: “Writing as a Way of Healing,” by L.DeSalvo; highlights research indicating of 3 study groups (one did no journaling, one documented events only, one documented & expressing feelings) the group who both documented events & expressed feelings about those event showed lowest stress & best physical/mental health indicators. Another great book is, “Willpower Instinct” by K. McGonigal (based on Stanford Uni workshop).

  11. I know this will be a great video so I've clicked on the thumbsup right before watching it. Since the January Journal Challenge, I gained a lot of momentum in daily journaling. Now, I was thinking about the questions, other than my 'wins', 'takeways' and 'opportunities,' I need to ask myself daily that can bring impact for tomorrow's. Thanks, Matt!

  12. I'm in the productivity class and I've been doing the logbook style every morning and night, it has helped me focus and get so much done. It's by far my favorite thing right now.

  13. Good one Matt…I’ve been stuck in my same ol journaling, and have been thinking of how to change it up..this video helped🤙🏽thanks man!

  14. I have weeklies and dailies. On my dailies I have a column for work what I need to do and a column for home tasks. Before bed I fill out my dailies with journaling of how my day was and what I did. There was one day that I was so busy and exhausted that I’d just write “long day. Exhausted! Don’t want to write! Zzzz”

  15. I love your videos, I really like how you help me to stick with this habit of journaling and keep that habit going on

  16. Jim Carrey much? You probably hear that a lot. I journal my little heinie (hiney, if you prefer) off. I’ve recently jumped onboard the highly popular BuJo, I have kept “writing” journals for years along with Nature Journals and Spiritual Journals. The thing I’ve learned is how much of a cycle my life is. When anyone comes across some huge thing they wrote 10 years ago and immediately recognizes they are writing the same things now, it is more revealing than a decade of counseling. That’s my number one reason, and it helps you remember, and a planner can help anyone to finish what they started. Productivity is one goal. Thank you for all your help.

  17. Yea………. I LOVE one line per day. It’s great. I don’t force it though. I think it could lose its value if I made myself write my daily line.

  18. Is it possible to combine long form journaling within the bullet journal system? I've been messing with different ways to organize this. So far, I just log everything in my index.

  19. i love this style so much. it's pretty much the opposite of neurotic (ahem mainstream bullet journaling)

  20. Excellent video!! I’m trying to get back into journaling since I am traveling to Japan for almost three weeks early next year and want to not focus so much on using my iPad heavily while abroad, but also for my mental health.

    Also, glad to see a fellow Nashville person!

  21. Love my audio, written and video journals from age 15 to my present almost 77.
    I love go target a page in all. Y books, and record it on audio apps.

  22. Great video! Any particular reasons for maintaining different journals (like the bullet journal, daily log ones etc.)

  23. I think for me its hard because I tend to write every little detail especially because Im a high school student I write about each class, what we learned, what I thought about and so on.😂😭

  24. Thank you so much for this!! Yes, I tend to over think it..I have to research techniques, books,you tube, what notebooks, pens, yadda yadda..then I'm all ready to start and I have nothing going on in my head to write about.. unless I am really mad about something, then it is great as a vent tool! 🙂

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