How to Journal | My Faith Journey | REAL TALK #4

How to Journal | My Faith Journey | REAL TALK #4

Hey guys, it is Fumnanya thanks so much for
your positive feedback on my Faith Journey video, I really appreciate it. I am so glad you guys enjoyed it, I think
a lot of you were inspired by it. I wanted to come on and do this journaling
video, I think that is the next video that I had planned for this kind of faith series,
I wanted to give you some pointers if you were thinking about starting a faith journal. To start I wanted to give some logistical
advice. You want to pick a medium you will actually
use. I have been using physical journals, this
is the journal I am currently using, it is so pretty I love it. The great thing about writing it down for
me is that once I write something down I feel like I have released it, it is like it has
a bit more of a (00:46) feeling when I write something down. So for me I am much more for writing but if
you are someone who does not like to write by hand there are tons of different options
for you, you could use Word, Ever Note which is something that I actually use and love,
it is like an online notebook app and you can have a bunch of different journals. You can have one for your journal, one to
record your dreams, etc. Another thing you can do if you live with
a bunch of people and you are concerned about privacy you could setup an email account that
is just for your journal entries and send your journal entries to that email account
via email. Then at the end of the week, month or year
you can go back and see what you have written, it is a really fun way to keep everything
private and safe while still being able to keep record of all your journal entries. Spend a couple days just writing do not try
to format it in a certain way, do not feel like your journal has to read a certain way,
do stream of consciousness writing. Write down whatever you are thinking, feeling,
whatever is on your mind and practice getting use to journaling. For me I kind of thought of it as having a
new outlet to get familiar with. Each day I would just write something, a summary
of my day, any highlights, low points, etc. As time went on I got the hang of it, going
deeper, using it as a meditation tool. But do not feel like you have to jump into
doing that straight away, spend some time getting comfortable with journaling and finding
your rhythm so that when you go into faith journaling or two way journaling, whatever
you want to call it you are more comfortable and it comes a lot easier that way. Pick a time of day that you journal I find
that with busy schedules nowadays it is very hard to get things done if you do not have
a set time of day that you do it. I talked about doing it first thing in the
morning and the reason I chose that time is because I wanted time before anything has
happened in the day just to set the tone for the rest of the day, get myself in the right
frame of mind and start the day on the right note. This really helps me handle anything that
comes my way for the course of the day. If you know that your mornings are hectic
ad there is no way you will have any time it is always great to do it at the end of
the day as well, some days I do journal at the end of the day as well if it has been
a really big day or I feel like I need to get some things off my chest. Doing it at the end of the day is a really
great release so that you can just go to bed feeling like you have let everything go. Whichever time of day you choose, I like to
pair my journaling with Bible reading at least one of those times, the morning is when I
choose to read the Word. I pray then I read from the Word then I pray
again then I just sit with my eyes closed in silence listening to hear what the spirit
has to say back to me or meditating on the Word and thinking about how it could possibly
relate to my life or what I am going through in that season. I find that when I meditate like that I do
often get something back and whatever I get back I write it down in my journal. This has been something that has been amazing
for me to do, having this time and keeping record of it in my journal has been such a
life changing habit for me to have formed because like I said I can go back in my journal
and see that six months ago I received something that speaks to my everyday right now in this
season, it is so encouraging, really helps me feel very close to God in my relationship
with him. It helps me feel like it is more of a communication
versus sitting down, reading the Bible and then walking away from it without getting
anything out of it. The next thing I want to touch on is it is
really important to keep a record in your journal, if you have something you are walking
through in your current season, something you are struggling with, definitely take the
time to keep a record of that in your journal. It could be a habit I want to break, a goal
I want to achieve, I like to keep a record of those types of things in my journal because
I know I am going to have hard days so I want to be able to go back in journal and be encouraged
by what I have come through and how far I have come and see what God is doing in my
everyday life. Sometimes things happen and you forget, it
is human to forget. I think keeping a record of it is something
you are going to find is so life changing because you can go back and see I thought
I was struggling in this area so much so that I was not making any improvement then you
go back to your journal and see that is not true I have improved a lot or this has changed
in my life or God has moved in this way. I feel like having your journal as a record
keeping element in your life is so powerful. Another thing I like to take it to church
with me and I write my notes down from the message in the journal. I like having everything in one place like
this because it allows me to go back, look over things and treat this sort of like an
encouragement center for me to go back to. One thing I want to tell you is make sure
your journal is a safe place, do not feel pressured to only keep record of big things,
keep record of small things, tiny things. If you have something happen that is so small
that it would almost be embarrassing to tell someone else write it down in your journal. You want to be as honest as possible with
yourself in your journal. If you have something scary, something that
you are embarrassed about write down in your journal. That is what makes a journal so valuable,
if you are honest with yourself you can go back and see truly how far you have come,
where you have been. When I talk to my friends about journaling
I say make sure it is a safe space, if you need to use codes or a different language
to make sure you are not violated if someone reads your journal I feel like that is perfectly
fine too, possibly having a code word and emailing yourself this key or the legend to
decipher what those code word mean so you do not forget and to keep it safe from anyone
else that could get in contact with your journal so that you are not violated if someone finds
your secret thoughts or words that you have written down. Journaling has been so powerful for me. I write down my dreams, prayers in a journal. This is also incredibly valuable just to pray
over these things to increase the communication between you and God and just to feel like
you are being a lot more intentional about your faith walk and faith journey. I feel like intention is so important, it
is a complete game changer when it comes to any and everything having to do with faith. A journal is a really great accountability
tool and intentionality tool to make sure you are really putting in the effort in your
faith journey to get as far as you can, dig as deep and you can and be as reflective as
you can in your faith walk and not just go through the motions. I hope you guys found that video helpful,
I love you guys so much and I cannot wait to see you on my next video.

58 thoughts on “How to Journal | My Faith Journey | REAL TALK #4

  1. Maybe God is talkin to me because i was listening to heyfranhey and she talked about journaling as well now u r doing a video about it.. Thank u for this

  2. I just started to journal for different reasons. But I like that you foucs on your faith. It seems to be very introspective and deep. This is a very encouraging video.

  3. I just started to journal for different reasons. But I like that you foucs on your faith. It seems to be very introspective and deep. This is a very encouraging video.

  4. what an awesome video, very inspiring…. do you have different sections in your journal or do you write everything together

  5. I was really struggling with being stuck and feeling that God wasn't hearing my prayers. So Faith journaling may help me with my frustrations and doubts.

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us honey this was truly very helpful and inspiring😆.

  6. New subscriber here, I've been journaling and take extensive sermon notes. I like your suggestion on having both in one journal! I'm going to do this!!! May 'The Blessing' be fruitful. & Increase you, Linda

  7. Hi I loved this video-I love videos on faith, positivity, and journaling. I have a question though, have you ever struggled with expressing your deeper self in your journal? I find I am a very shy person, and even though I am the only one who reads my journals, it is hard for me to write out my true feelings and thoughts. I have kept a diary for decades (!) and still find it hard to be authentic on paper. How would you overcome this if you had this issue? Great vid, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. I usually journal at the end of the day… Never thought to do it in the morning. That sounds like a brilliant idea.. Such a positive, wisdom-filled & conscious start to the day.

  9. thanks for this video! I have always kept a Faith Journal, but lately Ive been going through motions and I don't fee the same because have not been journaling. You're right, in that journaling keeps us accountable and gives us that intimate time w the Father! thanks for this video, God bless you!

  10. As a way to get back on my faith walk, this video was so helpful!
    I started journalling in the beginning of the year, yet I find it so hard to go back to it when I know I haven't been walking right with God. When you mention to "Be Intentional"… I knew from there I had to take back control of my relationship with God. Thank You!

  11. This was so helpful for me! I feel I can glean a lot from what you have spoken about for my own faith journaling. Thanks heaps.

  12. that is a good idea to use an email account for your private thoughts. I like for my prayer journal to be organized. And so if I start a thought on one page and I dont get to finish it right away, and something else pops in my head, I like to text it to myself, so that I can finish my current entry and when thats done I can start the next one. I have just a regular hardbound journal I use with different color gel pens for the different topics/sections. I didnt want to section it off with tabs because I wasn't sure how much space I was going to need for each section. I didnt want to start it and then end up needing more space in that section and get stuck by a tab lol. but there are also a lot of times when things will come to my mind that I want to put in my journal at times that I'm not able to sit down and journal. I'll think about things while I'm at work or out shopping and I can't stop right then to journal about it, so I'll send myself a quick text so I remember my thought and then I can journal about it later when I'm able to. PS I love your journal, the design is beautiful it doesn't need any embellishments or anything.

  13. you are beautiful dear, great video and is so true to write down, just subbed on your channel plz check out mind and subbed back thank you x

  14. I love journaling but to be honest I don't write in my journal everyday. I do enjoy the moments I write in them. A great place to buy journals is Burlington, TJ Maxx and etc. I think sometimes, people don't like journaling because they feel like it's a safe place because their journals can get lost and someone can find it. I also think picking a place to spend your quiet time is good. It gives it a twist. P.S. You are so beautiful ✨😊

  15. I'm 13 years old and know that this isn't really related to the video sorry but my older sister dosent belive in god and it's really hard and she kinda doubts god around me and always says to me that how is there a God in this messed up world" could you please help me with this cause sometimes I have doubts about God to and my faith isn't that strong at times😕

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  17. I just found this video and I loved it and the information about keeping a faith journal. I have been looking for different ways to keep a christian journal so this video was perfect. Thank you!

  18. You are so beautiful inside and outside. This video was so helpful and encouraging. Thank you for your message. And for giving me the permission to try and fail and try again without guilt. 😘😘😘

  19. Hi Maha Maven, I have been journaling and having a quiet time with the Lord. I was wondering if there is a right or wrong way to journal. I have been starting off by writing my prayers for each day first and then if the Lord gives me a fresh new word or topic, I turn that word or topic into bible studies, and I keep these things in my journal?

  20. How do I get the journal Barnes and Noble don’t ship to Halifax Canada and I really want this specific one. Help me please and thank you.

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  22. I really would love to read the Bible in the morning "joy comes in the morning" but 🙈 Im not a morning person at all ! Do you have any advice on this ?

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